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Default Epiphany - Sa16+
Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

All characters and original story of Harry Potter and everything thereof belong to JK Rowling and I am thankful to her incredible talent and influence her writing has over me. Epiphany is the last segment in the series of ff’s I have written; and it is 172 chapters, with an Epilogue I may or may not post. I only say this to give fair warning of its length. I will say however; I love this story and hope it will be accepted and enjoyed as much as I enjoyed writing it. Two things I need to warn you about is the fact that this is written for more mature readers and is very dark in some places with some adult themes, but nothing immoral or out of bounds. Also the story involves Harry making unlikely friends and allies later in the story. This was to set a foundation for writing short crossover ff’s in the future if this is well accepted. If not, it was fun writing it anyway, and helped make the story more appealing in my opinion.

Since it has been a while from when, ‘Led By His Wand’ was finished I think I should give a short synopsis of it to link properly to this new story.

After the war Harry left on a Quest to fill the empty place in his heart from the hate that had previously occupied that spot. He left for wherever his wand pointed; doing what he saw needed doing. For some reason wherever he went someone or groups of people arrived immediately thereafter to kill him. After four years he came home and waited for Mr. Weasley to come home from work. He was invisible to keep anyone from knowing he was there. Unfortunately Mr. Weasley came home on the verge of a bad thunderstorm about to hit. He saw a stream of magic being sent to the Burrow and assumed it was someone attempting to do harm to his home and family. He was able to jump and critically injure the unaware wizard. Through much deliberation they all found out it was Harry. Harry spent the entirety of the story (24 hours) severely injured but determined to marry Ginny the following day. Harry made Ron partners with him in a Detective Agency he was starting after the honeymoon. Ron and Hermione left with Ginny being very angry with Hermione over her constantly doubting and telling Harry he was wrong. She more or less told her to leave so she could get ready for her wedding whether her and Ron got married with them or not. Harry believes Tom Riddle isn’t dead. Please ask questions if you still don’t understand something.

Chapter 1 The Warning
Chapter 2 It's The Thoughts That Counts
Chapter 3 An Unwanted Visitor
Chapter 4 The Surprise Of A Lifetime
Chapter 5 Fire And Ice
Chapter 6 Laughter Is The Best Medicine
Chapter 7 The Truth In The Broom Closet
Chapter 8 Ginny Throws Harry Out Of Bed
Chapter 9 The Near Future Is Closer Than You Think
Chapter 10 Winky To The Rescue
Chapter 11 Beans, Cornbread, And Sweet Potato Pie
Chapter 12 Answers from K'Lari
Chapter 13 Held Captive In Paradise
Chapter 14 Ron Verses Frodo
Chapter 15 All Clear And Free
Chapter 16 Winky Speaks Her Mind
Chapter 17 Ginny's Surprise
Chapter 18 The Cow Jumped Over The Moon
Chapter 19 It's The Little Things That Make Life Meaningful
Chapter 20 Nights In White Satin
Chapter 21 No Time For Explanations
Chapter 22 Anger Management
Chapter 23 A Matter Of The Mind
Chapter 24 The Masks Of Comedy And Tragedy
Chapter 25 High In The Sky, And Down In The Dumps
Chapter 26 Harry Can Fly Without His Broom
Chapter 27 No Big Bang
Chapter 28 A Test For Ron
Chapter 29 Hermione's View Unveiled
Chapter 30 The Voice Of Sound Reasoning
Chapter 31 A Monster On The Plantation
Chapter 32 Unfounded Cloaks And Daggers
Chapter 33 Teddy's Phone Call
Chapter 34 The Rescue
Chapter 35 Draco's Stroke Of Luck
Chapter 36 A Fine Point Between Good And Evil
Chapter 37 The Double Agent
Chapter 38 Ecstasy And Agony
Chapter 39 To Infinity And Beyond
Chapter 40 In Limbo
Chapter 41 Fallen Angel
Chapter 42 Harry Potter Jr. Makes His Appearance
Chapter 43 From The Desk Of HMOH MM
Chapter 44 Bb Over High C
Chapter 45 The Blink Of An Eye
Chapter 46 The Kid Is Not My Son
Chapter 47 Draco's News
Chapter 48 No Time For sorrow, No Time For Pain
Chapter 49 Seconds From Eternity
Chapter 50 The Door Of Death
Chapter 51 He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
Chapter 52 The Celebration
Chapter 53 Draco's Task
Chapter 54 All Things Sorted
Chapter 55 There Is Only Existence With A Broken Heart
Chapter 56 The Music Stopped
Chapter 57 Changes At Hogwarts
Chapter 58 A Parting Of The Ways
Chapter 59 An Unlikely Meeting
Chapter 60 Driven
Chapter 61 To Tell The Truth
Chapter 62 And Baby Makes Three
Chapter 63 Wherever The Need Is
Chapter 64 The Cat's Bite
Chapter 65 Trap Baited
Chapter 66 An Unforgettable Day At Madam Rosmerta's
Chapter 67 A Bad Dealt Hand
Chapter 68 "Who's Who?" In Harry's House
Chapter 69 Madagascar
Chapter 70 Buried But Not Forgotten
Chapter 71 A long Road To Recovery
Chapter 72 Sooner Or Later ... Life And Death
Chapter 73 In Sickness And In Health, Till Death Do Us Part
Chapter 74 Hermione's Costly Mistake
Chapter 75 Wes Discovers Who His Boss Is
Chapter 76 Who Is Wes Despurious?
Chapter 77 Draco's Enlightenment
Chapter 78 The Big Fight
Chapter 79 Showdown At Gringotts
Chapter 80 Is Wes An Orphan Or Not?
Chapter 81 The Other Shoe Drops
Chapter 82 The Haunting Of Godric's Hollow
Chapter 83 The End Of An Eventful Day; All Things Considered
Chapter 84 Regrouping
Chapter 85 The Wedding
Chapter 86 The Deadly Delivery
Chapter 87 Stand By Me
Chapter 88 Harry Meets The Prime Minister
Chapter 89 Harry And The Hendersons
Chapter 90 Draco Thinks Wrongly
Chapter 91 The Wizengamot Under Fire
Chapter 92 A New Respect
Chapter 93 A Normal Day?
Chapter 94 Fire At The Burrow
Chapter 95 A Meeting With Harry's Fear
Chapter 96 Snake And Skull
Chapter 97 A Chance Encounter
Chapter 98 The Truth Is Out And Embraced
Chapter 99 Ron's Day, The Good And The Bad Of It
Chapter 100 Things Understood
Chapter 101 A Lucky Catch Or Not
Chapter 102 Shades
Chapter 103 The Enforcer, Ruler Of Nightmares
Chapter 104 The Defiant One
Chapter 105 Far Away And Alone
Chapter 106 Disappointment At The Birthday Party
Chapter 107 The Break-In
Chapter 108 Bad Feelings And Sore Resentment
Chapter 109 The Betrayal
Chapter 110 A Sad Plan Is Formed
Chapter 111 On Common Ground
Chapter 112 The Truth Of The Matter
Chapter 113 The Monster
Chapter 114 Earning Friendship
Chapter 115 First And Foremost
Chapter 116 The Wolf In Sheep's Clothing
Chapter 117 Explanations And Harry's Decision
Chapter 118 Lost Chance
Chapter 119 Hidden Message
Chapter 120 The Rising Phoenix
Chapter 121 I Remember...
Chapter 122 Harry In Wonderland
Chapter 123 Great Devastation
Chapter 124 Tallies, Calculations And A decisions
Chapter 125 Moving On With One Thing After Another
Chapter 126 Albus Pays The Price
Chapter 127 The Potter's Go To The USA
Chapter 128 New Friendships And New Enemies
Chapter 129 Harry Proves Himself Again
Chapter 130 Eye Opening Discoveries
Chapter 131 Tom Finds Harry
Chapter 132 An Act Of War
Chapter 133 From The Frying Pan Into The Fire
Chapter 134 The Sorry Truth
Chapter 135 The Long Night
Chapter 136 Preparations
Chapter 137 Getting The Air Cleared
Chapter 138 Never Assume, Rather Have Knowledge Instead
Chapter 139 Albus Saves Harry's Life
Chapter 140 Lilly Learns The Difference Between Cowardice And Fear
Chapter 141 Ron Learns The Truth
Chapter 142 The Truth Be Told
Chapter 143 Ginny Makes A Decision
Chapter 144 The Voices In Our Heads
Chapter 145 Ted Needs Harry's Help
Chapter 146 The Difference Between Then And Now
Chapter 147 The Sacrifice
Chapter 148 The Plan For The Apocalypse
Chapter 149 Time In A Bottle
Chapter 150 Kingsley On The Outs With Harry
Chapter 151 The Thrill Of Victory, The Agony Of Defeat
Chapter 152 The Ally
Chapter 153 Yellow Canaries And Weasley Wizardry
Chapter 154 Floo Network, Port Keys, And Wormholes
Chapter 155 The Long Lost Loveletters Delivered
Chapter 156 No Place Safe In Two Galaxies
Chapter 157 Confusion - A Disoriented State Of Mind
Chapter 158 Harry Puts Things In Perspective
Chapter 159 Nemo Found
Chapter 160 Harry Makes Good On His Promise
Chapter 161 My Brother's Keeper
Chapter 162 Rose and Hugo Gives Harry A Lesson
Chapter 163 Meow No More
Chapter 164 What's Going On?
Chapter 165 Marie's Fairy God Mother's Gift
Chapter 166 Harry Excuses Himself For The Rest Of His Life
Chapter 167 Life Goes On
Chapter 168 Inspire To Aspire
Chapter 169 Forays Into; A Tremendous Game, A Tremendous Win, A Tremendous Battle, Notwithstanding A Tremendous Loss
Chapter 170 The Tribute From The Rising Phoenix
Chapter 171 Tabula Rasa
Chapter 172 The Long Road Of Love And Compassion; Destination - Humanity
Epilogue The Road Not Taken



Ginny was upstairs in her room, writing a quick letter before she started preparing herself for the most important evening of her life. It was unsettling to her how harsh she had been to Hermione and wanted to mend the relationship before resentment and hard feelings settled in.

Dear Hermione,

I hope all went well with getting your parents. I’m anxious to hear how they feel about traveling by Portkey. I’m sure it was quite an experience for them.

Please come over and get ready with me. Mum is putting together a big meal for after the ceremony for those who want to come. Your mum is welcome to come with you and help her if she wants. It’s probably best if Ron doesn’t know about the meal, or he’ll want to come here instead of wherever you’ll be going after the wedding. Ron and your dad can join us at the church. Harry and I are going to get dressed when we arrive there. Our men can’t see us in our dresses before the wedding.

Hermione, I hope you don’t hold it against me for being so short with you earlier. I was very angry, but not at you per say. Only, because of what you were saying to Harry; it seemed to belittle his observances and the conclusions about them. His instincts have been true to him all his life and I think it’s wrong for us not to trust him. It’s up to you if you don’t but you shouldn’t try to tell him he’s wrong. Harry is very different in many ways, due to the things he experienced while he was away. He hasn’t begun to tell us everything and he may never tell us; but the thing is, he believes these things to be true, and after all, he was the one who was there. I don’t know what the future holds for us, but I do believe in Harry, and I standby whatever he says. Hearing everything that he said and everything that Kingsley said does make me think, like Harry, something isn’t right. If he feels the same as when Voldemort was alive than we need to be prepared and not be complacent that he’s dead so nothing else about him can be going on, and catch us off guard. Please come right over when you get this, and we can talk while we get ready, but not about Voldemort… girl stuff.


She went down to the kitchen to get Harley, the family owl. As she attached the letter to his leg, she told him to give the letter to Hermione. “She’s at Bill’s house.” She offered the owl a drink before it left, and then sent him on his way.

On her way back upstairs, she paused briefly to glance at Harry asleep on the couch. Harry and I will need to get us an owl she thought absentmindedly, and then ran upstairs thinking how Harry would feel replacing his beloved Hedwig. Little did she know that getting an owl would be the least of their worries. She gathered her shower needs and set out to begin getting ready. She was about to be married and she wanted to make herself as beautiful and becoming as she could in the short amount of time she had.

A/N All comments are welcome, and because it is so long, I plan on posting twice a week, unless it's too much to keep up with, in which please let me know so I can make your reading experience more comfortable.

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New reader!
I'm hooked already. You seem to have an interesting storyline plotted out.

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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Thanks for reading everyone. Ruby85: Thanks for commenting. I hope the storyline is good enough to keep you hooked. I think it is, but I'm sure I may be somewhat biased. Thanks for commenting.

Chapter 1

The Warning

It was sweltering hot again, just as it had been throughout the whole month. A breeze gust through the cotton print curtains abruptly, and blew muggy air into the bedroom where the red headed young woman wrapped in her bath towel entered. Ginny went to the window and observed the sky wondering if it would storm as it had the night before.

“I can’t believe it’s only been a day since Harry came home. If only it hadn’t been fixing to storm last night when Daddy came home, Harry wouldn’t be hurt. It looks like the rain will be coming earlier today,” she said to herself as she looked to the lane leading into the yard. “Hermione!” Ginny squealed seeing her best friend, along with her mother Apparate at the spot outside the protection charm, and walk to the gate; laden with the wedding dress, Crookshanks and Hermione‘s bag with her needs. The wind picked up and rain started falling.

“Accio Hermione’s wedding dress; Accio Mrs. Grangers bag and Crookshanks!” Ginny commanded. The gown flew with speed to Ginny’s outstretched arms, followed by the bag and Crookshanks. The weather began to change quickly with thunder crashing over them loudly, and lightening coming straight down. Harsh wind blew the umbrella away that Ginny charmed to them. The sky darkened and the heavens turned the gentle rain into a sudden downpour. Hermione and her mom screamed and quickened their pace, splashing through mud as they ran toward the Burrow.

Ginny was blowing air onto Crookshanks with her wand to dry him. Thankfully, Hermione had her gown in a traveling bag to keep it protected from the elements.

“Oh thank you so much Ginny!” Exclaimed Hermione as she busted in through the door all out of breath and dripping with rain and mud. That was quick thinking on your part. Can you believe how fast this storm blew in?”

Ginny grabbed her friend and pulled her tight in a warm embrace. Words didn’t need spoken as they pulled away from each other, the smiles between the friends saying everything.

“Run in and take a hot shower before you catch cold. Are you chilled to the bone; do you want some Pepper Up Potion?”

“No thanks Ginny. I’ll be fine after I shower,” Hermione replied pleasantly. She gathered her essentials and hurried to the shower.

Ginny looked back to Crookshanks and smiled remembering the secret that was being kept. Only her and Harry knew he was a Werecat who had belonged to Harry’s mum. She stroked his fur and rubbed behind his ears affectionately. “Harry is asleep downstairs on the couch if you would like to visit with him.”

Downstairs Molly drew off the mud and water from Mrs. Granger with her wand. Then she repaired and dried her hairdo. Molly held a full-length mirror for Jean’s approval. “Oh, thank you very much Molly! Yes, you’ve worked a miracle here,” she said cheerfully with the mirror disappearing as quickly as it appeared.

Molly looked in on Harry as another loud clap of thunder sounded. “I guess he can sleep so soundly because he’s been sleeping in a tent most of these past four years.”

Jean looked in astonishment at the sleeping young man. “My goodness he looks so different! I remember when the war was over and all three of them came to set us straight again, how grown up they seemed. They looked like they had lived a lifetime of war. They didn’t talk about the war at all, except to say that it was over and Voldemort was defeated. We could tell that Ron and Hermione wanted to talk about it, but they seemed to be on edge with Harry there. I know he felt it too. He was very quiet. It was pretty awkward; then Ron started to tell what happened, about Harry going into the Forrest, and Harry interrupted him saying that Hermione was great throughout and even saved his life, that they had both saved his life, and that he was indebted to them. Then he begged to be excused and left.”

Crookshanks went down the stairs and looked at the women talking in whispers. He proceeded to Harry and jumped gently onto the couch and suddenly sank his claws into Harry’s chest. He growled and the hair on his back and neck got bristly. Harry moaned and opened his eyes.

“Lo Shanks, don‘t you remember me? It‘s been a while. How is Moondrop? Can you unhook those blades you‘ve got buried in my chest please?” He gave Crookshanks a small smile, and stroked his head warmly. The cat put his nose close to Harry’s face and smelled his breath. Being satisfied that this man was Harry; Crookshanks detracted his claws, and nibbled affectionately on Harry’s earlobe since his chin was covered with long whiskers. And then he curled up on Harry’s chest and appeared to fall asleep along with Harry.

Molly and Jean grinned at the cuteness and seeing that Harry went back to sleep, turned back to the kitchen for the preparations of the evening meal.

Unknown to the women watching; a silent conversation in the minds began between the cat and young man. “Harry congratulations on completing your quest; I’m very proud of you. Stay asleep little one; you need your strength for the wedding and afterward as well. I don’t want to worry you, but there is something different about you that is disturbing to me.”

“Shanks? What is it, is Ginny in danger if we get married?”

“Ginny will always be in danger. Don’t delay the wedding though. It won’t change anything, except the unbearable pain it would cause her.”

“What should I do? What is it about me that draws danger? How do you know this Shanks?”

“I’m sorry Harry, I can’t tell what it is, but something about you is different. I can smell it on you.”

“I stink? Oh! Maybe you smell my leg. I was bitten by some snakes and the poison rotted away some of my skin, but, it will get better.”

“No Harry, this is something different. I can’t say what it is, because I’ve never smelled it before, and I know it isn’t your scent alone that I smell. I’m thinking that whatever this is; it’s what’s causing these men to show up and try to kill you everywhere you go.”

“That makes sense Shanks, but how did you know about all this? And how will I find out about this smell I have?”

“Your father had some friends that can help you. Teddy is off on an important mission right now, but K’Lari can help you. She is an expert tracker for the Order. You go on with your plans and I will find her. Is it ok if I go to your wedding tonight, Little One? I got to see your parents wedding, and I don’t want to miss yours.”

“Yes, of course you can; I’ll let Hermione know I want you to come. If there’s a problem with you being allowed to go, I’ll put the invisibility cloak around you, and you can come that way.”

“Thank you, but don’t ever go anywhere without your cloak. I have my own ways of becoming invisible. And while I’m giving you this warning, let me advise you to use your Portkey after the wedding when you go home. I’m sure you have barriers already in place there. Do not step foot off your land. If you need to leave, do it by way of Portkey. I’m afraid you need to do this until we figure out who is behind this foul scheme to kill you.”

“Alright Shanks. Thanks for watching out for me, and like you, I also have ways of being invisible without the cloak, but I still keep it on me at all times if possible. I’m glad you’ll be there tonight. And Shanks, you can come over to our house anytime you want. I’d love to visit with you. You need to tell me how Moondrop and your family are.”

Crookshanks stretched, curled his front paws and went to sleep. Thoughts of Moondrop gladdened his heart; fore he would be living closer to her now, and would be able to be with her a lot of the time.
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First thing: 170 chapters! And you've only been writing it a few months maybe? Wow On the other hand, I need about a month on every chapter lol, maybe I should take a leaf out of your book and start writing ahead.

I was somewhere where Ron and Hermione leave in LBHW, so it's alright if I just continue reading from here right? I can't wait till they get to hunting Voldemort again after the wedding, since it seems he's still alive somehow isn't he? I have a weird feeling that the Horcrux inside Harry isn't really dead, so maybe that's why he's being followed... and Crookshanks/Moondrop is just the cutest I want them to get dressed in white and get married alongside the rest lol.

Post soon! I'm loving it so far
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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Janet Lynn Gordon
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope you all are enjoying the story, and I hope my posting twice a week ian't putting too much on you.

Di: LOL Yeah, 170 chapters is a lot, but it was fun writing. Maybe I got carried away; it's just I had this plan for how I wanted it to end and things I wanted in it to lead up to the end. I just took so long in getting there. Um ... I started writing this story ... ... I'll have to get back to you on that. (Cause I forget ) It was last year though and it did take more than a couple months. Maybe you are confused with my saying I've been done writing it for a couple months. I've just been too afraid to submit it. I think it'll be fine for you to begin on this one now, because the end of the last ff was just after Ron and Hermione left.

Chapter 2

It’s The Thought That Counts

Ginny and Hermione laughed and giggled the afternoon away, while they readied themselves for the wedding.

“Hermione you look beautiful,” Ginny said smiling at her friend. “Come sit with me while I open this gift from Harry. He gave it to me last night and asked me not to open it until I get ready for the wedding. I’ve been so anxious to see what it is!”

Hermione smiled, rummaged in her bag and pulled out a rather large wrapped package. “I haven’t got a clue what this is either, and I’m actually a little nervous about it. Ron gave it to me last night and told me it was something to wear to our wedding. He said he got it a long time ago. Of course I’ll wear it no matter what it is or looks like … it’s just …”

Ginny laughed and said she understood. “You know what kind of taste he has, but I’m sure it’ll be lovely whatever it is. His taste in things isn’t all bad. He picked you after all. I haven’t really been around Harry to know what kind of taste he has. You know, this is the first gift he has ever given me.” She ran her hands softly over the wrapped box. “You open yours’ first,” she said.

Hermione took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she opened the package and drew in a sharp gasp as she carefully lifted a very eloquent Tierra from the wrappings.

“I showed this to Ron the first time we went out after the war. I said when I got married I wanted to wear this in my hair, instead of a veil over my face. He pulled me away from it so fast I thought he was telling me we wasn’t ever going to get married. I went back to get it six months after that, and it was gone. I was heartbroken, and more so after I asked the shop keeper to order me another one. He said he couldn’t because it was a one of a kind piece. This was way more than he could afford. No wonder we never did anything that took money. That man does continue to amaze me every now and then,” she said while she carefully placed her treasure back in the box.

Ginny loved her brother for his thoughtfulness, and admired him for putting up with all the ridiculing he received about stringing Hermione along. Ginny thought he was just content with being boy and girl friend without a commitment. However, he was committed more than anyone ever knew. She could have used a page from that book while Harry was gone. All the ridicule she took from the kids at Hogwarts for carrying a torch for Harry after he left was the same as what Ron went through, yet she was angry and lashed out at them, and secretly at Harry too. She felt ashamed, and doubted her worthiness to marry him. She knew he was too good for her, but was going to marry him anyway.

Her smile faded thinking these things and she spoke quietly to her soon to be sister-in-law. “Hermione, Ron is a great catch and I’m happy he has you to love him the way he deserves to be loved. Do you think,” she rolled her eyes at the tears forming and her inability to crush the fears and doubts in herself as she tried to talk to her friend.

“You think Harry is just marrying you out of some sort of loyalty? That maybe he doesn’t really love you anymore? You’re thinking of the things you said to him before he left, and what you didn’t say in those newspaper articles?”

“Everywhere the Harpies played there were always interviews. From the time Harry left until now people have always asked about me and Harry. I told them that the games were about the team, not about me and Harry. I never defended him when they asked why he ran out on me. I just talked about the game and how well we were doing. … He said he kept a scrapbook, so …”

Hermione broke in and dabbed Ginny’s eyes and cheeks. “Stop this now you’re ruining your make-up,” she said with a consoling smile. “Harry wants to marry you because he loves you. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have looked at the map every night. He wouldn’t have named the mine after you. He wouldn’t have continued to collect news clippings of you, and he wouldn’t have come back here and asked you to marry him. Open your gift so we can see what he got you.”

Ginny smiled weakly at her and turned her eyes upon the wrapped box. Nodding her head she smiled and said, “I do love him … I always have and I always will.” She tore off the wrapping and opened the lid.

“Oh Hermione look! How could he have known what diamond I would pick for my ring? She turned the box toward Hermione to show her matching earrings, and a necklace inlaid with seven diamonds, the same as the diamond her engagement ring had. All the stones were set in a white gold braided chain. She put the jewelry on and looked at herself in the mirror.

“They’re beautiful!” She exclaimed in a whisper and turned so Hermione could see her. But Hermione wasn’t looking at her. She was looking at a note in the bottom of the box.

“There’s a note, it magically appeared after you picked up the jewelry.” she said as she looked up at Ginny. “Oh Ginny, it’s beautiful,” she said breathlessly.

Ginny picked up the box and pulled out the note.

Dear Ginny,

It’s been a month since I killed Voldemort, and still I haven’t asked you to marry me. A few months ago I saw a painting of you at Luna’s house. She had you painted in white gold chains and this cut of diamonds. I figure she knew you pretty well to know your likes and dislikes. Today I made this to give you in the event I find out what’s making me feel so empty and lost inside me, and I ask you to marry me. Each diamond represents the amount of years I’ve loved you from my fifth year at Hogwarts, until we marry. There are three diamonds on it right now, and a new diamond will appear on the necklace each year after this. If something happens to me this jewelry will appear on you, and you will know I am dead and you need to find a new life without me. Just know that I love you for the rest of my life.

I do hope that I figure out what is wrong with me, (this emptiness) and I live to ask you to spend the rest of eternity with me, and then I can give this to you myself.

With all my love,
Your Harry

Ginny looked up at Hermione speechless. Hermione hugged her and said at least she got her answer. “Harry does love you. He wouldn’t have given you these if he didn’t.”

“We do have the best men in the world don’t we.”

“We do for sure.” agreed Hermione.

Ginny took off the jewelry and returned them to the box. I’ll put them on when we’re at the church getting ready.
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I understand the thing about getting carried away and taking long to get to the point cause it happens to me a lot. Anyway back to the fic...

So wow, those are some nice gifts Hermione and Ginny got! Ron being thoughtful? War changes people I guess. And the diamond necklace...I don't think there's anything more romantic. I quote "We do have the best men in the world don’t we.” - yeah, too bad they're fictional lol. I like this side of Harry and Ron you're showing, and also the detail about Ginny being in the Hollyhead Harpies after the war...really nice! PAMS
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Hey Di, thanks for the comment. I think Ron changed a lot after Harry left; mostly out of the need to. He kind of felt lost and betrayed. He clung to Hermione wanting to make sure he didn't lose her. I always thought Ron had a somewhat selfish nature; but I always loved his character both the way JK wrote him and as Rupert portrayed him in the movies.

On another note, I mentioned I'd have to get back with you about when I started writing this ff. Looking back on notes and stuff, I think I began writing this around August of 2011. I had originally planned on Led By His Wand being the last story, but all the natural catastrophes happened and I didn't want to lend a dark story to those tragedies. Epiphany was going to be the title of the last chapter of LBHW. Instead; I rewrote the ending and began writing this ff, and titled it Epiphany instead. LBHW takes place in a 24 hour period and Epiphany encompasses that story and takes us through the 19 years after the end of the war. During this time we will see the way Harry's quest changed him and how powerful he has become. We will also see growth in Ron and him coming into his own character instead of just a sidekick of Harry's.

Now one other thing ... You mentioned:
I have a weird feeling that the Horcrux inside Harry isn't really dead, so maybe that's why he's being followed
No, Harry's feelings that Voldemort isn't dead has nothing to do with the Horcrux inside Harry; he killed it and it is still dead. I try not to change anything JK wrote, and she wrote it all fantastically anyway.

Thanks Di.
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I'll be defying gravity April 29th!!!

Oh my gosh, Connie! 170 Chapters?!?! Wow
Sounds wonderful so far . . . I really do love it so far. I started reading and I was like wait a minute, what in the world is going on? it took me a bit to remember what was going on.
Those gifts are adorable! But I must say that Hermione's, and what it symbolizes and whatnot, is my favorite. I guess because you don't always think of Ron being a hopeless romantic and thinking about his love like that while with Harry, his gift is somewhat unsurprising cuz that's the guy he is. Ginny should never ever doubt him
Loved them all and can't wait for more!

P.S. -- Glad you're back

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading.

Rachel, welcome to my ff. I'm happy you love it so far. Yeah, 170 chapters is a lot, I hope you can stick it out ok. It gets pretty dark and intense at times in the very near future. Ron is a dear for sure, but he can be a pain too. The good and the bad with Ron is all through this ff. They all go through times of growing up and relearning each other especially Harry.

Here is the next chapter, I hope everyone enjoys it.

Chapter 3

An Uninvited Visitor

Harry woke to the smell of delicious food wafting in from the kitchen. Quiet voices and laughter drew Harry through the archway and over to Molly. He kissed her on the cheek making her jump. She turned and blushed seeing Harry standing there with a precious shy grin on his face.

“Harry, I’m sorry son, did we wake you?”

“As a matter of fact, it was my hunger that woke me. Do you think I could make me a sandwich or three?” He was staring at one of the three luscious mutton roasts Jean just took from the oven.

“Yes of course; only I’ll make it for you dear,” Molly replied, wiping her hands free of the juice of the apple she had been peeling for the turnovers she was about to fix.

“I got it. You’re doing important things here; I don’t want to disturb you.”

“You’re limping pretty badly Harry; maybe you should lie back down for a while longer.”

Harry smiled at her and said he was fine. “My leg is just stiff. I need to walk around for a bit.”

Harry picked up a knife and prepared the bread for his sandwiches. Next he sliced thick slices of meat and put them on the three slices of bread, sprinkling some seasonings on them; he placed the remaining three slices on top, and put them inside his shirt. “I’m going outside for a little walk around.”

“Harry! It’s raining!” said both Jean and Molly.

“Ah, of course, how silly of me,” he said getting the sandwiches out and placing them in a plastic bag. “Coming Crookshanks?”

Harry and Crookshanks went out into the pouring rain and then into the newly constructed barn type structure Arthur made for the kangaroos. He took out his wand and dried himself and Crookshanks.

“Crookshanks can we talk?” He pulled out the sandwiches and offered Jimmy one when the cat was transformed into a human boy. Harry smiled and said, “Being a Werecat must have its advantages.”

Jimmy smiled and gratefully accepted the sandwich. “It does indeed, for the most part anyway. Harry looked to the animals and noticed they didn‘t have any food. “Kangaroos don’t need to eat constantly, and they can go long periods of time without water, but they might be hungry.” He flipped his wand and some peaches, apricots and grass appeared in the stalls for them to eat if they wanted it. Then he created a hole large enough for the three to drink water if they needed it. “Aquamenti” he commanded and water came from his wand and filled up the hole.

“Thanks for feeding us animals,” Jimmy said dryly.

Harry smiled and shoved Jimmy’s small shoulder playfully. “Feeling a bit sensitive aren’t ya? I’m hungry and I wanted to check on these roos. I also wanted to talk to you. So, I figured we’d come out and eat while we talked. I couldn’t eat with those great big brown eyes of theirs staring at me. Feeding them seemed like the best solution to the problem. I don’t think of you as an animal, but as a friend. We’ve never gotten to talk before, and I thought it was high time we got reacquainted. It wasn’t fate that brought us back together was it; Ginny said you used to belong to my Mum.”

“Yes, that is right. Your mom was my master. She found me when she was just a child. Saved my life she did. I loved her so much. … My heart still aches for her. She didn’t know about me being a Werecat, but your Dad did. We were the best of friends, your dad and I. Sirius and I became very close friends in your third year at Hogwarts.”

“That’s when you met Moondrop; that was really clever how you managed everything.”

“I was on a mission to revenge your parents’ deaths. I was going to kill Wormtail. But, you took care of that for me.”

“How do you come by that?”

“You saved him from Sirius and Remus that night in the Shrinking Shack. He owed you his life, and when Voldemort sent him to get you in Malfoy Manor, that hand Voldemort made him realized Wormtail’s loyalty wasn’t 100 percent to his master, but a bit to you. It killed him.”

“I don’t understand how people get involved in such evil. This is what I want to talk to you about; sort of anyway.” Harry finished his sandwich and split the last one with Jimmy. “You said to me a while ago that I smell. What do you smell on me? Is Voldemort not dead?” It was a question he was sure he knew the answer to but, was afraid to hear the answer, although he needed to know.

Jimmy sighed deeply. He shook his head and said, “To be sure I can’t say. I don’t smell him on you, but there is something foul about your odor. And I’m beginning to wonder if…” But just then two things happened. Jimmy instantly became Crookshanks again and there was a commotion in the pen with the kangaroos. A man screamed and jumped the fence into the clutches of Harry. Crookshanks growled and hissed. His ears were laid back onto the hair that was standing up on his neck and back. Then he pounced on the man going for his neck. He was obviously going to kill him.

“Whoa! Crookshanks no! We need to talk to him!” Harry shouted.

Immediately the cat slid off of the man and stood panting and growling at the seriously frightened man.

Harry drew his wand on the man. “Who are you, and why are you here?”

The man swallowed hard and said, “I’m part of a force known as, The Vernier, and I’m here to kill you.”

Harry sent a Patronus to Kingsley, and then asked the man his name. “It doesn’t matter what my name is, and I’m not going to tell you anything else.”

Just then, Kingsley showed up, and while Harry was telling him about the man he captured, the man popped something in his mouth. Harry made a yanking motion with his wand and the pill flew out of the man’s mouth and onto the ground. His eyes went wide and he cried out, “You’ve killed me!”

Harry and Kingsley looked at each other and Kingsley said, “You’re a little mixed up mister. He didn’t kill you, you tried to kill yourself, and Harry saved you.”

“This way would have been more humane. They will kill me when they get their hands on me, and it won’t be quick or pain free.” He was trembling, and begged Kingsley for the pill back.

“You’ll be safe in prison. There are strange things going on and I aim to get to the bottom of these things.”

“I want to know,” Harry started, but Crookshanks spoke to him in his mind. Harry, this man has the same smell about him that you do. It’s how they always know where you are. Look how frightened he is.” Harry studied the terrified man who was looking wildly about the small barn. “Ah! Quickly Harry! Wrap your invisibility cloak around him. I have a theory. If anyone comes looking for Kingsley for any reason, tell them that there was an intruder and he killed himself before you could get any information out of him, and the body was sent away to be disposed of. After he is gone, have Kingsley take this man to K’Lari’s place. Tell her to keep him in her secret undetectable room.”

“But … wait where”

“Hurry Harry!”

“Alright, alright,” Harry thought back.

Kingsley was looking at Harry. “You were starting to say something, and then stopped. What’s up Harry?”

“Huh, oh sorry; I was just thinking.” Harry hit the man on the side of the head with his fist, knocking him out. Then as Kingsley jumped in surprise at Harry’s sudden attack on the man, Harry quickly took the Invisibility Cloak from the bag Hagrid had given him for his seventeenth birthday, under his waist band of his jeans. He shook it out and as he wrapped it around the man, he told Kingsley he had a sudden thought. Play along with me here Kingsley.”

“What are we …”

Just then Percy arrived with a pop and with his wand drawn. He looked at Kingsley and Harry oddly, and then he looked around the small barn.

Harry’s heart sank, but before he could say anything Crookshanks informed his mind that Percy didn’t have the smell on him. Harry felt better but was still suspicious. “Percy,” said Harry, stepping forward taking care to step on the pill the man tried to take his life with, “you need something?”

Percy looked around and looked at Harry, then to Kingsley and answered. “I was about to leave the Ministry when I received an urgent message from an anonymous source saying that Harry Potter sent his Patronus to you saying he was attacked in this barn, and to bring back a body if there was one.” He put away his wand slowly and asked what was going on.

“There’s nobody around anymore, Percy. He killed himself before we could question him. Kingsley sent the body away to be disposed of.” Kingsley felt a slight breeze and touch on his chest, but said nothing. “He took his ID tag from him first. It was the only thing on him.” Harry showed Percy Kingsley‘s ID tag Harry took off of him. Go ahead back to the Ministry and if anyone asks, tell them what we told you and that Kingsley will take care of the family. Then tell them you need to leave and get ready for a wedding. Don’t say who’s wedding and don‘t wait for a response, just leave.”

“Sure Harry, okay. I‘ll see you later then.” And with that he Disapparated,

Kingsley cleared his throat and asked, “Did I play along ok or did I overdo the acting?”

Harry cracked up laughing and handed him back his tag. “You did great Kingsley. Remember when you moved faster than Flash Gordon and used the Imperious Curse on that girl’s memory in my fifth year, in Dumbledore’s office? I’ve always wanted to be able to do that, so I learned how while I was away. And I used Dumbledore’s trick in making Percy think he saw writing on the tag that wasn’t your name. I decided I needed to give Percy some protection. He’ll go back, and whoever the mole is on the inside, will ask him where the body is. All he’ll be able to tell them is what I told him, and that he wasn’t able to see who the man’s name was on the identification card I showed him. If you could, before this git wakes up, take him to K’Lari’s place and tell her to put him in her special undetectable room. Then tell her that an acquaintance of hers will be bye sometime after the wedding to talk to her. She’ll keep you apprised. You’ll need to hurry though; it’s nearing the time for the wedding. If you’ll come to the Church, a little early, I’ll tell you my theory.” Harry took the cloak from the man after Kingsley hoisted him over his shoulders. “Don’t put him on the ground before you get to “K’Lari’s secret room.”

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Awesome Connie
My one comment really is that it seemed to move a bit fast, I had a bit of trouble following at times (tho that may be because I'm watching Deathly Hallows part 1 )
I did like it tho
I really have no idea what to comment on specifically, also due to DH1
Can't wait for the wedding(s)!

P.S -- I want to know more about Crookshanks/Jimmy he seems very interesting

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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. This chapter is very short, I hope you enjoy reading it.

Rachel; thanks for reading. I'm sorry it is moving fast. JK had a wonderful way of keeping things introduced in previous stories up to current date. I can't do that without going off track. Wish I had as much talent as she does. And of course it has been an aweful long time since Led By His Wand was done. That makes it hard to adjust to this ff. This ff takes up exactly where that ff left off. Harry is recovering from a life threatening injury from that ff. It is the day after he came back from his quest and they are getting ready for their wedding. Crookshanks (Tom/Jimmy)was introduced in my first ff Of Heads Or Tails as a Werecat that once belonged to Harry's mom Lily. When he was hers, he was known as Tom. When Hermione bought him he had changed his name to Crookshanks. He has the ability to change his appearence to a small boy named Jimmy. He has many magical abilities of which, he is a master of mind control, deception and getting from one place to another in the blink of an eye just to mention a few. Harry, Ginny and Sirius are the only ones who know he is a Werecat.
The wedding(s) is in chapter 6

I hope you enjoyed your movie, I just finished re-reading the whole series again. I love them so much more than the movies.
Thanks for reading Rachel, and if you have any questions I will be happy to answer them. I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

Chapter 4

The Surprise Of A Lifetime

After Kingsley left, Crookshanks returned to being Jimmy. “Now Harry, as I was starting to say; I’m beginning to wonder about Voldemort being dead. I’m sure you killed his body at the end of the war, and he destroyed his soul when he divided it and put each piece in different objects for safety; they were all eventually killed.”

Harry looked at Jimmy with concern. “I’ve been trying to think on something ever since I killed him. Somehow I don’t think he’s gone. I can still feel him. I feel despair and inner rage. I thought it was from what I needed to fill the hate spot with after I killed him. But even now that I completed my quest, I still feel it. Plus … my scar has gradually started feeling numb, and my head has never stopped hurting. I thought it would after Tom was dead. I remember when I told him the Elder Wand wasn’t his, but Draco’s and that I had overpowered Draco and took the allegiance of the Elder Wand. He didn’t care. If he was worried then he would have Disapparated away right then. I think he already had a plan to come back if I did kill him. Also, he said everything made sense to him in ways I would never understand. He gave feeble reasons, but now, I know without a shadow of doubt that he was talking about his plan to come back. Jimmy I’m afraid; I don’t know how I will kill him, and make him stay dead.”

Jimmy listened patiently and brushed the crumbs of the last of the sandwiches off him. “I know Little One; we’ll work it out and find a way to kill him once and for all. After the wedding you want me to go talk to K’Lari and see what she found out from her prisoner? Do you want me to come back to you immediately and tell you?”

“If you don’t mind going and talking to her, I’d really appreciate it, but err… no, I have plans for after the wedding, so you don’t need to come by and tell me. And I want you to be with Moondrop; I‘m sure you have some catching up to do.”

“Harry, on a different matter, these kangaroos have a tag on their ears saying what Zoo they belong to, and they have a Muggle electronic tracking device under their skin. As long as they are under the charms of protection for the Burrow, then they won’t be found. However, they do need to be returned because the one is just outside a month of delivering a Joey. She needs to be back under the Muggles care.”

“OK Jimmy, I’ll take care of that within this month.” Harry looked down in thought and happened to notice the pill nearly ground into the soil. He pointed his wand and zapped it away. “It wouldn’t do for anyone to find that accidentally,” he mentioned.

All at once Jimmy was Crookshanks and curled up on Harry’s lap. Percy burst into the barn and looked around. “Oh there you are Harry. Ginny says you need to come in. I thought I heard voices in here.”

“OK, thanks Percy. I’ll be right in. I was talking to Crookshanks while I watched the roos eat. Did you have any trouble with the Ministry when you went back?”

“No, they just nodded their head and as I turned to leave they asked who was getting married. I acted like I didn’t hear and just walked away.”

“Who were they?” Harry asked nonchalantly.

“I don’t know come to think of it. They are new; two of them. They were talking to Rita Skeeter‘s attorney.” Percy left and Harry started talking to Crookshanks about his prowling he did at Hogwarts for a few more minutes before he went into the Burrow. There was something he had always been curious about Hogwarts and never been able to ask or investigate his theory.

Once inside he walked over to Ginny who he noted right away had fire in her eyes. He smiled and kissed her gently.

“You look wonderful Gin, are you about ready to go? I’ll be ready in just a second. I better wash the smell of roos off me, and then I‘ll be ready to go.”

Ginny gasped at the blood that had seeped through the bandage on his head. “Harry what happened?”

“Head on collision in the barn a bit ago. I’ll tell you later.” Harry was happy to see the fire extinguished and replaced with love she held in her eyes for him. He heard voices in the room, and his face showed total surprise. Just then Ginny took his hand and led him into the living room. There before him sat his Aunt Petunia, Dudley and a young woman with a baby; Andromeda and Teddy; Sirius, Lissydove, and five children. Arthur was standing beside them beaming from ear to ear, and bouncing on his toes.
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I'll be defying gravity April 29th!!!

Thanks for clearing that up Connie It makes more sense now (it's been a while since I've read the previous two )
Dudley have a wifey and child?! Precious!!
Who's Lissydove again? And Sirius is alive? Which story was that one in? (I really feel like I don't remember any of this )
Can't wait to see Harry's reaction And the weddings!

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That Vernier dude seemed really creepy, and I wonder, is this new organisation like a Death Eater reform? I can't wait to see the wedding and what happens next!
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this new chapter.

Rachel, thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, it's been awhile since the other three were written, I apologize for that. I'm happy to clear up anything. Yeah, Dudley has a little family. There is a story arc with him in chapter 18 The Cow Jumped Over The Moon. It was fun to write.
Who's Lissydove again? And Sirius is alive? Which story was that one in? (I really feel like I don't remember any of this )
It's ok to forget, it has been a long time. Lissydove is a real person here on SnitchSeeker. I think she is an administrator or something. We are friends who met when I was reading Ottery St.Catchpole's (another pal here on SS) ff. He also is in my ff's. Lissy and Ottery was best friends with James and Lily. Ottery isn't in this ff hardly at all, but Lissy has an important role in Harry's life so she is in it a bit. Harry meets another friend of his parents who was briefly mentioned as a friend of his parents when Crookshanks and Harry were talking in the stable for the kangaroos. She also has an important role in this ff and will soon meet up with Harry and Ginny. She also is a friend of mine on SS, her name is K'Lari in my ff, but her SS name is Obi-Wan K'Lari.
Sirius and Lissy are husband and wife. Yes, Sirius is alive thanks to Dumbledore's Tesseract that was destroyed in Of Heads Or Tails. It allowed Sirius to die in another time reality they looped over and live in this one. Sounds complicated, but it was fun to write. So anyway, Sirius is alive and kick'en. And now for the wedding your anxious for; it happens in the next Chapter; Laughter Is The Best Medicine. Hope you enjoy this one, Fire And Ice.

Di, thanks for reading and commenting.
That Vernier dude seemed really creepy, and I wonder, is this new organisation like a Death Eater reform? I can't wait to see the wedding and what happens next!
yes, the Vernier dudes are creepy. And about the Death Eater reformation I'll say this; they have their own agenda, and it's not good. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 5

Fire And Ice

“Poppa Harry!” Teddy shouted running as Harry and Ginny entered the room. Harry went to one knee and held his arms out wide. “Teddy, come here son.” Teddy ran into his arms with such force Harry nearly toppled over. Harry squeezed him tight and wept, kissing his face and hair. “I missed you so much sweetheart. Err are you getting too big to be called that?” Harry asked with an understanding smile.

“It’s ok for you Poppa Harry, for a little while anyway,” answered the boy. “Thank you for all my presents. I love them all!”

“You’re very welcome, for all of them. I‘m happy you liked them, and thank you for all your letters and drawings. I loved every one of them.” Harry stood picking up the boy and holding him with his left arm, and went over to Andromeda and kissed her cheek. Then he went to Sirius and hugged his neck with his right arm so tight Sirius had to struggle to breath, but said nothing for his tears were matching those of Harry’s what with being overjoyed.

Finally Harry broke away and said they would talk later. He turned to His Aunt and reaching for Ginny’s hand, walked slowly to Petunia.

He swallowed and looked into her eyes the whole time he was walking. He stopped just short of her. She stood with her chin in the air and then began to lower it. At that moment Harry reached out his right arm to her.

Defiant tears welled in her eyes, and spilled over her thin bony face. “Harry,” she started. “Harry your Uncle would have fits over your hair and your beard. But … I think you wear them well.” Petunia was fumbling with her gloves and managed to add, “You look wonderful Harry. … Oh Harry, I’m so sorry for not being the loving Aunt you deserved to have. Please forgive me.” She didn’t bow her head in shame, but looked hard at Harry for his answer.

Harry still had his arm extended to her. “I do forgive you. Please except my love for you, and forgive all the hateful thoughts I had for you and your family.”

Petunia slowly took a step into Harry’s arm, and when he hugged her tight she hugged him back. She stepped back and turned to Dudley and said, “Dudders, come and introduce your little family.”

Dudley came forward and Harry was impressed with how fit and trim he turned out to be. “Harry, this is my wife Jennifer, and our son James Dudley Dursley. We call him Jamie. And Harry, I’m ashamed I was such a hateful brat. You have every right to hate me. But, I hope you do forgive me. I’m”

Harry took Dudley’s hand and clasped it tightly. “Dudley, it’s behind us. You look great, and I didn’t know you had any magic in you. How did you find such a beauty and convince her to marry you?”

Dudley blushed and Harry took this moment to introduce Ginny and Teddy.

“Aunt Petunia, Dudley, I’d like to introduce”

Harry, we’ve met already. Daddy left this morning when we left to get the wedding set up. He brought Sirius and your family here to surprise you. We already made the introductions, because you were busy in the barn talking to Crookshanks and watching the kangaroos.” Her smile was pleasant, but the fire had returned to her eyes, and there was ice in her voice.

“There’s no time to visit now, so can we just get to the church to finish getting ready?”

Harry turned to the guests and said quietly, “Forgive me for not being in here when you arrived. Are you all going to be around for awhile? I want to see each of you.”

“Of course they are,” chimed in Bill. “Your Aunt and family will be staying with us at our new place,”

“And Sirius and his family are staying right here.” Molly added quickly.

“Will you be here for a few” only Harry didn’t get to finish his question.

“Harry has to be in bed for three days to recover from his wounds, but on the fourth day, Wednesday, you all can come over and see our new house.”

“Err Gin, Honey hold on a second. We can’t have anyone over for a while until” Once again Ginny interrupted him.

“Ok, Wednesday lets everyone meet at Bill’s house and we can have a big family gathering!” she said gleefully, so it seemed anyway.

Everyone agreed happily, with the exception of Harry and Hermione. Harry looked at Ginny not knowing what was going on, and Hermione just stood with her mouth open not knowing what to say.

“Wednesday will be fine with us if that’s what Ginny wants, but I don’t think you should make definite plans until Ron and Hermione has a chance to say if they only want a three day Honeymoon. How about after the wedding they can let you all know. And Ginny and I can go to visit whether the family get together is then or later.”

“Yes, that’s a good idea,” put in Molly. Now, you three go ahead to the Church, and we’ll be there in time for the wedding.”

Harry hugged Teddy and kissed him on the cheek again, and said, “I love you buddy. Be a good boy for Grandma, and I’ll see you later ok?”

Teddy nodded his head yes, and Harry put him down in front of his Grandma. He put his hand in the air and said, “See ya all later.” He motioned for Crookshanks; “come on Shanks” then joined Ginny and Hermione at the door. They walked out to the gate and Harry pulled out his Invisibility Cloak and attempted to wrap it around him and Ginny.

“I don’t care who sees me Harry,” she took the cloak from him and said, “I won’t be acting like an elephant being afraid of a mouse. Come on Hermione.”

“Ginny wait!” Harry hugged her tight. What’s going on Gin? I need you to Disapparate with me, and I need to be hidden. I can explain in a few minutes when we’re safe at the church. Ginny, look at me.”

Although she felt him trembling she pulled away from him, and said she’d see him at the church. She took hold of Hermione’s arm and twisted. They were gone, and Harry was alone without his cloak. “Crookshanks I think Ginny was under the Imperious Curse, so that means there is someone here, close enough to do it. They are under a cloak of invisibility themselves.

“You’re right Potter,” spoke a voice. Harry spun toward the direction of the voice and fired a Stupefy Spell. There was a thud and a foot and leg appeared lying on the ground. All at once Harry was hit on the side of his head by an unseen force.

“Unlucky for you Mr. Potter, there was two of us. He pulled the cloak off himself, and Harry tried to focus on the man but was fighting unconsciousness. “Now you are going to die.” Just then a fully transformed Werecat appeared before the man, and the evil man fell over dead; terrified at what he saw. Harry, on one knee and barely conscious, raised his wand and shot the man with a killing curse. Harry looked at the Werecat, and said, “So there aren’t any questions.”

“You’re quite impressive in your true form Shanks. I’m glad you’re my friend. Shanks, I can’t Disapparate, can you transport me to the church please? Wait, hang on” Harry put his hands on his head and shut his eyes. “We need to take care of these bodies, or someone else will be here and take them away. He raised his wand and sent his Patronus to Kingsley. Quickly Shanks … run in and get Sirius. In a matter of a few seconds Kingsley showed up, and Sirius was running out of the house, with everyone following him. Petunia screamed at the site of Harry kneeling on one knee his head hung down and blood running down the side of his face, and into his beard. He was tying the unconscious mans hands and feet. He looked up warily and said he’d be OK.

“Mrs. Weasley, please take them back inside until the wedding. Explain this is normal for me. We’ll talk after the wedding. Mr. Weasley, you need to wait until I’m gone and refresh your protection charms around your place. Kingsley, take these two to the same place you took the others, and then come right back to the church. Um, something else… oh! Sirius, can you please get me to the church? And Crookshanks,” he added quickly.

“OK then, said Arthur. He was looking around frantically. But, what about Ginny and Hermione?”

“They’re already at the church, they’re fine.” Harry answered weakly. He looked to Sirius with pleading eyes.

Sirius picked Harry up and cradled him tightly to his chest, then twisted and was gone. Harry felt worse than he’d ever felt when traveling this way. He would be screaming if only he had the strength. It seemed like it was taking an eternity to get to the church. Once they got there, Sirius ran Harry over to the Parsonage and asked the pastor for help. “Harry was attacked outside the Burrow just minutes ago. He insists on going through with the wedding. Can he use your shower?”

“Yes, yes of course,” replied the worried pastor. He took them to the small washroom, and Sirius gently started to put Harry on his feet.

“Wait Sirius! Pastor, would you ask Hermione to put up protection around the church and parsonage before Sirius puts me down? And then tell Ginny I need to see her for a minute.”

The pastor ran off and Harry grabbed Sirius’s shirt front and began trembling violently. “I’m going in shock Sirius,” he said with teeth chattering. “I feel like fire on the outside and ice on the inside. I think I’m going to die if I don’t” He stopped talking and pointed his wand to himself and a golden glow settled on him. “There, that’ll hold me until after my shower. Is the protection up yet?”

“Yes, it is,” answered Hermione and Ginny at the same time running to them. “Harry what happened? I thought we were going to use your cloak and next thing I knew Hermione and I were here, and you wasn’t. Why is Sirius holding you? And why are you all bloody again?” she asked anxiously, running to him.

Harry looked at Ginny and told Sirius he could put him down. Sirius gently put him on his feet, but held onto his arm to steady him.

“Harry was attacked right after the two of you left; two men this time. Harry was lucky he could work his magic so fast.”

“Ginny,’ Harry spoke softly, “you were put under the Imperious Curse. Nothing else matters, but to say everything about that is ok for now. But, tell me why you are so angry with me Gin. In the house, I was afraid you were ready to call off the wedding.”

“Harry, I’m sorry,” she started pulling off all the blood from his face and hair with her wand. She pulled off the blood drenched bandage, and gently cleaned around the wound as she talked. “It just made me angry and hurt that you took the time to send Teddy letters and presents, but not even a single letter to me, or anyone else. But, I feel like such a baby now for acting that way. You had every right to not bother with me, after the way I treated you before you left. Please forgive me.”

Harry looked seriously at Ginny, and then Hermione. “But, I did write. I wrote all of you. Err, well not you Sirius, I thought you were dead. You’ll need to tell me all about you being alive and all after the Honeymoon four days from now. I was going to ask for two weeks, but Ginny said four days so”

“Two weeks! Oh Harry, I’ve been a big brat and fool. I want two weeks please.”

Harry smiled and told Sirius two weeks. “Tell everyone I did write, but all the letters came back to me, with handwritten notice, “sender unknown, recipient doesn’t care.” But when they stopped coming back, I thought you finally forgave me though you never wrote back. We’ll talk about all this later. I need to shower and take the rest of this hour and,” Harry looked at his watch and said, “forty minutes to sleep. I’ll put myself in a medically induced coma, and reduce my heart rate and breathing down to just enough to keep me alive, and then someone can wake me up at six forty five. I’ll finish getting ready and we’ll get married. Right now I need a drink of water. You girls finish getting ready,” he smiled at them, hoping they didn’t have any questions. “Sirius, will you wait with me while I shower? I can’t wait for Kingsley, so I’ll tell you, and you can relay the message if that’s ok.”

Harry told Sirius briefly what had been going on. He told him about his theory of having a tracer of some sort on him. “Crookshanks says I smell bad, or something about me smells bad … ahhh I’m getting all woozy, I can’t think. … Oh! He, Crookshanks told me of a friend of yours, can’t think who … anyway this friend is going to find out about that, and...and there’s already a prisoner there from earlier, … it’s why I was taking so long in the barn, sorry about that, … what was … I … Sirius” Harry burst out of the shower dripping wet, and wrapped a bath towel around him. “I need to lay down fast… some place out of the way.” Before he could get anywhere he passed out. Sirius caught him and took him to the pastor’s guest room. He felt Harry’s heart, and found it racing erratically.

“Harry, Harry wake up. Wait, first maybe I should bandage his head.” Sirius said to himself.

“That was probably a good idea,” moaned Harry as Sirius wrapped a fresh bandage around his head in a not to gentle fashion. “Here you go son, drink this water you wanted, and then put yourself in that medical sleep you was talking about. And slow down your heart too,” he added.

He choked on his water, but finally got some down. “Sirius, I’m too far gone. I’ll kill myself if I’m not very precise. Can you do it?”

Sirius shook his head with a snap in each direction. “I don’t even know what it is Harry. I can go back and get Lissy” he started to offer hastily.

“There’s no time, Shanks can do it… Sirius, it’s going to look like I‘m dead, don‘t let anyone bury me.” He was shaking uncontrollably by now. Sirius pulled the comforter over him and stroked the side of his face affectionately, feeling helpless.
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. This is the chapter leading into the wedding, and the actual wedding will be in the next one. Chapter 7 The Truth In The Broom Closet. I hope you all enjoy this one, it has some comedy in it.

Chapter 6

Laughter Is The Best Medicine

Hermione was starting to get worried. It was twenty minutes till the wedding and Ron still hadn’t showed up yet. Then suddenly she jumped up and down on her toes, “Daddy!” She said barely able to keep her voice down. She didn’t want Ron to hear her and look over seeing her in her wedding gown. She smiled as she shut the door. Jean saw her husband and Ron Apparate just outside the church, and quickly told Ron where to get dressed, pointing to the Parsonage.

Ron turned toward the Parsonage to finish getting ready with Harry. He wondered why they were getting ready over there instead of the side room off of the sanctuary like was planned. “Harry!” Ron ran to his friend and fell to his knees. He looked closely at him and thinking he was dead, gently lifted his head and upper back to him and held him tightly. “What happened? Harry how could this happen?”

“Something simple like, it’s time to wake up Harry; or wake up you lazy louse would’ve sufficed Ron. Ron? Ron I’m ok.” Harry said softly.

Ron dropped him quickly and jumped up. “What the bloody blue blaze is going on? You were dead!” he exclaimed.

“I thought I was ok.” Harry said holding his throbbing head. “Ron,” he cleared his scratchy throat. “Ron a lot has happened while you were gone. I was attacked twice, and the last time nearly done me in. They began getting ready. Harry wasn’t one hundred percent but, he could function ok. They talked while they got ready and Ron said, “Somebody sure wants your diamond mine I reckon.”

“Ron, you’re a genius!” Harry exclaimed with excitement.

“I have my moments,” he chimed. “Now, tell me how I’m a genius. All I know at the moment is I’m scared out of my mind. Harry… I don’t think I can do this! What if she doesn’t really love me? What if”

“Ron, hush… look over there.” They were both ready and standing at the doorway ready to go out and stand with the pastor. Ron looked where Harry was pointing. Charlie, Percy, and George were sitting on the first row, giggling like school boys. Ron smiled thinking they were happy for him. But then Harry said something that infuriated him.

“Ron, there has been magic worked there, where you’ll be walking to stand and watch Hermione come up the aisle.”

“How do you know Harry,” he asked with a dark frown. Because magic leaves a trace, and … well I’ll tell you later. He got out his wand and swirled it. For a brief instant a string appeared like Harry said ready to trip Ron, right where he would be walking in just minutes.

“How would you like to turn the trick on the other foot?”

Ron smiled wryly. “I’d love to … I wish I knew how.”

Harry smiled wickedly. He turned his wand on the brothers and said, “Larry, Curly, and Moe slap shtick.”

All the sudden the brothers jumped out of there seat and started performing the comedy routine that made the Three Stooges famous. Slapping, nose pulling, eye pokes and all, for about three minutes. At first everyone was silent, and then everyone broke down laughing. All that is, but for Aunt Petunia, the Grangers, and Molly. Dudley thought it was hilarious and laughed until tears ran down his cheeks. Teddy jumped up and down clapping gleefully. Then the organ started playing the song that cued Harry and Ron to go stand with the Pastor to await their brides to be.

“That’s great Harry, thanks.” Ron said wiping his eyes. He was totally relaxed and in no way was he thinking he couldn’t go through with the wedding. They became serious and dignified and walked out to the pastor. Harry made the trip string go away as they walked by the three stooges. Ron put his index finger on their chests and systematically shoved them each down onto the pew.
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 7

The Truth In The Broom Closet

Harry looked over at his friends observing from their portraits. Dumbledore and Snape were both watching with pride. Fawkes appeared on Dumbledore’s shoulder, looked at Harry, and bobbed his beautiful head. Harry smiled and acknowledged the bird with a nod of his own head.

The organ started the Bridal March, and when the notes were struck calling for the brides to come forward, the mother’s of the bride’s both stood and turned. At this cue, everyone stood and turned to watch the brides walk gracefully with beauty and charm down the aisle on the arms of their fathers, who by the way were the proudest father’s this side of the Galaxy.

Ginny’s gown was made of a light wispy silk flowing gracefully over all the curves of her very fit and trim athletic body. The contrast was mesmerizing and breathtaking. The veil hung over her face teasing Harry, daring him to lift it over her head to the back as is customary. His eyes fell on the necklace resting on her heaving breast of the B-Line bust gown. The material of her gown flowed to the floor in thin layers lifting and settling with each movement she gracefully made as Ginny walked down the aisle to Harry. She was beautiful, and he wished just for a few seconds for the wedding to be over so he could take her as his wife.

Hermione’s gown was made of a thick satin that held the shape of the high collar that ended at the sides just under her ears. It was bordered with very happy frilly lace, extending down around the plunging v cut front. The skirt part of the gown hugged her hips and thighs and the length was an arch starting four inches above her knees and tapering lower to the sides and then to the floor, trailing four feet wide and six feet behind her. Her arms were bare with just a shell over her delicate shoulders. Her hair was in the same style she wore at the Christmas Yule Ball in her fourth year at Hogwarts. The Beautiful Tiara Ron had gifted to her sat eloquently on her head completing the stunning picture she made.

Harry and Ron stared in amazement at their wives to be. Never had they looked so beautiful! With each step Ginny took toward Harry his heart thumped a little harder. With each step Hermione took toward Ron, his face became a little paler. Finally the father’s got their daughter’s to the husbands to be. At the appropriate time they turned over the care of their daughters to the men claiming to love and protect their daughters for all time. The moment Harry took Ginny’s hand in his, everything went silent. He couldn’t help himself; he lifted the veil to see her face. There was no movement, but for the eyelashes on Ginny’s radiant face closing over her eyes and then opening as she blinked in slow motion; her breasts swelling with each intake of breath; and her lips gently cracked open, beckoning a response from his lips.

“I do,” said Harry, and allowed his emotions to accommodate Ginny’s lips.

Pastor Josiah smiled and said patiently,” That’s good Harry, but let’s wait until I get to that part.” Harry, not taking his eyes off Ginny nodded his head and then turned his attention to the Pastor.

"Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley and also Ronald Weasley and Hermione Granger in Holy Matrimony.”

“Harry, Ginny, Ron, and Hermione; *today you enter as individuals, but you will leave here as husbands and wives, blending your lives, expanding your family ties, and embarking upon the grandest adventure of human interaction. The story of your life together is still yours to write. All those present have come to witness and celebrate your love and commitment this day - eager to be a part of the story not yet told."

*"True marriage is more than joining the bonds of marriage of two persons; it is the union of two hearts with God. It lives on the love you give each other and never grows old, but thrives on the joy of each new day. Marriage is love. May you always be able to talk things over, to confide in each other, to laugh with each other, to enjoy life together, and to share moments of quiet and peace, when the day is done. May you be blessed with a lifetime of happiness and a home of warmth and understanding."

Wedding vows were exchanged without mistakes and blunders, and then came the part where Pastor Josiah asked if anyone present had any reason for the couples not to marry.

From near the back a man spoke his obnoxious objection. “Yeah, you bet I do! I don’t care if the blood traitor gets married; he’s getting a mud blood, which he deserves; but, I object to Ginny Weasley marrying that Harry Potter jerk. Ginny is my woman, and we’ve been living” but then the man wasn’t able to speak another word, for Hagrid reached forward two rows ahead and snatched the man back to him, dragging him over the tops of the pews. About that time Charlie, George, and Percy made their way back to Hagrid and bound and gagged the man. They told the Pastor there would be no more interruptions and took the man to the broom closet, and stuffed him in it. All at once Charlie lunged forward and hit the man on the side of his head knocking him unconscious. “OOPS! Percy, watch where you put your feet. Here I’ve hit the poor confused man, and he’s going to miss the rest of the ceremony.”

“Clumsy of me for sure Charlie; I’ll be more careful in the future.”

“Go ahead Preacher, um,” George looked at the unconscious man awkwardly stuffed in the closet and asked him what he said before. “Did you want to object to the wedding mister?” Pastor Josiah, he changed his mind. He hasn’t got a single word to say.”

Ginny and Hermione were both white in the face and nearly ready to pass out. But then their anger set in and they both went for their wands.

Harry reached for and held Ginny’s hands gently. He was sure a Bat- Bogey Hex was about to fly and quietly said, “Not in the church Honey.”

Ron laid his hand over Hermione’s outreached arm and looked into her eyes when she turned to see why he did that. Then she noticed Ginny pulling back her own arm.

The ceremony proceeded to the end without further incident and the pastor declared them husbands and wives, and instructed Harry and Ron to kiss their brides.

Ron stepped toward Hermione not taking his eyes off hers and put his hands on her waist then drew her to him sliding his hands up and around her back with his right hand around the back of her neck. He lowered his head to her as she got closer and their eyes closed and their lips locked. He straightened up and lifted Hermione off the floor as he did. Her right foot raised and hooked behind her left leg. With her arms up around his neck and the way her feet were positioned it looked like she was a ballerina doing an eloquent twirl.

Harry gently pulled Ginny to him looking into her eyes. “I love you Ginny.” He closed his eyes and kissed her passionately. He tightened his hug and the two lifted off the floor four inches and slowly began turning in a slow circle. Once a circle was complete the pastor nodded to Ron who was now watching Harry with his mouth open. He tapped Harry on the shoulder, “You’re going to pass out from lack of oxygen if you don’t stop.”

Harry reluctantly broke his kiss and looked around at Ron, who was slightly below his eye level. “Wha” He looked down at his and Ginny’s feet off the floor. “Oh bother! This landing might be a little bumpy,” he whispered to Ginny. He held her tight and she could feel him trembling and his breathing was labored. “Just drop us,” she whispered urgently. But Harry lowered them gently to the floor, and rested his head on Ginny’s shoulder for a second. He wearily raised his head and looked to the pastor.

“Friends and families, I now give you Mr. And Mrs. Harry Potter, and Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Weasley. The couples smiled and exited the sanctuary and stood along the wall in the vestibule.

Teddy broke free and ran to Harry. “Grandma said you and Ginny were on cloud nine! Will you teach me how to float on cloud nine, Poppa Harry?”

“Some things in life aren’t taught Teddy, it just happens. It will happen to you one day, just be patient and wait for the time to come and you will make it happen. You might not float, but you‘ll feel like you are.” Harry smiled and put his hand on Teddy’s shoulder and patted it warmly.

Ginny asked Teddy if he’d like to stand with her and Poppa Harry while everyone greets them. Just then Professor Sprout reached over Teddy and kissed Harry and Ginny, and wished them well. She stooped over to Teddy and the boy’s eye’s got huge and he yelled, “No!” and ran off to be with his Grandma.

Professor McGonagall came to them and very teary eyed she hugged Ginny and told her how beautiful she was. Then she got to Harry and looked into his eyes. Harry smiled shyly and held out his arms inviting her for a hug. She came into his arms and he whispered in her ear, “Thanks for everything Grandma; let’s make sure we get better acquainted soon.”

She pulled away gently and looked into his eyes again, “You … know about” Harry nodded his head. “My parent’s photo albums were discovered and given to me. There were pictures and letters in them. I’m glad Mum had you there for her.”

She patted his arm affectionately and moved on. Everyone had very kind words to say to the couples and finally due to the lateness of the hour, it was announced that a meal was ready at the Weasley’s home and everyone was invited to eat there, and celebrate the wedding. “A reception will be held at Mr. Potters home for both couples, at an announced time a couple weeks from now.”

Crookshanks told Harry in his mind that the man stuffed in the closet was conscious and trying to get to his pocket to take a pill. “Also, he has the same smell about him.”

“Thanks Crookshanks.” Harry looked at Ginny and said, “Honey, I need to find out about the man in the closet, then we can go home; our home.”

Ginny’s heart raced at the sound of those words, and she nodded her head smiling.

Harry looked at Kingsley and Ron and nodded to the closet. “What is it Harry? I’m starved! We need to get to Mum and Dad’s to eat.”

Harry stopped and looked at his friend and then Hermione. She wasn’t looking like the happiest bride in the world at the moment. “Err Ron… I think you have plans, and can’t make it to Dinner.” He raised his eyebrows and nodded his head toward Hermione, who by now was staring at the floor. “Hermione will take care of all your needs. I’m sure of it. Go tell her you’ll be ready to leave for Shell Cottage, in a minute.” Ron went to Hermione and spoke sweetly to her; she smiled and nodded her head. Ron turned back to Harry walking his walk that says all is right and good in his world.

Hermione and Ginny stood together talking and giggling softly. Harry, Kingsley, and Ron approached the closet, and Harry stopped abruptly. “How can it be? How did it become possible? I’ve been such a fool!”

“Harry, you’re doing that thing again,” said Ron with a foolish grin on his face.

“Huh, what thing am I doing?” he asked distractedly.

“That thing where you know something and expect us to know what it is without even giving us a clue.”

Harry half grinned and proceeded to the closet. He opened the door and the man had just gotten his hands loose and was reaching for his mouth. Harry kicked the man in the jaw knocking him unconscious again. He stooped down as Ron objected to Harry’s harsh treatment. “I know we don’t like what he did, but to just kick him like that? He wasn’t fighting or anything.”

Harry ignored Ron, and unfolded the man’s hand finding a pill like the other man was about to take. He showed it to Kingsley and Ron. “Kingsley do you think”

“Yes, I’ll take him with the others. K’Lari says she’s going to have to build another special room if I bring one more person. I think I’ll have to lend her a hand for all her trouble we’re causing her.”

“OK, but I was going to ask if you thought there was any way we could spy on Filch. All these years I think I am the one that’s been leading these men right to me. And it just hit me walking up to this broom closet.”

Ron turned up one side of his mouth in a half smile, and arched his eyebrow high onto his forehead. “Harry, I think it’s been too big of a day. You need to get home and take it easy.”

“It has been a big day Ron, and I do need to get home, but I think I’ve just figured out this mystery, part of it anyway. Look, the day I left four years ago, Filch made it possible for me to be followed. He said…”

“Harry, you can’t take anything that git says seriously. He’s always been wonky in the head. He's a squib Harry; he can't do magic and besides he's not smart enough to have you followed."

Harry was disappointed that Ron didn’t go along with his thoughts. He looked to Kingsley wondering if he thought Harry just needed to go home and have a lie down.

“And then there’s Crookshanks here!” Harry put in all at once with hope. “When he saw me for the first time, he smelled me all over, and his hair was all bristly, his claws were in my chest until I said hello to him. And he reacted murderous in the barn tonight, and when I was attacked minutes before I got here, and just now also. He can smell something that we can’t.”

“I don’t know Harry, he just hadn’t seen you for so long, and you don’t look or sound the same. He probably just didn’t recognize you. I mean after all we didn’t either at first.”

Kingsley said he thought Harry was on to something. “It explains how your whereabouts were always known. I’ll get K’Lari on this right away. Harry, don’t leave your house until we find out how to get this smell the cat can smell off of you.”

“And then,” Harry continued reluctantly, “there’s one more thing. … I hate to say this, but well, somebody is giving information to the enemy. Hermione put up protective charms on the church and parsonage, yet this guy shows up tonight. I’m sure nobody invited him, so he had to have known the secret to get through the barrier. I don’t think it’s anything intentional, just someone not being careful. Until we find out who it is, I’m not going to give the secret to my house to anyone until we find out who is doing this.”

“Harry! You’re as good as calling one of our family members or a dear friend a traitor! Quit being so paranoid; I think I’m going home now; I suggest you do the same.” Ron turned on his heels and walked deliberately to Hermione, took her by the elbow and Disapparated.

Kingsley put his big hand on Harry’s shoulder and gave him a parchment and said, Congratulations son. Harry glanced at the parchment and put it in his pocket with a smile. He shook Kingsley’s hand and said thanks. Kingsley kissed Ginny on the cheek and took hold of the prisoner and Disapparated. Ginny caught a glimpse of the parchment and seeing fancy script and embroidered edges, "The marriage license." She sighed heavily and smiled. "Mrs. Harry Potter ... at last."

A/N = *the wedding ceremony I found in Wikipedia. There weren’t any authors or anything, it was under common wedding ceremonies.
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading.
Chapter 8

Ginny Throws Harry Out Of Bed

Harry took the Rook from his pouch and went to Ginny. “Looks like it’s just you and me.” He smiled at her making himself put the words of Ron behind him so it didn’t spoil his night. “You ready to dance? I’m anxious for us to see our new place, I hope you like it.”

She smiled and nodded her head, but wondered if he was able to travel. He tapped the Rook and it began to glow. He swept Ginny off her feet cradling her to his chest, and they disappeared. The trip through time and space was taxing Harry’s strength, but he willed himself to keep hold of his bride and when they arrived at the house he gently landed on the floor of their bedroom.

“Here you go Princess, across the threshold I believe.” he kissed her and then set her on her feet. Ginny looked around and caught her breath. “Harry, it’s huge, and beautiful!” She went running around opening closet doors, and looking through dressers and chest of drawers. She looked in a large chest at the foot of the bed, and exclaimed, “I can’t believe all this!” She looked past Harry who was leaning against the bedpost watching her delight. Suddenly she whooped, hiked up her gown, and jumped onto the bed.

“Ginny wait! It’s a”

She screamed and fell to the bed surface lying as flat as she could make herself, legs and arms spread wide to the corners of the bed, and grabbed onto the comforter. Harry laughed and said, “You look like Bambi when he walked onto the ice for the first time. It’s a free-flowing king-sized waterbed, Honey. They’re very popular in the United States. I thought we could try it for a while. If you don’t like it we can get a regular bed.”

Ginny started to relax and smile until she moved and the waves gently rolled her, and she once again grabbed the comforter. “I don’t know who Bambi is, but I can only imagine he was scared out of his mind at first. How am I not getting wet, and sinking?” She asked when the bed stopped moving. Harry pulled down the corner of the bedding and showed her the bladder.

“All the water is in here, and normally if it gets punctured it’ll leak. We don’t have to worry about that though, because I asked Bill when he put it together to put a charm on it to keep it from being ruptured in any way.” Harry fixed the bedding and patted it sending little ripples to Ginny.

“It’ll take some getting used to, but I think it could be fun too,” she said with a sly grin on her face. Then she spotted her bag she packed and had taken to the church. “You had our stuff sent over! I forgot about it. I was afraid I wouldn’t have anything to wear,” she was saying as she rummaged through her belongings.

“What would be so terrible about that? Need any help?” he asked as she got what she was looking for.

She smiled at his cuteness and turned her back to him. “If you don’t mind, you can unzip me.”

Harry unzipped her and put his hands on her flesh, on the small of her back and around to the front, but was stopped mid way to his destination.

“Patience Love, you’re going to spoil the surprise.”

“But, I’m surprised already! I’m surprised I haven’t passed out yet,” he said with his eyes big and innocent. “I’ve been a” Ginny turned slowly letting her dress slide down her waist, “… very good …” she was about in the bathroom and let the dress slide the rest of the way off, “wow, I mean boy. Before she stepped into the bathroom and shut the door, she reached back with her hand and unsnapped her strapless bra. She heard him catch his breath and say, “I‘ve been a very good boy,” again and then he sat heavy on the bed breathing hard; the waves gently lulling his fatigued body to near sleep.

Ginny opened the door ever so slightly and watched Harry. She laughed at his expression and could hardly keep from running to him at his response. She caught her breath though when she saw him put his head in his hands and lean on the post. Then he got up very slowly, and walked toward the bathroom door. She held her breath thinking he was coming in, she wouldn’t mind if he did, but smiled when he stopped and picked up her wedding gown.

“What’s he doing?” she wondered. He threw the gown up in the air and as it came down the layers of flimsy material spread open and he sprayed what looked like steam from his wand all over the gown. Then he threw it up again, and soft wind blew through the dress. Lastly he threw it up one more time and tissue paper came from his wand and went in between every layer of material. He flipped his wrist then made a quick zigzag motion and the gown was sealed in a bag. A closet door opened and he hung up the gown. He turned around and picked up her sandals and put them in the closet. He picked up her bra and opened what appeared to be an enclosed table with Quidditch Player knick knacks on it. When it was fully open, a close hamper swung outward, wherein he dropped her bra.

“What a perfect man!” She continued watching him while he took off his shoes and socks. The socks he threw into the hamper and the shoes he slowly picked up and put in another closet. He started undoing his tuxedo and started to wobble. He stepped to the bed and sat down on the edge, and then fell backward onto the bed with his legs dangling over the side.

“My poor Harry,” Ginny thought as she walked lightly to check on him. “He’s passed out.” She went back to the bathroom and brushed her teeth faster than ever, then showered off, getting the makeup and hair gel washed away. She dried herself and slipped on her surprise for Harry. She had to put an expanding spell on it so it would fit her like an oversized t-shirt instead of a small tight t-shirt. She had been waiting for this moment ever since her second year. “WOW! Was I really that young?” She thought back and remembered her day riding with Harry, and the nightmare that followed. “Yes, I was that young. I’m glad I did all that growing or this Honeymoon might’ve been a disaster.”

She started to walk out of the bathroom, and remembered Harry’s tidy habits. The anxious new bride quickly picked up the towel off the floor, and draped it over the shower. Then she got her sponge and rinsed it out thoroughly and hung it on a hook in the shower to dry. She straightened up the sink putting away her toothbrush and mouth wash. “There, I think that’s good enough, oops, she noticed her panties and picked them up and dropped them in the hamper.” She ran over to the bed on her tip toes and, excited to get to her man, she made a great jump up onto the middle of the bed and a sudden wave threw Harry off of the bed and onto the floor. She forgot it was a waterbed.

“Harry!” Ginny screamed and fought the waves trying to get off the bed.

Then she heard soft laughter. “Lie still, then roll over and don’t fight the waves, use them.” Next thing he knew she was on the floor beside him taking off his clothes. “Um, ma’am, I’m a happily married man, just what are your intentions?”

Relief washed over her and then she smiled and said, “Well, seeing that you are ok; I intend, Mr. Potter, to make you dance.” She sat up on her knees and heels showing him her tee shirt. Her answer startled him and he looked at her quizzically.

“You want me to dance,” but then he saw she wanted him to read something on her night gown, err no … her t-shirt. “That… looks familiar … it’s a good thing it’s big words, because I see double of everything remember?” He put his hand on her hip and gently turned her so he could see it better. At the touch of his hand, tingles shivered up and down her spine. “Love … Is … The … “He looked at her face and finished the sentence. “Music My Heart Dances To” His eyes sparkled and glimmered with the extra wetting that was coming on them. He nodded his head and said his heart was dancing.

“I remember Gin. I remember that day without the memory to watch. I remember it like it was yesterday. You’re something else, you know that? I love you Mrs. Potter, I really do.” He took the bottom of the shirt and pulled it over her head. His hand went flat over his chest and he flipped it downward and his clothes came off. She expected him to hang them up, but he didn’t. He reached up and gently pulled her down on top of him and…

* “Love Is The Music My Heart Dances To” is an epic ff written by Ottery St. Catchpole. If you haven’t read it yet, give it a try.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. Not so much in this chapter, but from here on out things begin to get darker and violent.

Chapter 9

The Near Future Is Closer Than You Think

Harry and Ginny lived each day in the bliss of love and romance and grew accustomed to their new house and their lives together. Well into the second week of the Honeymoon Harry was completely healed and his strength recovered. Even his hideous leg was healed. “I just have to be careful of my Achilles’ heel,” he said fingering the left side of his face around his temple. “Anytime there is much pressure here I start to black out. I hope it recovers fully, but I doubt it will. It’s been this way for around two years, and it’s also where your dad hit me with that rock.”

He returned to his strict exercise regimen he made for himself. “Just because I don’t have a mountain to move anymore, doesn’t mean I can let myself go,” he told Ginny when she woke one morning to find him in their gym working out hard. She relished his looks and the strength he had in his body. He said he longs for the day when he can go outside and run. Never once did they go outside though. Harry said they needed to wait just to make sure. So for now, they stood in their Living Room with the door wide open looking out at the beautiful grounds and spectacular beauty in the gardens.

“But you have shields and other protections up and everything. How could anyone possibly see us, if we’re outside?”

People, especially Muggles, don’t see our land and buildings; they see a wood and thickets, and a marsh. An ugly eyesore, to be sure, but it turns their eyes away from us. Animals and birds can see and go through them, and I don’t want to be caught off guard by someone who transfigured into something that can just walk right in; or an Animagus like when I first got home and was attacked by that badger. I don’t want to take any chances until I’m better equipped to handle it.”

“There will come a time in the near future, when I will lower these shields and allow people to come and go as they please. The time to keep separated from Muggles has long been gone. The world is too crowded to expect landowners and business men to not come across seemingly vacant areas and not want to build on them.” Harry thought for a moment and went on to say something that surprised Ginny.

“We have to stop keeping to our selves. Our livelihood depends on our mingling with the Muggles. Our kind, are ignorant to their ways. Look at your dad; his fascination with Muggles could get him in deep trouble if he were an ignorant man, because we are strange to Muggles. These days, “strange” doesn’t fare well. I remember seeing wizards and witches when I lived with the Dursley’s. I remember thinking they were strange, scary even. They will start capturing us and ostracizing us, by way of prisons and special camps. They’ll do experiments on us, to find out how to control us, and make weapons out of us. It’s what happened to Crookshanks’ kind. Werecats are all but extinct, but for a precious few.”

“Harry, what you’re saying is scary, and it seems farfetched. How do you know about all this? I mean I believe you; it’s just that I’ve never seen any way they can find out about us. That’s why all the restrictions are in place, not using magic when Muggles are around, and all that. It seems like we’re safe. Can’t we just trust our Ministry that they keep us safe, and fix the occasional times when something happens?” Ginny was leaning with her back against Harry holding his arms around her with her fingers interlaced with his.

“No Honey, something big is about to happen, and it involves Muggles, I’m sure of it. Our Ministry for the most part think the Muggles are stupid foolish beings that have life tough because they can’t do magic, and really don’t even believe in magic. But, Muggles know way more than what’s thought they could know in ways to advance. The technology they possess is unsurpassable. Did you know that if they ever get a hold of one of us, and study our blood, they’ll see we aren’t normal humans like them? They’ll think we’re aliens or robots.” He laughed at his ideas, but then stopped short.

“No!” He moved Ginny off of him and started pacing back and forth with a faraway look in his eyes.

“What is it Harry!” Harry though kept pacing, thinking deeply.

“Harry? You’re scaring me! Tell me what it is. What’s wrong?”

Harry stopped, went to her and held her to him tight in his arms. “I’m sorry Honey. I didn’t mean to make it sound so scary. It’s just that if my hunch is right, and I think it is; then we should be worried. We need to get dressed and check into some things before our Honeymoon is over. I think I know how he‘s going to do it.”

She had her arms around him and then pulled away from him. “OK I guess we should if you say so. I did enjoy going around this comfortable, not worrying about wearing clothes just slip on a night shirt or whatever.

He smiled and said he enjoyed it too. “I was wondering when you’d like to start having children. … Unless you think I wouldn’t be a good father,” he added when she stiffened slightly in his arms.

“I wanted to start right away, but now I’m afraid to have any children, if they’re going to live in a world that is going to get as bad as you say.”

“Honey, it isn’t getting that bad, it already is and has been for years. The Ministry has been lying to us all these years. They’ve even found ways to fool brilliant minds like Professor Dumbledore. Look.”

Harry led Ginny to his office, and closed the door. She hugged her arms to her then put her one hand instinctively on her hip where Harry had her wand hidden in a special holster, (He had told her they needed to always have their wands on them.) and looked a little frightened.

“What is it Honey?”

“I don’t know; I just feel strange in here for some reason. I’ve never in my life felt this before.”

“Ah,” he smiled. “This is going to be easier than I thought. What you are feeling is a space completely void of any magic. Magic leaves a signature and it is natural to feel it, because you grew up with it. You have never been in a place where there isn’t magic, so this feels different, maybe unsafe, judging by you being ready to draw your wand. Anyway, this is what Muggles feel. This room is lined with lead and nickel. Nothing can penetrate this room. It even has its own ventilation system. Everything tied into this room is of Muggle power; electricity. It isn’t hooked up yet, because I would have to lower the shields and hook up to the Muggle world. When I can do that, then we’ll have electricity, TV, radio, telephone, computers, internet,” he went through the list associated with Muggles and pointed them to her as he went along. “None of this works except for this.” He pulled out a cell phone from a desk drawer. He opened the study door again and set various things in motion with magic. Then he took her to a window and showed her a red blinking light over the next hill.

“That is a cell phone tower; ready for the test? Are you feeling normal again? Nothing feels strange? She sighed and said it was all good. He opened the phone and punched in a number. He set it on speaker and held it so Ginny would be able to hear it. “What’s it doing?” she asked quickly gripping Harry’s hand. “It’s ringing into the phone number I called. “Hello?” said a voice in the phone. “Hello, Mr. McKinnon? How are you? This is Harry.”

“Harry! It’s so good to hear from you son! How are you doing? Did you and Ginny get married?”

“Yes Sir, we did. We were married the day after I got back. How are you and your wife doing? I’ve been thinking of you two a lot.”

“Well son, we’re just fine! But you’re on your honeymoon; you shouldn’t be wasting time on us old folks.”

“Ah now, don’t be that way. Oh hey, I wanted to tell you that my leg is completely healed now. I don’t even limp anymore. How is everyone in Xanadu?”

“We’re all fine son. Sally Mae had her baby; a little boy, precious little thing, and he’s perfectly normal. Sally named him Harry, after you. I think everyone here plans on naming their children after you. Little Charlie even named his dog after you. We are all so thankful for your helping us. You’re a wonderful person Harry.”

“No sir, I’m not all that, but tell everyone hello for me, and congratulations to Sally Mae. I plan on bringing Ginny over sometime if that’s ok with you.”

“Well son, that’d please us plumb fine! We’ll look forward to meeting her.”

“OK, Sir, I’ll talk to you later. Give my love to your Mrs.”

OK, Harry, you be careful. Watch out for snakes.”

Ginny felt a slight tremor at the word snakes from Harry, and remembered the other night waking up with him tossing his head to and fro, but settled right down when she put her hand on him.

“Yes Sir, I’ll be careful of them. Good-bye.”

He closed the phone and looked at her. “According to the Ministry, this wouldn’t work, due to all the magic in the air. They just told us all that stuff to keep us from getting mixed up with the Muggles, and when it comes down to the reason, it’s the same old prejudices, might of Wizards over Muggles. The reason I had Bill build the study completely magic free, sound proof, and being undetectable is because I bought into that nonsense. I wanted a computer and a way to keep in touch with the real world. Now, it’s just a very safe study. If ever I tell you to get to a safe place, it’s here with the door closed. He closed the door, then tapped it with his wand and said “conceal,” and it looked like the rest of the wall, no door at all. He opened it then closed it without tapping it, and it was another room with the door closed. Do not tell anyone the secret about this room. Nobody,” he added to stress his point.

She nodded her head in understanding. They got dressed and went back into the study. Harry looked at the portraits and called to them. Out of respect and wanting to give the couple some privacy, the portraits had decided they wouldn’t visit until they were called upon.

“Hello Sir, Poppa. I’ve missed you both.” He opened his arms wide and put them on both the portraits as if he was hugging them. He stepped back in case Ginny wanted to acknowledge them.

“Err hello Sirs.” she said nervously. This was going to take some getting used to.

“Hello Harry, Ginny. You both look well, especially you Harry. It’s good to see you healthy and fit again.

“Yes Sir, thank you, Ginny is excellent. She takes very good care of me.”

“He’s the one who’s been caring for himself. He’s always up and done with everything before I even wake up and get out of bed. I can’t keep up with him.” She smiled at her husband and leaned her head on his shoulder.

“Sir, I was thinking that Voldemort is coming back to life somehow.” Harry jumped in without beating around the bush. “I can feel him somehow, but I can’t quite explain … I mean” he put the heel of his hand on his forehead and slowly shook his head. “My scar has never gone back to normal yet. At first I thought I was just sore and would have to recover from it hurting so bad for so long. But, it just aches with a numb sort of feeling.” He laughed and joked seeing the fear in Ginny’s eyes, “Guess I’m just a numbskull.”

Harry felt bad he was scaring her. He swallowed and took a deep breath. He brought her to him and held her without saying anything for several minutes. “Honey, if this is going to be too much for you then I’ll keep you out of it. I think you’re strong enough, though I respect your natural fear of it. It’s going to be rough because I will be dedicating my time to resolving this once and for all. Anytime we have together will be better and will make it easier for both of us. It’s up to you.”

“What will this entail? I mean … like looking for Horcruxes or”

“Honey I don’t know honestly, but I won’t be going off on a wild goose chase. I need to be discreet so I think especially starting off it’ll be like I leave in the morning for work, and come home in the evening. There might be occasions where I need to leave for a short time, like a few days business trip.”

“Oh … so, sort of like an undercover sting; I can handle that. You don’t have to come home and tell me every move you make each day, but you’ll keep me in the loop and ask my opinion when you need help, and stuff like that? And maybe when you go off I’ll come with you, until I get pregnant, which I want to do right away, and but only if it’s not dangerous cause I don’t want you to be distracted with worrying over me, and”

“Yes, Honey, like that stuff. Only there may be times that I have to keep things from you, even lie for the sake of safety or something of that nature. I will always love you though, no matter what.” Harry took her hand and held it over his heart; “the truth will always be here though. Also, don’t forget I’ll have my partner, Mr. Ron Weasley himself.” Harry laughed and commented about wondering how Ron was doing without his mom’s cooking.

“Not so good, I’m afraid,” answered Dumbledore. “He and Hermione both showed up at the Weasley’s in time for breakfast this past Saturday. They were in good spirits, but Ron did elaborate a bit too much about Hermione’s lack of cooking skills.”

“I think I see a House Elf in the near future,” teased Ginny.

“The near future is closer than you think Honey. Ron is unbearable when he’s hungry. I won’t let Hermione suffer through all that again.” Harry remembered all the times Ron was too cranky to be around when he was hungry while they were in search of the Horcruxes.
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Nice one Connie...I liked the way you have pointed out the muggle development especially with respect to the real estate where they usually look for barren or empty spaces...And I liked the last scene about Ron...Irony of it...they might require a House Elf!......
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. Sorry for posting so late; I was out of town all day. Hope you enjoy this chapter.

Harita, thanks for reading and commenting. Yeah, I'm trying to make a more believable scenario about Muggles and Magical folk sharing the same world. It's probably the only thing I didn't like about the books and movies. The world is too crowded for Magical folk to not know or understand Muggle ways and things. I have to admit it is cute when Mr. Weasley shows his lack of knowledge, but high interest in Muggles and the way they live.

Yes, I just had to start Ron and Hermione off with an Elf.

Chapter 10

Winky To The Rescue


“Kreacher is here Master Harry!” The small Elf could hardly contain his exuberance at seeing Harry. “Is Kreacher being allowed to welcome home Master Harry, and his Queen Mrs. Ginny?”

“Yes of course you can.” Harry held out his hand to shake hands but Kreacher ran through his hand and threw his arms around Harry’s knees, and kissed each leg. Then he went to Ginny and gave her the same treatment.

“Kreacher is being overly joyful that Master Harry is safe and home where he belongs. Kreacher is being ready to report for duty here in your new home, if Kreacher is wanted here. Or Kreacher can remain at the Noble House of Black if Master Harry wishes.”

“I wish for you to come here now Kreacher. Thank you for keeping Grimmauld Place safe and clean for me while I was gone. Can you get another crew to work here with you? I need some for the stables and animals, and some to help me with the grounds. You can get as many as you want, and let me know what they expect from me. Make them understand they are to make some clothes for themselves and they will be well provided for.”

“Yes, Master Harry, there is not being any problem with any of that Sir.”

“OK, and one other thing, Is Winky doing better? Did she stay in service with me after I left?”

Harry explained to Ginny that the morning he left, he saw Winky when he was leaving Hogwarts. “She was in really bad shape; confused to say the least. She said that McGonagall dismissed her after she requested it. She said she wasn’t worthy to work for such an honorable place as Hogwarts, and it’s Mistress. So, I told her that Kreacher needed help with his responsibilities I was leaving him with, and I would take her into service if she was up to very hard work.”

“Yes Master Harry. Winky is being a big help at the Noble House of Black.”

“Good, I’m glad to hear it. Winky?” Within the second Harry called her name, the female Elf was at his feet kissing them.

“Here now, that’s enough of that. Stand up here and let me talk to you Winky.” Harry’s voice was firm but not unkind; but even so, Ginny didn’t think she needed that tone. She looked at Harry and was about to say something but noticed Dumbledore shake his head.

“Winky, this is my wife Ginny. She is the sister of Ron Weasley. Do you remember Ron?”

“Yes Sir, Master Harry Potter. Winky is remembering your Ron, but Winky is most shameful Winky is not remembering Mistress Ginny.” The small Elf looked at Ginny and bowed to the floor. “Winky is being most happy to meet Master Harry Potter’s wife, Ginny.”

Ginny smiled and said she was happy to meet her also. She looked at Harry who went down on one knee and bowed his head as he spoke to Winky. “Winky, are you happy working for me? Have all your needs been properly met? And if so, then I’d like to humbly ask for you to honor us by coming to work here in our house. But first, and this is very important; I need you to help our friends Hermione and Ron. She needs help learning how to cook.”

Winky stepped over and kissed the top of Harry’s head. “Winky is excepting Master Harry Potter’s request of continued Servitude. Never has Winky been so happy to be a House Elf, since Master Harry saved poor Winky from her desolate self.”

“Yes, Master Harry Potter, Winky is remembering Mistress Her…my…neee. Winky is most anxious to also be a service to Mistress Ginny. Winky will be having Mistress Her…my…neee cooking her Ron-old, tasty meals quickly.” The tiny House Elf was obviously working on her pronunciations and smiled widely with her efforts.

“Is Winky being needed to cut hair and shave Master Harry Potter?” Harry smiled and said he is going to leave it long. “I got used to it being long and besides,” he took a handful of beard close to his chin and pulled it from side to side. “Look at what you can do; it makes a good way to get my attention.”

He laughed full heartily as the Elf looked horrified at the thought of doing such a thing.

“Now to get this finished up so we can get down to the problem at hand. Kreacher and Winky, I need you to go to Shell Cottage and bring Ron and Hermione here right away. Don’t let them step foot on our property; bring them to this room please.”

Harry turned to Professor Dumbledore and asked if he would mind going to his picture in Kingsley’s office and asking him to come over and to bring K’Lari with him. Tell him the word is, ‘Innocent.”

Dumbledore looked happy to be included in on the plans and said he would be delighted to fetch them. Now it was just Harry, Ginny, and Snape. Harry turned to Ginny and kissed her passionately. Snape cleared his throat and asked wasn’t there anything he could do.

Harry winked at Ginny before turning to answer Snape. “There is Poppa; I’ve wanted to talk to you about something. Do you remember Filch ever expressing any desire at all or being curious enough to ask about making Potions?”

Snape looked at Harry with eyebrows knit closely together in thought. “He did,” he answered hesitantly. “He asked if there was any hope of him making a potion since he was a squib. He went on to say that he needed something stronger than what he had, to remove some stains on the flagstone in the courtyard. He said it needed to be something that could penetrate the stone. Why? What are you thinking?”

Just then Winky and Kreacher reappeared in the room with Hermione and Ron on the very spot they disappeared from. Ron was shirtless but thankfully had on a pair of boxers and was stooped over with his left hand extended as if he were holding something, and a chicken leg was in his right hand and a bite of it in his mouth. Hermione, who was fully clothed, was in a sitting position with a book, How To Be A Great Cook, and Not Be Stuck In The Kitchen, by Eileen A. Baker. Hermione would have fallen to the floor but Harry caused a chair to fit nicely under her.

Ginny scoffed at Ron, “Raiding the ice-box per usual I see.” Ron looked up suddenly and looked around to see everyone looking at him. Winky disappeared and then reappeared with clothes for Ron and with a snap he was dressed.
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Hey everyone, thanks for reading. I hope you all enjoy this chapter; it has some fun moments.

Chapter 11

Beans, Cornbread, And Sweet Potato Pie

Dumbledore returned to his portrait and said Kingsley would be here shortly, and he would send a Patronus to K’Lari and have her come to him here in the study.

“Thank you Sir. We were discussing Filch expressing a desire to make potions, and Poppa”

“Can you not call him Poppa? It’s just creepy sounding,” muttered Ron still red in the face at the undignified manor at which he arrived.

“Get over it Ron, it’s what he calls him,” laughed Ginny. She was enjoying life and was determined not to let anything upset her. “Love, do you need me and Hermione?”

Harry grinned at her and replied, “Yes, I do need you, but if there is something you wanted to do without me, you can.” He took her hand and squeezed it gently. “You want to show the house to Hermione and tell her about Winky?”

Ginny kept Harry’s hand and clasped it in both of hers. “Do you mind? And you and the bottomless pit can visit until Kingsley and K’Lari get here.”

“That’s a good idea. Go ahead. Remember though, not a step outside.” He kissed her and watched her grab Hermione’s hand and the two of them ran off giggling like school girls.

“Excuse us please Sir, and P….Sir. I’ll show Ron around and bring him up to speed while we wait.” He turned to Ron and held out his hand to shake his hand and greet him properly.

“Oh thanks,” said Ron putting the chicken bone in Harry’s hand. “Harry this is great. You designed this and made the blueprints yourself? I’m impressed.” Harry tossed the chicken bone in the trash can as they walked through the kitchen, and then washed his hands. Ron drew in the smell of the kitchen. “Smells like mum’s kitchen. You lucked out getting a girl that was taught to cook like her mum. Hermione can’t cook worth a hill of yams.”

Harry laughed. “Hermione’s parents ate out all the time. Maybe her mum can’t cook, and Hermione does cook like her. And it’s beans.”

Ron looked at him curiously.

“Hill of beans, the term is, not worth a hill of beans.”

“What are you going on about Harry?”

“You said Hermione can’t cook worth a hill of yams. The term is, Can’t cook worth a hill of beans. You’ve been studying up on Muggle phrases I guess.” Harry was about to talk seriously to Ron, when Ron countered his last comment.

“But that just doesn’t make since Harry. You don’t plant beans on a hill, but you do yams. You must be mistaken.”

“Ron, back centuries ago when payment on land was given by crops, it was known not to plant a crop of beans for payment because they wasn’t worth anything. If you had one bean or a hill of beans it would be worthless the same. So, it became a phrase when something is given as payment or as compensation for something and it was a worthless payment, then they say it’s not worth a hill of beans. Now it‘s used in reference to something being worthless.”

Harry showed the house to Ron, the whole time Ron defending his phrase. Walking back downstairs Ron suddenly yelled, “Ah ha! The crop of beans would be valuable if the farmer planted a crop of corn also. Then there would be beans and cornbread!” Harry looked at Ron with a dead pan face, then finally said, “I think I hear Kingsley,” and the two went the rest of the way to the study in silence.

They arrived back to the study as Ginny and Hermione came in chatting away. Hermione looked at Ron with a raised eyebrow, noticing he was in very high spirits. Ron saw her body language and volunteered with a swagger, “I just gave Harry a lesson in economies about making payments by planting crops of yams on hills, and planting beans with corn.”

Ginny’s face was expressionless. “What is he talking about? We owe him payment for something and he wants it in beans and”

Hermione thought for a second and broke in on Ginny’s questions. “Your Economics are wrong dear, they’re not worth a hill of beans.”

“But, but … yes Dear.”

“How is that possible?” Harry demanded “You said in one line what I told him this past twenty minutes and I even gave a history lesson along with it, and he didn’t believe me.” He shook his head and laughed, “Never mind.”

“Ron, you won’t believe your good fortune!” Hermione said changing the subject as Ron started to say something.

“Harry and Ginny are going to allow Winky to come over for a while to teach me how to cook.”

Ron’s eyes grew to saucer size. “You’re winding me up, right?”

“No, she can visit for a while and help Hermione learn to cook.” Harry was being careful how he worded things so as not to offend Hermione and her views on Elf abuse.

“That’s great mate, thanks so much. I’m gonna owe you for the rest of my life, which you just saved by the way. Can she come today, and fix beans, cornbread, and sweet potato pie. I’m powerful hungry for that for some reason.”

Harry looked around the study and found Kingsley trying to hold in his laughter. Harry strode over to him quickly holding out his hand. “Thanks for coming Kingsley.”

Before Harry could say anything else a stranger popped in. She was tall, slender, long blond hair pulled back in a somewhat disheveled pony tail, dressed in black, and sporting a black eye. She was smiling wide as she gave Harry a one armed hug and introduced herself. “I’m K’Lari, your Super Sleuth. You’ve been sending a good deal of work my way. Thank ya.” She stepped back on her heel and took in his appearance. “You turned out mighty fine Harry; all tanned, muscled up and handsome. Your mum and dad, bless 'em, would be very proud.”
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 12

Answers From K’Lari

“Err … thanks. This is my wife Ginny; my best mate Ron Weasley and Hermione Gr… I mean his wife Hermione.”

“Ah, Ginny and the famous trio; I must say, I’m very thankful for the parts each of you played out in the death of Voldemort, especially you Harry. That took tremendous courage. Now! You’ll have to excuse my appearance. I was fallowing your trail when it took me to a small barn where upon my sudden Apparation startled some kangaroos. One of them had the upper hand though because he recovered from the shock before I recovered from my shock of being face to face with a giant mouse.” She pointed to her black eye, and then touched her wand to her hair and the pony tail re-fixed itself. “Such a bother, this long hair. I’m thinking of cutting it, like in a sweet little Pixie Due, what do you think?”

“I think you haven’t changed a bit in all these years. It’s good to see you K’Lari.”

The super sleuth spun whipping Harry in the face with her pony tail. “Albus, it’s so good to see you!” then she saw Snape’s portrait and said, “See you’re still hanging around being useless,” she sneered with a wrinkled up nose.

“See you’re still pretending to be a Teen Age Mutant Ninja Turtle, what good have you done?” Snape replied in his waspish voice.

“I helped these three stay alive while they searched for the Horcruxes!” she snapped back.

Snape scoffed and said, “A likely story, let‘s hear some proof.”

“When Harry went in town to get some food, he nearly became soul food for some Dementors. I cast my Patronus when he was using all his strength to cast his Patronus. The Horcrux necklace he was wearing kept him from producing it, he barely got away. And then when this one, Ron, was trying to get away from the Snatchers, I caused them to trip all over themselves and he saw a chance to get away. It was me who took the sword back from Griphook when he ran off with it in the caverns of Gringotts.” She took a deep breath and turned to Harry. “I’m sorry I couldn’t get it back to you. You three took off on that Dragon, and I had to start all over finding your trail. I took the Sword of Gryffindor back to Hogwarts, and hid it. I knew it would make itself available when it was needed again.”

“Thank you for everything you did. I have always been puzzled how I was able to get away from those Dementors that day. Thank you again,” said Harry with his gratitude showing. “The sword was to be given back to Griphook after we used it for killing the Horcruxes. He didn‘t think I was going to give it to him, so he took his chance when it became available. I need to find him and explain things to him. I‘m sure he thinks I lied to him.”

“Well, don’t worry yourself about it Harry. It was his greed that made him betray his loyalty to you. When I caught up with him, I was trying to explain it to him. I begged him for the Sword, and told him that my loyalties weren’t with any agreement made, and I would kill him for it if he didn’t surrender it. I even told him that it would be given back to him after the Horcruxes were all destroyed, but he said I’d have to kill him for it. I didn’t have to waste my time on him any longer though because another Goblin killed him and tried to take the sword from him. I grabbed it and took off to find you, but like I said, you were already gone.”

Snape spoke then and surprised everyone. “Clearly you have been more help than anyone knew about. Forgive me for undermining your skills and heart that you put into your work.”

K’Lari stood looking at him unable to say anything at first. Then she scowled and said, “Now don’t go getting all goody, goody, and moral, and everything. I liked you best when I could hate you.”

“Please then, by all means, continue to hate me. I assure you there is no love lost between us on my part.”

She considered what he said and kicked her foot in displeasure and said, “Na … you’ve gone and ruined it. It’s not as fun anymore.” She looked at Harry and said, “Hey handsome, are we having this meeting for a reason, or what?”

Winky entered at this time with a large tray of sandwiches and drinks for everyone. “Oh, thank you Winky.” Harry put his hand on Ginny’s hand to prevent her from saying anything else or from getting up to serve the guests.

Harry swished his wand and small individual trays appeared beside everyone, and a large table appeared in the center of the room. Winky set her large tray on the table and smiling brightly curtsied to Ginny and answered her with, “You is welcome Mistress Ginny,” and left the room.

Ginny patted Harry’s hand and went to the table saying, “Please everyone help yourself. There’s no need to have a meeting on an empty stomach.” She picked up a plate and drink and took it to Harry, then returned and served herself.

As they began to eat Harry asked K’Lari about a statement she made earlier. “You said you followed us that year when we were looking for the Horcruxes. Did you follow me on my quest?”

K’Lari swallowed hard and said she did try, but she wasn’t able to follow him anymore.

“Do you remember when specifically you weren’t able to?” He was getting anxious and looked up to Snape.

“That’s being a little unrealistic expecting her to remember that don’t you think.” put in Ron.

“I do remember though.” answered K’Lari quickly. “It was four years ago, the day after you went to that lake and burnt up all the Inferi; which I didn‘t help you in any way by the way.”

“I knew it! One more question though before this is confirmed.” Harry began pacing thinking how to word his question, the quandary being how to ask without directly involving Crookshanks as a Werecat.

“When I woke up on the couch the afternoon right before we got married, Crookshanks was on my chest smelling my breath. His fur was bristled and his claws were dug into my chest. He didn’t know me at first, but after he was done smelling me he curled up on me and went to sleep. I think he thought I was an imposter at first.”

He looked at Ron and shook his head knowing he was going to suggest Crookshanks just didn’t recognize him. Looking at K’Lari he asked her, “When you got here you said you were following my trail. Is it different than when I left, or the last time you trailed me?”

“Yes, it is different … and I can’t put my finger on it. Something doesn’t make sense.”

“I think I can help make since of it. I was asking Professor Snape if Filch was interested in making Potions and he said he was.”

Everyone looked at Snape. “He said he needed a potion to penetrate the flagstone in the courtyard to remove a stain. I told him what he needed and that he could prepare it himself, just to get a witch or wizard to stir it when he brewed it. He said Madam Pence was going to help him. I never thought anything about it since, until before you all came when Harry was asking me about it.”

“The day I left, just before I left Hogwarts, Filch dumped a bucket of mop water on me. It soaked me from my legs down, even through my shoes. He laughed at me when I told him to watch what he was doing. He said he was watching, and that I’d be sorry. Don’t you see; he deliberately threw that foul water on me because it had the potion he made in it to track me.”

“I studied the men you killed since you got back Harry; I questioned all the men Kingsley brought me that you captured, and I’ve been following their footprints this past week and a half. Each of these men has some of the same properties, and it wasn’t until just this afternoon I found out something else. You also have some of the same properties in you, giving you the same footprint.”

“But that clenches it then! It was something in that mop water!” Ron put in for the first time.

“We don’t have any proof of that though,” added Hermione quickly. You can’t just send Filch to Azkaban for dumping mop water on Harry. And I’m sure that those men Harry took out weren’t walking in the way of that mop water either. What if those men were innocent of the accusations against them? Harry keeps saying they were going to kill him. How are we supposed to prove it, and how are we supposed to prove they even meant to harm him?”

Kingsley spoke up suddenly before Ginny could defend her husband. “I can testify to that fact Hermione. I watched the memory of the afternoon Harry killed the first man. The man posing as a badger; Harry did try three times to keep it from attacking him. The last time it came at him with full intent of killing Harry or die trying. The man in the barn Harry captured; when I got there the man said he was there to kill Harry. He then tried to take his own life with a pill. Harry stopped him and was able to send him away before anything else happened. The two men that attacked Harry before he left for the wedding, tried to kill him. He stunned one and the other one ended up getting killed. Harry was in serious trouble by the time he got to that man. If he had tried to stun him and missed, he wouldn’t have another chance to try again. I know all these men were trying to kill Harry with the exception of the man in the church. So far it seems he was trying to incite a fight and, or ruin Harry and Ginny’s reputation by saying the things he said. In Harry’s condition, it wouldn’t have taken much to finish him off, and it wouldn’t have looked like murder. When his attempt failed he tried to take his life with a pill just like the others. Also, I’ve studied all Harry’s reports and watched his memories in the files he provided and it proves Harry killed in self defense.”

“And somebody has been following him all over the world ever since he left four years ago.” Ginny added. It makes since that it was Filch’s mop water.”

Hermione wanted to stress her point she was trying to make but Harry interrupted her. He looked at Hermione and said quietly, “My fears are confirmed then; in the eyes of my family and friends, I am a monster. Otherwise why would anyone think I would go around the world killing people without cause?” His face went white and he trembled noticeably. He sighed and thought in deep concentration.

“There is a way we can prove my theory,” Harry said in a quiet voice that made everyone listen hard. “K’Lari can go to Hogwarts and find Filch and see if this potion is on him. When he threw it on me, I made the water go back to him. It soaked his legs and feet the same as it did mine. I dried the floor quickly so nobody would slip and get hurt, so, there won’t be anyone else with the same footprint.”

K’Lari spoke up quickly before Ginny turned her anger and hurt on Hermione. She was sure Hermione hadn’t meant she thought Harry was a murderer. “I can do that. I’ll ask Minerva for an appointment to see about being allowed to speak to the students on Career Day for becoming an Auror. I’ll know if Filch has a new footprint from his old one.”

“You’ve tracked Filch before?” Harry asked innocently.

“Oh sure! Teddy and I used to find out where he was so we could be where he wasn’t. We used to … err well; yes I have tracked him quite a few times.”

Harry grinned and said he thought her idea was brilliant.

“OK Handsome,” K’Lari reached in her pocket and pulled out a syringe. “I’m going to need a sample of your blood so I can come up with a counter potion. Snape can tell me exactly what ingredients are in the potion. Once we get the counter potion, you won’t have to be careful about where you go. It’ll just take a couple hours to make. You won’t be able to be tracked anymore.”

Harry looked at the needle and backed away from it. “Why do you need it from a syringe? I can cut myself and give you blood.”

“I need the blood to be in a sealed container so it isn’t contaminated by air or magic. Then when it is time to add the blood to the potion, the needle will be submerged into the potion so it isn’t exposed to air even as the blood goes into the potion.

Everyone looked at him in shock. “Harry! You’re afraid of a needle? I can’t believe this!” Ron laughed.

Harry remained very still with a faraway look in his eyes. Then he raised his arm to K’Lari, and held the position.

“What’s wrong with him? I was just teasing him. Why is he?” Ron didn’t finish asking questions because Ginny started demanding answers. She looked at Dumbledore and Snape.

“Madagascar” they both said with sympathy in their voices.

“He said a little about Madagascar the morning after he was home, but he only said it was where he learned to talk to gnomes. Something about them keeping him alive for four months and helping him escape.” Ginny looked to her husband and wondered what would be so bad to make him act like this.

“K’Lari gently took Harry’s hands and looked at his finger nails. She shook her head and said, “Torture, they drove needles under his nails. It’s a very horrible thing to endure.”

The super sleuth drew his blood and gently rubbed his arm. “Harry, you’re ok, everything is ok.”

“I just hate needles,” he said weakly.

Ron exhaled deeply. “I can’t read you anymore mate. I thought you were zoned out or something.”

Harry turned his eyes to his friend. “I had to focus really hard is all.” He took a deep breath and sat in a chair. He put his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. Swallowing hard he said, “I guess I need to tell the story, since I believe this to be where Muggles are used for my downfall and Voldemort’s rising.”
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Hey guy's, thanks for reading. Hope you enjoy this chapter. Its long, and getting darker.

Chapter 13

Held Captive In Paradise

Winky came in and gathered the dishes and glasses. She looked at Harry then over at Ginny. She jerked her head towards Harry several times, and then spoke. She was trying to whisper but everyone heard her squeaky voice. “Master Harry is needing his Ginny!” Still Ginny didn’t do what Winky wanted so; she jerked her head from Ginny to the arm of the chair Harry was sitting in. This time Ginny fully comprehended what Winky was wanting her to do. Ginny went to Harry and sat on the arm of his chair and put her hand softly on the back of his neck under his hair. Satisfied now, the little Elf nodded her head and took the tray of dirty dishes away.

K’Lari set up a cauldron on the table where the tray of food had been. Then she went to Snape and talked in low tones with him. She walked over to Ginny and said, “Hun, I need to pop home and gather some things for this potion.” She looked longingly at Harry wanting to hear his story, but was determined to set him free of the prison he was in. She was sure it was a wonderful prison while he was on his Honeymoon, but to not even be able to step outside for fear of exposing Ginny and his home would be unbearable. “I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.”

“Use mine K’Lari; my lab is right through those doors under Professor Snape’s portrait. Use whatever you need, I have plenty of everything.”

“Yes you do,” muttered K’Lari scanning the lab swiftly. She quickly gathered the ingredients she needed and looked around fondly at Harry’s first rate lab. She marveled at his potions he had made and stored neatly on labeled shelves. She came back into the study and set the ingredients to brew.

Ron went over to Harry and put his hand on Harry’s shoulder. “I don’t know what’s going on or anything mate, but, I don’t know that Muggles are smart enough to be involved in this. I mean they’ve got their names on some impressive inventions, but”

“STOP!” Harry jumped up and ran to K’Lari just as she was about to plunge the syringe into the potion.

“Ron, how many times have I told you you’re a genius?” Not waiting for an answer he took the syringe from the startled K’Lari. “Please tell me you have more than you need of this. Can you spare a drop?”

“Yes, but what is it Harry? I’m sure I have it all put together correctly. I won’t have to make anymore.”

Harry raised his hand toward his lab and his microscope appeared on the table beside the cauldron. Next he looked carefully at the tube of blood. “Good, the needle isn’t on it yet.” He pointed his finger at the top of the blood and a drop came up the tube, leaving the rest of the blood in the vacuum of the tube. He attached a new needle to the tube and forced a drop onto a small glass slide.

Harry took a breath and looked at the slide and straightened up. He frowned and shook his head. “I’m afraid I’m right. Look.” He opened his hand up to the air space in front of him and an image of what he looked at on the slide was viewable to everyone.

“What are we looking at Mate? Looks like a bloody mess.”

“Right again Ron. This is my blood with a few added things. What you said about Muggles having their names on some impressive inventions made me remember something I heard, and I‘ve just confirmed the factuality of it. I heard that a young Muggle girl in high school, doing a Science Fair project, discovered a way of putting her signature or a mark identified as hers on a strand of DNA” He pointed to a small point on the slide. He amplified the point. This is the signature of a scientist in Madagascar. And these things that look like”

“Spiders! They look like … spiders! Harry! What are they?” Ron said with his wand out as he scrambled away from Harry falling backward over a chair.

Ginny ran forward to Harry, tore off his shirt, and started pounding him in the chest, arms and on around him to his back. “Get them out of him! Help me kill them!”

K’Lari swept in between Harry and Ron holding up her hand to Ron. “Calm down sweetie, Harry is ok. Those little guys in there aren’t activated.”

“Honey, honey listen, I’m ok. We’ll get rid of them somehow.” he hugged Ginny to him. “Look … you see how they aren’t doing anything? Right now they are dormant, shut off. This scientist can control them, but he needs to be in pretty close proximity. They are called Nanites. A nanite is an electromechanical device, or a microscopic robot. You can’t see it with the naked eye, because it is measured in nanometers, millionths of a millimeter.

He looked at K’Lari and said, “I’m guessing that if my blood comes in contact with that potion you just made, it would kill me.” He looked up at the professors and said quietly, “They got all they needed and this is the back door in case anything gets out of their control. They can activate these nanites and I would die. And if we found out I am being tracked and make a potion to destabilize the tracer, it would probably blow up, killing me. Either way I’m dead, they have all they need to continue on with their plans.”

“What are your thoughts on their plans Harry? I think you have a pretty good idea don’t you?” Kingsley inquired.

“I do have an idea, and it’s not as farfetched as it’s going to sound,” he said looking at Ron and Hermione. “These nanites as with all technological machines can be programmed so they can reproduce. They can bring in new information to make themselves bigger. When they get big enough they start building on to each other until they reach the final design of the programmer; in this case, Tom Riddle. He will have a body, one that is going to be extremely difficult, next to impossible as a matter of fact, to destroy. And they already have his blood. They can make from his DNA a clone of him, or they can make”

He stopped all the sudden and put his hands in his hair grasping tightly saying, “NO!” Then softly he moaned with a scratchy voice, “No this can’t be!” Harry began shaking and said with a very shaky voice. “I don’t know how I can kill him if it’s what I think. I just don’t know!”

He looked around at the horrified faces and tried to bring himself under control. “I think they have been trying to kill me all this time because they need me out of the way. Riddle will come back like me. He will be a clone of his old self, but he will be just like me. Or maybe he will be a clone of me and replace me. All the experiments they did on me in Madagascar were so they could make him just like me. They kept asking questions, to which I wouldn’t answer. They tortured me for two months trying to make me do magic. I wouldn’t do it. They ran needles under my finger and toe nails. Over and over and over they did it. I lost all my nails by the time they gave up on it. They were testing my endurance, my threshold of pain, all kinds of things they did to me, you can‘t even begin to imagine.”

He began pacing the floor back and forth deep in thought. Finally he stopped in front of K’Lari. You’re gonna have to work with Professor Snape, and find a way to make an Electro Magnetic Pulse, and zap me with it.”

He went over to the slide and put it in a thick cube, and then he put a drop of the potion K’Lari made in the cube with the drop of blood. He waved his wand over it and the container became sealed. He turned the cube over making the potion spill over the blood. The instant it came in contact with the blood it exploded.

“It’s a wonder I haven’t killed myself what with all the potions I’ve taken. I would have blown up everyone and everything within … let’s just say; if I was at Hogwarts, and I blew up, Hogwarts and everyone in and around it would have died.”

Harry took Ginny in his arms tightly for she was trembling and softly sobbing. “There’s nothing to do but for me to be put to sleep in a containment field so I don’t blow up on anyone. You all will work to find a way to get me under an EMP. After that “K’Lari; you can go ahead and give me that potion and wake me.”

“No,” whispered Ginny, “I can’t let you do this. I just got you back. We’re starting a family. Voldemort can skip you this go around. We’re going to be a normal family with normal problems.” Her sobs turned into hiccoughs and her hot tears rolled down Harry’s chest.

“Honey, what was the first thing we did this morning after we had our breakfast?”

“You were going to treat that stain on the carpet where I spilled some grape juice.” She looked at him with wide eyes, gasped and put her hand over her mouth. “If I had let you do that, it would have killed you!”

Ron became agitated and said they all needed to stop talking and take care of things that need getting done. “How do we make one of these Electric Magnet Pumps, and how do we use it?”

“Electro Magnetic Pulse, dear, and we don’t have to make one; we can find one in a Muggle hospital. It’ll be lots easier than getting into Gringotts. We can be in and out before you know it.” Hermione’s eyes sparkled and the smile was contagious. K’Lari grinned with a sinister smile, “Ohhh sneaky, right up my alley. Count me in on the plans.”

Harry smiled at their new friend. “You guys need to be really careful once I’m taken out of this house. Use my cloak so I can’t be tracked.”

Kingsley put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and spoke, “I have a few questions Harry, and I’m sorry for the difficulty it’s going to cause you to answer them, but we need to know everything so we don’t overlook anything.”

Harry swallowed hard, took a deep breath and told him to go ahead. “OK, so the first thing is; why did your wand tell you to go to Madagascar? It seems like it was working against you there.”

“It didn’t send me there. It sent me to Venezuela. Just minutes after getting there I was shot and transported to Madagascar by train and boat while I was unconscious.”

“OK that makes sense then. And you think they were Muggles. What other things did they do? Did they question you? How did you escape?”

“Yes, they were Muggles; wizards don’t use bullets, and wizards would have sent me to Madagascar by way of magic. None of the scientists were magic. There were a few wizard guards is all.” Harry sketched a picture of the signature on his DNA strand.

“Hermione, find a computer somewhere and find this signature, it’ll give us the name of the scientist. Then we can easily find him. Harry handed her the diagram and looked back to Kingsley to finish the questions.

“Why do you need to know what questions they asked me? … Alright never mind then; they asked me things like what I loved and hated. They asked me what I was afraid of. They asked me what foods I liked and disliked, just everything about me, they asked questions. I didn’t answer any; none of them. They … jammed needles … in my arm every day taking vials of blood, and injected me with drugs … that kept me unable to think of how to escape. I … was barely lucid enough to think of simple answers. But still I wouldn’t answer them.”

“Each night … when they were done torturing me, they threw me outside in a beautiful garden. It was some sort of sanctuary with exotic birds, animals, and beautiful butterflies. I didn’t move from the spot they threw me. Many nights … I lay in torrential downpours. I was exhausted … and hurting so badly … I … couldn’t move, I just wanted to die. Finally they threw me into the garden and left me there to die.”

“Insects, ants, spiders, snakes … crawled all over me, and ate on me. Flies and bugs … laid eggs in my torn skin. It was the bane of my very existence. Each night when all activity stopped inside, some gnomes came to me and put earthworms, grubs, and such things in my mouth to eat. They brought water for me to drink in their boots. They tried to keep me from being animal fodder. I suffered cold turkey through withdrawal from the drugs they used on me to keep me lethargic. After I survived that ordeal I was able to start communicating with them from responses to noises they made and pointing to things until I learned their language. It took weeks though before I was able to make any kind of noise. One night the gnomes brought my pouch and my broken glasses to me. I had my wand in it and was able to escape, but I left a very visible trail, as I was dragging my body over the ground. Those little gnomes helped as much as they could, by pulling on my arms as I scooted along. I called to Fawkes, and just before he got to me I heard one of the guards say they was just going to let me go, that even if I lived they could get rid of me anytime they wanted now. And if they needed me again, they’d just re-capture me. Then Fawkes came and carried me away.”

Harry looked at Kingsley hoping there wouldn’t be any more questions. The memory was causing great pain and a sickness was coming over him. He felt himself trembling and wondered if anyone else could see it. He became worried of what might happen if he had to talk of this memory for much longer. A raging monster pent up was forever trying to escape when thoughts of Madagascar plagued him. Hermione spoke up in a small trembling voice. “Why couldn’t you make a noise?”

“I should think that would be obvious to everyone Hermione. I said they asked me questions all day long every day. I didn’t say a single word, but I did scream and yell. They tortured me Hermione… every question asked and unanswered which was all of them, I got tortured. Every order to do magic I disobeyed, they tortured me. My throat, vocal chords, larynx, everything got bruised and ripped. Still I was screaming without sound and they just laughed and continued with their questions. After two months they threw me out one last time to die. It took a month for me to recover enough to whisper and another month to recover my enough to get off my back after I escaped.”

“Why didn’t you use your wand once you had it? I would’ve blasted the place to kingdom come, and Disapparated.”

“Would you? You’re obviously a stronger man than me Ron. I had a bullet in me from when they captured me. I wasn’t fed or given water for close to four months but for what the gnomes gave me, and I’m not trying to sound ungrateful, but I don’t count what they fed me as food, and the water from their boots was awful. I was so badly chewed up from rats, and small creatures, insects, and stuff I couldn’t make my legs work, and my magic was bare to minimum because my mind and body was in such a dilapidated condition.”

“Why didn’t they feed and water you,” asked K’Lari. “It seems if they wanted these questions answered they needed you alive.”

“They used me for experiments, like the nanites and the signature on my DNA, and other things I will not talk about. They figured I was using magic to get food and water, at any rate, they was just going to use me until they had enough of what they wanted of me. They said if I lived through it, they’d just ruin my name and reputation, that people would be happy to see me killed; and so then they would be able to kill me when they needed to without an up rise from the people ...”

“You should have just answered the questions mate.”

“No Ron, I wasn’t about to give them anything they wanted. If I started answering their questions, somehow, they would use what I said against people opposing them. And I will not be the cause of good people getting hurt or killed. Never again,” he added quietly.

“Can we be done now?” Harry walked to the door and looked out. “That garden I was held captive … and tortured in was a paradise, yet I couldn’t enjoy the beauty. This place, my home, is an absolute paradise, yet I’m held captive here, and made to relive the torture. Please… can’t you just put me to sleep, and fix this?”

Ginny couldn’t bear the thought of what Harry lived through and couldn’t bear the thought of him going to sleep and maybe not waking up again. She laid her head on his arm, and put her arms around his back and chest. Softly she said, “There must be another way.” She slid down his body onto the floor and clung to his leg crying with her devastation.

Harry looked down on her, and had compassion for her. He lifted her effortlessly and carried her to a couch and sat down with her on his lap.

“Honey, it’s been nearly two weeks since anyone has known where I am. That back door I spoke of earlier could open at any time now. If they think they’ve lost control over me, they’ll just push a button and these nanites in me will cause me to have heart failure or something life ending or I could blow up or anything else could happen to end my life. It won’t take Hermione and the rest of them long to get me under that EMP, and I’ll be completely normal again. And K’Lari can give that potion to me, and we’ll be free to explore the rest of our paradise outside we haven’t gotten to see yet. OK? And for now, I’ll be captivated without torture in a blissful sleep. I’ll be dreaming of every second of every day and night we’ve been together here, and of butterflies. And I’d even let you sleep with me, but you can’t for three reasons. You need to watch me and make sure I’m ok. You would be blown up if they do something like that to me. And you can’t be around me when I’m hit with that EMP in case you’re pregnant.” He smiled at her blushing. “We’ve been having fun trying to make that happen haven’t we. And we don‘t want an EMP to risk what might already be. And Honey, just to be on the safe side… have K‘Lari draw your blood too and make sure there aren‘t any nanites in there. Always know that I love you.” He kissed her lovingly. K’Lari tapped his shoulder with her wand and he fell asleep with his lips still on Ginny’s.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the new chapter.

Chapter 14

Ron Verses Frodo

Ginny stood and pulled Harry around so he would be lying down. She waved her wand and a life support container surrounded him. “I should have put a shirt on him,” she said mostly to herself.

“He’s fine Hun, now, let’s get busy.” K’Lari clapped her hands and rubbed them together. She and Hermione put their heads together and started talking. Ron stood beside Ginny and put his hand on her shoulder. “Gin, we’ll get this taken care of and you’ll have him back before you know it. It’s scary that we’re just jumping in on this without thinking it through. Some of it just seems so implausible. But, I trust him to be right on this. He’s obviously been around more of the puzzle than we have. He’s really brilliant and”

“Thanks Ron,” she smiled and hugged him. “Ron, Harry has some files he said he wants you to go over when you get a chance. If you want you can start on them now.”

“Ah! That’d be great Ginny. Where are they? Oh, never mind, I see the file cabinets. Err; which ones does he want me to look at?”

She pulled open a drawer and showed him a row of files labeled, Black-market suspects. “He said these are tied into what’s going on, and you guys need to figure things out. Ron, he’s really happy you agreed to be his partner. He keeps smiling from ear to ear talking about the two of you working together.”

“I’d have to be a complete idiot not to take him up on his offer. I have to say though, I’m pretty nervous about it. He’s so much smarter than me, and he’s a way more powerful wizard than me. But, I’m looking at it like a great adventure for me and a great learning experience too. I mean it’ll be like when he and Dumbledore went off doing things, although he didn’t get to go with him but the one time, but he had those meetings with him.” Ron looked up to the portraits and found them to be empty.

He talked a little easier, “You know… he reminds me a lot of Dumbledore.”

“Yeah, I know. It’s because he was so close to him I think. They were his family while he was gone. He/they taught him so much stuff. I’m so thankful he took them with him.”

“Excuse me Mr. Kingsley Sir,” Ginny was a little intimidated by the big man. She didn’t know him as well as everybody else seemed to.

“Sweetheart, you can call me Mr. Shacklebolt, or Kingsley. My friends call me Kingsley; I would be honored if you would do the same.”

“Yes Sir, thank you. Harry wants to turn all these Muggle things in here on. He said he wanted to as soon as possible. I think it would be good if they were on when he awakens. Only, I don’t know how, or where to get these things done. I know you used to work undercover with the Muggles and know about these things that need done. Is there any way you could help me? I know you’re busy, but, Harry will be able to use that computer thing to help with what you’re doing with this stuff that’s going on. Err … do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Harry talked to me quite a bit about blending in with Muggles before he left. I must admit I didn’t go along with him on the idea. He said we in the wizarding world are making a mistake by separating ourselves from them. He told me that these people are so technologically advanced we will need to save them from themselves one day, and we won’t have a clue how to do it. When that day comes it won’t be the wealthy and the mighty ruling over the poor and oppressed. There won’t be any poor and oppressed because they will simply get rid of them. No more overpopulation, world hunger or anything, because they simply won’t exist anymore. The new society of people will be so out of balance that civilization will eventually be in total chaos and then the dark wizards will step in and take over. They will finally rule the world.” Kingsley shook his head, “I told him he was wrong, but today learning about these Nanites, has been an eye opener. The proof lies over there on that couch. If the technology is available to put these robots in people and just command them to shut off people’s hearts, then Harry was right, and we need to get educated about Muggles and blend in with them just like Harry said. So yes Ginny, I will take care of getting the electric and other utilities out here and turned on for you.”

He looked at his watch and said there was time for him to get started on it now.

Ginny took some papers from another file and handed them to Kingsley. “He said these would be all he needed, and magic could take care of the rest.”

Kingsley looked over the papers and nodded his head. “This just made things easier for me. You’ll have everything turned on in a couple hours. And I’ll still have time to interrogate Rita Skeeter some more. She has been very tight lipped so far. She seems afraid if you can believe it.”

“Hmm, I wonder what she would do if you told her she was going to be released, that you couldn’t waste your time on her anymore because people were turning up dead. Then kind of let it slip the names of those men who was killed and captured by Harry. If she thinks that the captured men are dead because they failed their mission then she might think that she will be next if she’s turned loose.”

“Ginny that’s a pretty good idea. I’ll see how I can make it look real.” He waved to everyone and Disapparated.

Hermione came over to Ginny and told her that they had a plan worked out, and they would take Harry into the hospital just as soon as Hermione found out how much of an EMP they need to expose on Harry.

Hermione looked over to Ron who was deep into the files, reading and making quick notes here and there. “It’s good to see him working on something worthwhile,” Hermione said with a smile on her face.” She looked worriedly at Ginny who wasn’t watching Ron, but looking at Harry. “Ginny, Harry was saying earlier about you starting a family; do you really want to get pregnant right away?”

Ginny smiled, “Yes, we both do. Life is too short to put things off if you both want it, and are ready for it. We don’t have to worry about money or anything like that. We live in a house that will make a beautiful home for our family. Why would we want to wait? What would we be waiting for?”

“You could take your time getting to know each other before you bring a baby into the world when you might not have things worked out between you.”

“You mean like if I was to suddenly fall out of love with Harry or him me, and we wouldn’t get a divorce for the sake of the baby, and live in misery the rest of our lives?”

Hermione smiled and said she was sorry. “It would never happen’ I was being overly cautious.” They talked for quite a while, wondering where Hermione could get on a computer that wouldn’t attract attention by Internet spies. Ron straightened his back and spread his arms wide and yawned. Suddenly he fell backward out of his chair and scrambled up pulling his wand. He stared crazy eyed and backed over to Hermione. “Are you ok? What dark magic is that? Are those tiny robots in there?”

Hermione and K’Lari laughed together. Ginny wasn’t crazy eyed, but she was a little startled to say the least. “It’s ok dear; Kingsley got the electricity turned on. That’s a TV. You’ve heard Harry talking about his cousin Dudley watching one all the time.”

Ron approached it cautiously; not paying attention to what Hermione was saying.

He saw moving pictures of a young man kneeling with tears in his eyes, holding another young man in dire need. *‘Now what’s to be done? You can’t go walking in the Black Land in naught but your skin, Mr. Frodo.’

‘They’ve taken everything, Sam. Everything I had. Do you understand? Everything! The quest has failed, Sam. Even if we get out of here, we can’t escape. Only Elves can escape. Away, away out of Middle-earth, far away over the Sea. If even that is wide enough to keep the Shadow out.’

‘No not everything, Mr. Frodo. And it hasn’t failed, not yet. I took it, Mr. Frodo, begging your pardon.’ The picture showed the young man named Sam showing Frodo a ring hanging on a chain around his neck.*

“Ron… Ron…. Ron” Hermione stomped her foot and shouted, “RON!”

Ron jumped and spun around. “We need to go help these guys! Where is Middle earth, and how do we get there?” Then he looked at Harry asleep on the couch in his own dire need. “After we get Harry woke up and non traceable, I mean to say.”

“Ron” Hermione started to say, but new voices came on the TV, and he spun back around once again to the TV.

“Ah ha; don’t squeeze the Charmin!” A commercial had come on and Ron was perplexed. “How rude! Mental that one is I’m tellin’ you. He needs some help! And what about … Mr. Frodo, and Sam, how can people just stand there and watch someone in need and not help them? And how does not squeezing toilet paper matter in the grand scheme of things … or anything really? They should be helping Mr. Frodo and Sam”

Hermione picked up the controller and shut off the TV. Ron grabbed the controller and asked what it was.

“It’s what the Muggles use to turn on and off these appliances.” Ron’s mouth opened in wonder.

“So, Muggles have their own magic, and this is their wand. A bit clumsy feeling. How can you dual with it?” He looked at the different buttons and saw the one labeled, ’POWER,’ “Ah! This must do it.” He waved it pushing the button while saying, “EXPELLIARMUS!”

*“Give it to me! Give it to me at once! You can’t have it!” shouted the quivering young man called Frodo.

“Wha” Ron threw the controller down and said, “You can’t duel like that. Where’s your wand? No wonder you need help so badly.” Then he straightened up again and turned red in the face looking sheepishly at the three women watching him with their hands over their mouths trying to hold in their laughter.

“It isn’t real is it?” Ginny gave her brother a comforting hug and said, “Now you have a taste of what it was like for Harry when he came into the wizarding world. Let’s watch Hermione work on that computer so she can find what she needs to get to that ESP, err wait that‘s something else… Oh well, you know what I mean.” She turned to Hermione, “It’s one of those things over there on his desk, I don’t remember which one though, or how to turn it on.”

Hermione went to the desk, and carefully moved Ron’s work to one side. She turned on the monitor, and the computer. Then she pulled a little shelf out of the desk revealing a keyboard. The computer came to life and Hermione skipped all the Tutorials and came to the Registration. “Oh dear, I forgot about this. Since this is a new computer you have to register it and everything, set up user names and passwords… a lot to do. Do you want me to go ahead with that? I’ll write down everything …” she looked in the desk and pulled out a small notebook. “Oh look! He’s already got his stuff written down that he wants to use. This’ll be loads faster now.” She started filling in all the spaces and clicking here and there, and referencing Harry’s book from time to time. Eventually she got everything done and clicked on the Internet. She opened pages and closed them after skimming through quickly. Finally she came to a page that gave her the information she needed.

“There we go, all done. She turned everything off and swiveled around expecting to talk about what she discovered, but Ginny was sitting asleep on the arm of the couch leaning over the life support tube Harry was in. Ron was asleep in a comfy stuffed chair, the files precariously stacked on the arm of the chair and one in his hands opened but resting on his lap. His chin was down on his chest. K’Lari came in carrying a plate of food and a cup of coffee.

“Oh, you’re done.” She called over her shoulder, “Winky, go ahead and fix the others a plate too. We’ll come out there in a minute.”

Ron jumped awake at K’Lari’s yelling. He was on his feet holding the remote controller he grabbed quickly ready to combat whoever was attacking them. He blinked his eyes and put down the controller and picked up his wand and put it in his holster.

Hermione smiled at the cuteness of her husband but didn’t tease him. She swished her wand and all the reports filed themselves into the right folders and stacked themselves on the desk. They went to the kitchen and ate while they talked of the plan to get Harry into the hospital.

“Ginny where is Harry’s cloak? We can wrap him in it and that way when we lay him on the table at the hospital his footprint won’t be visible.”

“No, wait! His footprints are still visible when he’s wearing the cloak. Hermione and I have seen them in the snow before.”

“That’s quick thinking sweetie, but when I say his footprints, I’m talking about being able to track him because of that potion in him,” answered K’Lari.

“It’s in his pouch on his waist.” answered Ginny. “But, how will we know where to Apparate?”

Hermione spoke up and grinned at Ginny. “While I was on the computer I got the address of the hospital. We’ll Apparate there and once we get there, K’Lari can find the machine we need.”

K’Lari took over the explanation, “After we zap those little ‘bots we’ll put him in another machine that shows his insides. If no more ’bots are buggin' him, I’ll give him a shot of the potion I made. I think it’ll be kinder him not knowing he’s getting a needle again. Then, we’ll waken him.”

Ginny vanished the tube around Harry, and got the cloak from his pouch. They wrapped him in it to make sure none of him was showing. “Now sweetie, if he gets too heavy, you can lay him down, just make sure none of him is visible.”

“I’m sure I’ll be fine K’Lari.” Ron picked up his best friend and adjusted his grip on him. “He’s light as a feather! I thought he’d be heavy with all his muscles and hair.”

“He’s only about 5’ 7” Ron, and there isn’t any fat on him. Even I can lift him,” Ginny stated. “Let’s go.”

A/N * J.R.R. Tolkien’s, the Lord of the Rings.
Charmin: A brand of toilet paper. This was an old TV commercial.
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Hey guys, thanks for reading. This chapter is not quite as long as the last ones. I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 15

All Clear And Free

They arrived at the hospital, and K’Lari drew her wand. She held it before her and then started walking down a hallway taking turns now and then. They got on an elevator and was about to go to the basement when a nurse ran into the elevator. Hermione was about to do some mind modifying when the person yelled out in a loud whisper, “Wait! It’s me, Lissydove! Kingsley said you were going to be here sometime today. We’ve been hanging around all afternoon, waiting for you to get here.”

“Lissydove! How did you? I mean I heard you were dead! How is this possible?” asked K’Lari happy to see her dear friend, but suspicious also. She held her wand to her and nodded her head and then grabbed her hugging her tightly. “It’s so good to see you! I can’t believe this!”

“Excuse me, I understand you being happy, but shouldn’t we get on with the plan? This lift gives me the willies.”

“Right you are sweetie,” answered K’Lari. They proceeded down to the basement and a Dr. joined them. Lissydove smiled and pinched him on the bottom. He turned and kissed her quickly.

“Sirius!” Ron, Ginny, Hermione, and K’Lari shouted, this time not in so much of a whisper. Ron recovered and looked at Lissydove. “When you said, “We’ve been here all afternoon,” I thought you were speaking of Kingsley.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement. “Hope you’re not disappointed, but I couldn’t let you guys have all the fun,” quipped Sirius with a sly smile.

They all greeted each other and walked down the hall. “I’ve taken care of making sure we’re alone here. I cancelled all the appointments for this afternoon and evening for routine maintenance. The floor is sealed off.”

“That’s great Sirius, we should have thought of that. We were just going to have K’Lari do some mind bending if we ran into trouble,” said Hermione. “This way is much better.”

“Here Ron, lay him down here.” Lissydove patted a narrow table that went into a small room.

“Wait! The cloak!” Ginny began getting excited. “The cloak needs to come off of him. Nothing can penetrate it. Those magnet pulses will just bounce off him.”

“She’s right,” said Ron “What do we do? Just as soon as we lay him on the table without the cloak they’ll find him, they’ll know we have him here. They’ll turn those wonky things in him on and he’ll be dead.”

“These rooms are specially made to protect everyone on the outside of them. I doubt that anything will be able to be seen,” Lissydove said.

And look, this thing says to remove all metal before using it. We need to take off his jeans and shoes and glasses … and his pouch too probably.”

“Good thinking Ginny.” So that’s what they did, and pushed the button sending the table into the room. Hermione stepped up to the panel, but then turned to Lissydove.

“No, go ahead Honey; I know you studied it carefully. I’m not at all experienced in this field. I can monitor his condition and make sure he doesn’t have any bad effects from the radiation.”

Hermione set the machine up for the pulse to begin and stop. She put on dark glasses and the others followed suit. Lissydove had already been handing them out to everyone while Hermione set up the machine. When the procedure was finished they brought Harry back out of the room. “Now we have to put him through…”

“No we don’t. I brought along my LED that Dumbledore made.” She reached in her pocket and scanned Harry with the little Mirror of Erised so to speak. She frowned and said the pulse didn’t get them all, and they’re replicating already.

“So we hit him again!” Ron informed them in a matter of fact way.

“We don’t have a choice, we’ll have to.” Lissydove took Ginny’s hand and held it tight. “It’ll make him sick, but we can get him through it. He’ll be fine after a while, but Ginny … he’s ste… ”

Hermione didn’t wait for further talk and sent him back in the small room, set up the machine at a higher dosage of exposure and hit him with another pulse. When they brought him out, Ginny put her hands to her face in shock. “He’s burning up!” Lissydove ran the scan on him again and said they got them all.

“Harry!” yelled Ron, shaking him roughly. “Renervate!”

“Wait! We were going to give him the shot first.” But it was too late, Harry awoke.

Lissydove shoved a bowl under his chin and Harry looked at her in surprise and started to say something to her, but vomited instead. Sirius put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and smiled weakly. “You’re going to have a rough way to go son, but we’ll be with you making sure you’re ok.”

Harry started to afford him a little smile when he saw K’Lari approaching with a syringe. He started to shiver and shook his head no. “It’s the potion handsome, we have to.”

Harry got that far away look in his eyes again and held up his arm for her. “It’s not that bad son, don’t be a wimp.” laughed Sirius. K’Lari looked at Sirius and shook her head no. He looked at her and became serious. He had never seen tears in her eyes before, except at James and Lilly’s funeral. “What’s going on? I was teasing him.”

K’Lari finished injecting Harry and rubbed his arm. Then she put it gently to his side. Lissydove, can you check Harry’s blood?”

“Yes, I can.” She spoke into it and the blood vessels came in view. K’Lari observed it closely and declared the signature on his DNA strand was gone, and so was the tracing potion. “His blood is as normal as any of the rest of us.”

K’Lari spoke to Sirius and Lissydove. “Harry was tortured beyond anything you can imagine. I’ll tell you about it later.” Sirius put a gentle fatherly hand on Harry’s shoulder. “What happened to my glasses and stuff?” Harry asked in a barely audible voice. Ginny stepped forward and started to help Harry with his pants and shoes. Harry raised his hand and shook his head.

“Wait Honey. K’Lari, did you take Ginny’s blood to see if she had any Nanites? Is she safe and can she be with me safely?”

“Here, I can tell with this Ginny; step over here by me.”
Ginny stood by Lissydove while she spoke into her device hovering it over her.

“She’s infected with some but we can just zap her like we did you. One time should do the trick. Ginny laid still and the machine zapped her with the EMP and they were gone from her. She’s good now Harry, and you are glowing, but it’s safe for her to be with you.”

Ginny took Harry his glasses and things, but before she could help him with his pants he took her in his arms and held her for a moment. She heard him breath in her hair and skin. He was trembling, hot, and his breathing was short and shaky. “Honey, this isn’t going to be a walk in the park. This has happened to me before, more than a few times. I didn’t know why then, but I do now. They didn’t have the nanites right, so they had to get rid of them and start over. If you want to stay with your parents, I understand. It won’t be very long, and I’ll have Kreacher to help me.”

She could tell he was in earnest, and not trying to be heroic or anything, just in love with her, and not wanting to subject her to whatever lay in store for him. “I’ll stay with you.” She helped him with his pants and shoes. “I forgot your shirt, I’m sorry.”

He smiled and said, “It’s ok, as long as I have my pants on.” He picked up his cloak and snapped it, and it folded and disappeared back into his pouch.

“Are we ready to go home?” He looked to Sirius and Lissydove with longing in his eyes. I want to visit with you guys, but, I’d really like to just walk out of this a free man, and go home for a bit with my wife.”

“Sure son, we’ll be around for awhile yet. We’ve got years to catch up on with K’Lari here. We’ll see you soon. You get home and recover from this.”
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