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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Krysta Hedwig
Sixth Year

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Kye Black
Magical Creatures
quill The Coven of Sk'Natherra - Sa16+

This is an alternative book 5, which was written after reading Goblet of Fire and before Order of The Phoenix was published. Here's chapter One, and I hope you enjoy reading it.

Chapter One: The Village On The Ceiling

Harry Potter never knew the ceiling was so interesting. However lying on his back on his bunk, staring at it for 3 hours was taking its’ toll on his imagination. The cracks and water stains (face it, this room hadn’t been decorated since he and Dudley were crawling) had formed into streets and buildings, the minute bugs that every-so-often crawled across Harry’s vision were tiny little people making their way through his tiny little village. It was like having his very own Marauder’s map on his bedroom ceiling. Smiling faintly to himself (he hadn’t spoken to anyone for 3 days, and hadn’t smiled for almost a week, not since the last letter from Ron.) Harry began to give his imaginary people their own imaginary names and their very own imaginary tasks and purposes for being in the village.
A particularly intelligent-looking (he thought) ant called Hermine-oh-ninny (he sniggered to himself at the memory of Viktor Krum’s pronunciation of Hermione’s name) was in the library writing an essay, whilst a nasty-looking spider called Snape was eating a dead fly in the restaurant. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a small commotion as two bickering midges called Harry and Draco were head-butting each other in the mausoleum whilst two other midges called Crabbe and Goyle were flying around in mindless circles to the amusement of a small red stone-spider called Ron.

Harry was so busy sniggering at the midge versions of Crabbe and Goyle that he didn’t notice the movement on the other side of Potterville. When he first noticed it, he had a strange feeling that if he actually averted his eyes from the still spinning midges and focused on this new movement that it would disappear. But his curiosity got the better of him, and he turned his eyes to the left, squinting to get a better view. Sure enough a new black shape was making it's way quickly down the largest crack or road in the village. At a large intersection where cracks met like a crossroads or a town-centre the little black shape stopped and looked at him. Harry blinked. Yes the little black shape was looking at him. He squinted harder and lifted his head up off the pillow to get a closer look. What in Spirit’s name was it? At first he thought it was another spider, until he realised it was missing four legs.

“How many insects have four legs?” He thought to himself before hearing Hermione’s voice in his head instructing him that all insects have six legs, and anything else isn’t an insect. Ok, so what was it? He leaned closer still and almost fell off the bed when he realised what it was. Gathering his balance and lifting himself to a kneeling position he craned his neck up closer to the little creature on the ceiling, and sure enough, on closer inspection Harry could see a tiny garden spider-sized black dog wagging it’s tail and panting whilst looking downwards (or upwards, considering it was upside down on the ceiling) at Harry. Harry was just beginning to think he was losing his mind when another black image began making it’s way along another crack towards the crossroads. Not wanting to take his eye off the dog (which was beginning to look suspiciously familiar) Harry had to drag his eyes away to examine the newcomer. To his astonishment the second creature turned out to be a black cat.

“I’ve finally lost it.” Harry said to himself. But the way the animal was moving confirmed it. The jet-black cat slunk its way down the “street” until it met up with the dog. Harry half expected the dog - who by now, Harry was suspecting was none other that Sirius himself - to chase the cat away again, but as it drew closer to Sirius (he was sure it was him now) Harry could see that the cat was almost as big as the dog. It was also sleek and moved powerfully and when it sat beside the dog a looked down at Harry with brilliant piercing yellow eyes, he could see that it was a great Panther.
He stared back in complete silence hardly daring to breathe. The two creatures held his gaze for a minute or so before looking at each other. The cat licked its paw and used it to preen its ear then as smoothly and as sleek as it had arrived the great cat gave a little bow to Harry before leaving along the same “street” as it had arrived.

Harry watched it go for a little distance before returning his attention to Sirius’ Animagi form only to find that he had disappeared, and on inspection so had the cat. He looked over to the library where Hermine-oh-ninny was still writing her essay. Snape the spider had finished his lunch and was making his way back along his web via the roof of the Town Hall and sure enough, little Harry and Draco were still beating the hell out of each other whilst Crabbe and Goyle were still spinning dizzily in front of a bemused Ron. Harry guessed some things never changed.

The next day at Breakfast Harry sat chewing a piece of toast slowly and continuously whilst the events of his sleepless night played over in his head. It was beginning to feel like the whole thing had been a dream, and when Dudley came in with a smile on his face he pushed the thoughts aside and alerted his caution.

“Good morning, cousin.” Dudley greeted him cheerfully, sitting down on a stool at the table and poured orange juice. The look on Harry’s face was as though instead of saying “good morning”, Dudley had slapped him around the face.

“Er…morning…” Harry replied suspiciously. Dudley was humming to himself happily and Harry was becoming increasingly suspicious as Dudley, quite pleasantly, asked Harry to pass the milk jug. He did so without a word watching his cousin closely as though waiting for the smile to break and a nasty joke or prank to suddenly become apparent, for Harry could think of no other reason for his nasty, spoilt brat of a cousin to be nice to him.

Just then Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia came into the kitchen together, which was highly unusual, and Harry’s attention was diverted temporarily. Uncle Vernon sat down heavily on a stool, which creaked in protest. He clapped Dudley on the back and grinned heartily whilst Petunia sang happily in the kitchen as she poured coffee for Vernon. She came to the table handing Vernon his mug and took a stool for herself, ruffling Dudley’s hair and smiling at him. They both ignored Harry. This didn’t really bother him, for two reasons: one, he was used to it, and two, the only times they paid him any attention was when they were scalding him or blaming him for everything remotely strange that happened. This morning however they didn’t seem at all interested in anything he either had or had not done, and Uncle Vernon didn’t even make his usual comments about the unkempt appearance of Harry’s tousle of dark hair. Pushing his glasses back onto his nose he discreetly watched each of the three Dursleys in turn with mounting suspicion. He was so busy watching their faces and waiting for a nasty change of mood, he hadn’t noticed that Dudley was tucking into four sausages and six rashers of bacon.

“What’s going on?!” exclaimed Harry suddenly, without thinking. Dudley smirked at him and shovelled in another mouthful.

“That fool of a so-called nurse at Duddy’s school has left and the new nurse says that a boy Dudley’s age shouldn’t be on such a strict diet, and since he’s made so much progress…” Harry hadn’t seen much of that in the past two years, but then Aunt Petunia had always been blind when it came her Duddy. “…That she says he can come off the diet plan and leave him to make his own decisions. Sigh. Our Duddy wuddy is growing up Vernon.” She beamed at Dudley as Vernon clapped him on the back again.

“Fine, strapping young man now, ay Dudley?” Dudley smiled back through the bacon rind caught in his teeth, and Harry didn’t miss the nasty grin he aimed at him when Petunia and Vernon weren’t watching. Harry gulped. This was bad, very bad. Not because he cared about his cousin’s weight but because Harry’s blackmail system was now obsolete. Harry had known full well that for the two years Dudley had been on the diet plan, he had been sneaking cakes, chocolate and crisps in through his bedroom window by means of his closest minion Piers Polkiss throwing them up to him from the garden. In the same manner as Harry himself, Dudley had been hiding them under a lose floorboard in his room until one day Harry had caught them at it. After a lot of death-threats from Dudley and fake curses from Harry, they finally came to an agreement. If Dudley and his gang left him alone, Harry would keep schtum about Dudley’s secret stash. Things were about to change, most definitely for the worse. Harry was just beginning to feel that this day couldn’t get much worse when there was a knock at the door and in walked Piers Polkiss himself with an equally evil smile on his face.

“Piers! My darling boy, come in, come in!” shrilled Aunt Petunia with delight. Piers beamed at her in his best attempt at charm.

“Ah, Polkiss. Splendid to see you ole chap. How’s your old man, boy?” Uncle Vernon greeted Piers.

“Very well, sir.” Began Piers in his best “talking to adults” voice. “Thank you very much for inviting me to go with you Mr. Dursley.”

“Not at all, not at all. It’s only fair that Dudley should have a friend with him, ay Petunia.”

“Oh yes, darling. The poor dear’s been starved and suffered long enough.” Harry noticed snidey, knowing grins exchange between Piers and Dudley, but his curiosity was heightened.

“Invited where?” he piped up, again, without thinking.

“Not that it’s any of your business, boy, but the family are going out to reward our son’s continued effort in his diet.” Barked Uncle Vernon. Harry was speechless. He gaped in utter disbelief as Piers and Dudley fought to suppress sniggers.

“But…” he began then stopped dead. He longed to tell his Aunt and Uncle the truth, eager to spill the beans on Dudley’s little stash under the floorboards. But one glance from his cousin told him that to do so would be a serious mistake, and that the rest of the summer would be extremely unpleasant for him if he did. It was going to be unpleasant enough now that the deal was undoubtedly off, and he really didn’t want to add to it further. He longed for the letter from Ron inviting him to stay. He simple couldn’t handle another six weeks with the Dursleys.

“What, boy?” began Uncle Vernon. “If you think you’re coming, you’ve got another thing coming. This is a family outing.”

“And Piers is going because Dudley wants him to.” Butted in Aunt Petunia as if to stop Harry pointing out that Piers wasn’t a family member. Truth be told, Harry couldn’t really care less. His last outing with the Dudleys hadn’t exactly gone to plan when he had accidentally (kind of) unleashed a Boa Constrictor loose on Dudley. Harry changed the subject by offering Piers some orange juice, playing nice in front of his Aunt and Uncle.

“Why? Wot you put in it?” Harry blinked at him. “Eeer, ‘e’s cursed it, I now ‘e ‘as.” Chirruped Piers. Harry stared at him.

“Harry! What have you done to Piers’ drink?” demanded Aunt Petunia in her usual high-pitched shriek.

“Nothing!” Protested Harry angrily. “I poured it straight from the jug.”

“e’s cursed the glass then!” whimpered Piers in a fashion Harry could tell was faked. “I feel all funny Mrs, Dursley.” He continued holding his hand to his forehead and making his eyes roll into the back of his head. Aunt Petunia screamed in panic, probably wondering what she was going to tell Mr. And Mrs. Polkiss if their son returned to them in this state.

“Don’t be so silly.” Harry yelled, getting really angry now.

“What have you done to him you little brute?” shouted Uncle Vernon going red in the face. Piers was beginning to sway on his stool now. Harry noticed Dudley was trying to hard not to laugh he was nearly falling off his own stool. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon however, were so panicked about Piers they didn’t notice this.

“I haven’t done anything! He’s putting it on! I haven’t even got my wand with me, I can’t perform spells without my wand, can I?” Harry practically screamed at his Uncle.

“How dare you take that tone with me you horrible little wretch. Un-do what you did right this instant, or believe me you’ll be sorry!” Uncle Vernon bellowed.

“I haven’t done anything!!” Harry screamed back. He couldn’t take much more of this. He’d walked out before, and he could do it again. He could pack everything and leave tonight on the Knight-bus.

Piers were clutching his belly in pretence of excruciating pain and began to howl. Dudley could contain himself no longer and burst out into painfully loud laughter and didn’t stop, his face turning the colour of beetroot, clutching his own belly in real pain due to the fits of laughter. Petunia screamed again.

“Oh Vernon!! Oh the brute’s got Dudley too! Oh make him stop Vernon!” she screamed again as Dudley began howling just as Piers had done, picking up on his Mother’s hysteria and exploiting it to worsen the predicament Harry was already in.

“The orange juice, Mum.” Moaned Dudley – not very convincingly, thought Harry. “It’s the orange juice, Mummy. Oh, make him stop it Mum! He poured my orange juice too! Ooooowwwwww!” he wailed again, causing Aunt Petunia to start screaming again in panic. Uncle Vernon grabbed the jug of orange juice and poured the entire contents down the sink as though it were arsenic. Then to be sure, he threw the jug into the bin as an extra precaution. By now Piers was beginning to ease out of the charade.

“Oh, I think it’s passing, Mr. Dursley. Thank you sir. Must have been the jug itself, sir, coz it started getting better when you threw it away.” Harry stared in angry disbelief at Piers. Just then Uncle Vernon rounded on his nephew.

“You!” he shouted with such vehemence Harry had never heard in his voice. “We take you in. We clothe you. We put a roof over your head, and you return us by trying to poison us.”

“No.” protested Harry again, but it was no use.

“Well Harry Potter, I shall deal with you later. I am not going to let your evil, dark magic ruin the day.” Harry glowered at him so angry he couldn’t even muster the words to protest his innocence. “Right now my family and my son’s friend are going out. You will stay here. You will stay in your room. And when I get home I shall deal with you. The only consolation is that next year you turn sixteen.” Dudley, Aunt Petunia and Piers were standing by the front door, ready to leave. Uncle Vernon joined them staring after him with mild confusion. On his way through the door he turned to face Harry one more time. The look on his face terrified him. “And then, my boy…” he growled, with a look of sickly pleasure “…you’re on your own.”

With that he slammed the door, Harry staring after him, the bewilderment remaining on his face long after the car had pulled out of the drive.

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Hogwarts RPG Name:
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Magical Creatures

Chapter Two: Half A Bus Ride

Everything was packed. His trunk was at the bottom of his bed with Hedwig’s cage perched on the top. Hedwig herself was sitting on Harry’s desk bobbing up and down impatiently as Harry hastily scribbled away on a piece of parchment. He stopped briefly to pour Hedwig some more water into her saucer.

“Drink up, girl. Gonna be a long night.” She bobbed again, tweaked his finger gently and bowed her head to nip at the water. He went back to his hasty scrawl. One letter lay already sealed and ready to go. The addressee was simply “The Weasley Family” and read along the lines of:

Dear Ron, Mr. And Mrs. Weasley and family,

I’m really sorry to do this to you on such short notice. It has become impossible to stay here a day longer. Dudley and his friend accused me of putting curses on them and I really don’t know where else to turn. My Aunt and Uncle are livid, and Uncle Vernon is talking of kicking me out the moment I turn sixteen. I have nowhere else to turn. You are my closest friends, and I pray you will not turn me away. I must leave now before they return. I know these are dangerous times, but I’m left with no choice. I’m leaving on the Knight bus as soon as it turns dark, and hope to be with you by the morning.

Your desperate friend,


Harry’s second letter was, of course, to his Godfather Sirius. He explained the circumstances and the events over breakfast and told him his plan to leave that night for The Burrow. He thought about adding a section about how he was aware of the dangers of wandering around at night unprotected in such dark times, and that he had no choice, but decided to leave it as it was. Finally finished, he tied the two letters to Hedwig’s leg and bid her farewell.

As the sun was beginning to set an hour later, Harry slipped his wand into his back pocket, hidden by the bottom of his sweater and put his money bag into his jeans pocket. Checking around the room one last time he dragged his trunk down the stairs and out the front door hiding it beneath one of Aunt Petunia’s vicious Rhododendron bushes, scratching himself in the process. He tucked Hedwig’s cage beside the trunk and slipped back inside. He didn’t know when the Dursleys were going to be returning home. He hadn’t even found out where it was they were going. But he waited patiently, until at 9 o’clock they still hadn’t returned and the sun had completely set. Sunset came so late mid-summer and Harry had been impatiently watching the shadows grow longer until finally the only light came from the street lamps outside. Harry couldn’t wait any longer. He tip-toed down the stairs before realising there was no one around and ran down the remaining steps and stood at the front door, breathing slowly. Finally he worked up the courage, and opened the door as quietly as he could, stepping outside into the cool summer night. He already felt better. He carefully pulled his trunk out from the bush, picked up Hedwig’s cage and made his way to the end of the drive. He searched the far-end of the cul-de-sac as if expecting the Dursleys’ car to suddenly turn the corner into the road. Nothing. All curtains were drawn in the neighbours’ houses and not one of them was twitching. He quickly but quietly made his way along the pavement and put of Privet Drive for what he hoped would be the last time he’d ever have to see it. If Uncle Vernon had meant what he said, he wouldn’t be coming back here next summer. Harry hoped so.
In that moment walking down the street, Harry began to fantasise about the future. How he would clear Sirius’s name and they could live together as his parents had intended. How he, Ron and Hermione could visit each other whenever they wanted and everything would work out perfectly. He would never have to see the Dursleys ever again.

It was just as he was thinking this that Uncle Vernon’s car suddenly turned onto the street he was walking down. At the screech of tires, Harry panicked and froze in the headlights like a frightened rabbit. It wasn’t until Uncle Vernon got heavily out of the car and shouted out his name that the panic broke. With Uncle Vernon hard (and heavy) on his heels, Harry tore down the street in the other direction, past the end of Privet Drive and kept going. He didn’t look behind him but he could tell Vernon was still there. Harry, weighed down by his trunk kept going, a sudden spurt of adrenalin and panic adding to his speed. He rounded a corner and stuck out his right thumb, just as he had done two years before. Only this time he knew what he was doing. He continued down the street, the laboured breathing and thumping footsteps of Uncle Vernon getting more and more behind. He was going to make it. He knew. But where was the bloody bus?

“Get back here…gasp…boy!” shouted Uncle Vernon from some distance behind him, sounding out of breath.

“No!” Shouted Harry over his shoulder. “I’m never going back! Ever!” at that moment the Knight Bus suddenly screeched to a halt at the curbside beside Harry. The doors swung open and a familiar voice called down to him.

“By Jove it’s Harry Potter again! Or should we call you Neville Longbottom, eh? Ooomf!” Harry knocked Ern the conductor aside as he scrambled onto the bus lugging his trunk behind him. Uncle Vernon was nearly upon them. Harry had met Ern and Stan, the driver two years ago when he had run away the first time.

“Where to, lad?” said Ern, eyeing the approaching Muggle with discomfort.

“Go! Quickly, just go! Now!” shouted Harry. Stan was all too happy to oblige, and the doors swung shut just as Uncle Vernon reached the bus. He banged on the glass with powerful fists just as the bus sped off into the night.

“Ooh dear, that’s not good. Can’ have Muggles tryin’ ter catch the knight bus, can we?”

“He’s…my Uncle” said Harry, also a little out of breath. Ern and Stan raised eyebrows and looked at Harry questioningly.

“Your Uncle? Always chase you down the street like he wants ter kill yer does he?”

“Pretty much, yes.” Said Harry, bitterly. Well, ‘Arry, where’ll it be this year?” Ern grinned at him, obviously wanting to change the subject. “Diagon Alley again?”

“No, not this time, Ern.” Harry managed a smile. “I’m on my way to The Burrow. Home of Arthur Weasley.”

“The bloke ‘oo works for the Ministry of Magic? No problem, ay Stan?”

“No, not t’all.” Replied Stan. “Got a long journey tonigh’, though, lad. Will be nearly morn’ ‘fore we gets there.”

“No problem.” Replied Harry counting out coins into Ern’s hand.

Stan and Ern began chatting among themselves and Harry made his way down the bus. He found himself a nice-looking four-poster bed next to the mid-way emergency exit and put his trunk beside it. The bed across from him was empty, giving him a little privacy. Within minutes of lying on the bed, he was deep in a safe, dreamless and free sleep.

When he awoke it took him a few moments to remember where he was. The whole evening had the mark of a dream, but as his vision and his consciousness cleared he could see that sure enough, he was lying on a four-poster bed on the Knight Bus. It was still pitch black outside and he had no idea of the time. His watch hadn’t worked for ages now, and he had given up wearing it altogether last year, relying on Ron for timekeeping. He raised himself to a sitting position and noticed that the bed opposite his was now occupied.
The newcomer was a witch dressed in jet-black robes and hair to match that cascaded just below her shoulders. She was watching him curiously. She smiled when he caught her eye and he smiled back. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed and Harry noticed that she didn’t seem to have any luggage at all. Harry swung his legs over the side of the bed and looked around him. There were four other passengers. At the far end of the bus on a shabby sofa was an old wizard in drab green robes, fast asleep and snoring. Two beds closer a middle-aged couple lay side-by-side, also fast asleep, their trunks tucked under the bed. The other was a young-looking wizard who kept looking back from the bed closest to the front to glance at Harry as if trying, not very discreetly, to decide whether he was who he thought he was. Harry suddenly felt very conscious of his scar and turned away so he could make sure it was covered by his untidy fringe.
Just as he was doing so he felt a red-hot twinge go through it and he gasped. Although it was gone in seconds the woman opposite suddenly sat bolt upright looking at him intently. He stared back and was about to ask her what she was staring at, when the bus suddenly lurched in mid air, sending him right off the bed and onto the floor. The middle-aged couple woke up with a start and looked towards the front of the bus with bleary eyes. By now, the witch in black had pulled out her ebony wand and had leapt to her feet. There was a commotion at the front of the bus as Stan and Ern started cursing and shouting like Uncle Vernon did when another driver cut him up. The young wizard near the front was also standing and also had taken out his wand. The witch was now down on one knee helping Harry to his feet.

“On your feet, Harry.” She suddenly spoke in a smooth, dulcet tone. Harry gawped at her. He wasn’t that surprised, no his scar, of course. That’s why she knew his name. She must have seen his scar.
The bus lurched again and something banged into it. The other passengers looked around them horrified. The young wizard remained calm, watching Harry and the witch with interest. Suddenly with no warning the middle aged woman screamed in terror. Both Harry and the witch in black, who had a hand clamped firmly on Harry’s shoulder, turned to look at her. A moment later the source of her terror became apparent. Four black figures flew past the window and Harry felt the bus stop in mid-air, hovering on the spot. Two seconds later the front and rear doors exploded open in blinding flashes of light. Through each other the two portals walked two tall dark Death Eaters.

Harry shuddered at the sight of them, and wondered how far behind Voldemort might be. Could they have known he was there? But how? The tall hooded figures moved closer to where Harry stood. The witch now had both hands on his shoulders holding him still. She stood sideways, as did he, so he could watch both pairs of Death Eaters as they approached. One had singled himself out from the others and approached them. Even before the witch spoke, Harry knew who it was.

“Lucius! You took your time getting here, old chap. I expected you over an hour ago!” Harry was horrified. She was with them! He tried to pull away, but she held him tight. Lucius Malfoy took another step closer and even with his face behind a mask, Harry could tell he was glowering.

“Hand him over.” He growled. The witch laughed, which Malfoy obviously wasn’t expecting because he took a step back.

“Just like that? What’s the fun in that?” Malfoy seemed to be emanating fury in a cloud around him.

“The Lord does not have the time for games.” He growled again. Two of the other Death Eater’s took a step closer. The witch seemed un-phased.

“Really? You could have fooled me.” Her mocking sent a seething ripple of anger through all four Death Eaters.

“Watch your words.” One of them hissed at her. She laughed again.

“Tell you what, you want him, you come and get him. How’s that sound?” Harry was confused. Was she with them or against them? Was there even a place in between, where she was on neither side? Lucius was becoming angrier by the second.
“You know what I find strange? Is that the Dark Lord has risen…” there were gasps among the other passengers. “…and all he can think about is killing this little boy. It’s so pathetic. He could be off killing Muggles and destroying the lives of thousands of innocents and he sends you lot out to get one, single little boy.” There were grunts from the Death Eaters closest to the back of the bus and Harry could see they were inching closer. He tried to warn her, but she began talking again. “But then I think, hey, maybe there’s something special about the little guy.” She patted him on the head. “Maybe Voldemort…” the middle-aged couple gasped in horror at the sound of his name. “…sees something in him that not everyone can see.” Harry suddenly realised that she was talking stuff and nonsense. She was stalling, but why? “I mean, does it take four of you to take one underage boy who’s out on his own in the middle of the night?”

“Just give us the, boy. Your part here is over. Sk’Natherra is over, witch.” Harry felt her flinch at Malfoy’s words, and he could see the Death Eaters were closing in from the rear of the bus.

“Yeah, it is. And whose fault is that, Malfoy?” her words were cold and with one sudden quick gesture she released Harry from her grip. He cried out and he stumbled a step closer to Malfoy. She was handing him over after all, and Harry felt the same fear he felt last June when he knew he would face Voldemort again. Malfoy snarled and made a grab for him, but Harry felt a powerful force surround him and fill him, pulling him out of Malfoy’s reach. He heard a woman scream as the Death Eaters all rushed towards them at once. He heard a man scream “Expelliarmus!” which was followed by an almighty howling screech that could only have become from a Death Eater. He heard the woman scream again, this time with terror and pain. He felt arms around him, grasping for him, but the force, which had taken over Harry’s movements completely now moved him around like a puppet. A voice he recognised as Lucius Malfoy’s screamed “Imperio!” and he felt the light-headed fogginess fill his consciousness.

“Come here, Potter!” he screamed at him and Harry felt compelled to oblige him.

“Fight it!” he heard someone screaming, though he couldn’t tell who, and the same voice screamed “Stupefy!”. He heard a Death Eater screaming “Cruc…” and ended in a scream as someone cut him off before was able to complete the unforgivable curse. Everything felt like a terrible dream in slow motion. Malfoy screamed again for him to obey him, but Harry was ready. Building up all his strength, he fought back.

“No!” he screamed back. Suddenly everything came to a head as the slow motion ceased and the scene before Harry’s eyes was that of terror, chaos and pain. To his relief, Harry noticed two unmoving Death Eaters on the floor, and the witch was without her wand, for which Harry was grateful. Malfoy however was still very much in control. He turned and advanced on Harry. The witch turned to join them, and Harry backed away from her.

“No, Harry, it’s ok.” she said as Malfoy suddenly charged at him. In a split second, the witch suddenly pointed her finger at the locked emergency doors and cried out.

“Alohomora!” To Harry’s horror they flung open and the force that was controlling Harry’s body sent him flying through the open doors and into the dark night. He screamed as the force that had been engulfing his body suddenly disappeared. He dropped like a stone down through the night air, wind rushing in his ears. The bus was a mere blur of light above him, the ground a dull glow below. Harry plunged ever downward through the darkness.

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Default Very First Reader!!!!

im really confused on wat its about
please explain in your next post
♥Somebody loves you♥
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Magical Creatures

The fan fic is an alternative book five. It was written before Order of The Phoenix was published.

Sk'Natherra is to do with a Mythical coven that the story is based around. It all gets explained later on.

Just try to pretend the last three books haven't been written yet.

In case you were wondering, it is pronounced "Shack-na-terra"

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Chapter Three: The Bumps

His head hurt. No, Harry’s head didn’t hurt, it pounded, continuous explosions of pain throbbing through his brain at regular intervals. He couldn’t really see. Moving shapes, dull lights and shadows were all he could make out in his semi-conscious state. Voices around him were painful muffled echoes rolling around inside his head. Once or twice he thought one of the muffled voices was one he knew, but it hurt too much to even think hard enough to put a name and face to the voice. What had happened to him? He couldn’t remember, couldn’t think, too much pain. He forced a moan through his lungs causing himself more pain in the process. Another moving shape appeared before him. A gentle, muffled voice spoke and he felt a sharp pain in his arm. He was going again. The voices of the two new shapes that had appeared beside him slowly faded away to nothing and Harry slipped back into the blackness.

“Good afternoon young, man!”

Harry opened his eyes and the room spun. He waited for the pain to sink into his brain, but none came. He opened his eyes wider, and to his amazement and relief the world around him began to come into focus. He blinked hard but it was still there. Where was he? Who had spoken to him? He moved his arms, half expecting to find them bound to the bed. To his joy, he found he could move them freely, though he was a little stiff. He attempted to raise his upper body but several pairs of hands pushed him back down. Another voice spoke.

“No, Harry, just rest.” He gaped in amazement at the face before him.

“Mrs. Weasley?!” He looked beyond her to see Percy standing tall and straight with his arms crossed, a sober expression on his face. All at once everything came flooding back to him.

“The Bus!” he yelled.

“Yes, dear. It’s ok.” Began Mrs. Weasley , tucking the sides of the blanket under the mattress and began mopping his forehead with a cool, damp cloth.

“The Death Eaters! And the witch!” he cried again, trying to sit up. Mrs. Weasley gently pushed his back down again.

“It’s alright. You’re safe now. No one was hurt, and all three Death Eaters were caught. They’re on their way to Azkaban as we speak I hope.” She said bitterly.

“Three!” Harry shot up upwards again in horror.

“Harry, please calm down, you’ll make yourself ill again. It’s taken us 3 days to get you conscious.”

“But there were four! There were four Death Eaters, and a witch. She tried to kill me. She pushed me out of the bus.” Percy and his Mother were exchanging a look of pure terror.

“H-Harry, you’ve been ill. Your head has suffered some trauma. Your memory is just a little…” Percy began, a little patronizingly.

“No!” Harry shouted, this time moving with such determination he made it to a full sitting position. “No, there were three of them, and Lucius Malfoy was one of them, he was the leader. He and the witch were arguing. She wouldn’t hand me over straight away and they started duelling. At the end she pushed me out of the emergency doors…I think.”

Both Mrs. Weasley were watching him, uneasily.

“You think?” Percy picked up.

“Well she opened the doors with an Alohomora spell and then this great force lifted me off my feet and I was thrown out of the doors.” Replied Harry, clutching his head, which was beginning to ache a little after all. Percy didn’t look convinced.

“Harry, no one remembers Lucius Malfoy being there, and one of the Passengers worked for the Ministry. He surely would have recognised him.” Percy reported, officially.

“The wizard. The young one. He sat near the front. He saw Malfoy, I know he did!”

“Now, Harry, this is silly…” Percy began again.

“Listen to me!” he shouted, frustrated. “He helped me. I heard him. He disarmed one of the Death Eaters. And he heard the conversation between Malfoy and the…the witch, I know he did!” Percy looked shocked and confused, then the expression changed to the same old, pompous authoritive expression Percy was known for.

“Harry, I think you need some rest. There were four other passengers on that bus besides you, plus the Driver and Conductor, and none of them remember any of this. They remember that three Death Eaters, not four, but three attacked the bus. And not one of them mentioned the presence of Lucius Malfoy. And certainly no one has mentioned this witch of yours. She certainly wasn’t on the bus when the emergency team arrived. Now I have to report to father. He’ll want to know you’re ok.” With that, Percy turned on his heel and walked stiffly out of the room. Harry slumped back on his bed, and Mrs. Weasley returned to bathing his forehead. Her expression was sad and thoughtful.

“I’m not crazy, Mrs. Weasley. My head’s fine. There was a witch.”

“I’m, sure there was, dear. Percy is a little too like Cornelius Fudge unfortunately. If the truth is too hard to cope with, he likes to keep the easier scenario.” She paused. “I believe what you said about Lucius Malfoy, dear if that’s a consolation. Arthur and I believed you the first time when you said You-Know-Who was back, and that Lucius was with him. Arthur’s never really trusted him, despite Fudge’s insistence in his innocence. They cleared him you see, dear. And it’s easier for Fudge to sweep the matter under the carpet than to contemplate the possibility that they made a mistake.” Harry listened, relaxing now that he knew she believed him. She sighed. “But Harry, dear, what in Spirit’s name were you doing on the Knight Bus all by yourself in times like these? Where are your Aunt and Uncle?” Harry stared at her in confusion.

“But my letter…”

“What letter, dear?” she said, also sounding confused.

“I wrote you a letter! I explained everything. How I was coming here.” She looked completely confused now and shook her head.

“We didn’t get any letter, Harry.” Harry frowned.

“Then, where’s Hedwig?”

“She never came here. Maybe she got delayed.” Harry relaxed, though only a tad.

“I did give her two letters. I wrote to Sirius as well. If she took his letter first and he’s quite a long way from here…” he trailed off.

“Well there you go then, dear. Nothing to worry about.” She smiled and offered him a glass of water. He took it gratefully. Just then something occurred to him that should have occurred the moment he woke up.

“Mrs. Weasley, how did I get here?” she smiled back at him.

“I’ll leave that to Arthur to explain, dear. He’s dying to tell you the story.” She beamed at him, and he managed a half smile through the confusement. He was just thinking how quiet The Burrow was for a change when suddenly an almighty explosion caused mighty vibrations to ricochet around the house. Harry nearly dropped the glass in surprise. Shouts and yells met his ears, and he heard what must have been Ginny screaming and Ron yelling at the top of his voice. Simultaneously, Harry could hear yelps and wails coming from the twins, Fred and George.

“What in Spirit’s name…” began Mrs. Weasley. They exchanged looks of bewilderment and confusion before Mrs. Weasley took to her feet and tore out of the bedroom door in a panic.

Harry couldn’t bare the suspense a second longer. All he’d heard for the last ten minutes was more squeals and shouts from the younger Weasleys and several short outburst from Mrs. Weasley.

“Oh George! Oh Fred! What you done now…oh my god look at you all oh what in Spirit’s name? What am I going to do?! Less than six weeks of the holidays left. And at a time like this! As if your Father hasn’t got enough on his plate!”

Harry simply couldn’t stand it any longer. He had to know what was going on. He slowly and carefully climbed out of the bed, wincing at the pain, noticing for the first time the bruises all over his arms and legs. He grabbed his dressing gown from the end of the bed…his dressing gown! He stared at it. Where had it come from? He looked around the room and realised that all his belongings were there. His trunk and Hedwig’s cage were sitting at the bottom of the bed, and on closer inspection, he could see that everything was intact. Another shout from the Weasleys followed by a crash drew his attention and he pulled on his gown and made his way to the door. As he opened it, another crashing sound and a scream, this time from at least two of them came to his ears, only louder now he was out on the landing. Making his way carefully down the stairs the shouting and crashing was getting more frequent.

“Oh for goodness sake, George, hold onto something. Ron get away from the cabinet, last thing we need is you knocking all the plates everywhere. There was another scream and a thump, which Harry was sure came from Fred, and as Harry entered the kitchen he couldn’t believe his eyes.

Ginny was closest to him and she was covering her face with her hands and weeping. George was on the floor, trying to get up, Fred helping him. Ron was holding onto the kitchen table as if for dear life. All of a sudden Fred hiccupped violently and was propelled off the ground two feet into the air, landing on his bottom with a loud bump. He wailed and Harry could see three or four red smudges on his face and arms. Fred was just settling down again when Ginny hiccupped too, and despite clinging onto the hall door-handle was also propelled into the air, landing with a thump when she hit the floor again. She whimpered and turned to see Harry. She too had red blotches all over her skin and she screamed with horror, covering her face when she saw him.

“Harr-hic-arry!!!” hiccupped Ron is surprise as he was thrown off the chair he was sitting on and onto the floor.

“Oh dear! Harry, dear, you shouldn’t be down here.” Cried Mrs. Weasley, helping Ginny to her feet, who was desperately trying to hide her blotchy face from Harry.

“What’s happening, what’s wrong with them?” asked an astounded Harry, whilst George and Fred hiccupped simultaneously colliding in mid-air and falling in a large heap on the floor.

“The poor dears have the Bumps! I don’t know what I’m going to do? And now you’re going to get it too. You’re barely walking as it is! Oh dear, what is Arthur going to say?” Just then a disgruntled Percy came in and. The newconce on his face was replaced with shock, closely followed by terror.

“Argh! They’ve got the Bumps! They’ve got the Bumps. I have reports to do! We’re behind. I can’t get the Bumps!” with that he tore out the room as though chased by a herd of Chimaera.

“Percy! It’s ok! You’ve already had them!” Mrs. Weasley yelled after him, but after thundering steps up the stairs, his door slammed shut. “Poor Percy. Since Crouch died he’s had a hell of a time.” Harry looked down at his toes. All the events of last term came back to him. Discovering that the Professor Moody who had been teaching them DADA was infact Mr. Crouch’s supposedly dead son. He and three death Eaters had been arrested soon after the disappearance of Voldemort and imprisoned for the torture of Neville Longbottom’s parents. So embarrassed by his association with the Dark Lord, Crouch had sent his son to Azkaban for his crimes, despite the boy’s protests. Later however, the boy’s dying had pleaded with his Father to help him escape. His Mother, disguised as her son (polyjuice etc.) had taken her son’s place in his cell and died there months later. Crouch kept his son prisoner with the Imperius curse and a house elf, Winky. Unfortunately his son had overcome the spell and returned to his master. Disguising himself as Alastor (Mad-eye) Moody, an ex Auror for the Ministry of Magic, he had gone to Hogwarts so that he could bring Harry to Voldemort and the ritual to return him to his body could be performed. Crouch had died trying to warn everyone of the prominent rise of Voldemort, and Percy had not been the same since.

“Don’t feel so bad, Harry. It wasn’t your fault.” Ron had managed to drag himself to his feet and was approaching them.

“I know, Ron, but sometimes I feel that if I hadn’t left Krum alone with him…” Ron flinched at the mention of Viktor Krum, his ex-Quidditch hero who had shown a huge amount of interest in their friend Hermione Granger. “…maybe we could have overpowered Wormtail together, and Crouch would still be alive.” Ron hiccupped again and was thrown to the floor with a bump.

“No guesses as to why it’s called ‘The Bumps’ then.” Harry half-grinned. He helped Ron up again with a shaky hand.

“My **** is one big bruise.” muttered Ron and Harry couldn’t help but laugh, then shivered suddenly. “Hey! You should be in bed!” exclaimed Ron, and Harry nodded turning towards the stairs.

Once in Ron’s bedroom, Harry clambered back into the spare bed and Ron perched himself on the end of his own bed. He hiccupped once more, bouncing up and down on the mattress. Harry swallowed some more water trying not to laugh.

“Does it hurt?” Harry asked, calming down a little.

“Only when you land on your ****.” Ron muttered again. Harry smiled. “The blotches can itch a little but there’s a potion you can take for that. Mum’s gone to brew some now.”

“How long does it last?”

“Oh, who knows? Bill, Charley and Percy all had it when they were little, so they’re ok. You don’t get it if you’ve had it before.”

“Oh, it sounds like Chicken Pox.” Said Harry.

“What in spirit’s name is Chicken Pox?” laughed Ron, hiccupping at the same time and falling on the floor.

“It’s a Muggle illness. You get nasty itchy spots all over you and the more you scratch, the worse it gets.”

“How stupid!” laughed Ron. Harry was just thinking that The Bumps was way stupider than Chicken Pox when Mrs. Weasley came bursting into the room in a panic.

“Ron Weasley, what are you doing in here?”

“I was just talking to Harry!”

“Out!” she screeched. “Out, last thing he needs is The Bumps on-top of everything.

“But, Mu…”

“I said out!” she cried again, ushering him out of the door. “He’s probably going to get it anyway now, he’s been exposed to all of you and he helped you up, Ron. Oh dear, it’s probably too late.”

“Well if he’s going to get it anyway, I may as well stay here!” protested Ron, Harry trying not laugh. Ron, however, was ushered out of the door by his Mother, who came back in again a few minutes later.

“How are you feeling, dear? Your lungs all right? That’s where it starts.”

“Yes, they’re fine. I just feel a little headachy that’s all. Ron just wanted to see how I was. We’ve got so much to talk about.” They did. Harry was desperate to talk to his friend about what had happened. Ron would listen; he would understand that he had no choice but to leave. He was also dying for Mr. Weasley to come home so he could at last find out what had happened to him two days ago.

“Yes, of course you do. But you still need a lot of rest, and you won’t get any at all if you have the Bumps.” Harry supposed she was right. The Bumps were funny to watch, but he didn’t fancy having them himself. He nodded and lay back. “If you need anything just shout. One of us will hear you. You’ll mend quickly enough. Your bruises have already gone down a lot, and you seemed to be walking fine just now.” Harry nodded again and felt a yawn approaching. “Now are you sure you aren’t getting the urge to sneeze or hiccup?” He shook his head, and she smiled. “Good. Sleep well Harry. I better go and see if I can’t do something about that lot.” He grinned then yawned. He turned over and fell asleep almost as soon as she had left the room.

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it would suck
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that is like
x-treme hiccups
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Chapter Four: Conspiracies of Silence

Harry never did get the Bumps, and after another night and morning of rest he was up and out of bed, a little bruised but none the worst for wear. Ron, Ginny and the twins were still bumping around the house for three days to come but Harry didn’t seem to be affected, for which he was extremely grateful.
Hedwig, however still hadn’t turned up and Harry anxiously watched the window and the sky for any sign of her. Percy remained locked in his room anytime he wasn’t in the office and Mr. Weasley didn’t come home for another two days. When he did come home, one dark and stormy night he was tired and weary. He took the time to say hello to Harry, but when Harry began to ask him about the night of the attack, Mr. Weasley shook his head.

“In the morning, Harry. I really can’t think right now.” And with that he traipsed up the stairs to bed.

The next morning saw a change in Mr Weasley's appearance and persona. Everyone was already at the breakfast table when he came into the room, beaming. All save for one or two faint blotches on their faces the Bumps had cleared up completely and they all sat around talking happily, except Percy who had already left for the Ministry.

“Well, Harry, it’ good to see you looking so well. You had us worried for a time.” He smiled at him and Harry smiled back.

“Thanks Mr. Weasley.” Harry paused. “I know it’s early, but I’ve been going crazy. What happened to me? How did I get here?” Mr. Weasley looked stern for a moment, regarding Harry over his mug of coffee.

“Well Harry, it’s a very strange story. Firstly, if you tell me what you remember and I’ll see if I can fill in the gaps. Oh wait a minute. I better make a copy of what you say. There are some people who are extremely interested in your story.” Mr. Weasley pulled some parchment and a quill from his case and placed them on the table. With his wand he tapped the quill and uttered a word Harry couldn’t hear. The quill sprung into life and hovered over the parchment. Harry watched it suspiciously, remembering the lie-writing quill that Rita Skeeter used last year to publish scandalous stories about him and his friends. Ron saw his expression.

“It’s ok, Harry. It’s just a quill. It will just write what you say, and nothing else.” Harry relaxed a little.

Harry began to explain the entirety of the events leading up the attack of the Knight bus. He began way back with Dudley coming off his diet and the nasty joke he and Piers played on him with the orange juice. He told them the story from beginning to end; the letters he wrote that never arrived, his escape from Uncle Vernon, falling asleep on the bus to find the witch watching him. He told them of the attack and how Lucius Malfoy and the witch had argued before she finally handed him over, and the wizard duels that followed. Finally he told them how the witch had thrown him from the bus; the last thing he could remember being the fall through the night sky.

Finally he finished. It had taken him a full ten minutes to tell the story and the quill had used three pages of parchment. Everyone was silent, watching him. He felt uncomfortable. Did they too think he was crazy or concussed as Percy had? Finally Mr. Weasley spoke.

“That’s quite a story, Harry.”

“It’s true, Mr. Weasley. I’m not crazy, it all happened.”

“I’m sure it did, my boy, I’m sure it did. But that’s what’s worrying me. Voldemort must want you desperately to send Death Eater’s to capture you in public like that, and risky too. He couldn’t have known how many passengers were on that bus. He must have known they might have been overthrown.”

“But Lucius escaped, Dad. And this witch was nowhere to be seen.” Commented George. Mr Weasley nodded.

“Exactly. So what I want to know, is why didn’t the other passengers, including our own man, remember their presence?”

“They must have had their memories modified.” Suggested Ron. Harry nodded in agreement, but Mr. Weasley didn’t look so confident, and Mrs. Weasley seemed to take the same attitude.

“It’s not that simple, dears. Modifying a muggle memory is complicated enough. To modify the memories of four fully-grown and experienced wizards so that they remember the entire evening all besides the presence of two key figures: That’s another story.” She tried to explain. Harry, Ron and Ginny still looked a little vacant.

“You see the spell that modifies a memory wipes out an entire section of memory. It doesn’t nit-pick and it isn’t selective. Therefore, it can’t erase the memory of two people from a scene that they otherwise remember perfectly clearly.” Explained Mr. Weasley. Harry nodded with a frown.

“Then what’s going on?” he asked.

“Well, either you, my friend, are losing your marbles…” Harry looked about to protest. “…Which I don’t believe you are.” Mr. Weasley added quickly and reassuringly. “Or, there is some very powerful magic at work here that I, for one, cannot possibly comprehend.”

Ron looked at Harry with a grimace, whilst Harry noticed Ginny shiver next to him.

The rest of breakfast was devoted to Mr Weasley, with prompts and comments from Ron along the way, explaining how Harry had come to end up in the spare bed in Ron’s room.

Apparently Mr Weasley found a strange letter on his desk late in the afternoon of the eve of the attack. He had just been about to leave for home when a Kestrel flew through the window, dropped the letter and flew out again. The letter had been short, anonymous and its message had been a warning. It had simply said to keep a close eye on the Knight Bus this evening, and that was it. When he had taken it to Cornelius Fudge, he had waved his hand and dismissed it as a joke or prank, but Mr Weasley’s senses had been alerted. Sending an owl home to let them know he’d be late, he sent scouts out to follow the bus. The next morning they returned with three unconscious Death Eaters and a teenage boy: Harry. The Scouts who had been on brooms said Harry just fell out of the sky, barely conscious. Despite their attempts to catch the boy, they managed only to slow him down before he landed in a Muggle vegetable garden. Harry figured that’s how he got his bruises. When the explosions and flashes from the bus above them had ceased they went up to investigate. Besides the driver and conductor, they found three Death Eaters unconscious on the floor, a barely conscious Ministry Employee and three very scared passengers. When interviewed, they all gave the same story:
They all had recognised Harry for who he was of course, and told the Ministry officials that five minutes after Harry had woken the bus was attacked by three Death Eaters and that The Ministry Employee and Harry had somehow managed to fight them off. None of them however could come up with an explanation as to why Harry had “fallen” out of the bus. Harry had been unconscious when they found him and showed signs of the very rare ‘hibernation fever’, which Mr Weasley explained, can sometimes occur when a particularly potent protection spell puts a person to sleep. Not knowing what to do with the boy, Mr Weasley offered to take him home with him, as Harry had stayed with them many times and that his youngest son was Harry’s best friend. Fudge had eventually agreed only on the condition that Mr Weasley got a statement out of Harry and that he was kept up to date on any developments.

Harry sneered at the last part of the story.

“Even if I did tell him the truth about Lucius Malfoy and the witch, he wouldn’t believe me anyway. ‘Lucius Malfoy has been cleared, boy. Now stop all this silliness, you’re nothing but a trouble maker, always telling stories.’ That’s what he’d say.” Harry growled whilst Ron sniggered at Harry’s impression of the Minister Of Magic.

Just then a flurry of feathers whizzed past their head and slammed into the wall above the cooker. Half-hoping to see Hedwig Harry was amused but disappointed to see Pig emerge from behind a saucepan. Ron shook his head and Pig hopped over to the kitchen table, dropped a letter and began jumping up and down in glee.

“He’s totally loopy…ouch!” cried Ron as Pig tweaked his finger a little too hard. Ron opened the letter. “It’s from Hermione!” he announced and Harry shuffled closer so he could read over Ron’s shoulder.

Dear Ron (and Harry),

You poor things!!!! Oh Harry you could have been killed! What did you think you were doing? Ron says you’re alright, but are you? He said you were covered in bruises and were unconscious for days! You have to tell me everything when I see you.

Ron, the Bumps sound simply dreadful! Are you all alright now? Life is so boring here. I wish I was there with you, but I don’t want to get the Bumps because it will make my handwriting all wiggly when I’m writing my essays.

I hope Hedwig turns up soon, Harry. I’m sure she’s alright, she’s a very clever bird!

Well I have to go now, but write back and tell me how you all are.

Take Care,


PS- Is everything ok with you-know-what?

“Well she sounds the same as ever.” Announced Ron, smiling.

“You-know-what?” Harry asked. “What does she mean?” Ron shrugged.

“Who knows half of what Hermione goes on about.” He changed the subject very quickly. “You up to a game of Quidditch, Harry?” Harry nodded, the idea of flying on his Firebolt for the first time for months was very, very tempting.

“Shall I see if Fred and George want to play?” Ron nodded and went off to get the brooms.

Harry went off towards the stairs.” Halfway up he met Ginny coming out of her room with a pile of papers. The moment she saw him she looked panicked and quickly turned and went back in. A little hurt Harry carried on up the stairs. He knew she had had a crush on him when she was younger, but he didn’t think she still did. Finally he came to Fred and George’s room. He could hear voices and thumps from inside.

“No, no. That’s pitiful!”

“Needs to be bigger, doesn’t it?” Harry heard a thump.

“How’s that?”

“Better, but not quite right.” Harry knocked on the door.

“Who is it?” the twins called in unison.

“It’s Harry. Want a game of Quidditch?” there was silence followed by frantic shuffling and moving of objects inside the room. Finally they called.

“Come in.” Harry opened the door and cautiously entered the room. The curtains were closed and Fred was doing his best to conceal a large box under his bed with his body.

“Let’s go then, shall we?” said George ushering Harry out of the room.

Harry thought maybe they were working on more practical jokes for their future shop, though again, he was a little hurt that they didn’t trust him enough to see what they were doing.

Once outside he forgot all about the strange behaviour displayed by Ginny, the twins and even Ron and Hermione. Maybe they did all think he was crazy. It wouldn’t be the first time. In The second year everyone thought he was a cold-blooded murderer, and in the fourth year everyone was avoiding him when Rita Skeeter published a story saying he was temperamental and had violent tendencies. However flying around the meadow chasing an old tattered quaffed that didn’t really fly anymore, the wind rushing through his air and past his ear, Harry felt completely free from any worries.

Two hours and forty minutes later and talking haughtily the four of them traipsed back into the house. Mrs Weasley was in the kitchen getting lunch. Ron and the others all stayed in the kitchen whilst Harry went up to Ron’s room to put his Firebolt away. As he entered the room and flutter of feather’s caught his eye and as he turned to see what trouble Pig had got himself into this time, Harry screamed with delight.

“Hedwig!” there she was, as white as snow and looking more beautiful than Harry had remembered. He rushed over to her and kissed her head gently, which surprised her and she ruffled her feathers with embarrassment. He stroked her head and she nipped his finger affectionately. She climbed onto his hand and he sat with her stroking her glistening feathers.

“Where’ve you been? What happened? Where’s Sirius?” she hopped off his hand and onto the desk here she picked at a letter. Hastily he tore open the envelope expecting to see Sirius’ handwriting. In it’s place he discovered an elegant but clear transcript.


I believe this beautiful creature belongs to you. She is an extremely intelligent bird. (She has a great name by the way.)

(Harry read this aloud to her, and Hedwig fluffed her feathers with pride.)

When I found her she had a broken wing but a little rest and a little magic has put that to rights.

(Hedwig extended her left wing as if to animate this.)

In the future it is probably better for you not to divulge information of your whereabouts or of any other solitary night-trips you may plan to make, in a letter. This is undoubtedly how your friend here came to injury. Remember ‘his’ spies are everywhere, Harry. Please be more careful.

PS- don’t worry about the Bumps, you’ve already had them.

Harry stared at the last comment with horror. How did they know the Weasleys had had the Bumps? More importantly, how did they know that Harry had already had them when he didn’t know himself? Who on earth was the letter from, and how had they come to find Hedwig? Where had they found Hedwig? Had she already made it to Sirius? Had Sirius read his letter? Had his foolishness in divulging his plans to travel alone on the Knight Bus put Sirius in danger as well as all the people who had travelled with him? If they had followed Hedwig, they might have found Sirius’ hideout. He felt so stupid. Why didn’t he think? Sirius was always telling him not to put anything secret in a letter. Harry had put other people’s lives in danger as well as his own, and the pangs of guilt were eating away at his stomach. Stroking Hedwig once more, he poured her some water and left, shaking, to find the Weasley family in the kitchen.

When he did find them however they were all huddled together whispering, Mrs Weasley included. When Ron saw Harry had entered the room, he called out loudly.

“Harry! There you are, you took your time.” The huddle of whispering immediately dispersed and Mrs Weasley beamed at him.

“Would you like some bread with your soup, dear?” Harry nodded his head and said “please.” Though he was both suspicious and hurt by the secretive behaviour.

“What you got there, Harry?” asked George, his mouth half-full of bread.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full, George.” Added Mrs Weasley.

“A letter.” He answered, pushing the hurt feelings aside and concentrating on the more pressing matter. “Hedwig’s back.” He added.

“That’s brilliant.” Said Ron, obviously confused by his friend’s gloomy expression. “You’ve been so worried about her.” He added.

“See, dear. There was nothing to worry about after all.” Said Mrs Weasley smiling.

“I wouldn’t say that.” Harry held out the letter, and Ron took it reading it, with his Mother reading over his shoulder. When they finished they both looked up at him with concern. Ron’s face was white as a sheet.

“Who’s it from?” said a shaky Ron. Harry shrugged. He felt terrible. Mrs Weasley looked unnerved and uncomfortable. She was trying not to look at Harry. She turned and went back to the stove and the saucepan of soup. George and Fred were just finishing the letter and were looking at each other sternly. Harry had never heard The Burrow so silent. He wanted to apologise. He wanted to run away. He wanted to disappear. It was Ginny who broke the silence.

“It’s ok now, though.” She looked around at the glum faces. “I mean he made a mistake, but he was upset and desperate. He’s safe now, and no one was hurt. People make mistakes.” Harry could have kissed her. But he knew that it wasn’t as simple as that.

“Thank you, Ginny. But this means Vold…You-Know-Who knows where I am. He knows I’m here…with you.” Mrs Weasley banged a saucepan and Ron looked away. Ginny fell silent and sniffed. It could have started raining right there in the kitchen and none of them would have noticed. Harry looked at the floor. He’d put the lives of his best friend and his family, the family that always took him in and treated him like kin, in mortal danger. Ron was the next to speak.

“I better write to Hermione. Tell her not to bother coming.” His voice was cold and Harry felt like crying. He could feel it. Nearly fifteen and he was about to burst into tears. He turned on his heel and fled up the stairs.

He didn’t know how long he’d slept. He’d cried himself to sleep, and when he woke it was dark and the house was still. The Weasley’s hadn’t woken him for dinner, and when he looked over at Ron’s bed he could see that he was fast asleep. Harry quietly slipped out of bed and tiptoed out of the door onto the landing. He could hear low voices from downstairs. It was Mr And Mrs Weasley. He moved closer to the top of the stairs and crouched low so he could make out some of the conversation.

“…need to get him out of the house.”

“Well what do you suggest? It won’t be easy.”

“Ron will think of something. He’ll know what to say.”

“And where do you intend he goes?”

“I…I don’t know.”

There was silence. Harry sighed deeply. Even Mr Weasley wanted him out of his house. He crept back to Ron’s room and silently pulled on his shoes. He was already dressed having fallen asleep fully clothed so he packed up his trunk and began moving it to the window. Hedwig watched him closely, finally catching on and flew out of the window and onto the roof to wait for him. He was reaching for his broom when he heard movement behind him.

“So you’re just going to run away?” he turned, expecting the whisper to have come from Ron.

“Ginny? What are you doing in here?” he whispered back in a panic.

“I saw you on the landing” she began “You can’t run away, Harry. He’ll find you if you do.”

“And if I stay here he’ll kill all of you as well.” Ginny looked flustered. In the shadows of the room he realised how tall she’d become. She was barely three inches shorter then he was.

“But. Harry…you can’t.” her voice wavered and he suddenly realised she was silently crying.

“Hush, Ginny.” He began gently. Ron stirred slightly. “You’ll wake Ron.” She looked fiercely at him, and he was taken aback. She always seemed so quiet and timid, but this girl was furious.

“Good!” she bit back “Maybe he can knock some sense into you.” Her voice was slightly louder and Ron stirred again. Harry moved his fingers to his lips and motioned for her to hush again. She stepped closer and whispered again.

“He won’t come here, Harry. He only sent the Death eaters to attack the bus because he knew you were alone. You’re protected here. We protect you.” She was pleading with him now. Harry shook his head sadly.

“Ginny, even your Dad wants me out of the house. Those were his exact words. ‘…get him out of the house’.” He could see her frown.

“Dad would never say that.”

“Well he did.” Said Harry firmly. “I heard him. So I’m going now to save him the embarrassment of asking me to leave.” He moved towards the window but she grasped his arm and pulled him back.

“Please, Harry.” She was begging, fresh tears in her eyes.

“What’s going on?” a loud voice came from behind them. The both spun around to see Ron wide-awake and sitting up in bed. He looked from Ginny to Harry and back again. Getting out of bed with a strange expression on his face, he suddenly saw the trunk by the window and the broomstick in Harry’s hand.

“It’s nothing, Ron…” began Ginny, knowing it was pointless.

“You’re leaving?” Ron yelled at him angrily? “Just going to run away? Just like that? What is it with you?” Harry and Ginny tried to hush him, but it was too late. Footsteps thundered up the stairs and the door was flung open. Mr And Mrs Weasley appeared in the room looking worried and confused.

“What’s going on?” demanded Mr Weasley.

“That’s what I want to know.” Thundered Ron. “He’s running away again.” Mrs Weasley gasped and ran to Harry’s side.

“What? What’s this all about, Harry?” Mr Weasley demanded again.

“I…I…” Harry stammered.

“Ginny what on earth are you doing in here?” asked an astonished and upset Mrs Weasley. By now Fred, George and Percy had appeared.

“I was trying to make him stay. He said he’d heard Dad say he wanted Harry to leave. But it’s not true is it? Is it, Dad?” She was sniffing a little.

“Of course not, what’s all this, boy?” Mr Weasley looked hurt and confused at Harry. Harry felt uncomfortable.

“I heard you. Just now. You said you wanted me out of the house.” A couple of tears were welling in his eyes now, as Ginny sniffed back her own. He noticed he was shivering now, and was still clinging to his arm. Mr And Mrs Weasley looked at each other, relief flooding over their faces.

“Oh, Harry, you silly thing.” Smiled Mrs Weasley. Ron seemed to suddenly understand what was going on and Ginny stopped shivering. George and Fred were sniggering by the door, and Percy looked annoyed to have been gotten up over nothing. Harry however was confused.

“Harry, we don’t want you to leave.” Said Ron, smiling.

“Of course we don’t. What kind of family would we be if we did?” added Mr Weasley and smiled.
Family? Had Harry heard him correctly? Mr Weasley had referred to them all as Harry’s family.

“Harry, dear, we think of you as a kind of adopted son.” Harry was in shock at Mrs Weasley’s words.

“Well, kind of a distant Cousin, really.” Said George and Ron thumped him.

“Then you want me to stay?”

“Of we do old chap. It wouldn’t be summer without you, mate.” Chimed in Fred with a grin.

“Besides, I got this today.” Mr Weasley produced a letter “It was delivered by that darn Kestrel that delivered the other one.” He added. He held out the letter to Harry, and Ron and Ginny gathered around, reading over his shoulders.

Mr Weasley,

Thank you for heeding my warning the other night. You undoubtedly saved the boy’s life. I believe he is staying with you now, and that your youngest son is his best friend.

You are a good man Mr Weasley and I have a favour to ask. You would probably do this anyway out of the goodness of your heart, but I promise that your kindness shall be rewarded in the future.

I simply ask that you keep the boy with you until he should return to Hogwarts. He is safe with you protected by both your presence and friendship and by a little magic of my own. The Dark Lord will not seek the boy with you, and when he returns to school he will be protected by the spells surrounding the grounds and the watchful eye of the headmaster and staff.

I thank you in advance for you kindness, sir.

And there the letter ended. No signature, no name at all. But after Ron and Ginny had finished reading and had exchanged confused but relaxed looks with their family, Harry had continued to stare at the letter.

“What is it, Harry?” asked Ginny, who noticed first. Harry shook his head then turned to his trunk. He unlocked it and located the letter he had received with Hedwig’s return earlier that day. Opening it, he held it side by side with the letter Mr Weasley had received. Ginny and Ron moved closer to see what he was doing and Ginny's eyes widened in surprise. Ron and Harry looked at each other as if to say, ‘here we go again’.

The handwriting of both letters was a perfect match.

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that is creepy
i mean who could it be
it could be sirius or lupin or even
:0 harrys dad

ill try to get other people to read ok
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Thanks! I'm just glad you're reading it. I hope you're enjoying it.
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Chapter Five: Friends Will Be Friends

The next morning, life went on pretty much as usual. Percy left for the office early, Mrs. Weasley cooked breakfast and Harry and Ron were the last up. Around the kitchen table, banter was light and carefree, knowing that they were all safe and protected. However the identity of their mysterious protector was something that stayed pretty much in the forefront of Harry’s mind. Even more so was the nagging feeling of deep worry that Sirius may be in danger. He still hadn’t heard from his Godfather and considering the state Hedwig had apparently been in when she was found, Harry couldn’t help worry and wonder whether a similar or worse fate had met Sirius.

His attention was diverted when Mr. Weasley got up to leave. They were all saying their goodbyes when something occurred to Harry. If Mr. And Mrs. Weasley hadn’t been talking about kicking Harry out of the house last night, then what had they been talking about? He was just about to ask them, when a flurry of feathers entered the room and two large barn owls landed on the table, dropped six letters, and then flew out again.

“They’re from Hogwarts!” announced Ginny, picking up her letter and began reading her book list for the coming year.

“We had some of those classes last year.” Harry told her, looking over her shoulder. “You can have my books if you want, they’re in better condition than Ron’s.” Harry smiled at her, and Ron punched him in the arm. Ginny smiled back.

“Thanks Harry.”

“Whoa!” cried Ron.

“What?” asked Harry?

“You seen the booklist?” Ron answered. Harry looked down at the list in his letter. Besides all the “standard spells” textbooks and a none-descript book on divination and another on Herbology, three books stood out from the rest:

“The Realm of Darkness.” - T. S. Krongeraber

“Birth Of Evil: A History Of The Dark Arts.” – K. Hedwig.

“Hell Beasts and their Masters” - Jargen T. Sphignitter

“That’s some pretty heavy reading.” Said Mr. Weasley reading over Ron’s shoulder. “Anyway, I’m late, see you later.” And with that he vanished into the fire.

“Harry…” began Ron.

“Yes, Ron. I’ve seen it.”

“Well, I never knew your owl was a novelist.” They both laughed.

“It must be the witch or wizard I named her after.” Harry explained.

“Well, yeah. Where did you find the name, anyway?” Ron asked.

“I…I really can’t remember. It was in a book I read before the first year started. It just looked like a good name. I didn’t even read about the person.”

“Oh well, maybe our new teacher can tell us.”

“Yeah.” Agreed Harry. “Wonder who it’s gonna be.”

“As long as it’s not Snape.” They both shivered.

“Hey! Don’t even joke about such a thing! It’s our last year. The last thing we need is Snape marking two of our final papers.” It was George, looking decidedly horrified at such an idea.

“Harry there’s another letter here for you.” Fred passed the letter down and Ginny passed it to Harry.

“That’s Hagrid’s writing.” She said, looking at the envelope. She was right.

Dear Harry,

I heard about what you was up to the other night. I’s real cross with you, Harry. It were real stupid. I’s just writing to tell you to be careful, coz there’s some real strange stuff going on at the moment.

See you at Hogwarts…if I don’t see you before. He he he.

Love Hagrid.

“ Typical Hagrid.” Smiled Ginny.

“What does he mean? ‘…if I don’t see you before.’” said Harry, confused. Ron shrugged and Ginny did the same with a smile.

“Well you might see him at Diagon Alley” suggested Fred quickly with George nodding vigorously.

“Yeah, we’ve met him there before haven’t we?” added Ron and Harry nodded.

“When are we going to Diagon Alley, anyway?”

“Friday.” Chorused Fred and George, who then looked at each other grinning.

“Oh…” Harry sounded disappointed. “Can’t we wait until Hermione’s here then we can all go together?”

“No!” chorused Fred and George together again.

“Well, erm, she can meet us in Diagon Alley and then come back with us? How about that?” suggested Mrs. Weasley.

“Yeah, brilliant, Mum. We’ll send Pig with a letter.” Said Ron cheerfully, throwing the twins a brief scowl before adding:

“So, anyone up for Quidditch?”

The next two days were sunny and dry, and the five of them (Ginny included) spent most of it playing Quidditch, and it wasn’t long before talk turned to the coming Quidditch season. There hadn’t been one last year because of the Triwizard Tournament, and since then the Gryffindor team was down two players. Wood had left at the end of the last season two years ago, and Katie Bell had left last year, leaving them short a keeper, a chaser and of course, their captain.

“I’m gonna try-out this year.” Announced Ron.

“What position?” asked Harry. They were floating on their brooms 10 feet up whilst Fred and George were bickering over which of them would make a better team captain. Ron shrugged.

“Don’t care. I just want to be in the team.” Harry knew that. He still remembered what Ron had seen in the mirror of Eriséd in the first year. Ron had seen himself as the team captain holding the Quidditch cup. “What do you reckon I’m best at? Keeper or Chaser?” Harry shrugged. He suddenly realised that he really hadn’t concentrated on Ron’s flying skills.

“You could always try-out for both and see what happens.” Harry finally answered.

“Good idea. No reason why I shouldn’t.” Ron agreed, nodding.

By now Fred and George had decided that neither was better than the other and that they should both be joint captain together and had joined Ginny in a rather vicious chase of the Quaffle. Fred and George were cheating terribly but Ginny held on to the Quaffle tightly, elegantly ducking and diving out of their reach. As Harry and Ron watched in amazement she threw the quaffle neatly between the two posts they had set up and punched the air in triumph. Ron ‘whooped’ in encouragement and Ginny threw a grin his direction.

“You show ‘em l’il sister.” He cried out. George and Fred were teasing her dreadfully, claiming they had let her win when she stole the quaffle a second time and completely out-flew them all the way across the meadow and despite their best attempts to stop her, she sent the quaffle straight through the centre of the opposite post. Ron cheered and applauded her.

“Go Ginny! Hey you should try out for Chaser!” shouted Ron before he realised he was encouraging his little sister to compete against him. He turned to speak to Harry, but Harry was staring, mesmerised, his eyebrows raised, gaping in astonishment.

“She…she’s not bad.” he stammered slightly. Ron shrugged.

“Yeah, she’s always been good on her broom. She’s very sneaky too, but then when you’re playing against those two clowns, you have to be.” He grinned and Harry laughed.

“Y’know maybe both of you should try-out.” said Harry, carefully. “You could go for Keeper and she could go for Chaser. You’re both good enough.”

“Have four Weasleys on the Gryffindor team? Yeah, and then we could adopt you, and there’d be five of us!” said Ron nearly falling off his broom with laughter. Harry could see he thought the idea of Ginny trying out for Chaser was a joke. He grinned back and continued watching her fly rings around Fred and George, who by now were throwing anything they could find as a bludger substitute at her in attempt to dislodge the quaffle. Although when Ron pointed out that there should only be two bludgers, not six he ended up with a metal bucket, a watering can and an old Wellington boot aimed at his head.

Harry had had so much fun over the last couple of days that he’d almost forgotten the events of the previous fortnight. He continued to worry about Sirius and thought about sending Hedwig out with a letter. He decided against it though, because he knew that the Death Eaters knew Hedwig and didn’t want her to be hurt again, or to be followed to wherever Sirius might be hiding. He also didn’t want to ask her to fly again right now. She was very, very tired, and he understood how injury could drain your energy, and he didn’t know how far away Sirius was. He could be in another country by now and it wasn’t fair to ask her to fly that far.

He was looking forward to tomorrow, though. He always loved a trip to Diagon Alley and they would be seeing Hermione again. He’d really missed her over the last few weeks, and he was looking forward to them all being together again. It was great being with the Weasleys and having Ron around to talk to was marvellous, but somehow it never felt complete if one of them wasn’t there. It didn’t feel right without her questioning everything they did and making them think twice about everything, scalding them at least once a week for never having read “Hogwarts: A History”. Harry always promised himself he would read it one day so that the next time she asked, he could annoy her by saying: “Yes, Hermione, I have read it.”

He was just smiling to himself about this when Mr. Weasley came in from work with Percy deep in conversation.

“I’m just too busy, Dad.”

“It’s just one day, Percy…oh hello, Harry. How are you?”

“Not bad, Mr. Weasley. Hi, Percy.” Said Harry, cheerily. Percy muttered a hello and then disappeared up the stairs, pushing Ron out the way who was just coming down them. Ron looked after him annoyed.

“What’s up with him?” he asked no one in particular. Mr. Weasley shook his head.

“Things are getting worse. Since Crouch died, things have been bad enough, now Fudge had announced that since Crouch died in ‘suspicious circumstances’ they’re going to completely audit the entire department.” Harry and Ron looked shocked. “The whole lot gutted and gone through like Crouch was some kind of criminal.”

“But he knows! He knows what happened!” Harry exclaimed the anger clear in his voice.

“Yeah.” Muttered Ron angrily “Just like he ‘knows’ that You-Know-Who has risen again.”

Harry shuddered. In a single passing second an hour’s events flashed past in his mind. The maze. Cedric. The Triwizard Cup. Wormtail. Voldemort. He heard himself whimper but it sounded miles away. He felt a hand grabbing his shoulder.

“Harry? Harry?” Ron’s voice shook him out of the visions in his mind. He was shivering and Harry, Ginny and Mr Weasley were gathered around him, concerned expressions on their faces.

“I…I…saw him. Happening all over again. My blood.” He looked at his arm. The scar hadn’t completely healed and was still very faintly visible. “Cedric.” He wailed, and Mrs Weasley came across the room and hugged him. “I shouldn’t have told him to. It was my fault. I told him to take the cup.”

“No, Harry. It happened. It just happened. You saved his life in the maze. There was nothing you could have done. Not against…not against him.” Hushed Mrs Weasley gently. Harry was shivering, fighting back tears.

“It’s that…that Crouch who’s to blame for the whole thing, Harry. You couldn’t have known. You were nothing short of of noble.” Harry shook his head but remained silent. How could he help but feel responsible?

Ten minutes later they were sitting around the table with cups of steaming tea. Mr Weasley was just asking where the twins were when his question was immediately greeted by an explosion from the second floor. He grinned.

The next morning was plain insanity. Mrs Weasley was in even more a panic than usual. Harry, Ron, the twins and Ginny were all off to Diagon Alley and it was the first time they had all gone by themselves. Harry of course had stayed in the Leaky Cauldron by himself and roamed the shops of Diagon Alley alone once before when he had run away from the Dursleys the first time. But Mrs. Weasley was fussing around him like a Mother hen.

“Have you got your vault key?”


“And you’ve got your book list?”


“And your wand?” Harry wondered why he would need a wand, but Ron answered for him.

“Mum, he’s not five.” She smiled and ruffled Harry’s already messy hair before wandering over to attend a pile of washing up.

“Now, just get what you need.”

“Yes, Mum.”

“And don’t get lost.”

“No, Mum.”

"And don’t go wandering into Knockturn Alley. George, Fred, that means you.”

“Ok, Mum.” The twins chorused winking at each other.

“And don’t stay too late. Be back by nightfall.”

“Ok.” They all said at once. Mrs. Weasley beamed as they all took a pinch of floo powder and one-by-one disappeared into the fire.

Once in Diagon Alley Harry began to feel himself once more. Roaming the street weaving in and out of the bustling, busy crown, breathing in the sights, sounds and smells he relaxed and enjoyed himself. Fred and George disappeared by themselves whispering secretively and Ginny spotted her friend Reena, who she was supposed to be meeting. They waved her goodbye and Ron immediately dragged Harry to the Quidditch shop for a browse. On a stand in the window, gleaming and brand-new was the brand new Nimbus 5000 edition. It was similar in appearance to his old beloved Nimbus 2000 model that he felt a little tug on his heartstrings. However when Ron appeared over his shoulder saying:

“Y’know the hype isn’t worth it from what I heard. It’s still got nothing on the Firebolt.” Harry felt better and went to see what else the shop had on offer.

Hermione had written back the day after Ron had written to her and had arranged to meet them by Florean Fortescue’s Parlour at 11 o’clock, so at a quarter-to they left the bustle and found themselves a table outside. They were just working out how to attack their triple chocolate, nut and cream sundae when they heard a familiar voice.

“Oh fine. Just go ahead. Don’t wait for me, then.” Hermione stood grinning at them. They both leapt up and hugged her and she blushed a little.

“It’s not been the same without you, Hermione. We’ve had to do things without someone questioning our every move.” Said Ron smiling. “I just don’t know how we’ve survived the holiday!” all three of them laughed. To some it may have sounded like a snidey comment to make, but to these three it was something of an in-joke. Both lads knew perfectly well that Hermione’s cautious nature had saved their life more than once. Hermione dropped her bag, Crookshanks's carrier and her trunk by their table and disappeared inside to order a sundae. Harry looked at Ron who was staring into the parlour.

“You ok, mate?” Ron looked up sharply to see Harry’s lip curling in a half smile.

“Yes. Course I am. Why?”

“Oh…no reason.” Harry smiled to himself again as Ron’s attention went back to the interior of the parlour. Ron was just saying a hello to the rather disgruntled Crookshanks when Harry spotted two sickeningly familiar faces.

“Oh no.”

“What is it?” asked Hermione who appeared out of the parlour with a sundae that looked even chocolatier than either of theirs.

“Look. Over there on the corner.” Ron and Hermione followed Harry’s pointed finger to see Crabbe and Goyle standing together whispering.

“Oh yuck.” Said Hermione looking at her sundae as if the sight of Draco Malfoy’s two stooges had put her off her ice cream.

“What are they up to?” said Ron, suspiciously. Crabbe and Goyle were acting very strangely. They kept glancing around them whilst huddled against the wall as though hiding something they didn’t want anyone to see. Every now and then they would look up and down the street as if looking for someone. Finally Crabbe looked at his watch and they both disappeared as quickly as their portly bodies could carry them.

“They’re definitely up to something…Oi, Ron!” exclaimed Hermione as she caught Ron pinching some of her sundae.

“Oh! Owwy Erminee. ‘ought ooo in’t ‘ant any.” Both Harry and Hermione laughed as chocolate ice cream ran down Ron’s chin. “This is really good!” exclaimed Ron, finally with an empty mouth. “Try some, Harry.”

“Excuse me! This is my ice cream.” Scowled Hermione until the state of Ron’s face made her crack up. Harry pinched some of her sundae whilst she was laughing prompting another: “Oi!” out of her.

“Hey this is really chocolaty, Hermione. Must be loads of sugar in this.” Scalded Harry, licking his lips.

“That’s the point.” Explained Hermione as if they should already have known this. Ron rolled his eyes at Harry, but smiled at Hermione. “I haven’t had any sugar since I left Hogwarts, so I have some catching up to do.” Harry and Ron stared at each other in disbelief as thought they couldn’t possibly be hearing these words.

“Excuse me, Hermione. But could you run that by us one more time. It sounded like you were encouraging the consumption of sugar.” Asked Ron only half mocking her.

“Ever since I got home, my parents have gone into anti-sugar overdrive. And these made it even worse.” She pointed at her two front teeth with her sundae spoon. The previous year Hermione had finally succeeded in reducing the size of her previously oversized front teeth when one of Draco’s curses, meant for Harry, had gone wrong. Her teeth had grown even larger than before and when Madam Pomfrey had reduced them Hermione had tricked her into reducing them too much so that she now had perfectly normal front teeth. She now flashed her new smile at them and Harry laughed. Her parents, both Dentists had forbidden her to reduce her teeth using magic and so Harry could imagine their response not being very good.

“I told them it was an accident but I don’t think they believed me.” She smiled again and the two boys laughed, though Harry noticed Ron’s smile remaining slightly longer than His own.

“Hey, have you two seen Neville?” Ron and Harry shrugged a ‘no’ and she shook her head.

“I saw him in Flourish and Blotts when I was browsing. He’s lost Trevor!” Harry and Ron laughed.

“Hermione, he loses that stupid Toad at least once a day.” Laughed Harry and Ron joined in.

“No!” said Hermione shaking her head profusely. “You don’t understand. He’s lost him. He died last week.”

Harry and Ron fell completely silent, and Harry looked into the bottom of his empty sundae dish. He tried not to look at Ron whose face fell so low even Hermione avoided his eyes. Ron knew how it felt to lose a pet, though Harry thought that losing a toad to old age couldn’t compare to discovering that your faithful pet rat is in fact the traitor that handed your best friend’s parents over to Voldemort.

Tem minutes later, their sundae’s finished, a subdued trio of friends left the ice cream parlour and headed for Gringott’s. Hermione had left he trunk with Florean Fortescue whom Harry had befriended two years ago. Harry’s cash supply was decidedly low and Ron and Hermione were dying to see the caverns and catacombs that were riddled throughout London’s sub terrain. Ron had never actually gone into the vaults before and Hermione had only ever stepped into the currency exchange. Once inside the impressive building Hermione grabbed Ron’s arm in shock.

“Wow. Real goblins. I’ve only ever seen pictures.” She sounded awestruck, but nervous. Goblins weren’t the friendliest of folk. Keeping close they made their way right to the huge chamber to where the head Goblin sat at his desk looking important and unpleasant.

“M-Mister H-H-Harry Potter. I’d like to make a withdrawal.” He stammered, holding his golden key. The Goblin looked down at him over his long, pointed nose.

“Very well.” He motioned to another goblin that took them through the door into the catacombs.

“Cool.” Said Ron, staring around at the stalactites and stalagmites in awe.

“Amazing. It’s beautiful.” Said Hermione staring around at the tunnels that all met in this one position and the gentle bubbling stream that flowed down a wall of natural rock in a glistening waterfall. The three of them clambered into a cart and off they set. Hermione screamed and clutched at both Ron’s and Harry’s arm, ensuring she was stationed firmly between them both. The cart was going at a ridiculous speed.

“Cool!” said Ron again and Hermione hid her face in his shoulder. “Hermione, you’re missing it all, this is bloody brilliant.” He laughed. She whimpered and gripped their arms even tighter. When finally they came to a stop the two boys clambered out of the cart grinning all over their faces. They had to help a shaking Hermione to her feet.

“You’d never make a Quidditch player, Hermione.” Quipped Harry and Ron chuckled. Hermione finally opened her eyes and looked at them giddily.

“Have we stopped?” she asked sending the boys into even more laughter. Harry turned his key in the lock and pulled the vault open. Ron and Hermione gasped.

“I know” began Harry “I just as shocked as you when I first….” he trailed off. He looked into the vault and he too gasped in amazement. Harry couldn’t have been more shocked if he had opened it to find it completely empty. The three of them stepped into the vault, though there was only just room for the three of them in there. The pile of galleons Harry’s parents had left him had diminished over the last four years as Harry had spent it. However before them stood a ten-foot pile of shiny, brand new galleons.

Harry couldn’t speak. He couldn’t take his eyes off the huge pile of money in front of him.

“You never told me it was this much.” Said Ron and Harry detected a hint of bitterness in his voice. Harry shook his head at him still unable to speak. Finally he found words.

“I don’t, Ron.” Ron looked at him strangely.

“Well it sure looks like it, Harry.”

“Ron, this isn’t mine. Ask your Mum; she was here last summer when we were at the World Cup. The pile of money I had was a sixth the size of this.” Ron at last looked convinced and the bitterness in his expression turned to confusion.

“Harry, who would have put this here?” asked Hermione still gaping at the pile. Harry shook his head. He didn’t have an answer.

Back in the main chamber of the bank Ron, Harry and a shaky Hermione approached the head Goblin once more.

“Yes, Mr. Potter?” he asked over his spectacles. By now Harry was too confused to be afraid of him.

“Someone has made a substantial deposit into my vault. Can you tell me who it was please?” Harry asked boldly. The Goblin stared at him for a second.

“One moment please.” He opened a large cabinet and leafed through it finally pulling out a roll of parchment. “They left this for you, Mr. Potter.” Harry took the parchment, thanking the Goblin and turned to leave the bank. He was just about to open it when a dark figure caught his eye. By the huge doors of the bank three important looking goblins were shaking hands with a tall witch... a witch in black.

“Oh my God, that’s her!” he cried making Hermione jump.

“Who?” asked Ron who had had enough surprises for one day.

“The witch! The one who tried to kill me. On The Knight bus.” He pointed and just as Ron and Hermione were looking to see her she bowed slightly to the Goblins and left the building.

Harry took off at a run and heads turned to watch him dash down the centre of the great chamber, Ron and Hermione hard on his heels. When they caught up with him he had stopped dead just outside the doors looking angry, confused and desperate.

“Can you see her? Can you see her anywhere?” Harry was on tiptoes trying to see over the heads of the people in the crowd. They both joined the search, but it was hopeless. She was gone.

“Sorry, Harry.” Said Ron. Harry shook his head again.


An even more subdued trio of friends headed off to Flourish and Blotts where they bought the books for the year ahead and stopped to replenish their stationery-supplies and potions ingredients.

They were just passing the fork in the road that went down Knockturn Alley when Hermione let out a little high-pitched noise that made Harry and Ron stare at her.

“They are definitely up to something.” She said, pointing to where Crabbe and Goyle were huddled together by a tiny side street off Knockturn Alley.

“Let’s go see what those two worms are up to.” Said Harry, who was already wound up after losing the witch.

“We’re not supposed to go down there.” Protested Hermione quietly as Harry and Ron grabbed her arms and pulled her along with them. They crept up to the corner of the little side street and hid out of view straining their ears to hear what Crabbe and Goyle were saying.

“He said 12 o’clock.”

”Well he ain’t here is he?”

“We should wait.”


“Coz…well we should. We don’t know what to do with it.”

“He just said look after it.”

“Yeah. Yeah we can do that, come on. We’ve waited long enough he obviously ain’t coming.” As Crabbe and Goyle started towards the entrance to the side street, Harry, Ron and Hermione panicked and ran backwards into the first shop they came across.

“It’s ok. They’ve gone.” Said Ron peering through a mucky window. Harry and Hermione breathed a sigh of relief.

“Can I help you?” The scratchy voice came from a strange little man behind a huge black counter. He had wild white hair in tufts on either side of his head and Harry swore one of his eyes was black and the other green. They all looked at each other lost for words. Ron was gaping around the little shop in astonishment.

“It’s an Engora Shop.” He said in wonder. Harry and Hermione looked at each other, neither one of them knew what he was talking about. They looked around the room and Harry gazed in wonderment. The room was filled with glass jars and bottles of varied shapes and sizes, each filled with strange swirling fluids. Harry couldn’t tell whether they were liquid or some kind of vapour, but he was captivated. Some seemed to dance, elegantly as if to music, some darted around violently enough to make the container shake and rock on the shelf. They seemed to come in all colours. Some beautiful pastels, gentle and soothing, others were violent, dark colours, and vibrant primary colours full of energy.

“What are they?” gasped Hermione in silent awe.

“They’re dreams.” Game a raspy but passionate voice. The little man behind the counter had joined them on the shop floor. He smiled at Hermione sincerely as she gaped, transfixed by a beautiful aquamarine vortex inside a twisted glass jar.

“Dreams?” asked Harry quietly also in wonder. The man stared around the room as if captivated himself.

“The terrible, the beautiful, the powerful and the dreadful. Any man could be lost.” Was his mystical answer. The three friends continued to explore. They laughed in delight, shivered in fear and gazed in wonder. Harry’s attention was drawn to a shelf on the far side of the room from where a brilliant silver light shone. Slowly he made his way through the shop, winding his way around exotic looking bottles of vividly coloured, swirling vapours. When he reached the far wall he gasped in wonderment. Harry stared down at a collection of elegant crystal jars. They varied in shape from twisting towers to perfectly round balls. But the contents were a beautifully shimmering silver light. As he stared closer into a tall, smoothly sloping bottle he could see tiny balls of light dancing around inside, each one glimmering and glistening. The medium they swam in was a shimmering silver vapour that interacted and danced with the minute spheres like a liquid velvet curtain, ever changing shape, reminding him a little of the pensieve in Dumbledore's office.

“Beautiful aren’t they?” the little man rasped from behind him, quietly.

“W-what are they?” he breathed almost silently

“Arinellae.” He replied almost as quietly. Harry looked at him questioningly “Dreamcatchers” the man looked up at Harry with a faint smile for he was smaller than Harry by half a foot.

Harry turned back to the Arinella as though hypnotised. He didn’t hear Ron and Hermione whispering on the other side of the shop, he didn’t even hear the bell ringing when the door opened and Fred and George appeared.

“What are you three doing in here? Mum told us to stay out of Knockturn Alley!” shouted Fred, shaking Harry out of his trance.

“Well you two are in Knockturn Alley too. And you must have already been here if you saw us through the window.” Shouted back Ron. Fred and George looked at each other.

“That’s not the point!” they chorused and all three others laughed. Fred and George grinned back.

“If you don’t tell, we won’t tell. Come on, we better be getting back anyway.” Said George ushering the three youngest out of the shop. Harry waved to the shopkeeper who smiled and held his hand up, palm facing Harry.

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Chapter Five, part 2

The five of them met Ginny back at the Ice Cream Parlour and Florean brought out Hermione’s trunk. They were just setting off when Hermione suddenly cried out.

“Oh I’ve lost my moneybag.”

“You must have lost it in the Engora shop. You had it out there.” Said Ron.

“Yes, Ron, you’re right. Will you come back with me and look for it? I don’t want to go into Knockturn Alley by myself.”

“Yes of course I will.”

“Harry will you stay and look after my trunk? I don’t trust those two”. Hermione motioned to the twins who put on their best innocent expression and tried to look hurt. “We probably won’t be long.” And with that they took off whispering. Harry stared after them.

“Don’t worry, Harry. She probably thinks they’ll put one of their pranks in it so it explodes when she opens it or something.” Said Ginny with a smile. He smiled back, and thought she was probably right, although he couldn’t help feeling that Ron had been acting strangely recently. Now he thought about it, a lot of people had. There seemed to a lot of whispering behind his back, although he told himself he was just paranoid.

Ten minutes later a smiling Ron and Hermione returned and Hermione waved her moneybag at them cheerfully.

“Silly me. I left it on a shelf when I picked up an Engora to look at it.” Harry grinned back and Fred and George annoyed her with a series of “tut tut” and “women’s memory” comments to the point when she hit them both hard with her moneybag and they yelped in fake pain and began limping along the street beside them.

Half an hour later they appeared one by one in the Weasley’s kitchen covered in soot, and Mrs. Weasley hurried them all upstairs for baths.

When Harry woke up the next morning he had a very strange feeling. It nagged at him as though he’d forgotten something really important. He looked at the bedside clock and saw that he had slept in and it was 9:17am. He looked over at Ron’s bed and was surprised to see it empty. He sat up, stretching and put on his glasses. He nearly screamed when two yellow eyes looked into his.

“Hedwig! Good morning.” He said cheerfully and stroked her head. She tweaked his ear gently and hopped down the bed to a small collection of two packages and three envelopes. She puffed out her chest with pride. Harry stared at the collection with wonder and astonishment. He dressed quickly and gathered the collection together, slipping out of the room and down the stairs. Still half asleep and deep in thought about the packages in his arms, nothing had prepared him for at was to greet him the kitchen and he was nearly knocked over when an extremely loud chorus of voices suddenly shouted:


Harry stared around the kitchen with shock and an increasing emotion of sheer happiness. The kitchen was full to bursting. The Weasleys were all standing together with Hermione each one grinning so much that Harry thought their faces would surely set that way. Standing out over everyone and who also had shouted Happy Birthday the loudest of all, was of course Hagrid, who looked so happy Harry thought he was going to start crying. Hagrid surprised him by grabbing him around the waist and lifting him up in the air so he could see everyone. Jumping up and down on the table was Dobby and a rather tired-looking Winky who was grinning away with the others. His other dorm-mates, Seamus and Dean were standing with Neville and all three were “whooping” and clapping. He was shocked to see his fellow Quidditch players, Angelina and Alicia and was delighted to see Professor “Moony” Lupin who cheered and clapped with his fellow Gryffindors. He looked around the room for Sirius but his heart fell a little when he couldn’t see him anywhere. Harry was just beginning to think he had never been happier when everyone started to sing Happy Birthday (George and Fred singing their own version of the lyrics) and Harry gasped when Bill and Charlie Weasley appeared, the crowd parting for them and the huge birthday cake they carried between them. Dobby was jumping up and down so hard the table was rocking, causing everyone to start laughing.

Harry felt one solitary tear of happiness roll down his cheek.
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i think its great
esspesially the dream store
that sounds so cool
♥Somebody loves you♥
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Wow. That is all I have to say.
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Chapter Six: Happy Birthday, Harry (Part One)

How could he have forgotten his own birthday? He had spent the last week thinking that his closest friends had been alienating him and talking behind his back, and they had been planning him a birthday party. He had never felt so guilty in his life. Everything made sense now. The conversation between Mr. And Mrs. Weasley that night he eavesdropped. They had wanted him out of the house so they could plan everything, and the twins had been adamant about going to Diagon Alley yesterday for the very same reason. All the whispering and the way people had stopped talking when he came into the room, Hagrid and Hermione’s strange comments in their letters. It all made sense and he felt terrible.

When Hagrid finally put him down again he was instantly swept up by Mrs Weasley who gave him a huge Motherly hug. Ron and the twins patted him haughtily on the back and both Ginny and Hermione kissed him on the cheek sending him instantly the colour of Ginny’s hair.

Harry just couldn’t believe it. He was completely overwhelmed and all at once he felt like he was the luckiest boy alive. Even Percy was in a good mood and stood grinning away next to his girlfriend Penelope who was also having the time of her life. Bill and Charlie clapped him on the back and Lupin ruffled up Harry’s hair. Harry just stood there and let it all happen. He was in a daze. That was until…

“Speech! Speech!” yelled the twins. Everyone cheered and applauded and Harry was shaken out of his daze and into a panic. Bill pushed him forward and everyone fell silent to listen.

“Erm…” he didn’t know what to say. He looked around at everyone, and all of a sudden he decided to put emotion to words.

“I really don’t know what two say. I have never had a birthday party before.” Some people murmured in surprise.

“That’s why we did it, you idiot!” piped up by Fred and was silenced by Charlie. Harry grinned at him.

“I, err, I have the best friends in the world.” He heard sniffling coming from Mrs Weasley’s direction “I don’t really have anything to say except, well, Thank you.” Everyone burst into applause and the twins threw in a few “Whoops” and were joined by Dean and Seamus.

“Cut the cake, Harry!” yelled Mr. Weasley, passing his wife a tissue. Bill summoned a knife from the counter and passed it Harry.

“On three.” He announced. They all counted together.

“One! Two! Three!” and to a humongous applause, Harry cut his birthday cake.

The party went on for hours. Before they knew it, it was 5 o’clock and people were beginning to leave. Seamus, Dean and Neville had clubbed together to get him a huge selection of sweets and chocolate and had then helped him eat half of it. Hagrid had given him a book, of all things, about dragons, which Harry had to admit, he found quite fascinating and exciting. Lupin had given him a special stone that was supposed to glow when a Vampire was near, telling him he probably wouldn’t ever need it but they were very rare. He found it very interesting, as did Hermione who started asking him sorts of questions about it.
Mr And Mrs Weasley gave him a brand new watch to replace his broken one, which delighted him. It was very nice and made of a dark material Percy Charlie informed him was Dragon’s Amber and was formed from a rare sap found in some dragon skeletons. He was so delighted with it that Mrs Weasley started blubbering again and he hugged her, which consequently made her cry even more. Next came Charlie’s present, which was actually joint between him, Bill and Ginny. Bill had acquired a large piece of Black Star Marble, also rare and held interesting properties, from someone he knew at the bank, which Charlie had artistically carved into a perfect representation of a Hungarian Horntail Dragon. Ginny had had skilfully painted it and it looked so much like the real thing that a shiver went down his spine.

“Er, thanks.” He said, not quite sure what to say.

“It’s for inspiration and to make you feel better.” Said Charlie grinning.

“Er, ok.” Harry still wasn’t sure.

“Well, when you’re feeling down and don’t have any confidence in yourself, you can look at this, and remember how you once flew rings around one. And then you’ll feel better.” Said Ginny, shyly. He smiled at her and then admired his new gift.

“Just think of it as a trophy for winning task One of The Triwizard Tournament.” Added Bill. Harry grinned and carefully put it safely in its’ box.

Harry was completely astonished to find that Angelina, Alicia and Hagrid had clubbed together to buy him a present.

“I didn’t even know you were friends!” said Harry staring in anticipation at the heavy box wrapped in scruffy paper (clearly Hagrid had wrapped it).

“Well, we’re your friends and we really wanted to get you something to say thanks for being a great seeker.” Said Angelina.

“And we know you haven’t got one of these, but we couldn’t afford it.”

“So they came to me, see. Girls Knew we’s friends, see ‘Arry. An’ I says we’d share it.” Said Hagrid proudly.

“Come on, open it!”” said Alicia excitedly. Harry ripped away the paper and stared in awed horror at the huge wooden case inside.

“It isn’t! It can’t be!” he said completely dumb struck.

“Harry, I think I know what that is. Blimey they cost a fortune.” Said Ron excitedly. Harry slowly opened the case and whooped in delight when he saw the contents.

“Wow, it’s perfect!” exclaimed Fred.

“Cool.” Said Ron.

Inside was the most beautifully made Quidditch set Harry had ever seen: The Quaffle was brand new and shiny red, and the bludgers were unscathed and extremely energetic. The two beaters were carved superbly and polished so they shone.

“The Quaffle’s made from the hide of a Chinese Fireball.” Said Hagrid beaming with pride and excitement. “t’ain’t nothing gonna rip that baby.” Harry gaped at it.

“It’s immaculate.”

“Beautiful.” Murmured Ron.

“sob, I knew you’d like it ‘Arry, sniff.” Angelina and Alicia were clutching each other with Glee.

“I don’t know what to say.” Said Harry.

“Oh that doesn’t matter, but we expect you to get lots of practise between now and the start of term so we can thrash Slytherin.” Announced Angelina with a grin. Both girls hugged Harry and Hagrid slapped him on the back, a little too hard.

Ginny had also given him a diary, which she had made herself from the finest parchment and Mr. Weasley had cast a powerful spell on it for her so that it only revealed the contents to the owner, and no one else could read it. He had been taken a back by it and thanked her warmly.

“It’s to thank you.” She said quietly so that no one else heard. He looked questioningly at her. “For saving my life…when…Tom Riddle…You-Know-Who tricked me and used me to hurt all those people.” She looked at the floor. “This one doesn’t have the memories of a crazed psychopath hidden in it though.” She smiled slightly. He smiled back and kissed her cheek. She flushed and looked away.

“Enough smooching, there Potter. That’s my little sister you know!” Bellowed George and they both flushed a deep crimson as everyone turned and laughed. Harry noticed Ron looking at him strangely, and Harry stared back when he saw Hermione run up to Ron and whisper something in his ear, making Ron smile. Harry winked at Ron, and Ron grinned and winked back. Hermione had disappeared and when she came back she had a package in her arms. She went over to Ron and whispered to him again. Ron nodded.

“Ok, time for the most important present.” Announced Ron and Hermione stood next to him grinning. Harry was stumped.

“Harry, this is from Ron and I.” She said excitedly and handed him to neatly wrapped gift. Hermione must have wrapped it for Ron could never have done it this neatly. He was gob-smacked. They’d bought him a present together? He was too excited to dwell on it, however, and began carefully unwrapping it. It was heavy and felt hard. He pulled off the paper to reveal a beautifully polished redwood box.

“Open it, open it!” urged Ron who looked just as excited as Hermione who was clutching Ron’s arm. Harry grinned at them and unlocked the box with the key, which was sitting atop the box on a golden chain. When he opened it, just a slit, brilliant light burst from the crack and Harry squinted. When he opened the box completely he gasped in amazement and disbelief. Inside was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. He reached in with one hand and very carefully pulled out a shimmering and captivating Arinella.

“I-I-It’s beautiful.” He said quietly, in awe of the orbs floating around in their silver velvet curtain. The crystal bottle was tall and twisted elegantly upwards. Hermione was jumping up and down on the spot with delight.

“I knew you’d love it, Harry.”

“It’s perfect.” He answered, mesmerised.

“Hermione chose the bottle. I’m not really good at that sort of thing.” Said Ron smiling at Hermione. “The shopkeeper told us all about them, so we can teach you how to use it.” Said Ron who could barely contain his excitement. Harry continued staring into the bottle until Fred and George suddenly came into the room (no one had noticed them leaving) with a large box. Hagrid had stayed as had Lupin, but all the other Hogwarts students had left.

“Ok. Our turn!” boomed Fred across the room. Everyone turned to look at them.

“Harry, we’ve been working on our present for two weeks, so you better like it.” Said George with a huge grin that filled half his face. Harry looked at Ron for answers, but Ron shrugged in ignorance.

“Oh, dear this could be disastrous.” muttered Ginny, causing several people to chuckle.

“Ye have little faith, little sister.” Droned Fred.

“Ok, everyone outside!” ordered George, and everyone began traipsing out the back door in confusement a little nervousness, considering the twin’s past record. Harry reluctantly put the Arinella back in its redwood box and hurried out after Ron into the back garden.

The wins were standing proudly either side of their box whilst everyone was huddled together a few feet away.

“Ladies, gentlemen, werewolves and Giants…” began George and Hagrid and Lupin roared with laughter.
”…What you are about to see here tonight is the product of two weeks hard work and the genius that is my brother and I.” Fred took a little bow and Ron rolled his eyes.

“Prepare to be amazed, bedazzled and astonished.” Announced Fred.

“Friends, we give you our greatest invention to date:” Harry had to admit he was dying to know what was going to happen. They watched as George produced two litre jugs of what looked like plain water, handing one to Fred, they counted to three and poured the contents of the water straight into the box then quickly ran to join the others to watch.

“What’s happening?” whispered Ron, and Harry and Hermione shrugged. Mrs Weasley shrieked as the box lurched suddenly then became still. All of a sudden it began to shake and jump, tiny flashes of light expelled from the top, before it fell silent again. Fred looked at George.

“It didn’t wor…” his words were instantly drowned as a huge almighty explosion and a flash of light leapt out of the box and high into the air, it was followed by several others until 12 bright spheres of light hung 20 feet up in the air. Everyone stared up at them in wonderment and to their astonishment each ball of light exploded on itself releasing ever more balls of multi-coloured light which in turn exploded to produce more and more in an incredible Firework chain reaction.

It was spectacular, Ron said it was awesome and cool, and every other word he could think of. Harry stared transfixed by the incredible event taken place in the sky. The chain reaction continued for a full half an hour, when to everyone’s surprise and enjoyment the box exploded again and dozens and dozens of brilliantly coloured orbs shot into the air releasing high pitched tones and sound effects that all strung together in a melody.

“Singing Salvias!!” cried Ginny in delight “They’re my favourite!”

Finally the incredible music died down as the last one shot into the night sky. The box began to shake and jump again as a new collection of fireworks began shooting heavenwards. Each one was a different colour and exploded with a deafening hissing that sounded to Harry just like a Snake. To his astonishment he saw that the firework had exploded into thousands of sparkling stars that took the form of a great wriggling green snake. The second exploded with a mighty growling and the explosion took the form of a great silver badger. The third exploded with the sound of a mighty screeching as the stars formed into a great blue raven, and the fourth and final firework was the best of all, exploding with a deafening roar as a huge golden Lion appeared in the sky above them.

“That…” began Ron, in awe “…Was cool.”

“Yeah.” Agreed Harry also dumbstruck by the incredible display.

“That is so clever!” squealed Hermione. “I wonder how they did it.”

“It helps to be a genius.” Said Fred from behind them.

“I think that box is going to explode!” announced Hagrid and they stared at it as it hopped around shaking and twitching. To their surprise it suddenly took off and rose three feet into the air and the biggest explosion of the evening suddenly erupted from the box shooting 30 feet into the air. Thousands of multi-coloured sparks flew out of the huge ball of light, which hung in mid-air. Finally the huge orb exploded in a brilliant flash of multi-coloured light and Harry gasped in amazement as he saw the result of the explosion. The firework had formed into large glittering words of red and gold, the house colours.


Everyone began to clap and cheer, including Harry who was receiving slaps on the back from Fred and George.

“That was so cool. Thanks.” Harry laughed at them and they grinned.

“I believe mission is accomplished.” Announced George.

“And the best thing is, we can probably sell them at a retail price of 10 galleons.” Said George in a serious voice, which was replied with a punch from Ginny and groans from the others.

“You’ll do no such thing!” cried Mrs. Weasley is despair, but Mr. Weasley took her arm with a grin and lead her inside.

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Chapter 6, part two)

That night after they’d gone to bed Ron and Harry stayed awake for hours admiring and playing with his gifts and eating the remainders of the sweets their fellow dorm-mates had given him. Ron couldn’t stop examining and admiring the Quidditch set whilst Harry couldn’t take his eyes off the Arinella.

“Hey! What was in those packages you got in the mail?” asked Ron. Harry suddenly realised he’d completely forgotten them.

“Oh! I left them in the kitchen, hang on…” he dashed downstairs in the dark and retrieved the two packages and three envelopes.

“Got them.” Announced Harry coming back into the room. He began to tear open the first envelope and smiled when he saw it was from Dumbledore.

Dear Harry,

Well done. You’ve made it to fifteen, quite an achievement given the circumstances.

I understand there are problems with your family. I will try to sort these out for you, but given the situation and your feelings on the matter I’m sure that come next summer, some other arrangements can be made. You are not a little boy any more Harry, and I understand that. However considering the adventure you and your friends usually get up to during the school year, I shall wait until next year to make any arrangements. We never know what may happen in the near future.

My last to you, Harry is a warning. I know of the events a fortnight ago. I also understand that you are well protected in the meantime, however I do ask you to be careful. Voldemort has returned, dear boy, and with him he may bring other forces of darkness we do not understand.

I shall see you at Hogwarts,


Albus Dumbledore

“Well it’s nice to know he’s thinking of you.” Said Ron.

“Yes. But…” started Harry, then trailed off.

“What?” said Ron, his mouth full of chocolate.

“He obviously knows about this person who’s protecting me.”

“The one who sent all the letters?”

“Yeah. Do you think he knows who it is?” asked Harry. Ron shrugged.

“He pretty much knows everything that’s going on.” Said Ron, and Harry nodded.


“Ask him. Write back and ask him.” Suggested Ron. Harry thought about it and thought he might do so tomorrow. “Come on, open the others!” Harry tore open the second envelope and nearly gagged on the jelly he was eating.

“What’s up?” asked Ron. Harry passed him the letter and Ron read it aloud.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday. Seeing you reach fifteen is very special to me. I have vowed to protect you and that is what I shall continue to do. I have to admit, however, that you do a good job of looking after yourself with a little help from your friends.

I wanted to explain better to you about the money than I did in the scroll I left you. You must have been surprised when you saw it. Don’t get too excited, it is not all yours. I promised Mr Weasley that his kindness shall be rewarded and so half of the money deposited in your vault is to go to him and his family. (I left instructions with the head Goblin). Ron gasped and nearly dropped the letter. As he continued reading, his voice began to shake. I have written to Mr Weasley and explained this, though maybe you should show him this letter too, as I feel he will not believe what he reads. He is a humble man.

Lastly, my dear boy, I have sent you something that should have been yours years ago. However you were young and were not ready. I have been watching you Harry Potter and I believe you are ready. In the black package with this letter is enclosed something which once belonged to your Mother. I understand that you never inherited anything from her. Before she died, your Mother gave it to me for safekeeping. I think she knew, Harry. I think that is why she asked us to prepare. But that I shall explain when the time is right. Keep it well, keep it safe, treasure it and it shall protect you.

Love ever.


Ron looked up in astonishment.

“It can’t be, though.” He could barely speak.

“Well it says so, right there in ink. Half of that pile of galleons is yours. And they signed it this time.” Ron looked about to faint, his hands were trembling.

“ ‘K.H.’ it says. I wonder who it could be. What about the package? Something that belonged to your Mother.”

Harry picked up the package, his hands trembling also. Ron was still white as a sheet. He pulled off the black paper packaging and found something wrapped well in a velvet cloth. Ron gasped and Harry stared in wonder when he uncovered a stunning, silver pendant on a gold chain. It was approximately 6cm (2 inches) in length and 3cm wide. It was silver ivy twisting around a shield. In the centre of the shield was a powerful but elegant dragon made of blue gold. When Harry turned it over he found a strange inscription on the back in a dialect he could not understand. He turned it back over and studied it more closely. Above the shield were three silver stars in a triangle.

“It’s beautiful.” Gasped Harry. His fingers trembled. He was holding something that had belonged to his Mother and he could barely speak. Ron moved over to Harry’s bed and studied the pendent more closely.

“Wow.” Was all he could manage. “Hey, what about that scroll? The one from the bank.”

Harry searched for it. In the hype over the witch he had forgotten all about it. He found it and pulled it open.


I will explain everything at a later date. There is much to explain.

Be careful,


“That it?” asked Ron. Harry nodded turning it over to ensure there was nothing on the back. He threw it back into his trunk and carefully wrapped his Mother’s pendant back in the velvet cloth. He tucked it into the Arinella case and locked the box, tying the key-chain to his wrist. Ron went back to his own bed and Harry looked at the remaining package. When he saw the writing on the envelope his heart leapt into his mouth. He tore at the envelope desperately and skinned the letter inside in a panic.

My Dear Boy,

I am writing to you because you must be going out of your mind. You made a foolish mistake, but a friend tells me that we are all only human, and she is right.

Do not reply this letter. I took a great risk in sending it.

Firstly I am all right, just about. The death eaters destroyed my hideout. I think Wormtail had something to do with this, I am sure the dark Lord has no interest in me. I escaped only when my friend came to my rescue. I should have guessed they’d be watching, so you see we both made a fatal error.

I asked my friend to protect you, though I get the feeling she has been doing that since you were born. You do not need to fear now. You could have no better shield from evil, and I know you shall be safe. I’d like to say you had a lucky escape the other week, but I think more than luck was on your side.

I know you have a lot of questions to ask, and I can only promise that they shall be answered when the time is right. The world is changing again, Harry and we must prepare for it.

I’m sorry if you feel I am playing games, but it is for your best that not all your questions are answered at once. This shall become clear in time, but for now you shall have to trust me.

Stay Safe, Harry Potter.


PS - Happy Birthday. Hope you like it.

This was the best Birthday present Harry could have had. Sirius was safe. What was more was that he knew his mysterious protector and the person who had filled his vault with galleons was a friend of his Godfather’s. Harry felt relaxed for the first time since the rebirth of Voldemort.

Harry explained the contents of the letter to Ron who looked even more astonished than he had before.

“Well, you know several things now. Our mysterious protector and cash supply has the initials K.H., it’s a woman, and they’re friends with Sirius. I’d be feeling a bit happier if I were you, Harry.” Harry did. He felt wonderful. And suddenly very, very tired. He yawned and noticed the Sirius’ present sitting on the bed. He pulled off the brown paper and pulled out what looked like a quill and some parchment. Harry frowned in surprise and a little disappointment. Ron saw the look on his face.

“Well if he’s in hiding he might find it hard, to y’know, get stuff.” Harry nodded, realising Ron was right. It was a very nice quill after all. The stem of the feather was obviously from a very large bird and it was coated with a shiny black and red terrapin-shell pattern marbled up the column. The tip was particularly firm and sharp.

“It’s a very nice quill. Top of the range.” Said Ron coming over to inspect it. To Harry’s astonishment the quill lifted itself into the air and began to write.

‘Top of the range’

They stared at it.

“You know what that is, don’t you?” said Ron as the quill began writing his words again. “That’s a dictator, like dad’s got.”

“Cool.” Said Harry and the quill continued to scribble away. Harry tapped it with his wand.

“Stop” he commanded and the quill obediently lay still on the parchment. “That is really cool. I wish I could thank him. This will be really useful in class.”

“Can’t use ‘em in class. School rules.” Ron told him, and Harry looked disappointed.

“Still, something like this is bound to come in very handy.” Said Harry his eyes gleaming.

The next morning Harry and Ron showed Hermione the letter from Sirius and the letter from ‘K.H.’, whoever she was. Hermione seemed thoughtful and slightly suspicious.

“It’s all rather strange if you ask me.”

“Oh course its strange Hermione. It just wouldn’t be Harry’s life if it wasn’t.” all three of them laughed.

“But this money. What if it’s a set up? What if you give the money to Mr Weasley and it turns out to be stolen and he’s fired and thrown in Azkaban?”

“Hermione. Always the optimist.” Muttered Ron.

“It’s worth thinking about, Harry.” Insisted Hermione and Harry nodded reluctantly. Hermione was right.

“Besides, you have no proof that this person sending letter to everyone is a friend.”

“But it says so in Sirius’ letter. And the pendant that belonged to his Mother.” Argued Ron.

“Sirius mentioned a friend. How do you know that his friend wasn’t captured and someone is contacting you in her place? How do you know that the pendant really belonged to your Mother, Harry? There is nothing connecting the writer of these mysterious letters with Sirius except that he mentioned a friend who he asked to protect you. You don’t know that his friend and this phantom writer are the same person.”
Harry and Ron looked at each other, both of them wanting to argue with her. The more they thought about what she said, however, the more they realised she could be right. Ron shrugged.

“So what do we do?”

“Harry, you have to keep the money in your vault. You have two letters proving that someone else put it there so you can’t be accused of theft or fraud or whatever.” Hermione explained. Ron looked put out by this.

“It’s just for now, Ron. Until we’re sure.”

“I wish I could talk to Sirius. He would clear this whole thing up. I can’t even write to him to ask him anything.” Hermione looked sympathetic.

“I just think we should be careful. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve been deceived by someone we trusted.” Harry nodded and Ron looked upset but compliant.

“So. What are we going to do now?” asked Ron, wearily. Hermione was the first to answer.

“Well I don’t know about you two, but there are only four weeks of holiday left and I for one, still have 6 essays to write.”

The next four weeks were full of countless hours surrounded by books, parchment and inkbottles. With Hermione helping them they got their homework done in good time and were pleased with their efforts. They talked about everything from who the next Defence Against The Dark Arts was going to be, to who the next Gryffindor Quidditch Captain was going to be. They talked quietly about Cedric, when they realised that Hufflepuff were without a Seeker and a Captain, and wondered who would be brave enough to take his place.
Harry thought a bit about Cho and was surprised to find that his feelings had changed a little. He still thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, but there had been a change. Maybe, he thought, seeing how close she and Cedric had become before he died, and how sad she was afterwards had made a difference. The way he felt about Cedric’s death and his part in his end made him feel that he could never become close to Cho. He blamed himself too much and as long as that lasted he would never be able to look at Cho without thinking of Cedric. ‘A Seeker love triangle’, he thought to himself glumly.

When they had spoken to Mr. Weasley about the money and shown him all the letters, and he had listened to Hermione’s suggestions, he agreed with them.

“Maybe it is for the best. I can always do with that money, but if I’m going to be arrested the moment I touch it…it’s probably better if we wait until we’re sure. Good thinking, Hermione.” Had been his final decision.

The weeks seemed to fly by. Harry’s new Quidditch set had it’s first outing a week after his birthday. Hermione had insisted that they worked for a week solid before hand, so that they could reward themselves afterwards.

“You’ll appreciate it a lot more if you earn it!” she explained to them as they sulked for three hours straight with a potions textbook in front of them. When they finally did get to play Quidditch they had the time of their lives. All eight of them played, including Hermione, who wasn’t the best flyer, but managed quite well as a keeper. They played three-a-side games and the Quaffle was so beautiful, they all commented on it. It flew through the air like a bullet from a gun, cutting through the air stream like a knife through butter.

Ron did indeed turn out to be a superb keeper and even Ginny was having trouble putting the Quaffle past him. As there was only one beater per team, only one bludger was used at any one time, alternating between the two so that one didn’t get more worn than the other. Charlie turned out to be pretty good as a seeker and Bill’s aim as a chaser wasn’t bad. Except that his broom skills were obviously out of practise, and he fell off more than once. This was particularly funny to George and Fred who, separated for the first time in 6 years, were opposing beaters on the two teams, spending more time hitting the bludger at each other than at the chasers and seekers.

All in all they were having so much fun and the first if September was fast approaching, that before they knew it, it was time to go back to Hogwarts for a brand new term.
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This is really good! I can't wait to read more.

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Default especially for Krysti...

Chapter 7: The Good, The Bad and the Terrible (part one)

September the first was as insane as any other. Hermione was the first ready, her trunk and bags packed ready to go at 7 a.m., and Ron was the last, dragging his belongings out to the car at the last minute. Despite the delay and an argument between Fred, George and Mrs. Weasley about whether or not Weasley’s Wondrous head expanding Marshmallows would be allowed in Hogwarts, they were away just 10 minutes late and arrived at Kings Cross with 12 minutes to spare.

Ginny almost immediately disappeared with her friend Reena and another girl they didn’t recognise. Once on Platform 9 ¾ they boarded the train and quickly made their way down to the far end of the train. Fred and George disappeared with Lee Jordan half way down, but Harry, Ron and Hermione carried on to the last Compartment, which as always, was empty.

They settled in for the long journey using up as much of the compartment as possible. Crookshanks had a whole seat to himself. Hermione had let him out of his carrier for a while, and he curled up happily on the cushioned fabric. The trolley-lady came and went and Ron and Harry stared in astonishment as Hermione happily ate her way through five chocolate frogs.

“I told you, I’m on make-up time for sugar” she insisted.

The journey went rather peacefully. Fred and George called by with Lee and all of them had a laugh about the journey home last term when all of them had fired curses at Malfoy, Crabbe and Goyle at the same time, causing them to clash and all three of them had passed out in the corridor.

A while later Seamus, Dean and Neville dropped by to see them. They talked excitedly about Harry’s Birthday Party, and were devastated when they heard they’d missed the awesome firework’s display. They asked what else Harry had got for his birthday. He showed them the Quill Sirius had given him, and they all agreed it was a very cool thing to have, and a dreadful shame that he couldn’t use it in class. When he showed them the pendant that had apparently belonged to his Mother they were all fascinated by it. Neville kept turning it over and over in his hands with a look of wonderment on his face.

“It’s very beautiful.” He said quietly. He handed it back to Harry who wrapped it carefully in its velvet cloth, then locked it away in the Arinella box. They were all insanely jealous of his Quidditch set, but all agreed that if anyone should have one, it should be him.

Later, Hermione and Ron played travel Wizard’s Chess, Hermione squealing when her finger got in the way of the Queen’s sword. As they finally pulled into the platform near Hogwarts Hermione looked around strangely.

“What’s up?” asked Ron, his trunk falling on him as he tried to pull it from the rack.

“Oh…nothing. Doesn’t matter.” Ron shrugged and Harry returned the gesture as they all jumped onto the platform. They could see and hear Hagrid bellowing out to the first years.

“Firs’ years this way. Firs’ years. Oh ‘ello ‘arry, ‘ermione, Ron. Nice trip?”

“Too nice.” Said Hermione as she headed off towards the carriages. They stared after her and Harry shrugged in reply to Hagrid’s questioning look.

“Come on, Ron, we better get a carriage. See you later Hagrid.”

“Right you are, ‘arry. Firs’ years! Firs’ years this way.” Hagrid disappeared with a nervous-looking row of first years behind him.

20 minutes later they were taking their seats in the Great Hall. Harry was enjoying himself and the Hall looked wonderful. He and Ron were happily chatting away when Harry felt Ron nudge his arm. He looked at him and Ron nodded to Hermione who wasn’t joining in the conversation and instead, was staring all around the room as if searching for something.

“What is she doing?” whispered Ron and Harry shrugged.

“Who knows? Leave her to it.” He replied and Ron nodded in agreement. They returned to their banter, which happened to be about who the next Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher was going to be. They all turned to examine the head table. All was perfectly normal. Harry smiled back when he received a small wave from Hagrid and a wink from Professor Dumbledore. But none of them could see any unfamiliar face, unless of course, you counted Professor Snape looking decidedly happier than usual.

“I don’t like it when he’s happy. It usually means someone else is suffering.” Muttered Ron, sounding worried. Harry nodded and noticed that Hermione was still gazing around the room.

“Hermione, is something wrong?” asked a bemused Harry.

“What? Oh. I don’t know.” She returned to her staring.

“Well would you care to enlighten us, oh lady of mystery.” Said Ron, sarcastically, causing Harry to snigger. Hermione fixed Ron with an annoyed stare.

“Haven’t you noticed?” she asked in her usual authoritive voice. They shrugged and shook their heads. She rolled her eyes.

“Malfoy.” She said as if she had just solved a highly complicated arithmancy problem. Harry and Ron looked over to the Slytherin table.

“Why? What’s he up to now?” said Ron peering over the heads of the Ravenclaw students.

“I can’t even see him.” Said Harry, doing the same.

“Exactly!” said Hermione. “He isn’t there. And he didn’t come and annoy us on the train as usual. I thought it was strange earlier. I was expecting some kind of horrible trick.” She said staring around the room again.

“Maybe he’s lulling us into a false sense of security. Maybe his Dad’s the new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher.” Said Ron only half joking. Harry shot him a dark look.

“That’s not even close to funny.” Harry told him and Ron grinned sheepishly.

Just then however their conversation and thoughts were cut short as Professor McGonagall tapped her glass with a spoon, hushing the loud chatter to silence. Professor Dumbledore stood and addressed the room. Harry hadn’t even noticed the line of first years that had entered the room and were standing nervously at the front of the Great Hall.

“Welcome, children, to another year at Hogwarts. In a moment I shall give announcements but first, the First years shall be sorted into their houses.” He spoke loudly his voice filling the room, but somehow gently which always sent a chill up Harry’s spine.

“First years. When I call your name you shall sit on this stool and I shall place the sorting hat on your heads.” Boomed Professor McGonagall over her wire-rim, half-moon glasses. The first years looked terrified. A few Ravenclaws and Gryffindors were whispering words of encouragement to them.

“Don’t worry, it’s not as scary as you think.”

“It’ll be over before you know it.”

One-by-one the first years were called. Brant, Adam was sorted into Hufflepuff. Harry switched off. He continued searching the room for Malfoy. He was confused. Where the hell was he? When Casey, Sharon was sorted into Ravenclaw he was pulled out of his thoughts. That name sounded familiar. He was just thinking this when Hermione spoke.

“Harry, why is that new Ravenclaw waving at you?” He turned to look and saw a chubby little blonde girl with curly ringlets all around her face and brilliant blue eyes. Her face was dressed with a huge grin and she was waving frantically at him from the next table. Harry stared at her for a few moments before it all sank in and began to make sense. He grinned back and waved before mouthing a question to her.

“You’re a witch?” the girl grinned and nodded excitedly. Harry grinned back at the girl.

“Talk later?” she mouthed back to him, and he nodded vigorously. They both turned back to watch the sorting and Harry noticed George, Fred, Ron and Hermione all looking at him very strangely.

“Friend of yours, Harry?”

“Yes, but if she’s a witch, then that means…” McGonagall’s voice drowned him out.

“Casey, Stephen.” A skinny boy with curly black hair took his place on the stool.

“Oh no.” said Harry.

“What’s wrong? He must be her brother, right? Same surname as your little friend there.” Said Hermione motioning to the new Ravenclaw girl.

“Yes, he is.” Said Harry, ominously.

“They don’t look alike.” Said Ron, with Ginny on one side, and Fred on the other. Hermione grinned.

“Not all siblings share physical features, Ron.” He informed him.

“I know!” he answered crossly. He hated it when Hermione patronised him like that. They all fell silent to listen to the sorting hat.

“Mmmm, another Casey. But not like your sister, are you? Brains you have, oh yes. But Ravenclaw is not for you. SLYTHERIN!” cried the hat and Harry’s face fell.

“Should have known.” He murmured to Ron and Hermione. They all noticed the evil sneer Stephen cast in his sister’s direction and the way the little blonde girl recoiled from it.

“Nasty piece of work, that one.” Said Hermione.

“Yeah he is. He’ll fit right in with Malfoy and his little gang…if Malfoy eventually turns up, that is.” Harry told them looking around the room again.

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Chapter 7 (part two)

Finally the sorting was over and Dumbledore rose from his huge chair once more.

“Welcome First Years, to Hogwarts. Welcome back, to everyone else. It is wonderful to see you all…most of you…back again.” Dumbledore’s gaze flickered towards the Slytherin table. Harry, Ron and Hermione caught the slip and looked at each other.

“You think he knows something about Malfoy?” whispered Ron and the others shrugged. Dumbledore continued.

“Mr. Filch would like me to inform you that new amendments have been made to the prohibited objects list.” He picked up a roll of parchment “The list shall be pinned on the notice-board for perusal in your own time. Secondly I regret to inform you all, that the new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher has been unavoidably detained and shall join us later in the year.” They all looked at each other in surprise and a low level of chatter swept around the room. “And so in their absence, Professor Snape shall take the classes until they are able to join us.”

The entire room fell silent. No one moved. No one made a sound. Professor Snape grinned triumphantly around the room and Harry felt sick. The looks of horror on every Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff student’s face said it all. From the Slytherin table however, came a loud bout of clapping and cheering, and as the horror of the situation began to sink in, a low murmur of terrified whispers began to spread across the Great Hall. Some of the first years were looking confused at the sudden cold sensation that had appeared in the room, and were being filled in by their fellow housemates. Soon a look of panic and fear began spreading across their faces too as the Slytherins continued to cheer their Head-Of-House. Dumbledore finally raised his hands and brought the room to silence once again. Terrified faces met him as he looked around the room.

“I have a few last announcements to make to you all. Firstly, there will be a remembrance gathering for the friends and acquaintances of Cedric Diggory On Wednesday at midday. Students wishing to attend will have leave from their classes, with no exceptions.” Harry was sure Dumbledore glanced at Snape. He felt a pit in his stomach, growing bigger and bigger like a gaping black hole. He managed a glance at the Ravenclaw table to see Cho who was looking down into her empty plate, fighting a tear. He felt nothing but pity and guilt. A few quiet sobs were audible from the Hufflepuff table and Harry felt a hand touch his arm. Expecting it to be Ginny, he looked up to see Hermione. She smiled weakly.

“Ginny told me. It wasn’t your fault, Harry. Don’t do this to yourself.” He smiled back, half-heartedly and saw Ginny watching him with concern. He managed a weak smile in her direction and she returned it. A few first years were asking who Cedric was and a few of the older house members were quietly explaining everything. He felt eyes burning into his back and he could hear almost inaudible whispers and gasps:

“…The Goblet Of Fire…”

“…Triwizard Tournament.”

“...They just disappeared…”

“Is that him?”

“What? The Harry Potter?”


“…His fault…”

“…Didn’t have a chance against him.”

The whispering seemed to last for ever and Harry wanted to disappear, to not even exist. He felt Hermione’s grip strengthen on his arm and he felt a little better.

“…Couldn’t have been deliberate. He couldn’t have known. He’s not like that.”

Harry and Hermione looked to see where that whisper had come from to see Sharon Casey talking quite dramatically to a third year Ravenclaw and anyone else who would listen. Harry smiled a little and Hermione whispered to him:

“You’ve got a good fried there, Harry.” Harry nodded and smiled at Sharon who glanced in his direction. “Who is she, though?” Hermione asked, and Harry motioned that he would explain later, when Dumbledore began to speak again, the whispers immediately falling silent.

“I would also like to say that the Forrest is strictly out of bounds under any circumstance. This is for your own safety.” He paused “These are dark times, children.” His voice became soft “Despite claims to the contrary by the Ministry Of Magic, I feel it my duty as Headmaster of this school and as your protector for the time you are here, to inform, or to remind you that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named has risen again to power.” A dead, uncomfortable ruffle went through the room. “We do not know what the year may bring, but as long as you are here in Hogwarts, under my supervisation and care, you shall be safe.” No one could speak “Therefore I have decided for your own good, that trips to Hogsmeade are to be cancelled until a time where I deem it safe for them to continue.” This brought a response. Fred and George Weasley exclaimed indignantly, as did many other 6th and 7th years. A slight murmur of disappointment ran through the room until Dumbledore raised his hands again to call silence.

“I know this is a disappointment for you, but it is a necessary one.” Ron looked glumly at Harry, who returned the look. “Lastly, I wish everyone a good year at Hogwarts, and luck in their exams. The inter-house Quidditch Tournament shall continue as usual…” a sudden round of cheers drowned his words and almost everybody made their happiness of the announcement known. Harry received a few claps on the back from Gryffindor students, who immediately began discussing try-outs and the new captain - whoever they should be. The Hufflepuff table however was relatively quiet. Harry felt that same stab of guilt he had felt earlier. Hufflepuff were missing their Captain and their Seeker. However the general mood of the students was suddenly on a high. Dumbledore let the conversation burn out a little before continuing.

“…And with that last piece of news, I believe it’s time to eat.” He waved his hands in the air and magically the food appeared before them, brought from the corresponding tables in the kitchen below. The first years gasped and grinned in amazement and delight and soon the Hall was filled with the sound of people eating happily.

Harry picked at his food thoughtfully whilst Ron devoured as much chicken as he could and Hermione ate her way through practically an entire chocolate cake, Ron watching in amazement.

“’ot’s on er mind?” mumbled Ron, his mouth full of Hermione’s remaining chocolate cake.

“Don’t talk with your mouth full!” Hermione scaled him, chocolate sauce smeared on her cheek, sending Ron into sniggers. Harry giggled a little at the state of them both.

“Oh nothing important. It’s just been such a strange day. Draco’s absence, Snape and everything.” he looked at Hermione who was shovelling chocolate mousse into her mouth. “Hermione turning into a chocolate fiend.” He grinned and Ron, Ginny and the twins roared with laughter at the shocked, indignant expression on Hermione’s chocolate-stained face.

“Knowing our luck, Draco will turn up fine and well.” Ron muttered with his mouth finally empty.

“Yeah but what about Snape?” said Fred looking angry enough to kill.

“The last thing we need is ‘him’ setting and marking our exam papers. That other teacher better turn up soon.” Added George. They all nodded in complete agreement.

“So how do you know that new Ravenclaw, Harry?” asked Hermione as Ginny passed her a napkin to wipe her face.

“Well she went to my school. She was two years below me.” Explained Harry.

“But she’s a first year. She’s 4 years younger than you.” Said Hermione

“Exactly. She kept being put up a class because she was so clever. Guess she fits in at Ravenclaw.” He continued.

“Two years! She was moved up two years!” asked Hermione. Harry caught a hint of jealousy in her voice.

“Yup. She was terribly bullied by the other kids, especially her brother. He was smart too, just like her, but he messed around all the time and got into trouble for bullying. I think he hated her for it. He’s her twin, you know. But they couldn’t be more different. Of course he made friends with Dudley, didn’t he.” The others moaned when they heard this “Their favourite past times were bullying both me and her. One time they managed to chase me into a shed and locked it. When I looked around, she was hiding in a corner crying.”

“That’s terrible.” Said Hermione, all jealousy gone from her voice.

“I’d never talked to her before, but she told me all about her brother and how she’d become alienated from everyone. Her brother hated her because he was bitter, and the other kids thought she was a freak. I told her about Dudley and my Aunt and Uncle, and she seemed fascinated by it all. I mean she was really interested in me. We became friends. She was the only friend I ever had before I came here, despite her being so much younger than me.”

“Well if they’re twins, and they’re both now eleven, and she was two years above him, then what’s she been doing for the last two years? She must have finished primary school two years before him.” Said Hermione, Ron trying to get his head around what she was saying.

“Oh yeah.” Said Ron, finally catching on. “What has she been doing for the last two years?” Harry shrugged.

“Dunno. Guess that’s something I’ll have to ask her. I also want to know how long she’s known that she’s a witch. I mean, are her parents Muggles, or like us?” Ron and Hermione shrugged. There was only one way to find out. He’d have to ask her.

The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful. The four new Prefects lead them away to their separate common rooms after dinner, the first years gazing in wonder at the spectacular sights and sounds of Hogwarts. That night in their dorm, the boys were quiet, each lost in their own thoughts. Neville and Harry were the quietest of the bunch and Harry was startled when Neville approached him.

“Hi, Harry.” Harry looked up in surprise, all thoughts of K.H., Draco, Snape and Sharon all pushed to the back of his head for another time.

“Er, hi, Neville. What’s up?” Neville shrugged.

“Not much.” He sat on the end of Harry’s bed, his hands stuffed in his pockets. “So, not a bad birthday then. That Quidditch set was really cool. And that Ari…Ari…thingy.”

“Arinella” Harry helped him out.

“Yeah, Arinella. Pretty cool.” Harry nodded and smiled, though he got the impression Neville was holding something back. He seemed uncomfortable. “Don’t suppose I could take another look at it? It’s really cool.” Harry regarded him carefully before pulling the beautiful redwood box out from under his bed. Neville watched intently. Harry unlocked the box with the key around his wrist and carefully pulled the shimmering bottle from it casing. Neville watched in anticipation. Harry held it out to him but Neville’s gaze was not on the Arinella in Harry’s hands, but on something inside the box. Confused, Harry followed his gaze and tucked neatly inside the silken the case was something wrapped neatly in velvet cloth. Harry had forgotten he’d put the Pendant in there. Harry set the Arinella on his bedside table and heard Ron call out feebly from his four-poster.

“Me an’ Hermione ‘ll show you how to use that tomorrow, Harry.” He said through a yawn. Harry waved a ‘thanks’ and returned his attention to Neville who was still staring into the box. Harry took the pendant from the box and carefully unwrapped it. He held it up by the golden chain so Neville could see it clearly. It sparkled in the torchlight casting blue and silver light onto the ceiling. Neville was transfixed.

“I know it, Harry.” Was all Neville said, never once taking his eyes off the slowly twirling artefact. Harry frowned. He knew it? Knew what it was? Recognised it from somewhere? He was about to ask when there was an exclamation from the staircase outside and the sound of running feet up the steps accompanied by excited voices. Someone banged loudly on the door and Seamus opened it to find a very out-of-breath but excited fourth year, Harry recognised as Colin Creavey.

“You…guys…gasp…” he tried to get his breath back “…Are never going to believe this.” The five fifth year boys looked around at each other in astonishment.

“What is it now, Colin?” asked Ron, thinking the same as Harry, that this was probably another of the boy’s over-excited over-reactions. But the sound of more stamping feet and the banging of more doors told them otherwise. Colin was completely out of breath, but somehow managed to get his final sentence out.

“Draco Malfoy’s disappeared!”
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who's reading this and/or posting comments. Your kind words really encourage me and I like to now you're enjoying it. Ask me any questions you like, I'll happily answer them. Keep reading!
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sorry i havent posteed in a while
i had a big project due

so his mom was is the coven thing
mabey nevilles mom was in it to

im glad you have some one else reading it but me
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Chapter 8: Dreamcatcher

Sitting around a table in the common room at 2am, no one really knew what to say. No one could sleep. The first years had all disappeared to bed, and most of the second, third and fourth had done the same. Everyone else was wide-awake. Hermione had joined them and they all sat silently, hands clasped on the table in front of them. Hermione was the first to speak.

“I knew something was up.” Silence followed.

“It must be serious for Draco to miss school.” Said Harry sullenly.

“Yeah, his Father likes having a little spy on the premises.” Hermione added bitterly.

“Maybe he’s worried he’ll get too much hassle when people find out his Father’s a Death Eater.” Suggested Ginny who suddenly appeared at the table, taking a seat between Ron and Harry. She’d obviously been listening. They all gave her a look that told her to think again. “Just a suggestion.” She said sulkily.

“He wouldn’t care. He’s proud of it. He’d tell everyone in the school if he wasn’t afraid one of the teachers would hear.”

“Maybe that’s it. Maybe his Father’s worried he’ll shoot his mouth off about something. Maybe he heard something he shouldn’t have.” Said Ginny looking at each face for a response. They all thought about it carefully. It was an interesting idea, thought Harry: with only one minor snag.

“The only thing is, if his Father was keeping him out of school, then he wouldn’t be missing, exactly. Just absent. The rumours flying around here suggest no one, including his family, knows where he is.” They all looked at each other thoughtfully. There was silence for a while. Then Ron spoke.

“Well, whatever’s happened to him, I hope it’s having hard time.” Harry nodded in silent agreement. Hermione looked straught.

“This could be serious!” she suddenly exclaimed to their surprise.

“I hope it is! He’s probably spying for You-Know-Who!” said Ron, indignantly.

“Ron, way too many weird things have been going on. First You-Know-Who attempts to kidnap Harry again…”

“That’s normal!” shouted Ron receiving a scowl from Hermione and a hurt expression from Harry.

“Then Hedwig is attacked…although that happened first…then Sirius is forced from his hideaway, this witch tries to kill you and you’ve no idea who she is, someone else has taken it upon themselves to protect you and has given you and the Weasleys a load of cash – probably – Our Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher has been ‘detained’ leaving us with Snape, and now Malfoy’s disappeared.” She finally finished, and gasped for breath.

“So?” said Ron, still sulking.

“Well has it occurred to you that this might all be linked?”

Harry and Ron looked at each other. Ron shrugged.

“Hermione’s got a point.” Began Harry “but I think it would be jumping to conclusions to say that all of its linked. Weird stuff always happens to us, and they could all be entirely unrelated coincidences.”

“Hanging around with you, I’ve learnt not to believe in coincidences.” Announced Hermione, and Harry once again wondered whether she had a point…she usually did after all.

“Well, one thing’s for sure. Whatever’s happened to Draco, it’s bad.” said Hermione in conclusion.

“Yeah.” Began Harry “But bad for who?”

An hour later they were still up. They talked about anything and everything: everything except Draco Malfoy. They talked about the Knight Bus and what had happened when the Death Eaters attacked. Some of their fellow Gryffindors gasped in disbelief and surprise when Lucius Malfoy’s name was mentioned. Harry hadn’t meant to let it slip, but he been unaware of the other students listening to their conversation. They talked about how awful the year would be with two sets of lessons from Snape, and how the 5th and 7th years had it the worst, with him setting two sets of exams. The consoled themselves that the missing teacher may return in time to take over before exam season, and talked about who it may be. Harry’s own opinion, which he kept to himself, was that it might be his old friend Lupin. He hadn’t seen him for ages, and he was a wonderful teacher. He had only left because his identity as a werewolf had surfaced and he was worried about parents’ responses to the news.

Ron suggested as a joke that Dumbledore may have asked Lockhart to come back, which received roars of laughter from almost everyone and a scarlet coloured flush from Hermione. Soon the crowd of tired Gryffindors began to peter out as they left for bed. Ginny left, yawning, and soon only Harry, Ron and Hermione were left.

“We really ought to follow suit.” Said Hermione watching Ginny ascend the stone spiral steps. Harry and Ron nodded in weary agreement. No one moved. Hermione rested her head on her arms and Ron yawned loudly. Harry moved over to the sofas surrounding the great open fire. Ron followed, as did a very sleepy Hermione.

“To sleep, per chance to dream.” Muttered Hermione sleepily, closing her eyes. Harry smiled vaguely.

“What?” asked Ron, stifling another yawn, looking at them from beneath weary eyelids.

“Shakespeare.” Hermione told him, nearly asleep.

”What’s a Shakespeare?”

“Muggle play-write. Tell you tomorrow.” Ron nodded to her answer, not really caring.

“Dreams.” Repeated Harry, thoughtfully. “How does the Arinella work?” he asked, getting no reply. He looked around to see Hermione had fallen asleep, her head against the back of the sofa near Ron’s shoulder. Ron wasn’t far off the land of nod, watching the sleeping Hermione’s eyelashes flutter with interest.

“She’s dreaming.” He whispered to no one in particular.

“Ron? How does the Arinella work?” he asked again.

“Wha? Go gerrit. Show ya.” He murmured only just awake. Harry got up from the sofa and hurried up the stairs to the dormitory. Creeping across the floor so as not to wake the other lads fast asleep (Neville snoring as always) he silently pulled the redwood box from under the four-poster and hurried back downstairs. When he slipped back onto the sofa he noticed that on the sofa opposite Ron too had fallen asleep. Hermione’s head had slipped all the way onto Ron’s shoulder and his head rested just above hers. Harry smiled faintly. He liked them like this, when they weren’t bickering. The three of them were so close, and they knew each other better than they realised. The truth was, despite the fighting, annoyed glares, jealous indignations and differences of opinion, Ron and Hermione cared a lot about each other. A bond had formed between them that first year at Hogwarts that had grown stronger and stronger, especially over the last year. Harry had felt it himself. They had all become closer. But something set Hermione and Ron apart from him. Something he couldn’t touch.

Harry had lost count of the times he had led his friends into danger over the years. But they had gone willingly. He remembered Hermione encouraging them to go into the restricted area of the library in the first year and how Ron had said they were having a bad influence on her. He remembered Ron sacrificing himself in that deadly game of chess so that Hermione and Harry could go on and retrieve the Sorcerer’s Stone. Other memories came and went. Hermione making the polyjuice so they could sneak into the Slytherin common room, Ron risking the Forrest with him to hunt for the deadly creatures Hagrid had set loose there, the way Hermione had stood by him when his name came out of the Goblet of Fire. Time after time they were there with him. But it always seemed to be Harry’s fight they were fighting. It was always about him. Always his fault. Always because of him they were always in hospital, in detention or facing possible expulsion.

He looked at Hermione, her face buried peacefully in Ron’s shoulder. He noticed how much they’d all grown. Especially Ron. He had the height of Charley and Percy now and was beginning to become burly. His hair was thicker and his freckles had thinned a little, his jaw was stronger. Harry was still thin, but he’d definitely filled out a little. He looked healthy rather than underfed. His hair was as it ever was but his face was fuller and his features more prominent. He looked at Hermione and wondered why he’d never noticed her growing up. Her hair was still bushy, but had begun to curl and was neater somehow. Her teeth of course were now one of her favourite features and somehow her face was gentler than he remembered in his head. Her neck looked longer and her cheekbones seemed higher, more defined.

In the firelight sleeping against Ron’s shock of red hair she looked quite pretty. She stirred a little and murmured something inaudible to Harry. She frowned a little and shifted her position. Ron did the same, an unconscious reaction. Hermione was whispering something, Harry couldn’t hear. He didn’t know she talked in her sleep, and he smiled with amusement. Thinking about the changes in Hermione made him think of similar thoughts he’d had about Ginny. He hadn’t noticed her growing up either. Had he been that out of touch? Had he been too busy running around after Dragons, Prisoners and Mer-people to notice? A stab of guilt went through him. He looked down at his jeans. Some things hadn’t changed. He and Ron were pretty much the same as ever in that department. Hermione had changed again, there. He hadn’t noticed! Her plaid skirt had long gone. It seemed strange to think of her wearing it now, but somehow he hadn’t noticed it disappearing. She mainly wore long, straight skirts down to her ankles now with black boots. He’d never really noticed that either. The one she was wearing now was black and was tucked under her with her legs. She was wearing a pale marine-coloured top over it, which Harry though made her look older. She is older! He thought to himself. He felt so strange. Everything had changed around him, and he hadn’t even noticed? Was it because he was so consumed with his own life to notice? Or was it just part of growing up? Maybe both?

He sighed. He opened the Arinella case and set it on the small drinks table in front of him. He thought of Ginny again. She’d changed so much, and he’d not noticed it. He’d barely even noticed her before. She had been the little girl who wrote in Tom Riddle’s diary for such a long time, he hadn’t had time to think of her any other way. And Quidditch! Who would have thought she could out-fly Fred and George like that? “Well, probably everyone except Me.” he though bitterly to himself taking out the pendant that apparently had been his Mother’s. He held it up for himself watching it dance and spin in the firelight, casting sparkles of light around the room. He laid it carefully down on the table and watched the spheres of light dance around in the Arinella. He took off his glasses, placing them next to it and rubbed his eyes. He touched his scar briefly, almost daring it to twinge, but it remained quiet and he yawned, stretching his arms and legs. He really should go to bed. But it was so warm. He suddenly noticed how quiet it was. The only sound was the gentle breathing of his friends as they slept and the occasional crackle from the fire. The Arinella was so pretty. So pretty. With the spheres of light dancing in his slowly closing eyes, he drifted away.
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Chapter 8, part 2

He awoke to screaming. He fumbled frantically for his glasses, finally managing to place them on his nose. To his shock and horror he found Ron cradling a frantic Hermione in his arms.

“What happened?” he cried, rushing to his aid. She was writhing and screaming in Ron’s arms and it took both of them to hold her still.

“I was asleep. Suddenly she started screaming. She wouldn’t stop. I can’t do anything, what’s wrong with her, Harry? What is it?” Ron was almost as frantic as Hermione. The look on his face was that of pure terror and panic.

“Hush Hermione, please, hush. Please.” He was begging her, but to no avail.

“I don’t think she’s even awake, Ron. Her eyes are closed. She’s not responding to us. I don’t know what’s wrong.”

“Well this is one hell of a nightmare. We need help, Harry, now!” By now a small group of Gryffindor students had awoken and come down into the common room to see what the hell was going on. Angelina was one of them and she ran at top speed out of the common room for help.

“She‘s stopped screaming.” Announced Ron with relief. The relief was short-lived however as Hermione’s body began shaking uncontrollably in their arms. She was whimpering as if in great pain, and Ron moaned.

“Harry, do something.”

“Like what, Ron? I…I don’t know what to do.” Harry felt desperate. Their friend seemed to be suffering badly and they couldn’t do a thing about it. Ron began stroking her head, still begging her to hush. Harry sat back on his haunches trying desperately to think of something. He glanced around him. The Arinella caught his eye. He frowned. It looked different. He didn’t have time to investigate however, as Professor McGonagall swept into the room.

“What’s going on?”

“I-I-It’s Hermione, Professor. She just started screaming in her sleep. She’s shaking. I think she’s in pain. We can’t do anything. Please help, please. Help her.” Ron was begging frantically now and Harry felt how he sounded. He looked at Professor McGonagall with pleading eyes and she turned on her heal immediately.

“Follow me, now! Bring her with you. Quickly.” She ordered. Harry went to help but found he didn’t need to. To his astonishment Ron picked Hermione up in his arms and carried her swiftly out of the room. Harry followed at a run. He couldn’t believe how strong Ron had become. Something else he hadn’t noticed? In the confusion and panic he didn’t hear the second pair of feet behind them until their owner arrived at his side.

“What happened? Is she ok? What happened to her?” It was Ginny looking sick with panic. Hermione and Ginny had become good friends. Harry had at least noticed that. When staying at the Weasley’s Hermione stayed in Ginny’s room, and she was really the only other girl that Hermione spent much time with. It was only natural really, that they would become close. Harry shrugged and stuttered to answer her question.

“We don’t know. We all fell asleep by the fire and then…then…she just started screaming.” In the hospital wing they stared motionless as Ron laid Hermione on the bed, and was ushered out of the way by Madame Pomfrey.

“Not even started classes yet, and you three are back in the hospital. Why don’t you just move in here, it would save time.” She muttered.

“I’ll get Albus.” Said Professor McGonagall hurriedly and turned towards the door.

“No need, Minerva, I’m already here. Miss Johnson had the intelligence to call on me after she fetched you. Bright young woman that.” he added as an afterthought. He turned to look at the still shaking girl on the hospital bed.

“Oh dear. Poor Miss Granger. Not a good start to the term. I think I need to send an owl.” He said more to himself than to the people in the room. Harry and Ginny looked at each other frowning. It wasn’t unusual for Dumbledore to talk in riddles to himself, but they both thought this a highly inappropriate time for it.

“Professor…” began Harry

“Yes, Mr. Potter, in a minute.” He cut Harry off, standing over Hermione with a puzzled look on his face. He touched her forehead and frowned.

“She-she-she’s gonna be alright, isn’t she Professor?” stammered Ron looking at Professor Dumbledore pleadingly. Dumbledore regarded Ron with a warm reassuring smile.

“Oh yes, Mr. Weasley. She’ll be fine in a day or so. It was just a particularly nasty nightmare.” Ron frowned.

“Nightmare?” said Harry as he and Ginny moved closer to join Ron.

“Professor, that was no ordinary nightmare, and you’ll never convince me otherwise. She was in pain. Something was hurting her.” Insisted Harry and Ron nodded furiously.

“No, my dear boys. She is quite well. She was in no physical pain. It was no…regular nightmare I agree. But dreams are very strange things indeed, especially in a mind such as Miss Granger’s. Oh, Madame Pomfrey, I think night-lily is in order.” he smiled at them, and they felt a little better, though even more confused. “…A mind such as Miss Granger’s.” What did he mean? They didn’t get a chance to ask.

“Well, like I said, I have an owl to send.” He turned to leave, but looked back at the shivering Hermione, still unconscious. “I did not expect this so soon. Forces are moving.” With that he left, leaving three astounded Gryffindor students behind him.

“I hate it when he does that.” Said Harry. Ron returned to Hermione’s side just as Madame Pomfrey returned with a sweet, musty smelling purple plant, which she laid on Hermione’s pillow. Harry looked at Ron’s face. The worry in face made him look 50 years older, somehow. Lines had appeared on his forehead, and Harry noticed something in his eyes. What was it? Fear? Panic? Joy? It seemed to be all of those things. And as Ginny moved closer to Harry to be closer to the bed he understood what it was. It was the look you get when you realise you might have lost someone you love. Harry gulped and held his breath as he felt a lump form in his throat.

“I thought she was going.” whispered Ron almost silently. Harry swallowed again and placed a hand on his shoulder.

“Not whilst we’re around, Ron. Not whilst Dumbledore is here. We’ll never let that happen.” He said, trying to sound strong. Ron looked at him. He looked defiant and angry, and sounded the same when he spoke.

“Too bloody right we’re not.”

“This is a good start.” Muttered Fred miserably at the breakfast table. Harry and Ginny played with their bacon silently.

“At least she’s ok, huh guys?” added George, trying to cheer them up. Harry dropped is fork. “And Ron’s with her.” He concluded, as though that solved everything. Harry and Ginny looked at each other sombrely.

“What’s the matter with you two? She’s all right! It’s not like it was your fault or anything.”

“We don’t know whose fault it was, do we? We don’t know what it is.” Snapped Harry. Fred and George looked offended and stayed quiet.

“Dumbledore knows. But he won’t say. You know Him.” Ginny mumbled quietly. Harry nodded.

“He knows what’s going on. And I’ve half a mind to go and demand it of him.”

“That’ll do no good and you know it.” Snarled Ginny, and Harry looked at her in surprise. She had never spoken to him like that before. He ought to have been hurt, but instead he was angry.

“Why are you having a go at me? What is this, everyone get on Harry’s back day? Suppose it’s my fault huh? Harry’s got his friends into mortal danger again, let’s alienate him and accuse him of all sorts of stuff, just because we don’t know what’s going on and want to blame someone.”

“Oh for spirit’s sake, don’t be stupid, Harry.” She bit back.

“Stupid now, is it? Fine! Well how do you think it feels to know you’re friends lying in hospital because of you? You’d think I’d be used to it by now, wouldn’t you?!” people were beginning to turn to look at them now.

“What the hell are you talking about, it’s not because of you. No one knows what happened to Hermione.” She argued, getting redder by the second.

“Of course it’s my fault. It always is. I’m always putting someone in danger.”

“Oh shut up!” she yelled, more faces turning to stare. Harry stared in astonishment. “Y’know Mr. Look-at-my-scar-I-vanquished-Voldemort-Potter, the world doesn’t ALWAYS revolve around you!” she screamed. Harry stared at her dumbstruck for a second before rising from the table and, followed by whispers and giggles, marched out of the Great Hall.
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Magical Creatures

Chapter 8, part 3

He was fuming, forcing the door wide open so hard the Fat Lady shouted at him angrily as he slammed it shut again just to annoy her further.

He kicked a sofa, much to the fright of a first year who was reading in it. He tried to apologise but she hurried up the stairs too quickly. That annoyed him even more. He really felt like the entire world hated him, and since he didn’t have anyone to yell at he kicked the sofa again. Hurting his foot, he swore at it. He glared around the room for something to be angry about and when he caught sight of the Arinella on the table where he’d left it. He stopped dead. He stared at it as if wondering how it got there then realised it must have been there since last night. He couldn’t believe he’d been so careless. He picked it up carefully, turning it over in his hands. It was spotless. He breathed a sigh of relief. Packing it away in the case he reached for the pendant. He stopped. The velvet cloth was empty. He opened it out fully; the pendant was nowhere to be seen. He checked the floor, down the back of the sofas, pulling out all the cushions, throwing them on the floor behind him. He ignored the looks he got from students as they returned from breakfast, who disappeared whispering. He checked everywhere over and over. It was gone.

A voice suddenly came from behind him.

“What are you doing?” it was Ginny, holding two letters in her hand.

“Have you seen my pendant? My Mother’s Pendant? It’s gone.” He said, answering her question with another. She frowned.

“No, where did you leave it?”

“It was here! On the table.” He was getting agitated even more. He was still angry with her.

“You left it on the table? Just left it there? That was a bit stupid wasn’t it?”

“Listen, I thought one of my best friends was dying! I had other things on my mind!” she recoiled from his shouts.

“Well I see you’ve looked everywhere. Need any help?”

“No thanks.” He said bitterly. She looked hurt, but he ignored it. He could feel the anger in him swirling around like a fuming red and black smoke.

“Fine.” She turned on her heel and began to stalk away. She stopped part way and turned. “Oh, here. You got an owl.” She flung the envelope at him angrily and turned to storm away as the letter turned in the air currents and flew in the wrong direction.

“What’s going on?” came an angry voice from the doorway. They hadn’t even heard Ron come in. They both looked uncomfortable. He didn’t understand why, but Harry felt guilty.

“Harry’s lost his pendant.” Ginny said quickly, trying to hide the guilt from her voice too. Harry could see she had the same feelings he did.

“I didn’t lose it exactly. I think someone took it.” He said, gloomily, trying not to sound like he was arguing with her. Ron looked suspiciously at them.

“I don’t think a Gryffindor would steal it, Harry.” She recoiled from the glare he threw at her. “I just mean that maybe someone picked it up so that it didn’t get lost. You know so that they could give it to you.”

“Well no one’s bothered to so far, have they?” he snapped.

“They’re probably to afraid to approach you the way you’ve been acting this morning!” the snapping had restarted and was swiftly discharged with an almighty bellow.

“ENOUGH!” Ron was so red you could barely tell where his hair ended and his forehead began. “In case you’ve forgotten, our best friend is lying unconscious in hospital and all you two can do is bicker and fight!” he shouted so loudly he trembled. Harry and Ginny recoiled from him, feeling so guilty that Harry thought he’d be sick. Ginny looked at her feet. Harry looked at her, and something stirred. Guilt? Anger with himself? Whatever it was there were uncomfortable butterflies in his stomach. Ginny wiped her face, and Harry saw she was crying. He handed out a letter to Ron, who took it silently then she turned and ran up the stairs to the girl’s dorms. They watched her go. Ron glared at Harry who tried to avert his eyes.

“It wasn’t anything important.” He tried to explain.

“Oh good, you’re arguing for no reason. That’s ok then.” Harry looked down.

“How is she?”

“Do you care?” That hurt Harry.

“C’mon, Ron.” Harry pleaded. Ron softened a little.

“She’s unconscious like I said. She’s stable. Not shaking anymore. Just sleeping.” He sounded distant. His sentences were short and breathless. They were both silent for a while. Together they sorted out the disarray of cushions Harry had thrown on the floor and they took a sofa each. After a while Ron spoke.

“So…you gonna tell me what’s going on or not?” Harry thought about denying everything, but decided there was no point. He began telling Ron how it had started at the breakfast table. In his words, it sounded so petty and childish and he felt so ashamed. Ron didn’t say anything though, he just sighed. He turned his attention to the letter still clutched in his hands. Harry suddenly remembered the letter Ginny had flung at him and retrieved it from the other side of the room. Back in the sofa, he watched Ron’s face as he read the letter. His expression never changed once. Finally he folded it up and put it back and handed it to Harry.

My Dears,

I am so sorry to hear about poor Hermione. Fred sent us an owl last night. Please let us know how she is we’re deeply worried. She’s such a sweet girl and we’re so fond of her.

Everything here is normal I suppose. Bill and Charley have gone back to work, although Charlie’s got a hard time at the moment. His boss has disappeared leaving him in charge of 3 colonies of dragons.

Percy is on the warpath again. This ‘raid’ – as he calls it - on the department is really getting to him. They’re taking the whole place apart and apparently they’re talking about doing the same with Mr. Crouch’s old house. What they expect to find I don’t know.

Apart from that all is well. With summer on the way out, the number of Gnomes in the garden is dropping which is always a good thing, although our friend in the attic is as boisterous as ever.

Anyway, keep us informed about Hermione and I hope the rest of you are all right. Look after each other,


Mum and Dad

(Mr And Mrs Weasley)

Harry felt worse than ever after reading the last sentence. “Look after each other.” Harry passed the letter back and sighed deeply. He opened his own letter and nearly choked when he saw Sirius’s dark, clear handwriting.

Dear Harry,

I heard about Hermione. Look after her. She will need you. Look after each other. Friendship is the best gift you can give each other right now.

I am fine and well, so you don’t have to worry about me. I shan’t contact you for a while so I’ll leave you in Dumbledore’s capable hands. Listen to him, and do as he says, Harry. No sneaking off to Hogsmeade. Promise me, Harry.

Take care,


Was everyone psychic? Did they somehow know about the arguments? Both letters had told them to look after each other, and Harry felt a huge stab of guilt in his stomach. He handed Ron the letter who frowned slightly.

“What’s wrong?” Harry asked.

“Well, how did he know about Hermione?” said Ron. Harry raised his eyebrows. That was a very good question.

“I just wish I could contact him!” he exclaimed. “How could he have known? It only happened last night.”

“Dumbledore.” Came a new voice. They turned to see Ginny standing in the stairwell. As she came closer, Harry could see her eyes were a little red and puffy. More guilt. He had been way too harsh on her. She had tried to make up with him, and he’d thrown it back in her face. He moved over on the sofa and she took the space next to him, smiling weakly.

“Dumbledore?” asked Ron.

“Yeah. Remember, Harry? Last night, he left to send an owl. It must have been to Sirius.” They thought about it. It made sense.

“There’s no other way he could have known.”

Just then Seamus and Dean came wandering laughing with Neville in toe.

“Top ‘o’ the morn’!” beamed Seamus, grinning.

“Hi! Hey, have you guys seen my Pendant?” said Harry suddenly remembering his other reason for being worked up.

“I left it next to the Arinella on the table when we rushed Hermione to the hospital wing last night. This morning it was gone.”

“Can’t help, mate.” Said Dean holding out his hands.

“The Arinelli thing was alright?” asked Seamus.

“ArinellA.” Corrected Harry. “Yeah it didn’t have a scratch on it.” Harry noticed the strange look on Neville’s look. It wasn’t guilt exactly, but some kind of stress.

“You know anything, Neville?” he asked suspiciously.

“No, of course not.” He stammered. “If I did, I’d tell you.”

“You sure?” asked Ron, noticing the look on his face too. “You were awfully interested in that Pendant.” Neville looked shocked.

“I would never take it! I can’t believe you’d think that.”

“I wouldn’t think that, Neville. But maybe you saw something?” said Harry.

“I told you, no. I was interested in the pendant because it looks familiar. I admit, it’s been on my mind a lot, but I’d never take it.” Harry felt bad now. He should know that Neville didn’t have it in him to steal.

“Sorry, Neville. It’s just; it was my Mother’s y’know. Only thing I have of hers.” He said apologetically. Neville’s face softened and looked ghostly almost.

“S’ok. I know what it’s like to lose a Mother.” With that he turned and hurried up the stairs. Harry felt really bad now. Although Neville’s Mother hadn’t actually died, she may as well have. Crouch’s son and a gang of Death Eaters had tortured Neville’s parents when they wouldn’t tell them things they wanted to know. Eventually their minds couldn’t take the pain anymore and they had gone insane. Apparently it had been as though their personalities had just gone and their bodies were empty shells. Neville had been brought up by his Grandmother while his parents resided in a psychiatric hospital.

“I just seem to be upsetting everyone today.” Said Harry, sadly, frustrated with himself. Ginny touched his hand and smiled. He squeezed it gently and smiled a ‘thanks’ back at her. She released his hand and motioned to the letter in Ron’s hand.

“Sounds like Percy’s a barrel of laughs at the moment.” She said, with a slight grin. Ron smiled back nodding. Harry noticed the Arinella box was still on the table and he reached for it. He tucked the pendant’s velvet cloth back inside the case then locked it up.

“Just gonna put this away.” He told them and they nodded.

Up in the dorm, Neville’s curtains were closed around his bed. Harry crept across the floor, slipped the box into his trunk and slipped back out again.

The rest of the morning was quiet. It was Friday and classes weren’t due to start until Monday. Students wandered around the castle aimlessly, First years taking the time to explore. More than once they heard Filch yelling at some poor new student who had wandered a little farther than they should have, or even those that hadn’t but “Looked like they were going to.” as Filch claimed when met by protests.

The afternoon was warm and Harry and Ron decided to go and visit Hagrid. His hut was a welcome sight and even though it was September and the weather was fine, there was still smoke coming from the chimney in the centre of the thatched roof.

“You bloody well took yer time!” cried Hagrid as soon as he opened the door, ushering them inside. “’ermione in ‘ospital an’ you don’t come an’ see me!”

“Sorry, Hagrid, but it’s been a hectic day.”

“Been a hectic two months.” corrected Harry.

They told Hagrid about the night before and Hermione’s apparent nightmare. They told him about the argument with Ginny, the letters from Sirius and Ron’s parents. They told him about the pendant going missing, and finally laughed with him about the particularly grouchy mood Filch was in.

“So, ‘arry, what does this ‘ere pendant look like?” asked Hagrid, boiling some water in a caldron for tea. He described it in as much detail as he could: the ivy, the shield, the blue dragon and the silver trio of stars. Hagrid looked thoughtful and mumbled to himself, something Harry couldn’t hear. “And it apparently belonged to your Mother?” Harry nodded. “Well, I’ll be. Never saw that coming, I didn’t. Should ‘o’ known, really, yeah.”

“What, Hagrid? Should have known what?” asked Harry, suspiciously.

“Ay? Oh nothing, pay no attention to me, you know how I babble.” Harry and Ron looked at each other. They did know how he babbled, usually about things he “wasn’t supposed to tell” them.

“So how’s poor little ‘ermione then?” Hagrid changed the subject.

“Unconscious. But stable. She’ll wake up soon, Dumbledore says she’s going to be ok.” Something in Ron’s voice didn’t sound so confident. Harry was overwhelmed by how worried Ron was. Harry was worried, of course he was Hermione was one of his two best friends and he hated seeing her in pain. But Dumbledore had said she was going to be ok.

“Well there you go then. Dumbledore wouldn’t be sayin’ that if t’weren’t true now would ‘e?” said Hagrid, who had obviously picked up on Ron’s worry too. Ron nodded and seemed to relax a little. Suddenly Harry noticed something occur to Ron as his face became questioning.

“Hagrid, do you know who the new Defence Against The Dark Arts teacher is?” Hagrid turned his back to them and began fiddling with something on the other side of the cabin.

“Erm, well Professor Snape is teaching you, isn’t ‘e? Professor Dumbledore said so.” Harry looked suspiciously at Ron and Ron returned the look.

“The new one, Hagrid. You know what Ron meant. The one who’s been ‘detained’.” Said Harry.

“Oh I dunno about that.”

“Yes you do, we can tell you do. C’Mon Hagrid, tell us!” begged Ron.

“Well, lads, I’m sure you’ll find out soon enough when she gets here.” He said pleased with avoiding he subject.

“She???” exclaimed Harry and Ron together. Hagrid’s face fell.

“I shouldn’ a told you that.”

Walking across the grass back to the castle, the sun on their backs, Harry and Ron were thoughtful.

“He knew.”

“Of course he knew. But why wouldn’t he tell us?”

“Who knows?” Ron shrugged and looked around him. Behind him the Forrest looked dreary and menacing, despite the warm sunshine.

“I don’t understand why it’s such a secret.”

“Well we know it’s a witch, anyway. So that counts Lupin out.”

“Yeah.” Said Harry gloomily. He’d really hoped it would be him.

“Maybe it’s that mysterious protector of yours, Harry, wanting to keep a closer eye on you.” They both laughed. They stopped when they heard some other laughter coming from behind one of the huge greenhouses. They looked at each other. They knew that laughter. They crept closer to the greenhouse and along one wall until the voices grew louder. Hiding just out of sight, Harry and Ron could see Crabbe and Goyle huddled together, much like they had been in Knockturn Alley. They listened closely to their conversation:

“What d’ya reckon it is anyway?”

“Dunno. But it must be important if he kept it in a locked box.”

“What shall we do with it?”

“Dunno, just so’s Potter don’t get ‘is hands on it he don’t…” Crabbe was cut off in mid-sentence as Harry charged at him from his hiding place. The both went rolling on the floor, Harry landing punches on Crabbe’s ribcage, Crabbe wrestling Harry onto his back, and pummelling his stomach.

“Hey what the bloody hell is wrong with you, Potter. You gone psycho on us again?” yelled Goyle in bewilderment and slight amusement. Ron tried to pull Crabbe off but was attacked by Goyle. The fight was beginning to get nasty when a dry voice bellowed their way.

“What is going on here?” all four of them froze and turned to see Professor Snape, his arms folded across his chest, and ugly sneer on his face.

“Potter attacked us sir! Totally unprovoked sir. We was just standing here talkin’ an’ ‘e comes out ‘o nowhere an’ attacks me.”

“That’s not true!” objected Ron furiously.

“Enough!” bellowed Snape again. “50 points from Gryffindor for malicious behaviour. I believe that puts the Gryffindor tally in the negative, doesn’t it?”

“But they’ve…” began Harry, furious.

“Anymore, and I’ll make it a hundred, Mister Potter.” Snape’s voice was bitter. Harry didn’t believe it possible, but he could swear the level of hate in Snape’s eyes was even more intense than usual. Harry backed off a step in shock. “I think a visit to the headmaster is in order. You too.” He looked at Crabbe and Goyle. “Only fair you should all get your say, especially when the headmaster’s biased in certain ways.” He threw Harry another murderous look and Harry thought it was a bit hypocritical to accuse Dumbledore of favouritism. Snape turned and strode off in the direction of the castle with the four students following close behind.

“What have you got to say, Harry?” Dumbledore had listened to Snape’s exaggerated version of events and Crabbe and Goyle’s pitiful attempt at playing the victims. Now his gaze fell on Harry. Harry felt uncomfortable. Professor Dumbledore looked disappointed and Harry hated disappointing him. He looked at the ground.

“We overheard some of their conversation.” Harry began, motioning to the two smirking Slytherins in the corner.

“He was spying on us!” cried Goyle.

“Thank you Mr. Goyle, you’ve had your say. Continue, Harry.” Harry breathed deeply, and Ron looked at the floor next to him.

“What they said, suggested they were responsible for the disappearance of my Mother’s Pendant. It went missing last night when Hermione was ill.”

“Nothing to do with us!” cried Crabbe, and Harry and Ron stared at him. Crabbe actually sounded genuinely surprised at the accusation.

“It’s the only thing of hers I have, Professor. And when I heard them talking, they said that they had to make sure I didn’t get my hands on something, and they mentioned that it was kept in a box – which I do – and I figured, they had taken it.” Harry concluded.

“I see…and you took it upon yourselves to attack Mr. Crabbe?” Harry felt ashamed now that it was put into words. It sounded a ridiculous thing to do. He looked at the floor.

“Yes, sir.” He replied and Snape sneered.

“Violent tendencies, headmaster. Not the first time we’ve seen outbursts like this from him.”

“Very true, Severus. However all those times, it had been provoked had it not?” Snape looked disappointed and grunted a “yes”.

“I think that if the only possession of my dead Mother’s I had, had gone missing, I would be just as testy.” Concluded Dumbledore, and Harry released a sigh of relief. “However, attacking another student, for whatever reason, is unacceptable. The 50 points deduction remains.” Harry and Ron looked up in dismay at the Headmaster and looked to protest, but Dumbledore held up a hand. “That is all. Severus, Mr. Crabbe, Mr. Goyle, you may leave now. You two stay a while.” He looked at Harry and Ron, who in turn looked at each other confused. The three obviously disappointed Slytherins turned and left the room, Snape throwing another vicious look Harry’s way.
When they had Gone, Dumbledore sat at his desk and told Harry and Ron to take a seat. To their astonishment they turned to see two comfy looking armchairs had apparated behind them. They grinned and sank thankfully into them. Dumbledore looked at them sternly over the half-moon rims of his spectacles.

“Why were you so sure that Mr. Crabbe and Mr. Goyle had your Mother’s pendant, Harry?”

Harry looked at Ron who seemed as surprised as Harry was.

“Well…they’ve been acting suspiciously. We saw them in Diagon Alley, and they were talking about something then too, that they had to keep safe.

”Yeah.” said Ron, to back him up.

“I see, and your pendant only went missing last night?”


“And when did you receive the pendant? Before or after you saw Mr. Crabbe and Mr. Goyle in Diagon Alley?”

“Well, after…oh.” Dumbledore smiled.

“So they couldn’t have known about your pendant, could they, Harry?”

“No.” he said quietly.

“Where did you leave your pendant last night, Harry?”

“In the common room, in front of the fire. When Hermione fell ill we just rushed out of there.”

“And how, if Mr. Crabbe and Mr. Goyle did take it, did they get into the Gryffindor common room?” Harry and Ron didn’t have an answer, instead just looked at each other uncomfortably. Dumbledore obviously decided they’d suffered enough embarrassment for he smiled and leant back in his chair.

“Never jump to conclusions, Harry. They can have serious consequences.” Harry nodded.

“Do you know what your Mother’s pendant is, Harry?” asked Dumbledore, changing the subject. Harry looked at Ron, who shrugged. Harry shook his head. Dumbledore smiled again.

“Ah. I suppose not, no. Still, there’s time yet. How is your friend, Miss Granger today? Mr. Weasley, I believe you were the last to visit her.” Harry and Ron were becoming more and more confused.

“She’s, er, fine. Not conscious yet, but she’s comfortable.”

“Why don’t you go and visit her. She needs someone to hold her hand.” Dumbledore winked at them, then rose from his chair and showed them the door.

“Professor?” asked Harry, turning suddenly.

“Yes, my boy?”

“Why does Professor Snape hate me so much? I don’t buy the stories. I used to, but not anymore. He can’t just have hated my father so much because of what happened with Sirius and the practical joke. My Father didn’t even have anything to do with it. He saved Snape.”

Dumbledore looked thoughtful for a moment.

“Hate, Harry, is very closely linked to Love. One emotion can often lead to the other. Love can make you crazy, and Hate can make you passionate.” With that he smiled, and shooed them both out of the door.

“He’s getting weirder, I tell you!” said Ron as they made their way down the corridor from Professor Dumbledore’s office.

“He’s trying to tell us something.” Said Harry thoughtfully.

“He always is. I just wish he’d tell us straight.” Roan moaned. “You up for visiting Hermione?” he asked, hopefully.

“Yeah of course. She should wake up soon; Dumbledore said it would only be a day or so. It would be nice if she had a friendly face there when she does.” He replied and Ron smiled and nodded.

“Oh wait. Mind if I nip back to the dorms? I want to apologise to Neville.” It had been nagging him ever since that morning. He’d behaved abominably towards Neville and felt horrible.

“Sure. I’ll go ahead, see you there.” Said Ron and headed off towards the hospital wing. Harry watched him go. Something was different. He knew that all the whispering Ron and Hermione had been doing behind his back this summer had been for the sake of Harry’s birthday surprise, but somehow he’d noticed the bond between his two best friends had grown. He’d noticed a change in Ron. Not so much in Hermione, she seemed much the same as ever, but then girls were more difficult to read than boys…to Harry at least. He’d laughed off the jealousy games they’d been playing last year with Viktor Krum and Fleur Delacour. He hadn’t taken it seriously or thought it had meant anything. But watching Ron over the last couple of days was beginning to make him wonder. He was happily wandering down the corridor thinking to himself when he was shaken out of it by a muffled shout.

“Harry, help!” came an anxious cry from his left. He turned and ran over to a stumbling Ginny who was loaded down with boxes and books. He took a handful from her arms and she grinned over the top of some books at him.

“Hi.” She grinned wisps of hair in her face, getting caught on her lips. He smiled and pulled the strands of ginger hair away from her face, laughing.

“Thanks. That was really beginning to annoy me.” She hoisted the books more securely into her arms and started down the corridor. He followed her.

“So how’s your afternoon been?” she asked brightly.

“Don’t ask.”

“I just did.” He sighed and launched into the whole story, and accompanied the story with angry grunts and comments when he described Snape’s behaviour. Talking about it made him think of what Dumbledore had told him about love and hate and he fell silent for a while.

“Knut for your thoughts?” asked Ginny quietly.

“What? Oh, nothing.”

“You sure? You look like you got something on your mind.“

“Yeah. But, it doesn’t matter right now.”

“Ok. But if you want to talk…”

“Thanks. By the way, what is all this stuff?” he asked motioning to the boxes and books in their arms.

“God knows.” She said, slightly annoyed.


“Oh it’s Fred and George’s stuff. Fred gave them to me in the library and ordered I take them to George in the dorm. He said if I looked in the boxes he’d tell everyone that…” she trailed off and fell silent.

“Tell everyone what?” he asked mischievously. She grinned.

“Wouldn’t you like to know.” He laughed.

“Tell me.”


“Tell me!”


“I’ll go tell George that you peeked and then he can tell me.” He threatened.

“No you won’t.” she said defiantly.

“Oh yeah? What makes you so sure?”

“Because you’re not a pig.” She said finally, smiling at him. He melted and flushed with embarrassment.

“You didn’t think that this morning.” He told her and she laughed and moved faster down the corridor, so that he had to run to catch up.

Finally in the common room Harry helped her carry the boxes up the steps to the 7th year dorms. They knocked on Fred and George’s dorm and it opened just a crack.

“Yes, what is it?” came George’s voice.

“It’s us for goodness sake, let us in.” Ginny moaned, her arms aching. George popped his whole head out.

“Did anyone see you?” he asked suspiciously.

“What? How should I know?” she moaned again shoving the boxes into George’s arms. He looked at them suspiciously.

“Did you peek?” he asked.

“No! For spirit’s sake! Why would I want to?” George disappeared into the room and came back to take the load from Harry.

“Just you hope you didn’t” he looked at Harry then back to Ginny. “Wouldn’t want your little secret getting out.” She glowered at him and he grinned before disappearing back into his dorm. Harry felt a change of subject was in order.

“So, wanna go visit Hermione in the Hospital?” she turned and smiled briefly before nodding. “Great. I just gotta go talk to Neville first. I want to apologise for this morning.” She nodded and followed him up the steps to his dorm. She stood at the door peering in whilst Harry approached Neville’s bed.

“Neville?” he called.

“Yeah?” Neville called opening his curtains and smiled weakly when he saw Harry.

“Listen I’m sorry about this morning…” Neville cut him off, though.

“Oh, it’s alright, really. I understand how you felt. I guess I was acting a bit weirdly with that pendant. I just…I swear I recognise it. I take it, it hasn’t turned up then?” Harry shook is head and told him about the incident with Crabbe and Goyle.

“Oh dear. Well I hope you find it.”

“Thanks.” Harry turned to go, but decided to have one last check in the Arinella box. He pulled it from underneath the bed and unlocked it. He pulled out the Arinella and set it on his bedside table, Ginny came right into the room to admire it.

“It really is beautiful.” She said quietly. He looked up at her and was completely astounded to find himself thinking the same thing…about her. He looked away again quickly, shaking his head.

“You ok?” she asked, a concerned expression on her face.

“Er, yeah, fine.” He said and looked into the Arinella box as a diversion. He searched the box quickly and his fingers brushed something. It looked like a piece of fabric sewn into the silken lining. He pulled gently on it, but nothing happened. Shrugging he went reached for the Arinella to put it away again, but Ginny was holding it, staring intently into its depths.

“What is it? He asked.

“Look.” She said motioning him closer. He moved over to where she was standing and looked closely into the Silver mists. The tiny sphere danced around in his eyes then suddenly he let out a little cry. One of the spheres stood out from all the rest. It hadn’t been like that before. They had all been identical silver spheres of light dancing gently around the jar. This one darted violently around, crashing into other spheres and the crystal walls of the jar. But the reason that it stood out so clearly was that instead of being shimmering silver, it was a brilliantly glowing, blood red.
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bad me
i missed 3 posts

i love it
you should write books
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lol. You didn't miss 3 posts, I posted them all together.

Thanks. I'm glad you're enjoying it. I am actually in the middle of writing a book. I have ideas all the time. I get writers block a lot, though and I'm quite undisciplined about just sitting down and writing. I get distracted by the world's other offerings.
Work and life get in the way a lot. Before I was working I wrote all the time. That's when I wrote the majority of this fan fiction. But working full-time can really zap your creative energy.
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