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Default Truth Is a Two Way Street - Sa9+

Okay, this is my firs fan fic, so be nice. I'll admit it's not the best work, but give me a break, I'm only 13! And now, without further adu (sp?), my story:

Chapter 1
(The Potion)

Fifteen year old Remus Lupin sat in the Gryffindor common room, struggling to overcome the mountain of homework that had piled up while he was… sick. Sick. Ha. That’s what they think. They didn’t know the pain it caused him. They didn’t understand how it felt. Remus Lupin! He scolded himself, how do you ever expect to over come all this homework if you keep feeling sorry for yourself? It’s not like being a werewolf’s that awful. You’ve got the most loyal friends in the world; you have no right to complain. Sighing, Remus went back to his work.
If viewed on the fifth day of the Summer Equinox, when Mars is in the third house, the position of Venus- “I found it!!” The voice of James Potter cut through Remus’ studying. “Found what?” asked Remus, figuring there was no point in trying to study; when James was exited about something, it took hours for him to settle down. Concentration completely broken, Remus scooted over on the overstuffed couch he was sitting on, an invitation that James took immediately.
Taking a closer look at James, Remus saw he was clutching a thick, old book that looked suspiciously as if was covered in –Remus shuddered- blood.
“The potion, you dolt, the potion!”
“Yes. You know, the Time Travel potion that I’ve been looking for ever since Professor Vesta mentioned it in class?”
“I thought you had given up on that.”
“And pass up an opportunity like that?” James said, as though this was the most obvious thing in the world. “I happen not to be mentally insane, thank you.”
“So lets see this wonderful potion. And who’s going to make it? Seeing as how this book, by looking at it, was in the Restricted Section, it’s probably extremely complicated.” James tried to look as though he was ashamed of sneaking into the Restricted Section, but failed extravagantly. “You’re an abysmal potion maker, and, though I hate to admit it, I’m not much better.”
James let out a snort at this point. “You’re supposed to be the smart one, Moony.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Lupin asked indigently.
Padfoot, Moony, Padfoot. Boy, you have been doing way too much homework lately; it’s destroying your everyday common sense!”
“Very funny.” Remus said sarcastically. “So, the potion?” he said impatiently.
James opened the book, and flipped through it so fast, Remus was sure he had used a Locater Charm. When he found it, he handed the open book to Remus. Remus scanned the page. His eyes flew open at the length of the potion. It went on for at least 2 pages.
“Wow. We are really going to need Sirius for this. Where is he, anyway?”

Sirius Black was far away from the Gryffendor common room at the time. He was busy being stuffed silly by the house elves. Ah… heaven… Suddenly, something in his robe pocket felt extremely hot, as though it was on fire. It was the two-way mirror that he and James used. The burning sensation was to alert the other end they were needed. Sighing, he pulled it out. James’ normally handsome face appeared foggy and cracked in the filthy mirror.
“Padfoot! Why are you always where I don’t need you when I do?”
“Huh? Prongs, it would be greatly appreciated if you speak primitive to the primitive.”
James snorted. Sirius knew perfectly well he was the top student in his year, with the exception of Lily Evans, a red headed veela in James’ opinion.
“So, why did you call?” Sirius asked impatiently.
“I need you to brew a potion- wait. Just get your lazy, overstuffed butt up here. You’ve pigged out enough to last you a month.”
“Common room?”
With a heavy sigh, Sirius excused himself from the house elves, and headed up to the Gryffendor common room.
“Password?” Asked the Fat Lady.
“Billywigg Figgs.”
Sirius quickly spotted his best friend, and jogged over to him- quite a feat after eating so much.

“Finally.” James muttered.
“So what is it this time, Prongs? Did I hear correct? You need help brewing a potion? No probs, Sirius the Great is here to help!”
“Get your bloated head off the ground and pay attention.”
“My bloated head? Excuse me? I’m not the one who walks around, sending 10 people to the Hospital Wing a day!”
“Shut up. Now listen, I found the Time Travel potion. Only it’s extremely complicated. I need you to do it, seeing as how none of the rest of us are anywhere near talented in potions.”
“Fine. Let me see it.”
After a fine demonstration of flipping, James handed Sirius the blood stained book.
“Fine. I’ll do it. But I’m gonna have a problem finding this Moonbeam. Does it mean that we’re supposed to brew it in the moonlight?”
“I hope not.” Remus shuddered.
“Or maybe-“
Sirius looked up, and realized James was practically doubled over with silent laughter.
“It’s a FLOWER!!! Don’t you pay attention in Herbology?”
“No, he doesn’t.” said Remus. Sirius threw him a Look.
“Okay, fine. So where do we find this flower?” Sirius asked, hoping James wouldn’t have the answer to that. But, most unfortunately, he did.
“It grows in the middle of moss patches that grow by lake sides. So we go down to the lake and get the flower from one of the rocks by the lake.”


“Finished!” Sirius Black exclaimed as he burst into the boy’s dormitory, shocking Remus so badly he fell out of his bed, where he had been immersed in Times of Tragedy.
“Keep your voice down, you dolt! You want to get a months worth of detentions? Anyways, you’re done with it? Excellent! We should do it tonight. I’ll meet you in the Room of Requirement at-“ James looked at his watch- “eight o’clock. I have something to- take care of. Oh, and don’t bring Peter. Lord knows how he’d manage to screw this up.”
“Gotcha.” Sirius said, but he doubted James heard him. James was halfway out the dormitory door as he ended his last sentence.
“Wonder what he wants to do?” Remus thought out loud.


But James Potter wasn’t wondering what he was going to do. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He had been planning on it ever since he had heard the potion existed. James headed over to the library. Perfect. Lily Evans was browsing the endless shelves of the library alone. Now all he needed to do… Quietly he crept up behind her.
“Petrificus Totalus!” his whispered. Before Lily had time to react, she was caught by his curse.
Quickly catching her before she hit the ground, James held her. He stared into those fierce emerald eyes he so desired. Then reality hit him.
“I’m sorry. But this is the only way I could think of to get you.” He whispered. Lily’s furious face did not change.
He levitated her small figure behind him to the Room of Requirement, where he found the door already there. Entering the room, he saw Remus and Sirius standing over a simmering olive green potion resting in a solid gold cauldron. Looking over to James, Sirius did a double take seeing Lily. Remus, however, merely sighed.
“I knew it! James, do you really expect she’s going to trust us? That she won’t blab?” asked Remus exasperatedly.
“Don’t worry. I got it all planned out. Watch.” James pulled out his wand, and put a blocking charm on the room. “Now no one can hear her. Once we’ve finished, she can tell all she wants. She won’t have a shred of proof.” James finished smugly. Then he performed the counter curse on Lily, who stood up, still furious.
“I don’t have a clue on what’s going on here, but I get the idea it’s against school rules, seeing how exited you are. This had better be quick; I have a Charms essay to finish!” Lily hissed venomously.
“Relax, Evans, we’re just going to go forward in time.” James said nonchalantly.
“FORWARD IN TIME??? ARE YOU INSANE? I answer that myself, yes, you are. Why and how on earth are you going to do that?” Lily asked.
“Just wondering that exact same thing, Evans. Moony! If you don’t mind giving us your usual endless lecture on safety precautions, background research, and what’s going to happen.” James asked casually.
Remus threw James an extremely nasty look, then cleared his throat. “The Time Travel potion is an immensely complicated potion. When a piece of parchment bearing a year is put into the potion, the potion will explode. All those who are touched by the potion will travel back to the year of choice. The exact date will be determined by the date on which the potion explodes. The potion will allow you as long as two days in the year that you chose. The potion can only be brewed three times a year, and you can never go to the same year twice. I don’t know exactly what happens what happens when you go forward in time, but just incase, be as secretive as possible. Don’t let anyone see you.”
“Okay, okay. Can we do this?” asked Sirius impatiently.
“First we have to decide which year to go to…” Remus said, suddenly realizing this problem.
“Well, hurry up! The potion looks like it’s gonna blow on it’s own! Moony, you didn’t happen to find out what happens when the potion blows up by its self?”
Remus opened his mouth to answer, but a deafening BANG drowned out his answer. The potion had exploded, and the four fifteen year olds were drenched with the now rich plum potion. Then, with a whirlwind of color and sound, Lily Evans, James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Sirius Black were whisked away to the unknown future.

Please review! More coming... Oh, yeah. Don't call me HaRrYlOvEr15. I know it's a pain in the butt. I would perfer 'Monica'. Thanks!
"Not all men are annoying. Some are dead."

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hi monica i love your story! please post more soon. i just started to read this and its great.
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Thanks! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, technical diffuculties with my internet... I should be able to post real soon!
"Not all men are annoying. Some are dead."
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Little depressing, only getting one reply... ah well, one's better then none.

Chapter 2
(The Boy and the Face)

It was rather like traveling with a Portkey, Lily thought. Except for the fact that huge numbers were passing them. 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975… they were nearing the end of the 1980’s… 1989, 1990,- but as 1991 came along, they were thrown into a tiny door hidden in the giant 1991. They were thrust down onto a checkered ground. As the world materialized before them, and earth shattering CRACK brought them all to their feet.
Lily looked up, and saw an enormous pile of rocks nearly 7 feet above her head, about to come down on her. . Down, down… Lily put her hands over her head, waiting for the end to come… she heard James yell her name- she wouldn’t realize till later that was the first time he had ever called her Lily… she waited, but the moment didn’t come. She dared to look up through her hands, and saw that the rocks were passing through her. Looking around, she saw the shocked faces of James, Remus, and Sirius staring at her.
“I know what’s going on!” Remus said slowly. “It’s called Silent Travel. We’re like ghosts; we can go through anything, because we have no mass. We do not exist to anyone from this time’s eyes. They cannot hear us, feel us, see us, smell us,-“
“Like that time Padfoot and I jumped into old Guilder’s pensieve?” James interrupted, his face exited.
“Yes, exact- you did what???? Entering another’s pensieve is a complete violation-“ but Remus’ lecture was cut short by an high pitched scream. As the Marauders looked around, a feeling of suffocating terror quickly replaced their annoyance at Remus.
“Oh my god.” Whispered Sirius jerkily. They were standing on what appeared to be a gigantic battlefield. Except instead of soldiers, huge stone statues and heaps of rock took up many of the huge blocks on the checkered field. Only three people were on the field. One, a girl with bushy hair, looked as pale as paper and scared out of her wits. The other one, a red head, looked as though he was- dead. His body was sprawled out; a small trickle of blood was coming from his temple. But as Lily’s horrified eyes watched, his chest rose up in time with his breathing.
“He’s not dead.” She whispered with quiet relief. But none of the Marauders were looking at the boy with red hair. They were staring at the other boy. The other boy was an exact replica of James, with a few exceptions. Easily the most noticeable thing was the lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead. The next thing that Lily noticed almost made her pass out. He had her eyes. The exact color, shape, and size- it was freaky.
The boy moved three spaces to the left. “Checkmate!” he said. It was then that Lily realized that this was no battlefield; it was giant chessboard. One of the figures- the king, presumably- threw down his crown at the boy’s feet. It looked as though the humans had won the game. The boy and the girl hurried over to the boy. Lily thought she felt someone brush past her, but decided it was just a breeze.
There was a conversation going on between the boy and girl as they headed towards the door after examining their friend. When they pushed open the giant oak door, a stench, coming from whatever was ahead, flowed into the room so far the Marauders had to put their robes over their noses as the boy and girl had done. After an unspoken agreement, James, Lily, Remus, and Sirius decided to follow.

This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done… Why am I even following these kids? Thoughts filled Sirius’ head as he followed in step with James towards the door. As they entered the room, the source of the stench became quite clear. A huge, disgusting troll was laying out cold on the floor. The sound of fire brought their attention to the door on the opposite wall. Purple flames filled the doorway leading onwards. It was obvious the kids had already gone through the doorway. Should they try to go through?
As if reading Sirius’ mind, Lily asked, “Is it safe? I mean, I know we don’t exist, but those aren’t regular flames…” It seemed Lily had quite forgotten to be mad. She was too terrified and confused.
“It should be. We won’t know for sure until we try it…” Remus replied uncertainly.
“Prongs, you should go first. This was your idea, after all.” Remus said. Sirius was very relieved it wasn’t he who had to try the flames first.
James stepped forward, trying to look brave, but doing a poor job of it. He took a deep breath, and walked through the flames. “It’s okay! Come on through!” he called.
One by one, the Marauders followed.
Once on the other side, they saw the two kids again. One, the girl, was muttering to herself, pointing at different bottles that sat on a table in the room. She also kept referring to a piece of parchment. The other one, the boy, stood to the side, watching the girl intently. Something registered in Sirius’ brain.
“Prongs, I think that’s your son.” Sirius said uncertainly, unsure of how James would react.
“Ha! Yeah right!”
“Seriously, Prongs, look at him. He could be a dead ringer for you.”
“Prove it.”
“Shut up, you two! They’re talking!”
The boy- Sirius was convinced he was James’ son- was talking.
“You drink that. No, listen, get back and get Ron-“ “So the red head’s name is Ron.” Remarked Sirius. “Shut up!” whispered Remus. The boy was still talking. “Send Hedwig to Dumbledore, we need him. I might be able to hold Snape off for a while-“ “Snape??” James hissed. The boy had finished talking. The girl was talking. “But Harry- what if You-Know-Who’s with him?”
“Well, I was lucky once, wasn’t I?” The boy, Harry, pointed to the scar on his forehead. “I might get lucky again.”
The girl suddenly threw her self at Harry. “Hermione!” he cried.
The Marauders used the brief pause in conversation to talk.
“His name’s Harry?”
“He escaped You-Know-Who? Who’s You-Know-Who?”
“Hermione? What kind of name is that?”
“That’s no son of mine! He’s got a girl hanging from his neck, and he’s looking as though he can’t wait for her to let go!”
The girl, Hermione, let go and picked up one of the bottles. She drank it, then walked resolutely through the purple flames. Harry then did the same, except he walked through the black flames. At some unspoken signal, the four teens followed.

What’s going on??? Remus’ brain was like scrambled eggs. He could barely think, put thoughts together. In the room that Harry had entered, there stood a small, thin, pale man in a large purple turban standing next to a tall mirror that had some sort of foreign script written across the top.
Harry was wearing a shocked expression. From the conversation going on between Harry and the man, it was clear that Harry had not expected the man to be there.
“I know that mirror!” Remus said, suddenly remembering. “It’s called the Mirror of Erised. When one looks into it properly, one will see their heart’s greatest desire. But no one else will be able to see it but the viewer. If my readings were correct, because we are in Silent Travel, we should be able to see other’s greatest desires.”
“Excellent! So we can see other’s greatest desires! Pity it wasn’t Snape here. Wonder what his would have been?” James had a look of great amusement on his face.
“You should try to be nicer to him. He’s not all that bad. I worked with him in Charms. He came from an awful family, and he’s really just shy.” Lily informed them.
James made a noise of disbelief.
“Really, he is!”
“Would you two quit arguing, something’s going on!” Remus said in a half whisper.
The man, Harry had called him Quirrel, had snapped his fingers, and thin ropes had appeared and wrapped themselves around Harry. Quirrel was looking into the mirror.
“Excellent! I’m going to look!” James whispered.
“I’m coming, too!” cried Sirius. He was not about to miss this opportunity.
“My god! Moony, come here! This guy is giving this rock-“
“That’s no rock! That’s a Sorcerer’s Stone!”
“I heard about those! Wow. What’s he doing with it?”
“Giving it to this-“ James shuddered. “I can’t really describe him. Moony, get over here!”
Remus hurried over to the mirror, trailed closely by Lily. The four of them stared at the hideous face. It was as white as chalk, had red slits for eyes, and a snake-like nose.
“That’s one face only a mother could love.”
“Hey, Evans. You’re the one who’s supposed to be ‘gifted’ in Divination. Who is that freak?”
“I don’t know!” Lily said exasperatedly.
“Hey! Look at this! Quirrel-“
“The man. Weren’t you listening to their conversation?”
“Okay, Quirrel released Harry. He’s coming over to the mirror. Quirrel told him to look in the mirror!”
The four waited expectantly for Harry to look in the mirror. The sight of an older Lily and James met them in the mirror.
“Why does he see us?” Lily wondered softly.
“You guys are supposed to be smart! I told you, James. Ha! You should see your face!”
“Shut up, Padfoot.”
“What? What does it mean?” asked Lily, still confused.
“It means,- that this -is you -and James’ kid!!!” Sirius said, breathless from laughter.
Remus was smiling, apparently amused at the situation. “Wait!” he cried. “You two are fading! His reflection’s showing. Now it’s- he’s- HE’S GOT THE STONE!! How can-“
“C’mon. Looks like Quirrel is taking off his turban! We should get away from here… It doesn’t look pretty.” One by one, the four teens backed away to watch from the wall. The man turned around to reveal the back of his head.
“Oh my god. It’s that face!” Lily whispered.
The face was talking. “Don’t be a fool! Better save your own life and join me… or you’ll meet the same end as your parents… They died begging me for mercy.”
“What?” whispered James, shocked.
“How touching. I always value bravery… Yes, boy, your parents were brave… I killed your father first, and he put up a courageous fight… but your mother needn’t have died… she was trying to protect you…”
“I think we’ve seen enough.” Whispered Lily. The rest nodded in agreement. “Wait.” Said James slowly. “How do we get back?”
“Simple,” replied Remus, “we just go back to the spot we came from."
Sirius led the way. Past the door, through the flames, past the stinking troll. As they reached the chess board, they saw Albus Dumbledore running like a sprinter across the board.
“Whoa. How old is he?”
“That’s not nice!”
“So… where were we?”
“Right here.”
As soon as all four were on the spot, they were once again thrust into the time portal. They landed with a dull thud in the Room of Requirement. Lily was first on her feet.

Please review!!!!
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Wonderful! Thanks for pointing it out. And don't be depressed w/a lack of reviews. My story went for a long time without getting any. Give it some time, and people will come. (And it helps to plug away ) Also, just know that a lot of times people read but don't review...don't take it personally. This is great, especially for a first-timer. PAMS!
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hi monica! you're story's brilliant! pams!
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this is good post more soon
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Hi Monica

This is great. I can't wait to see what happens next. Please post more soon.

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hello Monica ,
what a great story!! i cant wait for the next post!! keep it up!!

Alex :flowersmile:
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Thanks for all your comments! Self pride feels so good. Anyways, chapter 3!!!

Chapter 3
(Leaving Hogwarts)

Thoughts registered slowly in James Potter’s mind. He was dead. No, he was going to be dead in twenty years. He was going to have a son. Named Harry. Ha! He was living proof that Lily would someday like him! Okay, so he wasn’t living yet. James took a look around at the others. Uh-oh. Lily doesn’t look too happy…
Sure enough, she started yelling at him first chance she got.
James was quick on his feet; he was not one to be yelled at.
James grinned. “Ours?” he supplied devilishly.
Lily looked beside herself. “IF YOU-“
“Lily, please keep your voice down. If McGonnagal hears you screaming, we’re sure to be discovered. And the prospects of you being here by accident are slim to none.” Remus said in a quiet, forcible way. Lily considered his offer, Remus seemed to be the best out of the four in Lily’s eyes; she might listen to him. Please listen… James prayed silently. He couldn’t afford another detention; according to McGonnagal, he had broken the record average of detentions per year. A few more could land him an expulsion.
“Fine. But I’m not doing this for you.” She spat, looking directly at James. “If you think,” she carried on in a normal voice, ”that this is going to land you a date with me, you obviously need your head examined. You curse me, kidnap me…” Lily went on with her list of things he had done to her this evening for about ten minutes, until Sirius interrupted her.
“About finished?”
That did it. Lily flew out of the room faster than James flew on his broom, leaving Sirius laughing, James looking hurt, and Remus looking amused at the whole thing.
“What are you two so happy about?” James snapped. Then he, too, left the room.
“Women.” He muttered.


Remus entered the fifth year dormitory room, hoping to find James there. He had not been in the common room, Remus hoped he hadn’t went on a midnight broom ride or snuck down to the kitchens. And those are just a few of his favorite places. The dormitory was completely black when Remus entered. He decided not to turn on the lights. Yes! Remus could just make out James’ head by the windowsill, silhouetted by the purple-black sky. He decided to leave James alone, and go work on his essay for Charms.
“Why does she hate me?” James’ voice startled Remus.
A different voice replied. “If it were me, mate, I’d say it was because of that time you turned her into a toad last year.”
“I thought she was Snivellus!”
“Her? Look like Snivellus? There is absolutely no resemblance between the two of them, and I say this from an unbiased point of view.”
It was Sirius, Remus realized. The boys stopped talking again. Neither of them seemed to realize he was there; each so wrapped up in their thoughts.
“Either of you interested in knowing why we went twenty years forward in time?” Remus said, making both boys jump.
Remus took their lack of response for a yes. “Okay, if no year is put into the potion in twenty-four hours, it will explode, drenching whoever is nearest. It then totals the ages of the people who were drenched, then divides it by the second smallest number it can be divided by besides one. If the number is prime-“
“It means that it can’t be divided by any number other than one and it’s self. Anyway, if the number is prime, it multiplies the number by two. So since all of us were fifteen, fifteen times four is sixty; and sixty’s second smallest number is three that it can be divided by, and sixty divided by three is twenty, we went forward in time twenty years.”
“Huh?” replied the two boys in unison.
“Never mind.”
An uncomfortable silence filled the room again. Threatening to suffocate each boy in turn, unless something was said. The darkness became darker. It pressed against their eyes, the silence around their ears. All waiting for the other to break the silence.
“That was so weird… seeing all that stuff like…” Sirius trailed off, stifled by the silence.
“Yeah, it was.”
“Do you think it’s true?”
“According to Potions of Peril, in chapter 6-“
“Moony, save us the time, and get to the point.”
“It’s supposed to show the future as it would be now. Imagine a place where the future is known. Billions of timelines, the lives of people, existing by a mere thread. The stopped lines of the dead, the tiny lines of the newborns. Everything carefully layered and balanced. Now imagine disrupting one of those threads. It affects millions and millions of threads. The potion only shows us the way the timelines are layered and positioned now.”
“Why do you always sound like you swallowed a text book?”
A dull thud sounded throughout the room. Remus had thrown a pillow at Sirius. James quickly defended his friend, and threw the pillow back at Remus, the beginning of their hour long pillow fight. It would have went on longer, had the Great Clock in the Gryffindor common room not chimed midnight, and Remus insisted they go to bed.


Sirius did not see Lily until that night at the Leaving Feast. She was sitting with her usual giggling group of girls, showing no signs of what had happened last night. Sirius tried to get past her chatting group of friends to talk to her, but she hurried away, the others trailing behind her.
He found Remus sitting in the common room, buried in his favorite kind of books, big fat ones with lots of pictures, diagrams, runes, and, most importantly, information. Clearing his throat to announce his presence, he sat down in the chair opposite Remus.
“Moony, you should try to talk to Lily.”
“Why?” Remus asked, not putting down his book.
“You’re the only one who she likes out of the four of us. Look, I bet she’s really confused, not to mention angry. She doesn’t have a clue about why we traveled so far in time, nothing. Well, besides what you said in your speech.”
“It was not a speech! Just a little talk.”
“Really, you should. At the moment, she won’t go within fifty feet of me of James. And she’s surrounded herself with a 360 degree wall of friends.”
“Since when are you so concerned for Lily?”
“Why are you diverting my original question?”
Remus sighed, and set down his book. “Look, I just think this is something James should learn to do.”
“Learn to do what?”
“Apologize!” Remus said, barely concealing his smile.
“He knows perfectly well how to apologize!” Sirius declared loyally. “Well… maybe not all that well…” He paused. “Okay, so he doesn’t know how to at all. But he won’t know all that stuff about the potion.”
“I’ll tell him.”
“Besides that, he’d have to curse Lily again to get her to come with him.”
“Fair point. I’ll talk to her tonight. After the Smartie Party.”
“At the end of the year, the prefects get a special party. I’m not allowed to say much more.”
“What? You get a special party just because all the teachers like you?”
“I am not a prefect because teachers like me,” Remus began haughtily.
“Yeah, yeah. Spare me, Moony, and just promise me you will.”
“Nope. No promises made. I have to ask you to promise me something.”
“What?” Sirius asked warily.
“If she curses me into obliviation, you’ll take the blame.”
Sirius laughed. “Promise, but trust me, Moony. She’ll listen to you. Just don’t mention the rest of us.”


The following day was a bright, sunny summer’s day. The Hogwarts Express stood gleaming, newly polished, reflecting the rays of sunlight that hit it. However, the mood of the weather did not match the mood of the Marauder’s. The four of them stood in front of the ancient castle, downcast looks on three of their faces. James turned around, leading the others to the train. After floating their luggage to the above storage compartments,- “The last magic of our fifth year.” Sirius said sadly- they sat down in the squashy seats of the Hogwarts Express.
Peter, who seemed oblivious to their distant faces, bounced happily in his seat. “Anyone for a game of Exploding Snap?” he asked excitedly.
His question was met by sighs and looks of exasperation.
No one answered him. Looking extremely put off, he retired to watching James play unenthusiastically with the golden snitch. Though he was the lead chaser on the team, James also was talented with the snitch. At the time he had joined the team, the seeker position was already filled, and the team was badly in need of a chaser.
The rest of the trip home was rather quiet, unless you count when Peter accidentally let his wand touch the pack of Exploding Snap cards, exploding the pack with a bang that rivaled muggle fireworks, not to mention causing people from the four nearest compartments to come rushing in, asking what had happened.
When Peter got up to go talk to the conductor about why the lady with the cart of food had not come, the remaining three went into deep conversation.
“Did you talk to her, Moony?”
“Talk to who?”
“I asked Moony to talk to Lily last night.”
About what??
“You know…” Sirius said uncomfortably. It was clear he had not told James about his sudden urge to let Lily understand.
“I’m afraid I don’t. Please, do explain.”
“I just figured, because she won’t go within 20 yards of us, and she’s probably really confused. And she has a right to know this stuff… Anyway, did you, Moony?”
“Let’s put it this way: you’re lucky I wasn’t in the Hospital Wing this morning.”
“You didn’t get through to her, then?” Sirius asked, disappointed.
“I might have. She listened to me for a while, but when I got to the part of the timelines, and the way it was set at the moment for her and James to be married, she flipped her top. Starting yelling a bunch of what I figured were French swear words.”
“She speaks French?” James asked interestedly.
“And what are you going to do?” Sirius sniggered. “Sing her a French Aria?”
Before James could throw back an insult, the compartment door slid open, and Peter walked in, smiling.
“I got free food! Just because she missed our compartment, I got all the food I wanted for free!” Peter said, stains all down his front.
“You didn’t happen to bring any to us?” Remus asked, with a hint of annoyance in his voice.
Peter’s face fell, realizing his mistake. “I,- ah, well, you see, the lady was really nice, and I sort of forgot-“
“Never gave a thought about us, did you?” James asked.
“Yeah, aren’t we supposed to be your friends?” Sirius joined in.
“Don’t we matter?”
“Of course, food outranks friends by a mile, doesn’t it, Wormtail?”
“Okay, Padfoot, Prongs, lay off him. So he made a mistake. So have you. Everyone has their moments of mistake. Like last year, James, when you landed yourself in the hospital wing because of one of our ‘adventures’, and almost blowing our cover.”
Sirius laughed.
“And you! When you were ‘experimenting’ with potions, and accidentally created a truth draft, almost telling everyone about who let loose those pixies in the Slytherin common room!”
James grinned at the memory.
“What about the time when Moony-“ but Peter’s story was cut short by the train slowing down.
“Oh, man! We’re there already?”
“We better change; we aren’t supposed to attract attention, and wearing robes, carrying trunks and owls are sure ways of inviting stares.”


“James!” Mrs. Potter pulled her son into a huge hug, nearly suffocating him.
“Mph! Mmm, muph mo mo ee!!”
“Sorry, dear, what did you say?” she asked, letting go.
“I told you to let go of me! And Sirius, shut up!” James yelled at the now snickering Sirius.
“Hey James! Get over here! You gotta see this!” Remus yelled.
James ran over to Remus, knowing that whatever it was, it had to be good. However, when he reached him, there was nothing in sight.
“Well? What is it?”
“Well, it’s nothing, actually, I just wanted to ask you something. In private, because Sirius would never let me hear the end of it.”
“Point taken. So what is it?”
“Well, when we were down in that room with- your son, looking into that mirror…”
“Well, I felt this sort of warm breath on my neck… did you feel it too?”
“No, maybe it was just Sirius or Lily breathing, I mean, Lily did stay behind you.”
“Yeah, probably. Sorry for bringing it up.”
“That’s okay, you’re Moony.”
“And what’s that supposed to mean?”
“That you worry too much.”
“Why, you-!”
But James ran off laughing.
“James Potter, you are so dead when I see you next!”

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wow!! mega cool chapter monica!! great work!! :flowersmile:
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Awesome! This is fantastic!!!! I hope they go back in time (or should I say forward) again! YAY!
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Thanks! Yeah, I plan on sending them back in time seven times (so they can see Harry in each year), plus the inbetween times. There's a mystery behind all this, but it wasn't really show it self until later. No more posts until tommorrow, though!
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Wonderful chapter, Monica! Can't wait for tomorrow. *grin*
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wow cant wait till tomorrow then!!
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Okay, it's tommorow! So... Chapter 4!

Chapter 4

Hey! Haven’t heard from you in about a month! What have you been doing? Been busy with your mum in the house that’s getting blacker everyday? I hope not. So, I’m sending an owl to Moony and Wormtail after this. We should talk around… hmm… 11 sound good? It’s okay for me, my folks sleep like logs. Wormtail should be okay, if he can stay up that long. And Moony… I’m pretty sure it’s not anywhere near a full moon. So much better using the fire, instead of that old gray stone. Don’t know how Moony tolerates that grainy picture.
I spent yesterday at the Hogsmeade Library, researching blocking spells. I know how to do the basic one, but I need to get a hold of one that blocks out the Ministry’s watch. Then we can do magic over the summer! I’m betting there’s one in the ‘Special Files’. If only they didn’t have that Motion Detecting Spell all over it, I could use the cloak. Pity the counter and blocking charms are in there, too. Go look in your gigantic library, there should be something in those aged and dusty books.
Haven’t started my homework yet; not looking forward to that book we were supposed to read, ‘The Great Wizards of Germany’. Tried it. It’s very boring. The best part was the beginning; be warned it attacks anyone who asks it a question. Caused a big scene in the library, almost got grounded- wait, I already am. ‘Accidentally’ exploded mum’s best china glasses after she told me off for getting an ‘A’ in Potions. Of course, you know nothing of that. Please respond with time!
Your Marauder,

Sounds great! I should be on at 11, if mum doesn’t hold me up. I’ve been confined to my room, staring at the lovely black walls. Whenever I go out, mum starts yelling at me. She still hasn’t gotten over that toilet seat we sent her. I don’t get why… it was a special one. I told her it was the one I was supposed to transfigure during O.W.L.s, but missed and transfigured my tester. Apparently, the instructor thought that was better that the toilet seat, because I got an ‘O’ in Transfiguration.
You’re farther than me on homework; I haven’t even given it a thought. Wish I could go to the library. But, noooo. That’s dear old mum, always looking out for me. Can’t wait to see you tonight!
Your Marauder,

It was an ingenious method of talking, and James couldn’t help but feel proud whenever they used it. Back in their first year, when they were in detention all the time, “because we didn’t have such finely tuned pranking skills”, according to Sirius, and they had grown tired of being in separate detentions. So James went to the library and started researching. Going back to the time of the Mesopotamian Wizards, he discovered the ancient method of scrying. All you needed to scry was a rock, some water, or fire, and the incantation.
Water was the easiest method of scrying, but often had a rippled, bent picture. Rocks were the next step up, but gave you a grainy picture. Fire was the hardest to scry with, but had rewarding effects. The picture was perfectly clear, and gave the viewer many options of viewpoints. Once James discovered the method and all four of the Marauders had mastered it (Peter still needed help), Remus started to screw around with the incantation.
They wanted it so they could talk to each other while scrying, versus the usual quiet, soundless scrying. After many hard months of dictionaries, thesauruses, and rhyming dictionaries, the incantation was complete.
The next step was to figure out the viewpoints. When you looked into the tool you were using for scrying, you saw things from a certain point in the room. After much spell casting on Remus’ behalf, it was fixed so you only saw the other’s faces.
“When only James and Sirius were in detentions, they used the mirrors, but when all four of them were, they each carried a stone. Stones weren’t the best for scrying, but they were the most portable. During the summer, they each used their own individual scrying tools. Peter still used water, while Remus worked best with rocks. But Sirius and James were able to work skillfully with fire.

Sirius prepared to sneak out around 10:30. He was going to go into the woods to his fire ring he used specially for scrying. Normally he left later, but he wanted to clear it off and gather more wood. He needed matches, towels, his books on scrying, and his miniature set of gardening tools he had gotten at the muggle shop.
He arrived at his circle, and found it in the form he had left it in, with exception of all the leaves, branches, and dirt that covered it. He got to work.
By the time 11 rolled around, the rings was clear once more. Ten matches and about half a dozen swear words later, he had a nice fire going.
“Elements of Earthen tone
Fire, water, and solid stone.
By the power of I, sight and sound
Can presently be found!”
He recited it without missing a beat.
Remus’ pale face soon appeared, followed by James and Peter.
“Hey!” Sirius cried, the sight of his friends warming him against the humid fog that had settled over the woods.
A chorus of responses soon met his welcome.
“Hey Padfoot!”
“Hey everyone…”
“Where you at?”
James looked at Remus.
“You don’t look too well… I thought full moon wasn’t till next week.”
“It’s been coming earlier lately. I’ve been reading about it, and it says that as you age, the sickness lasts longer.”
“Does that mean we get to sneak out more often?” James asked excitedly.
“No. It just means I stay sick longer.”
“Oh. Sorry to hear it, mate.”
“I wouldn’t mind! You get to miss a ton of classes! Man, what I would do to get out of one of Binns’ lectures.” Sirius said jealously.
“I, unlike you, happen to care about history, because if it’s forgotten, it will repeat itself.”
“Big whoop.”
“For your information, the great conqueror Barnibus the Barbarian said the same thing. The result was his defe-“
“Shut up!” James hissed.
“What is it?” Sirius asked in a half whisper.
“My folks- I think my they’re up! I better go.”
His face faded from the fire.
“So… Moony, you shouldn’t even come here, this is draining your strength,” Sirius said, his concerned face looking at Remus’ pale one.
“Yeah… I guess you’re right,” Remus admitted. And his face faded from the fire, too.
This was exactly what Sirius had been hoping for; a chance to talk to Peter alone.
“So… Peter! Been feeling all right lately?” Sirius asked in a would be cheerful voice.
“W-what do you m-mean?” Peter asked, stuttering nervously.
“Well, nothing big, it’s just that… Ever since the middle of last year, you seemed to grow fainter with us. You’d disappear for long periods of time, and wouldn’t tell us where you were. And you just stopped… I dunno, became so distant.”
Peter’s voice became higher. “D-d-don’t know w-what you’re t-talking about…”
“Oh, I think you do.”
“Whoa! What was that? I gotta go!” Peter’s sweaty face faded from the fire.
Darn. Sirius had really been hoping that the solitude and one on oneness with him would have gotten Peter to open up. But no. A thought occurred to Sirius: He had gotten himself a girl!! Wow, I’m gonna hafta talk to James about this.
It was a good two hours before Sirius got up to head home. He entered the house, still enveloped in his thoughts.
Sirius swore under his breath. He had gotten back too late. Now he was in for it…
“Now mum-“
Sirius sighed. Her list of insults went on and on and on. Then he noticed a pair of eyes peeking around the corner. Kreacher! The filthy little rat. Oh, he was never going to hear the end of this one. Limping around, muttering stories under his breath. Suddenly, Sirius had enough. He ran. Out of the house, past the forest. He ran and ran until he was so lost he didn’t have a clue which way was left. But he kept running, running until his side hurt and his legs felt like they were on fire.
He stopped for a moment to catch his breath. The scenery surrounding him was entirely unfamiliar. Cars honked; he realized he had stopped in the middle of the road. He quickly got out of the way, and headed into the nearest shop.
The sight of elegantly dressed people met him. He had run into a fancy banquet.
“Whoops.” He muttered. Turning a bright shade of red, he ran back out. After spending a while in the city (whatever it was called), he decided to get on the move again. Since running was his best bet, he settled on running to London.
He ran by night, because it was cooler, and during the day, he slept and ate. While he ran, he thought. About mum, dad, what they were thinking, what James was going to say… it was an endless cycle of thoughts that never stopped coming. He could hear his mum screaming at him; hear James’ laugh, Peter’s high stuttering voice, and Remus’ pale face.
“Sirius!” a voice cried. It sounded like James, but the way things had been going, it was probably just inside his head. Then it came again, louder.
“Sirius!” Sirius turned around, and saw James standing on a driveway. He ran over to James. But before he could get a chance to ask what he was doing here, James started talking.
“Whoa, mate, what’s up with the running? Wait- why are you even here? Your house has gotta be a four days journey, and that’s going at my speed.”
“I- left- mum- mad” Sirius gasped, still catching his breath.
“Slow down, Padfoot. Here, come inside.” It was evening, and the sun had just gone down. Sirius took a look at the house connected to the perfectly trimmed lawn and neat paved driveway. The house was a ranch house, with a kind of old-fashioned air about it. The house was built out of solid brick, a wrought iron fence surrounding the lot. Ivy covered the two sidewalls and the back, but the front held nothing on it except a sign announcing that this was the Potter residence.
The inside was in the same theme as the outside decor. The walls of the living room were a dark beige color, and all around to room there were overstuffed couches and chairs that looked as if they were extremely old, yet comfy. In the center of the room, a low tarnished iron table sat, looking as old as the rest of the furniture. Greenery surrounded the fireplace that covered an entire wall opposite the door. James must have noticed Sirius’ staring, because he grinned.
“Nice, isn’t it? Bit too stiff-straight-and-old for me at times, but it’s all right.” James led him to the maroon kitchen, complete with an old fashioned stove. James went over to the sink, and poured Sirius a glass of water.
“So… what are you doing here? I have the basic idea. I got a howler from your mum the other day after I tried to send you a message. Rattled on for a good ten minutes, she did, yelling things I won’t repeat. I’m all ears…”
“Well, she caught me getting back from our little scrying episode. She started yelling her usuals at me, then Kreacher looked around the corner… and that was it. I snapped and I started running, and I didn’t stop until I reached some city, I don’t know where it was… So I started running by night. And I kept running, I was heading for London. Diagon Alley, so I could get to my Gringotts account. Then I heard you calling my name…” Sirius trailed off.
Four hours later, it was arranged for Sirius to stay at the Potter’s for the rest of the summer.

First of all, my rhyming ability sucks. I don't need to hear history. Second, did you know scrying isn't something I just made up? It's real, though I'm not sure if the Mesopotamians used it. A fasinating thing, you guys should go check it out.
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Woohoo! I love tomorrow, especially when it comes today! *grin* Loved the post, can't wait to see more. PAMS!
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wow!!! love it!!! great job Monica!!
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I know Sunday's a post day, but I can't post today. Sorry guys, but I have an eight hour drive to a funeral and back. Ugh. Then I have school tommorrow. So... until Tuesday, people!
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monica it's great! hear from you on tuesday!
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Incase any of you were wondering, Peter doesn't have a girl. I just put down his fourth year as the time he went over to Voldemort's side. But a lot of that isn't going to be put in the story, and you'll hardly see Peter at all. 'Cause I hate him.
:angry: Now for a change in emotions... thank you all for reviewing!
Please repeat history and reply to this, as well!

Chapter 5
(A Warm Welcome)

The summer flew by in a blur to Sirius, though he couldn’t help noticing the howlers he kept getting. His mum was still mad at him, and told him to never come home; it was the first command Sirius had liked and had followed gladly in four years. It seemed too soon he was getting off the Hogwarts Express, heading into the castle for the Sorting Ceremony.
“You think there’s gonna be a storm?” Lupin asked warily looking up at the cloudy sky, “because full moon is in a couple days.”
“Don’t worry, Moony. We’ll be with you rain or shine- er, dark,” James said reassuringly.
“Yeah, I can’t wa-“ Sirius was cut off as a great clap up thunder reverberated around the castle. A few seconds later, the clouds opened up and poured their full capacity. The four Marauders ran into the nearest carriage, not caring who was in it.
Five seconds later they did. Sitting in the corner of the dark carriage was Lily Evans.
“Uh-oh.” Sirius muttered. He made for the door, but with an almighty lurch, the carriage stared to move.
“Hello, Lily,” Moony said pleasantly, as though they were best friends, not as if the room had her number one enemy in it, and took a seat. Defeated, James, Sirius and Peter took seats also, James making sure to place himself farthest from Lily.
“Hello, Remus. Had a pleasant holiday?” she asked coolly, ignoring the others.
“Look, Evans, I-“ James started, but was brought to a halt when Remus cut in, something he never did.
“Splendid. I suppose yours was as well?”
“Yes. I- I thought about what you said at the end of last year.”
Silence met this pronouncement.
“A lot.”
James tried again. “Lily, look. About what happened last year…” he faltered, “I- I’m sorry.” He held his breath, hoping, waiting, willing…
Lily looked uncertain. “Fine. Apology accepted.” She said, avoiding James’ gaze. The carriage was silent for a moment.
“Hey, uh James, wasn’t that the first time you ever apologized to a girl?” Sirius asked.
It started with a small snicker on Sirius’ part, followed by Remus cracking an uncertain grin. Peter followed, by putting what he must have supposed to be a smile, but looked more like a smirk. Remus couldn’t stand it any longer. He let a snort of laughter escape him. Following Remus’ lead, Sirius cracked up.
By the time they arrived at Hogwarts, all of them were laughing. All rifts forgotten, they exited together, and fled inside to the warm castle.
As usual, the Great Hall looked magnificent, with its high ceiling, thousands of floating candles, and wide expanse of people dressed in robes. But unusually Lily found herself sitting with the Marauders.
“Hey! Look! It’s the munchkins!” The first years had entered the hall, each face showing a different degree of terror.
“Shh! It’s beginning!” Lily shushed them.
And the Sorting Hat began its song:

What kind of sorcerer are you?
How do you do the things you do?
Share with me your secrets deep inside.
Are you loyal through and through?
And do you have a heart that's true?

If you're the loyal kind you're a Hufflepuff,
Here you won't find people who are too tough.
The badger's the symbol of the house,
and in Hufflepuff Tower there's nary a mouse!
If you're sneaky, you're in Slytherin;
They'll do whatever it takes to win!
Good luck with Vesta and her Potions class,
Make one wrong move and you won't pass!
If you're brave as a lion, go Gryffindor!
When they win they let out a mighty roar!
You'll be loyal to your friends,
and your Hogwarts adventure will not soon end!
Last but not least there's Ravenclaw,
and they're the smartest people I ever saw.
Those are the houses at Hogwarts School,
so put me on, and don't be a fool!

When it was finished, the entire hall burst into applause.
“That was a weird song.” James muttered.
“Shh!” Lily whispered, though she looked as if she agreed, too.
Then the Sorting began.
“Ambers, Jolene!” became the first Ravenclaw. Followed by Buzble, Maria (“HUFFLEPUFF!”), Deems, Gregory (“SLYTHERIN!”), all the way down to the Ks.
“Kutnin, Belle!” A tall girl with a head full of golden curls stumbled forward.
“GRYFFENDOR!” the hat shouted for all to hear.
Sirius was looking bored. “Can’t they hurry up?” he whined.
“Lockhart, Gildiroy!” a small boy with blond hair and a weak chin walked up to the hat, looking superiorly at the others. “HUFFLEPUFF!” the hat shouted. The boy grinned, which made him look quite good-looking.
“Hey James!” Lily whispered, grinning, “He’s a little you!”
“Shut up.” James said, but he was smiling.
They went down, past the Ls, past the Ns.
“Tags, Matthias!” was met by many whispers and stares by the Marauders
A scrawny boy came forward. He had violet eyes and pale skin. There was absolutely nothing unremarkable about him, if you weren’t looking at his head. He had spiked up his black hair, and added blue streaks that gave him an intimidating look.
“I’ve never seen blue hair before!” Sirius whispered, confused.
“It’s called dye Sirius. Muggles put different colors of it in their hair,” Lily responded.
“Oh…” Sirius said, a look of understanding dawning across his face.
The boy sat up there for a good ten minutes, waiting for the hat to decide. The other odd thing about him was that he didn’t look at all scared. He as if he knew exactly what he was doing. Finally, the hat shouted, “SLYTHERIN!”
The rest of the ceremony dragged on slowly, and despite Sirius’ constant whining, it was rather enjoyable. After all the first years were sorted, Dumbledore gave his usual long speech.
“Students are reminded that the Forbidden Forest is off limits too all, as is the village of Hogsmeade to all those below third year-“
“Unlike us.” Sirius said, referring to the many times the Marauders had snuck into Hogsmeade.
Though confused, Lily told him to shut up.
“And our students would do well to stay away from the Whomping Willow that has been planted on our grounds.”
Remus gave an involuntary shudder. Lily looked concerned for him, even though she didn’t know why he shuddered.
“And now, I tell you to sink into this delicious feast that has been prepared for you.” Dumbledore finished with a smile.
Food appeared on innumerable silver plates. Sirius immediately began loading the food into his plate, until the many different foods could not be distinguished from one another in the great heap. He moaned with happiness as he happily wolfed down the mountain of food.
Lily looked at him disgustedly, until she remembered that she should be eating. While eating dainty bites of mashed potatoes, she began to talk with one of her friends, Kirsten Gesburt, about Divination. Lily was sort of a half Seer in Divination; she was prone to prophetic dreams and fits.
“So,” James said quietly to Sirius, “what’s the plan for tomorrow night?”
“I dunno… we should check out Hogsmeade. The school isn’t going to go for another month. I can’t wait that long!”
“What do you think, Moony?” James asked thoughtfully.
“Whatever you two want.” Remus replied absentmindedly. He was staring at something they couldn’t see.
“Earth to Moony! Hello?” Sirius said playfully.
“Wha- oh, sorry. I was keeping an eye on that Matthias kid. He’s been watching us like a hawk since he sat down. Didn’t you two notice?”
“He was?”
Looking over at the Slytherin table, he saw that indeed Matthias was staring at them.
“What’s his problem?” Sirius wondered out loud.
“We should go ask the little rude freak.” James said.
They started to rise, but someone pulled them down by the neck of their robes. They looked down, and saw Lily holding their robes.
“You will not!” she hissed.
“And what business is it of yours?”
“It is mine if you’re going to go and ruin a good feast by teasing some poor little first year. Bullying them is not giving them a good example of how Hogwarts is.” Lily said firmly.
James sighed. “Fine, Evans. C’mon Padfoot. We’ll get him some other time.”
“You will-” Lily stopped in the middle of her sentence, realizing they were joking.
The feast continued peacefully. Once stuffed beyond their limits, Dumbledore told them all to get to bed. Sleepily, James, Sirius, Remus, Peter, and Lily walked up the steps.
“Oy! Potter!” A sharp voice cut through James’ sluggish thoughts. He turned around to see the Gryffendor Quidditch captain, Jonathan Wood, standing at bottom of the steps, beckoning to him. James went down to him.
“What is it?”
Wood handed James a sheet of parchment with a schedule of all their practices (not to mention all the other teams’ schedules; each square sparkled different color according to the house), and all of the line-ups for each house, plus the reserves.
“Lovely, Wood. I can see you had nothing to do over the summer. Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get to bed.”
“No- here, take it. You’ll need one. Because I’m not going to be your mummy this year. Angleton may have babied you last year, but now that I’m captain-“ his chest swelled, “I’m going to make Gryffendor win that Quidditch cup!” He sad, annunciating the last four words.
“Glad to hear it.” James said, and glanced down at the schedule.
Wood turned on one foot, and strode.
“W-wait!!” James cried. Wood looked back.

First, I know the sorting song sucked. Please do not give me history. Second, notice any resemblence between Jonathan Wood and Oliver Wood? Like father, like son. Unfortunately, you won't be seeing any Quidditch until later on in the story. Anyways, please R&R!!!
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Okay, I know today is a post day, but it's too depresing that I didn't get ANY replies. Maybe my post days are too close together... I've been thinking about only posting twice a week, instead of two. Ideas anyone?

Oh, and please note my new arvatar! I love the poem, and by pure (and lucky) cooincidence, I ran into the other day!
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whoa sorry i haven't posted your story is great so it doesn't matter if you write twice just do what you have time for
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I really liked it, esp. including Monsieur Gilderoy Lockhart. A little James... *snicker* I'd bet Harry would like to hear his mother say that...anyway, PAMS!
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Post day! Yay! I had fun writing this chapter, with so much freedom.

Chapter 6
(A Midnight Stroll)

He was walking. Walking down a dark corridor. Then, the face that had been on the back of the man’s head was there. So was the boy. The face was attacking Harry. They were dueling. Their wands connected. The face reached for something in the pocket of his robes that had not been there a second ago. James saw- it was another wand! He had to warn Harry, tell him-
An icy cold blast of water brought him out of his dream.
“Wha-what?” he sputtered, coughing up water. He looked up to see his best friend’s cheery face.
“You little-“
“Hey, don’t you start bagging on me. You were supposed to wake us up. You fell asleep. Lucky I woke up. Now come on.” Sirius, with an enormous tug, pulled James on his feet. Sirius was always a night owl, James thought. A morning person, day person, and a night person. Actually, he was one of those Sirius-shut-up-before-I-hex-you people. Lying in the spot where James was sleeping just moments ago was his invisibility cloak. He picked it up, and pulled it over the two of them.
“Where’s Peter?”
“Couldn’t wake him up.”
“Ah. Is it just me, or is the cloak shrinking? It barely fits us.”
“Be grateful it still does.”
As the two boys pushed open the portrait of the Fat Lady, they stopped talking. The rest of the trip was silent until James and Sirius reached the grounds. Conversations resumed.
“Is Moony still being helped out by Madam Pomfrey?”
“Yeah. I heard him ask her today if he could go by himself, she told him he was too delicate.” Sirius snorted. “If you ask me, Madam Pomfrey is very greedy with her patients. Likes them to stay in the Hospital Wing as long as possible, and doesn’t like anyone else taking care of them except her.”
“And what would little Jamesy know about the Hospital Wing?” Sirius asked in a babyish voice.
“Is that them?”
Two figures were walking across the grounds, headed towards the Whomping Willow.
“Yeah, I think so. Let’s go see.”
After they had transformed into their Animagi forms and hidden the invisibility cloak in a nearby hollow tree, the dog and stag bounded through the Forbidden Forest, hidden by the trees. Stopping abruptly, they looked over to the Whomping Willow. Sure enough, Remus and Madame Pomfrey were heading for the Whomping Willow.
“Go on,” Madame Pomfrey whispered. “I’ll be back for you in the morning.”
Remus got a long stick and poked a knot on the roots. The tree’s thrashing branches froze. Turning around to make sure Madame Pomfrey had gone, he looked hard in the forest. James and Sirius ran out, headed for him.
James gently nudged Remus with his horns. Remus patted him on the head.
“C’mon” he whispered, looking anxiously up at the clouds. He descended into the secret passageway, followed closely by James and Sirius.

It was the very beginning that was the worst. For Sirius, at least. He hated to watch Remus’ transformations.
They walked into the old, wrecked house’s living room- or what was supposed to be the living room. Remus stood by the window, looking anxiously at the sky, dreading when the moon was going to show it’s beams. They sat in silence for about an hour, James and Sirius too cautious to transform back. Then it began.
Sirius turned his great, shaggy head away. He couldn’t bear to watch his friend in such pain. A scary mix of screams and howls filled the room, sending every hair on his back flying straight up. When the screams were finally silent, and howls filled their place, Sirius knew the transformation was complete.
Turning around, he saw a silver wolf, it’s amber eyes glinting in the moonlight, sitting on the torn couch. It growled threateningly. Sirius took up the game and growled back. That was all it took. The werewolf leapt off the couch, headed straight towards him. Laughing in his head, Sirius took off to the secret passageway that led off to the grounds. Running full speed ahead of him was James, head bowed down.
Once they reached the grounds, the fun began. The stag took off in one direction, while the dog in the other. The werewolf, confused, went after the stag. Working as seamlessly as Ireland’s chasers, the stag did a U-turn, heading for the forest. The dog went over by the werewolf, distracting it from the stag. Completely forgetting the stag, the werewolf turned and ran after the dog.
Running, panting, chasing, distracting, luring… it was a blast. Bounding at top speed through the forest, while making sure you didn’t hit anything, and still keeping the other two in mind. There was always an adventure to be had.
Remus was on his tail… whoa! Tree branch! Jump, dodge that stump, near miss, almost bit my tail… Was that James? Uh-oh, getting a little too close. Whew. Gotta remember to thank James later… Sirius stopped to breath, watching James be pursued by Remus. It was odd, Remus was so quiet usually, so silent. He was the reserved Marauder, the one who gently restrained James and Sirius, helped them see how ridiculous some of their ideas were, defended Peter; helped him almost. But when he was a werewolf… it was like the muggle myth, Dr. Hyde and Jeckle.
Yikes! Remus had suddenly noticed Sirius standing there, and took a charge at him. James didn’t notice, he was still running… Into the forest again, over logs with great leaps, nearly running headlong into a gigantic bolder… Where was prongs? Sirius ran, deeper and deeper into the forest… No familiar sight of the white stag met him… Remus was gaining on him…
The werewolf chased the dog all the way to the heart of the forest, where it was so dark and thick, even the werewolf was having maneuvering problems, to say little of the dog. The dog was pursued, running to an unknown spot. Then, the site of a half enclosed wall of rocks, more commonly known as a cave met him. Looking around, Sirius saw that if Remus didn’t know he was in there, he would be safe. It was silent in the woods for a moment, but the sounds of the werewolf soon caught up with him. Sirius dodged into the cave, hoping…
He saw him come out of the clearing, look around and sniff. After a thorough inspection of everywhere but the cave Sirius was in, he let up a howl. Then, without any warning, he went bounding into the cave Sirius was hiding in.
Sirius knew his hiding spot was done, and he was in for it. Sure enough, after two seconds of looking and sniffing, Remus found him. Backed up against the wall, helpless but to whine softly, and pray…
Remus had him cornered, and was growling with pleasure. He was apparently pleased with his newly caught prey. Now he was circling Sirius, deciding which way to came at him from. Eyes shining hungrily, he eyed Sirius. Muscles tense, Sirius sat, waiting.
The werewolf lunged at the dog, mouth open. Frozen with fear, Sirius sat unblinkingly, waiting for fate to hit him. But then, at the last second, something warm washed over the wolf’s eyes. It dodged Sirius at the last second, missing him by inches.
Suddenly, his legs became unglued to the floor, and he ran. Ran and ran, for miles, it seemed. Finally, that glorious sight of the grounds met him. There was James, his white stag form standing erect, his coat shining against the now pale sky- Pale sky! Oh, no! Remus was going to go back to his original form in a matter of minutes! If he transformed in the forest…
Sirius soon discovered this was not the issue. As he turned around, the werewolf was coming out of the forest. Running at top speed with James, Sirius sprinted over to the Whomping Willow. Following them excitedly was Remus. Howls began to fill the air. Howls were slowly transformed into screams. When the screams at long last stopped, Sirius knew it was safe to turn around and not see his friend doubled over in pain.
Remus, thin and pale, was lying on the ground, breathing hard. However, he looked much better than before full moon. After transforming back, Sirius hurried over to help Remus to his feet, following closely by James. Picking him up, Sirius saw, that even though he had enough bags under his eyes to hold a Hogwarts feast, his skin, instead of a sickly yellow, was a few shades closer to his natural color.
“Prongs!” Sirius muttered, dashing away as he noticed Madame Pomfrey walking across the grounds. James quickly followed in suit. They stood at the edge of the forest, and listened to the conversations going on.
“My, my Mr. Lupin. And why aren’t we in the Shrieking Shack?”
Remus muttered something neither of the boys could distinguish.
“Yes, well, let’s get you back to the Hospital Wing. C’mon, up you get.”
Madame Pomfrey gently helped Remus to his feet, and they walked over to the school.
“Where were you all night?”
“Long story…”
“Well, lucky you, I’ve got all day.”
“Fine, if you insist.” Sirius went on to tell James the story of how Remus hunted him down, cornered him, and nearly killed him. By the time he finished, James’ eyes were the size of Hogwarts plates.
“He overcame the werewolf?” James whispered unbelievingly.
“Yeah… Can’t wait to ask Moony about that.”


It was not until a few days later that Remus was released from the Hospital Wing, and Sirius and James got their chance to interrogate him. When he entered the common room, he was nearly knocked down by them dragging him out again.
“What?” he hissed.
“C’mon. We’re going to the grounds.”
“Uh, guys, you can let go of me. I’m fine with going to the grounds.”
“Oh, yeah…” The two boys promptly dropped Remus, catching him by surprise and causing him to fall.
“Oof- hey!” Remus ran to catch up with the now laughing duo.
Upon reaching the grounds, the headed over to a quiet spot away from everyone else.
“So. Full moon. Explain.”
“He’s not gonna know-“
“Yes, he will. Now, explain.”
Remus took a deep breath, and started talking.
“Okay, you know how when I start to transform, it’s really painful? Well, after I transform, it stops for you. But inside, is me, still enduring that pain. Oh, I can still see things through the wolf’s eyes, except usually I’m in too much pain to pay attention. So, last night, I saw you sitting there, huddled up. Then, I was running towards you. It took all my willpower, and a whole lot of pain, but I managed to overcome the werewolf in me for the few seconds I needed to steer to the side.”
“Wow. That takes a lot of power.”
“Yeah… Isn’t that kinda like throwing off five Imperious Curses at once?”
“I guess,” Remus muttered, now blushing.
“Moony! You shouldn’t be embarrassed.”
“It doesn’t matter, really,” Remus said, now glancing anxiously over to the happily chattering groups of people.
“Okay, okay. But that still was an awesome stunt, Moony,” James said grinning.


“C’mon. We’d better get going, I don’t want it to blow up again like last time,” James whispered impatiently. Sirius sighed.
“Now, James, you have to be firmer than that,” Sirius said, pulling out his wand.
“Accio Remus!” he whispered.
Remus came zooming off of his bed, knocking into Sirius, who knocked into James, and the entire group fell down.
“Unh,” James grunted under all the weight, “Remus, get you elbow out of my eye. Ouch! Sirius, that was my head!”
“Meant to do that!” Sirius said, untangling himself from the heap of bodies. “Totally meant to! It’s… Remus’ fault! Remus, you should learn to keep your balance better.”
“My fault? You caught me off guard! Besides, you know how much trouble you’d be in if McGonnagal saw!”
“Shut up. But if you wouldn’t have been dawdling like that, I wouldn’t have had to summoned you in the first place!”
“Okay, both of you shut up. If anyone finds us, we’re dead meat,” James whispered forcefully.
“Dead meat?”
“Muggle expression, Sirius.”
“Oh, well then what does it mean?”
“It means we’d be in huge trouble. Now will you shut up?”
“Yes, Professor,” Sirius said mockingly.
“Shut up,” James said, looking annoyed.
“You already told me to,” Sirius said, looking pleased at the furious look on James’ face.
“Come on! The potion is going to blow if you two don’t stop bickering like two year olds.” Remus said.
“We’re not acting like two year olds!” Sirius said, looking offended.
“Yeah! And weren’t you and Sirius just fighting a few minutes ago?”
Remus sighed. Without another word, he turned and walked out of the common room, followed by the two boys, who had resumed their quarreling. When they reached the Room of Requirement, the door was already open.
“That’s strange,” Remus muttered. But as he walked in, he saw Lily standing by the cauldron, with a smug look on her face.
“I snuck out while you guys were arguing. And James,” she said, eyeing the surprised look on his face, “if you thought I was going to miss an opportunity to see Harry-“
“Who says we’re going to see Harry?” Sirius asked, in a sort of angry confusion.
“I do!” James said, oblivious to Sirius’ protests.
“Me too,” Lily said, “I wouldn’t have snuck out for you to waste this potion to go see something stupid- like you in the future.”
“And what’s so stupid about that?” Sirius asked, feigning hurt.
Remus noticed something moving out of the corner of his eye. When he looked, there was nothing there. Suddenly, there was a loud BANG as the potion exploded.
“What?” Remus yelped. The potion had only existed for five hours, and no one had even gone near it.
“Did anyone touch the potion?” Remus asked, panicking. He response was a chorus of “no”.
“And it’s only existed for five hours, right Sirius?” Remus asked.
“You sure?” But Sirius’ response was drowned out by the hurricane of color and sound that once again had enveloped them, taking them to sometime unknown to all but one person drenched by the potion. And no one knew who… and that who certainly wasn’t going to tell.

Please Read and Review! Oh, and if you have a Bible laying around, look up Corinthians 1, Chapter 13, verses 4-8. My favorite passage; it's about love. Anyways, until Tuesday!
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