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Default My Father, My Hero - Sa13+
Fortress of Brilliance ღ Mommy Quad

Thanks to Mathi at The Three Musketeers' Fort for the lovely banner.

Dedicated to Dani and WOLVERIIINE
Because she inspired this story and continues to PUSH me to write, even though I dislike my writing. <3

Background information: This story revolves around my Diagon Alley character, Artemis. About how she went from being a Galanis, to a Chosen, and everything in between. Originally I was going for a 'Past, Present and Letter' theme, but my idea changed a bit since then. The first half of each chapter will be starting in the year 2068 (was suppose to be present time, but I took too long to put this up) and will eventually reach present RPG timelines; the second half is a look into the past, glimpses of Artie's childhood that help tell the story.

As the sun began to set, casting a orange and pink glow on top of the houses down the street Artemis' dark blue eyes traveled toward a group of children running and playing, their excited squeals of laughter filling the air. One of the small boys paused as he noticed the stranger. Hesitating, he waved a friendly little hello. The young woman smiled and waved back before who she assumed was the boy's sister (even from where she stood, the resemblence between the two was obvious) pulled him back into the game of chase.

Turning her gaze to the ground in front of her, the twenty-five year old turned in to a path that led up to the yellowish house with the burgundy roof. This was the first time she had been here, but she was sure this was the one that had been described to her. The house looked a bit newer than the ones surrounding it, as if it had been built in the last ten years or so while the others had at least several years of seniority on it. It was more than that, though; the house had an odd, alluring charm to it despite the fact it did not look as old or historical as the others. It had character.

Artemis nearly laughed at the thought but stopped herself, startled by the beautiful, curly-haired, middle-aged woman that stood in the doorway.

She was waiting for her.

Realizing this, Artemis could almost immediately feel the heat rising to her cheeks. "Sorry I'm late, I went to change after work and.." I wasn't sure what I'm doing by coming here. Trailing off, the young woman tried to avoid direct eye-contact with the older woman, as if fearing she would see right through her and understand the thought process that had gone into making her late.

The woman, Desirae, held the door open for her to come inside. She wore a gentle smile, giving Artemis the impression the awkwardness she felt had become quite obvious on the outside, too. "That's alright, you don't need to be sorry. Your little sister, Robin, had seen you approaching the house and came to tell me."

Your little sister.

The words echoed in her head like a sentence shouted into an empty cave. Artemis wasn't use to hearing that; she had a brother. A little brother exactily eight years younger than herself. Apollo could hardly be considered little anymore, admittedly, but that was beside the point.

"Oh," Artemis gave a weak nod of her head, feeling oddly numb to the subject. It was still too surreal. "How old is she?"

"She and Sparrow are twenty-one months. She's very smart for her age, catches on quickly. Your father likes to joke that she'll be potty-training herself any day now."

Desirae led the way down the hall, pausing at the sound of a crash that was followed closely by a baby crying as loudly as it's little lungs would allow. Her eyes went wide as any mother's would, concerned for her child. "I better go check on them," Desirae looked apologetic. "Al should be in his study, just go a little further down the hall and take a right. Go ahead and go right in, he won't mind."

And with that said, Desirae excused herself to tend to her children, leaving Artemis on her own to find Alphonse Chosen.

Her father.


"Is it good, Artie?" Uncle Deniz asked, peering over the top of his coffee cup as he took a sip from it, watching the small dark haired child silently pick at her breakfast. "Blueberry pancakes are still your favorite?"

Pressing her sticky, syrup-covered fingers together five year old Artemis lifted her gaze from her half-eaten pancake with a slightly confused look, as if she had heard someone talking to her but the words hadn't quite registered yet. "Hmmm?" Murmured the girl as she continued to examine her fingers, sticking the tips of her thumb and index finger together and then pulling them apart.

Going unnoticed by the young child, uncle Deniz threw her aunt Erimentha a concerned frown. With a flick of her wand, the Greek woman set the dishes to cleaning themselves and proceeded to dry her hands. Inquiring in a gentle, motherly tone: "Is something on your mind, dear?"

This time the child was listening. "Why doesn't my daddy love me and momma?" By the way the question came out so innocently and casually, and though it was unexpected, it was clear she had been thinking about it for some time now.

Looking up, Artemis noticed that her auntie appeared frozen on the spot and uncle Deniz was mimicking what she had recently seen a fish out of water do with his mouth, caught off guard.

"Your father loves you. What would make you think otherwise, Artemis?" Aunt Erimentha grabbed the wash clothe from the sink and wet it with warm water before coming around to the small girl's side.

"Then why isn't he here with us?" Artie asked, moving around in her chair to face her auntie as she began to clean up the syrup, and uncle Deniz cleared her abandoned plate.

With her hand under Artie's chin holding her still Erimentha gently wiped her face, taking her time to respond. "Sometimes the things we want most in life aren't things that are always possible, dear. If he could, I know your father would be here right now, telling you what an amazing little girl you're growing up to be and how impressed he is with you and how much he loves you."

As aunt Erimentha finished cleaning up her sticky situation and brushed a dark lock of hair from in front of her face, Artemis frowned. "But why isn't it possible? 'Tria has her momma and daddy, Elysia has a momma and daddy and so do the rest of the kids in my school. Why am I different?"

"There's nothing wrong with being different, Artie. Being different makes you unique - special; you want to be your own person, don't you?" Uncle Deniz's firm voice re-entered the conversation, catching the child's attention. Artemis nodded. "Why do you think it is your father can't be here?"

Little Artemis didn't need to sit and think before coming to one conclusion that made absolute perfect sense to her. "He's a super hero!" She declared, dark navy blue eyes wide with surprise as the words tumbled out of her mouth. "That's why we don't see him?"

An uneasy tension filled the room and, ignoring the warning look from his wife, Deniz nodded slowly. "Yes. You could say that."

Her father was a real live hero that did love her, it was really true. Artie's mouth had opened in shock as the news sunk in, a new series of questions forming in her mind. Questions she surely couldn't ask all in one morning without being late for school.

"Artemis, I think you should go get your shoes on and get your bag." Aunt Erimentha interrupted, the warning look now a glare when uncle Deniz caught her gaze. "Tell your cousin it's time to go too, please."

"Okay aunt Eriee." Climbing down from her seat, Artie started to walk toward the hall and stopped, turning back on her heels. "Just one thing. If he can't visit us, can I write to my daddy?"

"I don't think he would be able to write back-"

"I know. It's okay. I still want to, so a little piece of me will still be with him." Artemis added, hope shining in her dark blue orbs that resembled nothing of her mother's.

Uncle Deniz gave in with a sigh of defeat, which Artemis was oblivious to. "Yes, that sounds like a lovely idea, Artie. Give the letters to me, and I'll make sure they get to him. Now go on, we're going to be late."

Padding down the hall with only tights to keep her feet warm on the cold wood flooring, the five year old hadn't a clue about the quiet discussion she had left behind in the kitchen and the looks her uncle continued to receive for the fibs he allowed her to believe.

"What did you want me to say?"

"I don't know! Not that!" Erimentha whispered back, a mixture of concern and irritation evident in her tone. "Athena isn't going to like this."

Deniz frowned. "What choice did we have? She's not a baby any more, Artemis is going to have questions. She has a right to know about her father, Mentha."

"That's not our choice to make, Deniz."


Chapter One
Chapter Two

Note: The Chosen family (Alphonse, Rae, the twins and others to come later) belong to Dani (Kaos.Doodles), who is letting me borrow them for this Fic.

Also, I am NOT a good writer and this makes me nervous, so bear with me please.

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You are great writer, dear. Fantastic start. I can't wait to read more!
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First of all *pokes you to do something
Eep dedication.
-.- You better keep writing.

Looove the start Goosie! You have to write more!! Cause I neeed to know more about Artie She's such an interesting charrie! AND good job with my charries HAHA you probably wrote more for Rae than I ever did

{act like you know me, but you never will}__{but there's one thing that I know for sure}

{i'll show you}
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EEEEEEEP. So a little link in Dani's siggie which I clicked brought me HERE.


Gracie this is zomgsome! Write more! *pout*

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_________________________________.....Fidget works too.
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Originally Posted by Granger1814 View Post
You are great writer, dear. Fantastic start. I can't wait to read more!
Eeep! Thank you, Sabsieees!
Originally Posted by Kaos.Doodles View Post
First of all *pokes you to do something
Eep dedication.
-.- You better keep writing.

Looove the start Goosie! You have to write more!! Cause I neeed to know more about Artie She's such an interesting charrie! AND good job with my charries HAHA you probably wrote more for Rae than I ever did
I am going to keep writing.

Thank youu. LOL, glad I was able to write them decently and get your approval.
Originally Posted by Lexers View Post
EEEEEEEP. So a little link in Dani's siggie which I clicked brought me HERE.


Gracie this is zomgsome! Write more! *pout*

EEEP! *eyes Dani twinnie's siggy links*

Thank you!

So sorry I haven't updated yet, right after putting this up.. well, things got busy Nice timing, right? Anyway, I'm planning to start chapter 2 tonight. Check back soon <3
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Finally, I've written the second chapter. I have to admit that I'm terrified and not sure what to think of it myself, it went a little bit differently in my head but then the length would have been much, much longer and there were just too many ways I could write this scene out. Hopefully, this will do fine for now.

Chapter Two:

There was the door right in front of her. Artemis found herself frozen on the spot, her hand curled into a loose fist just inches from the wood surface. Desirae had told her to simply go inside. It was a little bit too late to reconsider coming now, wasn't it? No, that wasn't an option. She had been waiting a long time for this, too. Artemis just never expected it to be like this.

A deep breath that she hadn't realized she had been holding left her in the moment her fingers wrapped around the door knob, hesitantly peeking inside as though she was worried about interrupting something important. When she noticed no one inside nor had she heard any noises indicating that Alphonse was in the room, the young woman walked further inside, closing the door quietly behind herself. It wasn't until then, that she noticed a pair of dark blue eyes staring up at her from behind a desk.

Instantly, Artemis could feel the warmth in her face return for the second time within the past several minutes. Though embarrassed, she couldn't seem to bring herself to speak. Instead she stood there, staring at the man she had only met a couple weeks before. The man she had been hoping desperately to meet since the age of four. Legend had been right; She resembled a lot of his father.. their father. They had the same dark hair, same blue eyes, even their ears were the same.

Upon realizing she was still staring, without saying a single word and how strange that must look, the half-Greek young woman ducked her head, gazing down at the floor. What she failed to consider was in that moment, Alphonse's thoughts probably weren't much different than her own.

Finally, the silence was broken as the dark haired man stood from his big chair, coming around from behind the desk. The papers on his desktop were abandoned in favor of a large smile, and Artemis quickly found herself being pulled into a hug.

He was genuinely happy to see her.

Knowing that, it felt like a weight had been lifted. The worries she had carried with her for such a long time about this day, if it were to ever come finally being erased once and for all, leaving a sort of peace in it's place. Artie was able to relax a little bit, enough to return his embrace.

"I'm glad you came. Have a seat, make yourself at home," Alphonse gestured toward one of two chairs in front of the desk, waiting until she was seated to return to his own seat. "Are you thirsty? Hungry? I could-"

Before he could finish, Artemis was shaking her head. "No, thank you. I'm fine." Pausing a moment, Artemis tucked a dark strand of hair behind her ear before folding her hands in her lap. "I'm glad I came too.."

There was another quiet moment where silence fell between them as Artemis trailed off, not for lack of words but because she found herself staring again, unable to help it.

He was her father, he was real and sitting right in front of her.

As Alphonse's smile grew, a slight hint of amusement reached his eyes. Artemis dropped her gaze to her hands absently playing with a loose string on her sleeve, the familiar warmth of heat rushing to her cheeks out of embarrassment for staring so bluntly.

"It's alright." Alphonse assured, not bothered in the least.

Glancing up at him, a small, shy smile of her own appeared. "I always wondered what it would be like to finally meet you. How it would happen, if I would just.. know, walking down the street or any old place, if I were to run into you, would I know who you were? Or maybe you would be the one to find me." She admitted quietly, revealing many of her reoccurring childhood thoughts and daydreams. "I wondered.. what you would be like, how your voice would sound, how you would look; I knew I must look more like you, I hardly take after mom's side of the family."

Alphonse was quiet, listening intentively as his daughter spoke. "And are you disappointed?"

The question caught her a little off guard. She had never thought about that before but without even thinking, she shook her head lightly. "No," Artemis didn't need to think about it, she already knew the answer. She just hadn't realized until that moment. "Not at all."

That day in the Leaky Cauldron with Legend and his- their father, with her mother showing up for one of her surprise visits hadn't been the way she ever imagined finding out who her father was, never mind how she imagined meeting him. She didn't really have a clear idea of what it should have been like; As a child there had been many different thought up scenarios in which the fateful day would take place, and even though rushing out of the pub was never quite part of those ideas, it had worked out for the best.

"Are you sure I can't get you anything? Coffee?" Alphonse asked, slowly rising from his seat.

Artemis shook her head once more. "No, thank you. I don't drink coffee." She had tried it once in her life, and that was all she needed; It had tasted bitter in comparison to the light, sweet taste of her favorite tea.

Alphonse nodded, not very surprised as she uttered those words; He should have known. It was the same thing Athena would have said. "How about some tea?"

Looking up at the man from where he stood at the door, Artie slowly nodded, changing her mind at the offer of tea. "That would be really nice, actually."


Following behind Demetria as she entered the house that afternoon, Artemis mimicked her motion and dropped her bag in the corner next to the door, plopping herself on the floor in order to carefully take her shoes off and set them by their school bags as well.

With a wiggle of her toes, free from her shoes, Artemis' dark blue eyes looked up as her uncle came through the front door. As he had informed them several times a week, he was not as young as he use to be and couldn't race them to the house, which happened to be why she and her older cousin had arrived inside first.

A smile brightened the young girl's face, taking the hand her uncle offered to help her up and quickly, she sped down the hallway and straight into the kitchen, nearly sliding as her feet went from wood flooring to tile in the matter of seconds, Artemis recovered from her wobbling and pulled out a chair at the kitchen table to slide herself into.

"How was your first day back at school, darlings?" Aunt Erimentha asked, affectionate as always as she greeted both children with a firm hug from behind and kiss on the head.

From where she sat across the table, Artemis watched her cousin run her fingers through her short reddish brown hair, seperating a little tangle with her fingers as aunt Erimentha poured hot water into two cups and set them down in front of them both, warning in a firm motherly tone, "Don't touch yet. The tea isn't not ready and it needs to cool first." A plate of cookies were levitated onto the table between them.

"It was fun! There's some new kids, mostily younger ones.." Demetria started excitedly, her voice trailing off at the end, the nine year old made a funny face as if she had just put something extremely sour in her mouth. Artie resisted a giggle as best as she could. "Except when that boy got DIRT in my hair." Then, in that exact moment, it hadn't been fun. Nope.

Deniz had the abnormal habit of walking right into conversations he would probably rather not have heard, and this time was no different than others as he walked into the room. His gaze went from the the cookies, to two young girls, and then his wife. Uttering only a single question seriously, he picked up a cookie while he was there. "Boy troubles, already?"

Erimentha's only response was a warm smile, a soft chuckle leaving her lips. Boys would be boys, wouldn't they? "What about you, Artemis. How was your day back?"

Nibbling on her snack, the six year old was barely aware of the conversation, practically tuning it out in favor of her wandering thoughts and imagination, always thinking up new things for the next day. When she noticed a couple sets of eyes staring at her, Artemis sat up a little straighter in her chair and finished chewing the food in her mouth, swallowing before she answered. "Good!"

"Anything exciting happen?" Erimentha kindly prompted the young girl, encouraging her to go on.

Artie gave a little shrug of her shoulders. Her teacher was still Mr. DeVille, the same man who was about to marry her mother and become the father she had been seeking. There wasn't much to tell there; Clearly, she liked her teacher. And most, if not all of the children she attended school with were the same as they had been last year, and the year before that, and the year before that except.. "Oh! Aunt Eriee, uncle Deniz!" The little brunette exclaimed, her face lighting up once more as she seemed to remember something exciting.

Artemis leaned up in her seat, eager to tell her news. "I made a new friend at school today! He's new and he's not like the other kids!"

Demetria looked confused, if not skeptical, looking over her cookie at her cousin. "He's a Wizard, isn't he?" They attended wizarding schools for children. Seperate ones, but both for magical beings. She didn't understand how he could be 'not like the other kids', in that case.

Slightly puzzled by Demetria's question, Artie slowly bobbed her head up and down. What did that have to do with anything? Of course he was.

"What do you mean by that, dear?" Aunt Erimentha appeared to be a bit confused as well.

"He's new.." Artemis repeated, becoming more confused by the second. She brushed the confusion aside, deciding to settle back on being happy about the day and went on to explain, "He moved here this year from some place else, and he's my friend now! Do you think mommy and Andrew- I meant Mr. DeVille, will let me invite him to the wedding?"

"That's wonderful Artemis, and what a good idea! We'll talk to your mother when she comes home from work, I'm sure they won't mind at all. What's this boy's name?"

"Eros." The boy's name left the little girl's lips in a near whisper, as if the information was much too special and important to announce to world.

In all honesty, she didn't want to share him with the world. Her family, maybe. But not the whole world. Not yet.

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