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Oh my gosh what just happened is voldemorte dead. Did harry wake up i need more im addicted to this story
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More more more!!
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heart Have another chapie, its a long one though x

Chapter Twelve

Harry felt nothing he lay unaware of the figure keeping vigil at his beside, or her plea’s for him to wake up. He only knew he was tired, exhausted from having someone invade his head, his thoughts, even though no lasting damage was done. He was weak as was Voldemort who lay in a similar state, in a small dark room at Malfoy manor.

He had no one at his side, nothing to wake up for only the rage of being bettered by Harry Potter again with the even stronger urge to murder him and end the last hope for the ignorant wizarding kind.

Harry’s sleep was dreamless, he knew of nothing only darkness until a day later he began to get stronger, more alive again and hear her voice.

His pulse was becoming stronger at a regular rate, there was colour in his cheeks, his temperature had gone down and after three days of waiting he opened his eyes. He felt her hand in his own and squeezed tightly his eyes blinking
“Gin” he said his voice hoarse, “Ginny”
“Harry!” she hugged and kissed him gently “You had me so scared!”
He smiled, “I told you not to worry about me, where am I?”
“Mungo’s, we thought you were going to…” she hadn’t cried the entire time and now it came out,
“It was him, it was Voldemort wasn’t it” she sobbed, into his chest.
“Yes” he held on tighter, “how long have I been out?”
“Three of the longest days of my life” they stayed like that for ten minutes until Harry spoke, “Gin”
“Yes Harry”
“Have you ever been without the toilet for three days?”
“I can’t say I have” she grinned.
“It’s not a great feeling, especially if you’re awake”

He sat up stiff, his joins, muscles and bladder crying out in pain. She got up reluctantly to tell Tonks and Lupin, who where stationed at the doors, that Harry was awake while he got up carefully to go to the bathroom.

He came back to there relived faces as he told them what had happened leaving out about what Voldemort had said about Ginny. They where quiet and after ten minutes of listening they got up to spread the good news. Ginny got up to send a message to the rest of the Weasley’s, but Harry held on to her hand and spoke. “Gin, I need to talk to you about something”
“What’s wrong Harry? I can tell when there’s something on your mind”
“You might want to sit down” she did as she was told, “I’m sitting, now talk”
“Voldemort told me he knew about you, what you look like and some other things” he said it fast,
“He did, did he?”
Harry nodded, “He told me he knows how I feel about you”
“And how’s that?” she looked at him seriously
He smiled “I love you Ginny”
“Well thank goodness for that, since I thought you were just playing with me to annoy Ron” she grinned,
“Hey I’m being serious here, don’t be mean”
She giggled, “Harry Potter serious, I’d never have guessed”
“Well if you’re going to be like that, im not going to say it again” he turned to face away from her and she pouted grumpily, “No Harry, please, I’m sorry” she sat on his bed and tried to turn him around but he wouldn’t budge.
“Harry” she tried again, putting her arms around his stomach sitting behind him and leaning against his back.
“Yes Miss Weasley” he replied trying to hide a smile,
“Can I tell you a secret?”
“You might as well, as long as it doesn’t get me in trouble with your parents”
She lent forward and whispered in his ear, a large smile appeared on his face and he turned around to her, “Well thank goodness for that, I thought you where just using me to annoy Ron” He smiled and turned his body round properly to face her,
“He will come after you” he looked deep into her eyes, his hand on her cheek.
“We always knew he would” she replied
“We can’t run away he’s to powerful”
“Then we face him, just like you did in your head. And you will beat him, whether I’m alive or not”
“You will be alive and in my arms at the end of this, I promise”
“Then I believe you” she moved closer to him as there arms became intertwined around each other and they kissed, lovingly, before lying back on the pillows both deep in thought.

Ron watched them enviously from the door way, he was too far away to hear them, but he didn’t want to interrupt them not this time. He turned to go, to see Hermione stood behind him looking furious.
“You’re spying on them yet again?”
“So what if I am, I’m just looking out for my sister with that head case”
“That head case used to be your best friend”
“Not since he decided he didn’t want to be anymore”
“He did nothing of the sort; you didn’t want to know because it’s Ginny he wants to be with, if it was any other girl you wouldn’t have any objection to whether she died or not”
“We’ve already been through this once, just drop it Hermione”
“Not if you won’t stop being so pig headed about it” she sat on a chair, and he moved to stand in front of her,
“Our best friend could have died and you wouldn’t have been bothered at all, only that it kept him away from Ginny”
“That’s not true; I would have been bothered, that I wasn’t the one to kill him for laying a hand on my sister”
She looked up her face enraged, “Why Ronald, why are you so horrid? Why are you even here?”
“I’m here for you and Ginny”
“Well you’re not doing a good job, just go, go and make someone else’s life miserable”
“Fine” he drew his wand and apparated on the spot, finding him self at the burrow, he marched inside and into the kitchen to see his mother sitting at the table with Xeno and Luna

“He’s awake, he’s fine, and he’s with Ginny” he said before stomping up the stairs and slamming the door.
“Well im glad Harry’s awake but what’s the matter with Ronald?” said Xeno, looking at Luna, she smiled before she spoke,
“I would have thought it obvious dad, he jealous”
“Jealous!” said Molly staring at her as if she were mad,
“Yes Mrs Weasley, he see’s Harry and Ginny but wants what they have with Hermione, haven’t you seen the way he stares at her?”
Xeno nodded thinking whilst Molly smiled, “Well if he doesn’t get over it soon, she’ll find someone else who’s not half so temperamental, it’s our fiery temper that gets in the way of things sometimes, and it’s usually love more often then not”
“Ah the Weasley curse the temper that matches the hair” said Xeno laughing “It must be from you Molly, Ginny get’s more like you everyday that’s why you don’t get on”
“I just don’t approve of some of her choices”
“You mean Harry” said Luna her eyes fixed on Molly,
“Unfortunately I do, he may just be her boyfriend to her but the rest of the wizarding world is relying on him to defeat the most powerful wizard we’ve known and survive”
“He won’t let Ginny get hurt” Luna looked at her seriously “He said something before he passed out the other day”
“What, was it about you know who?”Said Xenophilius,
“He said ‘Ginny’” Luna looked into Molly’s eyes a small smile on her face,
“He did?”Said Molly,
“He did” Luna Replied and Xeno looked between them and then spoke in the awkward silence,
“Perhaps we’d better go Luna; I’m sure you have lot’s of things to do before school starts in a few day’s”

They left Molly staring out of the window thinking about her youngest daughter and son, and how soon she would no longer be needed in there lives. Fred and George owned a successful business and only came home for order meetings, Percy had a job at the ministry and lived away from them, Bill was married off and Charlie was still chasing dragons as well as working for the order. Soon Ginny and Ron would leave that was if they made it through this war alive, and them having anything to do with Harry Potter wasn’t helping there chances.

It was the first of September, four day’s after Harry had left Mungo’s and they were sitting on the train, in there own compartment.
They were silent. Harry and Ginny on one side Hermione and Ron on the other. Hermione stood up,
“I have to go” she pointed to her head girl badge, “I hope the head boy’s not a Slytherin”
“Lucky Malfoy’s not back” Said Ron, focusing on the floor
“He’s too busy murdering and torturing people Ron” Hermione said before closing the door behind her.
Ron was about to get up and leave when Luna, Neville, Dean and Seamus came in smiling.

“Hello Harry, Ginny, Ronald, how are you? We just saw Hermione go to the prefect’s compartment; do you know who the head boy is?”
“Hey Luna” said Ginny, “Were all good apart from Ron” she scowled at him “sorry but we don’t know who the Head boy is either”
“Ah well, probably a Hufflepuff there hasn’t been one of them in a while” said Seamus sitting down next to Ron, and Dean joining him.
Luna and Neville sat down next to Ginny as Harry looked across to Ron.
“What’s your problem mate? You look like some ones snapped your wand in half” said Dean,
“Nothing” he crossed his arms and looked out the window,
“A bundle of laughs this one” Said Seamus, “The last time you looked this miserable you were with Lavender, so what girl is it this time?”
Ron’s fists clenched in his lap, he got up and left slamming the door behind him,
“So it’s Hermione then” smiled Dean
“Looks like it” Said Neville
“Maybe the nargles got to him” said Luna dreamily; everyone burst out laughing even Luna who didn’t seem to think what she said was funny. The four of them left later on leaving Harry and Ginny alone.
“Gin, im going to go to Godric’s Hollow tonight”
“You are? You never said anything before”
“As soon as I’d do this, the sooner I kill him then this will all be over”
“You’re sure tonight?”
“Yes, I didn’t tell you before because I’ve just decided now. This came last night” he pulled out a piece of parchment, “it’s a letter, from Dumbledore”
“Dumbledore, how could he have?”
“It was given to McGonagall, and she was told to send it to me now”
“What does it say?”
“How to destroy the Horcruxes but it’s written so only I can see it, it’s like how we wrote to each other before, only a stronger spell”
She nodded, and curled up closer to him, “Are you going alone?”
“You know you can’t come with me, don’t you?”
“We’ve talked about this, and I do know the dangers but I want to come with you”
“He knows about you Ginny, and I told your parents I wouldn’t let anything happen to you, you have to stay at the school where it’s safer”
“I want to go with you but I know you won’t let me” she smiled, “but don’t go alone Harry, please take some one with you just in case”
“Who else is there, I do it alone or it won’t happen”
“If any thing happened to her Ron would never forgive me”
“He hasn’t forgiven you for me yet”
“All the more reason not to involve her”
They went quiet as Hermione returned, “Phew I’m glad that’s over with, Ron was no help at all”
“Ron?” they looked at each other then Hermione,
“He said he told you, before he left”
“He said nothing”
“Oh well he’s the Head boy if you can believe it”
“He kept that a secret!” Harry smiled
“Ron, head boy…you must be joking Hermione” Said Ginny examining her face for any sign of a lie.
“She’s not, aren’t you proud of your big brother now” he stood at he stood in the door way a smirk on his face the badge gleaming on his chest.
“Not really, since he didn’t bother to tell us himself”
“You never asked”
“How was I supposed to know? I can’t read minds or have X ray vision to see inside you Hogwart’s letter, and you haven’t even told mum or dad cause they wouldn’t have shut up about it” Said Ginny getting angry with him,
“You were to wrapped up in your love life to bother with me, its ok”
“You better watch it Ronald, or instead of a slap it will be a curse to keep you spiting out slugs as long as you live” she stood up staring at him in fury,
“I look forward to you trying” he turned and left closing the door behind him smiling at her.
“Hey Harry, you could take him with you, I don’t think he’ll be missed” she walked out of the door, and went in the opposite direction to which Ron had gone before.
“Gin” he called out after her but she carried on walking “Ginny wait” he ran down the stretch of the train and reached out placing a hand on her shoulder as she stood facing the other way, she shrugged it away and carried on going, Hermione came up behind him, “Just leave her for a bit, she’s angry and wants’ to be alone” he sighed and followed her back to the compartment
“Harry, where are you going that would require the sacrifice of Ron?”
“I’m going to Godric’s hollow, tonight”
“But, how do you know anything’s there?”
“I don’t that’s why I’m going to look, it won’t be the locket or Nagini but there’s a good chance he hid Hufflepuff’s cup or something of Ravenclaw’s there when he killed my parents. Dumbledore said significant deaths and I think him trying to kill me as a baby was pretty significant since I wasn’t even a threat then and he got my mum and dad too”
“But tonight, what about the first day of classes tomorrow and the fact you can’t go alone?”
“I think the teachers will understand and they usually just go over stuff on the first day anyway and they’ll be rambling on about how important newts are”
“I’m coming with you, if you won’t take Ginny, let me come I can help you”
“No, Ron would never forgive me if you got hurt and neither would your parents”
“You don’t think I know the risks, I’m head girl I’ve grown up fighting with you with all those other times I could have died”
“This is different”
“How, how is this any different to fighting death eaters in the ministry, travelling though time to save Sirius, saving the Philosophers stone, and fighting off the death eaters in school last year”
“This is more dangerous, there’s no guessing what lengths he’s gone to keep the Horcruxes safe”
“All the more reason for me to help, you don’t have Ron anymore so at least let me be there for you in case things go wrong”
“You said your self there might not be one there”
“And what happens if there is, or if you collapse again? You’ll be alone and completely helpless, what good will it do Ginny if you die out there because you where foolish enough to go alone”
“Nothing will happen, I just have to find it and destroy it”
“How are you going to get rid of it, whatever it is?”
“I’ll have a weapon by the time I leave tonight”
“And that’s a very specific answer, what exactly is this weapon, because it will take something powerful to destroy a bit of a soul, and not a spell?”
“The sword of Godric Gryffindor”
“Why will that work?”
“What’s with all the questions Hermione, I know you have a lot of them but what’s to stop people hearing?”
She pulled out here wand “Muffilato”
He looked at her, “I thought you didn’t approve of that spell”
“It comes in useful, and it’s not like it hurts any one, now talk”
“What ever the sword is used on like the Basilisk makes it stronger, I think Dumbledore was saying that the venom makes it so the sword can destroy the Horcruxes like the Basilisk fang and the diary when we were in the chamber of secrets”
“You were told this by Dumbledore last year”
“No, last night”
“You dreamt it” Hermione looked at him in disbelief, “No he sent me a letter and this”
He unfolded them from his pocket and showed the three pieces of parchment to her,
“These are blank” she turned them over in her hands,
“Not to me”
“A spell...Of course what you and Ginny use”
“This” he held up to piece of parchment “I s the letter, this on the other hand” he held up another blank page “is the last will and testimony of Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore”
He sighed as Hermione took it all in, “He leaves me the sword of Godric Gryffindor , my first snitch, his deluminator, and the knowledge to continue the journey to defeating Voldemort” he read off the page, “I haven’t showed Ginny yet, I didn’t get the chance” he gestured to the door.
“Ok” she sat back in her seat, “Harry, are you scared?”She looked at him directly,
“Of course I am Hermione, what kind of person would I be if I wasn’t?”
He folded the parchment and put it in his robes, placing is head in his hands he leant his elbows on his knees and took a deep breath.
She leant forward kneeling on the floor in front of him and put a hand on his shoulder; he rested his hand on top of it.
“If I don’t survive this will you promise me something?”
“Look after Ginny for me, I love her, I really do but if this war kills me, and there is every chance it will I want to know she’s looked after, will you do it for me?”
“O f course Harry, she’s my best friend just as you are, but I know that if there’s anything you two can get through it’s this” she moved and sat beside him placing and arm around his shoulder, he turned to face her tears on his cheeks, still falling from his emerald eyes as he wiped them away with his sleeve
“Thankyou Hermione”

They hugged tightly not seeing the eyes of Ron Weasley at the glass and the fire in them as he walked away, angry and with completely the wrong idea in his head.
RIP JD Salinger

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lovely chapters.
you postway too quickly. slow down. lol

xo, Padfoot
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Glad hermione;s heart is in the wrong place. And oh no Ron seen. This can't be good. Please post more soon.
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I love it! Please post more soon!!
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Is tomorow to soon ?
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Smile Hi!!!!!!

No it's not The sooner the better to me! I wanna know what happens!

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no that is not to soon at all
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heart Well it's tomorow where i am lol ! x

Chapter Thirteen

Ginny joined them later on having calmed down and spoken to Luna. She sat next to Harry as the three of them played exploding snap to take there minds off what was to come. Ron walked in ten minutes later, seemingly in a worse mood then when he left. He sat next to the window on the side where Hermione was, with an irritated look on his face every time Harry and Ginny kissed, hugged or even smiled at each other. He glanced at Hermione trying to read the expression on her face but she avoided looking at him altogether. They hadn’t told him that Harry was going and didn’t feel the need to, but when they stepped of the train and made there way to the carriages he pulled Hermione aside to walk slower behind the couple in front.

“What is it Ron?”
“So you looking forward to being Head girl officially when we reach the school”
“More that then who the head boy turned out to be”
“So I’m not good enough to be it, is that what you think, maybe you’d prefer Harry?”
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“No Ron, spit it out, tell me what on earth it is you thinks going on today”
“Then shut up, and stop picking at everything” she walked quickly leaving him trailing behind as the three of them stepped into a carriage with Luna and Neville.

“Hurry up Ron if you want to get in this one” called out Neville.
He moved a little faster and climbed in staring at Hermione the whole way and watching her as she spoke to Luna, Neville Ginny and especially Harry.


The number of children being sorted and the number of pupils over all had remained the same apart from the Slytherin table where there seemed the largest numbers missing, most parents still feeling that the safest place for the children was at school not at home but not those who where death eaters.

Professor McGonagall left the head teacher’s seat empty in a mark of respect for Dumbledore. Slughorn had returned as the potions Professor and new teachers sat in the place of Snape as the defence against the darks arts teacher and the transfiguration spot.

McGonagall stood after the dinner to say a few words.

“I n this time of war it is important to be vigilant, and stand together to fight through these dark times. We must not fear for we will get though this and though some may not” She glanced to the head masters chair, “There are others leading the way out of darkness and into the light” She looked directly at Harry and he stared back. There was a pause and she continued, “And still on the subject of leading I would like to welcome the new head boy and girl back for there last year and present them to you for you applause. Miss Hermione Granger and Mr Ronald Weasley of Gryffindor”

She gestured to them to step forward and Hermione and Ron got up and walked to the front of the teachers table. Hermione focused her gaze on Ginny; smiling slightly well Ron looked around the room agitated. He saw Harry and watched him as he smiled at Hermione clapping with everyone else, before holding hands with Ginny as they got up to leave.

Harry and Ginny walked to the hallway outside when he stopped.
“I’ve got to go and find McGonagall; she has something to give me before I go anywhere”
“I’ll see you before you go?”
“Of course” he hugged her and kissed her gently on the lips before leaving, Hermione walked over smiling and linked arms with her, “Come on you can help me with the first years, it will take you mind off it for a bit and I could do with the help” she moved her head pointing out Ron who stood talking to Lavender in the door way. “He’s not really that useful for anything is he” she smiled as she led Ginny shouting for the first year Gryffindor’s to follow her.


Harry walked slowly to the head’s offices to where McGonagall stood waiting. “Come up, with me Harry, it will still look the same since I haven’t been in there yet”
She touched the gargoyles hand and the doorway opened up the spiral staircase forming leading the way up to the office.
They walked up in silence and opened the door. He sat in the chair in front of the desk as she went to a cupboard and unlocked it with several different keys. A few moments later she returned holding a purple cloaked item and a wooden box.

“These I believe are for you, Albus trusted in you just as the whole wizarding world does Harry. You have the full support of the school in what ever you have to do and the teachers will always be here to take care of its students”
“Thankyou Professor” she placed the items on the desk and sat behind it in a small wooden chair she conjured.
“It’s not right, not just yet” she spoke glancing at the chair, he nodded a single tear falling and he wiped it away and looked up.
“I have to go tonight”
“I can not say, but I believe it is where I can find something to stop him”
“Are you going alone?”
He nodded, and she replied “Is that wise in the current situation and so soon after the attack on your subconscious?”
“Rather now then later on, I should not be gone long but grateful if you would inform the teachers I will catch up on the work when I return”
“You will be returning shortly after finding whatever it you’re looking for?”
“I will escort you to the gates and into Hogsmeade where you can apparate, what time will you be leaving?”
“In an hour”
She nodded “get what you need and meet me in here, the password is Dumbledore” He stood up to leave,
“You are an extremely brave, intelligent and mature young man as well as accomplished wizard but you don’t have to do everything alone”
She opened the door and he left carrying the items walking in thought to the common room.

He reached the portrait realising he didn’t know the password when Hermione stepped out and spoke to him rapidly,
“The passwords Loyalty, Ginny’s in your dorm waiting, I’ve got to go on patrol with Ron, but are you going soon and -”

“Thanks for the password, I’ll go and see Gin now, I’m sorry your stuck with Ron, yes I am going soon and no you can’t come”

She nodded and smiled “Well at least let me give you this in case I don’t see you before you go” she hugged him avoiding the sword “and good luck” He grinned slightly “thanks again Hermione” he said before she left walking away in the direction of the head pupil’s dorm.

Harry said the password and avoided the people looking at him and asking questions as he made his way up to his dorm holding his new belongings in his arms.
He reached the door and opened it peering inside seeing Ginny sitting on his bed feeding Hedwig treats.

“I thought she was getting bigger have you been feeding her every time she came to see you”
“No!” she smiled at him as he set the stuff down,
“Is that the sword?”
“Yep and two other things he left to me, this” he picked opened the box and took out the snitch “and this” he showed her the small contraption that resembled a lighter.
“Well I hope they help you, I only wish you’d let me as well”
“Your helping me by knowing your safe, I have to go I can’t just not, we both no it’s me that’s got to stop him” She nodded, “That’s what makes you who you are, and I know that, I’ve known you since we first met that day on your very first day as a wizard, I knew as soon as you smiled at me, I wanted to be with you” He touched her cheek, “I’m sorry it took me so long to realise”
She hugged him and kissed his forehead “Good luck on your search Harry, and I’ll be waiting for you when you comeback a destroyed Horcrux in hand” he got up and packed the sword, deluminator, invisibility cloak and a locket with a note, placing his wand and watch inside his robes he put the bag on his back. “I’ll be back before you know it” he smiled and opened the door, “See you soon Gin” he smiled. She got up and smiled back, “See you soon Harry”

Ron sat in the dorm waiting for Hermione so they could start patrol together. He stood up as the door opened her bushy hair poking through, “Let’s go we, have to see McGonagall before we start” They left walking in silence down the corridors in silence when Ron spoke up.

“Have you seen Harry, he wasn’t in the common room earlier on before I went to our dorm”
“He was with a McGonagall, sorting out Dumbledore’s will; he left something’s to Harry”
“He did, well that’s the first I’ve heard of it”
“Well you haven’t spoken to him in several weeks Ron”
“With good reason”
“Not really”
“You were the same, what changed your mind all of a sudden? Cause you seemed rather cosy with him on the train before”
“What do you mean cosy? Harry and I are friends we talk”
“Didn’t look like talking to me, how could you do that to Ginny she’s your friend?” Hermione stopped in her tracks “You don’t honestly thing…”
“Think what, I see the way you to look at each other, I watched you in the compartment where was Ginny did you stun her and hide her in the cupboards, while you two got together?”
“Don’t be stupid Ronald, what ever you think in your twisted mind is going on isn’t happening” she carried on walking turning the corner and coming face to face with someone.

“What’s not happening?” Harry was standing at the entrance to McGonagall’s office,
“Harry! I thought you would have gone already”
“Not yet, but you haven’t answered my question”
“It doesn’t matter” she said hurriedly, “just ignore him”
“It does matter, and any way where’s he going?” said Ron standing there smiling menacingly.
“I’m going to find something”
“A Horcrux”
“Yes” Harry said he moved forward to say the password but Ron stopped him,
“Have you told Ginny your going?”
“Of course I have, and she wanted to come but I told her she can’t the same as I told Hermione”
“Protecting both your girlfriends”
“What? Ron your not making sense, Ginny’s my only girlfriend”
“So what were you doing with Hermione on the train?”
“We talked and we hugged what’s wrong with that, she’s my friend”
“Yeah right” he drew his wand, Harry turned away “I’m not doing this now, I don’t have time, and I have to go”
“That’s right run away”
The stair case opened, “Put your wand away Mr Weasley” said a voice as the woman stepped out,
“Mr Potter no more shouting or you’ll wake the school, I think it best we go upstairs and discuss this like adults” she lead the way to her office climbing the stairs as they stepped inside.

“Sit down, Miss Granger would you do the honour of telling me what’s going on”
“Ronald here, has the wrong idea about me and Harry and has just become aware of the fact Harry’s going somewhere tonight”
“The wrong idea being what, Miss Granger” Said the Professor glancing between the three faces,
“He thinks, somehow, that me and Harry are secretly dating behind Ginny’s back, and has confronted us on this matter”
“You can’t be serious Ron” Harry looked at Ron in shock, “What in Merlins name would lead you to think that?”
“I saw you two in the compartment on the train, I’ve watched the way you look at her”
“You saw me hug Harry and you thought that because we manage to have conversations and laugh with each other we must be having an affair! Hermione stood up
“Oh my God, this has too be a joke” Harry sat in between Ron and Hermione looking at the professor for help”
“I saw you too together what where you doing if you weren’t doing that?”
“Mr Weasley I think you simply misunderstood what you saw”
“Damn right he did” Said Harry and Hermione sat down again.
“So tell me why you where holding his hand and hugging him”
“It’s between me and Harry, Ron” He looked at Hermione as she said this and his ears turned red in rage, “Tell me what was so wrong that you had to hug him or even touch him”
“It’s got nothing to do with you thinking me and Harry would ever cheat on Ginny” Said Hermione Harry remained silent staring at his feet,
“Then you can tell me can’t you”
“I was up upset, Ron, I asked Hermione to do something for me and I was…I was crying so she hugged me.”
“I don’t believe you” Ron stared at him and Harry shrugged and crossing his arms and bowing his head, “It’s the truth”
“The great Harry Potter crying, I don’t think so, what’s there for you to be upset about your famous, loaded-”
“And facing Voldemort you prat” Said Hermione furious with Ron, “your to wrapped up in yourself to notice anything apart from things you pick up along the way, with which you jump to the wrong conclusion”
Harry stood up “Can we leave now professor, I would like to get started now before it’s too late”
Ron looked at the floor and saw Harry standing at the door, talking to the professor when she spoke, “Yes Harry” she and Hermione stood too and he got up a second later, “you two are to sort this out before I return”. They left leaving Hermione and Ron alone and walked out of the grounds in silence and onto the streets, to the very same place he had apparated with Dumbledore the night he left there world forever.
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wow, great post. I can't believe ron's such a jerk. hopefully he'll realize it before he looses all of the good people in his life.


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oh my gosh that was so good. ron is such a jerk. so can't wait for more. why would harry cheat on ginny. ron is so thick
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heart Yey !

Glad you two like it! i'll post some more in a few days give people a chance to catch up. I agree Ron is such a jerk, but it gets worse before it gets better...
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heart Two days is a few days lol x

Chapter Fourteen

Hermione and Ron sat in the office; Ron stared at the carpet and Hermione at the old head masters seat in front of them.

“How could you think that Ron, why would you assume because I’m nice to Harry It means he’s cheating on Ginny?”
“That’s what it looked like”
“What exactly did you see since we talked for a good ten minutes before I hugged him?”
“When you held his hand on his shoulder and then the hugging as well as some talking, but since you cast that spell on the compartment I assume you didn’t want anyone else to know what you where saying including me and Ginny”
“We were talking about how to kill Voldemort, that’s hardly information for others to know, and Ginny had left since Harry told her he was going and he wouldn’t let her go with her, then you made it worse”
“So what were you talking about to make him cry?”
“So you believe us now?”
“No, but help to convince me”
“Why should I bother? You obviously don’t care about Harry, Ginny or me enough to trust us”
“Damn straight I don’t not when you lie to me”
“We didn’t lie we just never told you since you weren’t that interested in the first place”
“Where’s he going tonight then?”
“What do you care?”
“Just tell me”
“I refuse to speak to you ever again until you behave more rationally, and stop acting like an idiot” she got up and left, and strolled around the corridors. There was no one else out of bed so she went to see Ginny and invite her to stay in her new dorm. She knocked on the sixth year girl’s dorm,

“She’s not in here”
“She’s not down in the common room so where is she?”Said Hermione, questioning the girls in Ginny’s dorm, she turned to leave when Neville came out of his dorm and called down the stairs, “Hermione, you looking for Ginny?”
“She’s in here”
“What she in there for?” she walked up the stairs and into the room, to see Ginny lying on Harry’s bed fast asleep.
“We didn’t want to move her” He replied gesturing his head to the Dean and Seamus talking in the corner.
“Thanks Neville, do you think they mind leaving for a bit just so I can talk to her”
“I’ll go and see” he smiled and walked over to them, they nodded and left, Dean looking back as he closed the door.

“Ginny, Ginny wake up” she whispered
“Hmm what is it?” she said groggily,
“You’ve gone to sleep somewhere you shouldn’t have” she whispered in her ear and Ginny sat bolt up right looking around, “oh I didn’t did I” she sighed and flopped back on the pillows, “did they come in and see me in here?”
Hermione nodded, as Ginny put her hand to her head,
“I just was thinking about him am I must have just drifted off, they must think its hilarious, do they know Harry’s gone?”
“Not yet, shall I tell them?”
“You might as well; I’d better go to my own bed”
“Well I was wondering if you wanted to sleep in my new dorm with me, I don’t want to be alone with Ron, not tonight”
“Sure “she smiled “I could do with the company, though I thought you’d like being all alone with Ronald”
“Not after what he’s said tonight, I’m currently not talking to him”
“Well that’s a good start in any relationship” she grinned
“Luckily for me I’m not in one with him”
“That’s the spirit; you’ve got the whole hating Ron thing down now”

They both laughed and got up to leave they opened the door and Ginny went to her dorm to get some stuff and Hermione to tell the boys huddled by the fire what had happened to Harry.

“He’s just gone away for a bit but he’ll be back soon so no moving anyone else in”
“Damn I had Lavender all packed and waiting” smiled Seamus
“Well your outta luck there mate, I heard she and Ron are back on” Said Dean laughing,
“You did?”Said Hermione looking shocked and trying to hide it,
“Yeah, they were real close outside the portrait hole before” he replied, smiling at Seamus and Neville
“You ready Ginny” she said distracting herself as Ginny came down the stairs bag in hand, “Yep lets go”


“You going to tell me what he said to you to make to stop talking to him altogether” said Ginny laying down on the bed next to her and looking up at the ceiling.
“He was horrid, stupid and completely ridiculous”
“What’s new?”
“And he accused me of secretly having a relationship with Harry”
“He did what?!” she sat up, her face pale
Hermione remained silent
“You gotta be joking with me Hermione, what the hells wrong with him?”
She shrugged,
“He cornered me as we where going to McGonagall’s office to report before we to go on patrol, and then Harry was there to see McGonagall who was escorting him to Hogsmeade. He got all angry and accused us making no sense at all”
“Where is he? I’m going to kill him”
“Just wait Ginny before you do anything”
“Why if he’s paranoid enough to think anything of you and Harry what else is he conspiring about?”
“I don’t know and I don’t care as long as he stays away from you and me” Hermione added looking upset, “He doesn’t deserve you as a sister or me as a friend if he can believe I would do something like that to you, you’re my best friend and I love you like a sister, if he tries to jeopardise that he loses me”


Ron paced about the common room in the heads dorm; he had been so stupid but if anyone else had seen them like that wouldn’t they think the same?

She was just up the steps, he could just go and try to talk to her. He made his way across the room and went to knock when he heard them, there were two voices it was Ginny as well.

He walked away and into his bed room and took off his robes and leaving his boxers on. He lay on the bed and closed his eyes guilt taking over; he should have gone with him.


Harry found himself in the centre of a small village; he pulled out his invisibility cloak and placed it over his head, covering himself completely. He pulled out his wand and walked somehow knowing where to go finding himself at the corner of a street, where the ruins of a house stood in the cloak of darkness.

He stood sadly looking at his birthplace, a monument standing next to it of a family smiling down at him his mother, father and infant self immortalized in stone. He knew only the magical community could see this place and the charms that protected it had long been destroyed but he felt safe. Walking among the stone and wood he found parts of his life taken away from him, bits of photos, toys and clothes scattered among the ruins. He left making his way down the street to where the there where sounds of life, echoing around. He felt drawn to the place a head to what looked like a large field, as he got closer and the street lights clearer he saw it was a grave yard, his pace quickened as he neared it, his wand still drawn cautiously. He looked at the dates on the graves moving to the back rows, until he found them buried beneath an angel.

“I know you said you’ll be with me in spirit but it’s not the same as in body, it’s been seventeen years and I miss you two so much, but I want to thankyou for what you did for me though wish sometimes I could have you here with me instead” he conjured a wreath of lillies and lay them at the angels feet.

H e walked away and headed back to the ruins, he was sure if it was anywhere it would be here. He moved cautiously stepping on glass, wood bricks and belongings, searching for the Horcrux feeling he would know it when he saw it. Lifting up bricks he came across some dirt which seemed different to the rest, it had been dug out and replaced. He began to dig furiously with his hands forgetting he held a wand, when suddenly pain shot through his scar and he looked around. He was angry with someone and before Harry could think anymore of it he heard voices.

“Yeh this place is full of muggles but there are some wizards here, they flock to the house to see where the kid supposedly beat the Dark Lord”
“So what’s next?”
“Snape said to keep watch at the house in case Potter comes here”
“I want to know who made him boss”
“He’s his right hand man now; we’ll do well to keep on good terms with him”
“If that’s what you get for killing Dumbledore I’d kill him any day”
“You wouldn’t last three minutes in a duel with old man Dumbledore”
“Neither would you”
“Well it’s a good thing we don’t have the option too” they laughed and Harry felt a pang in his stomach. They were getting closer; Harry would have to be quick. He continued until he felt his hand hit something solid. He grabbed it, pulling out a box and placing it in his bag not bothering to check, this had to be it and now he had to get out. He kicked the dirt back and placed the bricks on top quietly, moving swiftly out of sight into an alleyway, he pulled out his wand and apparated to the only place he could think of.

He stood on the doorstep of Grimmald place which now belonged to him. He opened the door still covered in his cloak and made his way down the hallway. He opened the door to the kitchen to find it the same as always, the house was still protected the order had made sure and he sat himself down at the table to uncover his prize.

He opened the box his wand still in hand, a wave of relief crashing over him as he recognised the Hufflepuff emblem on the golden cup. The task was now simple enough as he drew the sword from his bag and moved forward to stab it.
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Oh my gosh that was good. Ron is an idiot and I don't blame hermione. Find it funny that Ginny feel asleep in Harry's bed its so cute of her to do. Need more I am so into this story.
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PAMS PAMS PAMS!!!!!!! I absolutely love your story. I think I'm addicted to it now. Please post soon! I don't think I can wait another two days!

~ Tori
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post more soon this fic is amazing! I could actually imagine the weaslys being like that. One little thing, more soppy please! xx
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heart Soppy...

Soppy? your going to have to give me some ideas... im not a soppy person lol
I'll try
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heart while i try to think of how to be more soppy heres some more x

Chapter Fifteen

Harry lifted the sword and stabbed the cup leaving a melted hole in its place when he pulled it out. The emblem was now unrecognisable as he placed it back in the box unwilling to look at it anymore. He stood smiling, one down four to go. He sat down and considered his options; he could go back and see Ginny and Hermione or keep going. He glanced around the room he didn’t want to stay here any longer then he had to the whole place made him think of Sirius. He got up moving around the house looking at everything. He remembered cleaning out the doxy ridden curtains, and emptying the cupboard of the stuff once belonging to the Blacks now unceremoniously dumped in black bags and thrown away. He saw Mrs Weasley struggling with the Bogart representing those she loved dead; he had once been one of them he wondered what she thought of him now.
H e glanced at the heads of the stuffed house elves on the walls and then it came to him. “Kreacher!” he called, the small bulbous eyed old house elf appeared in front of him.
“Mister Potter called”
“Kreacher, I need to ask you something” he pulled out a letter from his robes, “Do you know who’s initials theses are” He pointed at the letter he and Dumbledore had recovered from the locket in there ill fated mission. “R.A.B”
“Master Regulus Black, son of my noble mistress who’s house you and your mudblood friend’s have befouled”
“He was Sirius’s brother?”
“Master Sirius, his mother’s only disappointment” he croaked
“Yes but Kreacher this is something more important, do you know what happened to the locket we found in the cupboard when we cleaned last summer?”
“The thief you brought in stole it with some of my mistress’s most valued possessions”
“Is he the same person that took the goblets?”
“The very same”
“Can you tell me what the locket was used for?”
“Master Regulus’s noble work against the dark Lord”
“Against the Dark Lord, I was told he joined him”
“My master used me most nobly to do his work, and Kreacher saw such things, such horrible things” he shook his head miserably.
“Its ok Kreacher keep going” he stood awkwardly not wanting to touch the sniffling elf to try and comfort him,
“the dark lord took me to a cave and asked me to drink then he put a locket inside and creatures in the lake leaving me inside, but my master called and I was bound to come to him, he asked me to show him the place where he drank the vile potion and called out for his mother in pain. My poor master was in such distress but he gave me the locket out of the potion and told me to destroy it but Kreacher didn’t know how”
“And what happened to your master”
“He ordered me to leave him there and not tell anyone of what had happened”
“He is dead?”
“Just as my mistress is, and master Sirius, the last sons of the noble house of black gone” he sniffed wiping his nose on the tattered piece of cloth he wore.
“Kreacher, I’m going to need your help to carry on your master’s brave work, I need you to bring me Mundungus Fletcher”
“As my master requires” he apparated with a loud pop whilst Harry moved to the living room settling on a couch and considering what he had been told.


Ginny woke to Hermione already bustling around the room; she got up slowly and looked at her,
“What time is it?”
“Still early, I couldn’t sleep”
“So I haven’t missed breakfast, or getting the timetables”
“No, it’s too early for the birds never mind that” she continued to move around the room putting her belongings away.
“Oh, well where’s Ron, so I can shout at him?”
“He’s probably still in bed, but I don’t think we should even bother with him today”
“I think you’re probably right, but it will make me feel better”
“It might do, but then so would chocolate”
“You have a valid point there Hermione, but even I can’t eat chocolate for breakfast”
“We have our own kitchen in here let’s see what’s in the cupboards”
“Sounds good” Ginny put on a jumper over her Pyjama’s and followed Hermione down the steps through the living area and into the kitchen to find Ron already standing there.

“Good morning” He said mumbling slightly,
Hermione did a double take and seeing him only in his boxers turned away quickly and left, he realised what he was wearing, but Ginny stood there looking at his face angry, and ready to be abusive.
“Get some clothes on Ronald, not every one wants to see your scrawny body this early in the morning”
“I suppose Harry looks so much better, and both of you would know”
Ginny stood her ground she wasn’t going to hit him, “As a matter of fact he does, but luckily for you it’s only me that’s seen all of him” she turned and walked away, Ron stood dumbstruck in kitchen while she joined Hermione on the couch.

“He still thinks you and Harry got together” she tied her hair back and crossed her legs sitting up,
“Well he’s an idiot, who assumes things on the basis of what he’s seen not heard”
“What did he see that would make him think that though?”
“A hug”
“A hug, Merlins beard he’s deluded”
“No I’m not; I know what I saw you weren’t even in the compartment” Ron said sitting down opposite them.
“Neither were you, you were spying as it seems you usually do now instead of getting involved” Said Hermione staring into his eyes as he sat opposite them,
“You still won’t tell me what you said for you to hug him”
“And I told you it’s between me and Harry, we’re friends nothing more then that”
“So what I’m I”
“I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW ANYMORE RON!” She got up and ran up the stairs in tears, as Ginny and Ron remained seated,
“Are you happy now?”
“Well at least someone is”
“How can you believe them, her when they won’t tell you what they said?”
“I trust them, I know that anything said between them is only ever from friendship and that Harry and Hermione have hugged so many times before why on earth should this be any different because you assume it is” She uncrossed her legs and got up, “You have to trust your friends or one day you won’t have any” he looked away as she walked up the steps and into Hermione’s room


Hermione and Ginny sat in the great hall both picking at there meals.
“Do you think Harry’s ok?” she mumbled in to her porridge
“I’m sure he is” Hermione replied smiling, “He’s going to come back, I don’t think anything could keep him away from you long”
Ginny looked at her, “Was he ok when you saw him in the office?”
“He seemed ok, just a bit anxious to go and get it done with”
She nodded, “Will you do something for me Hermione?”
“Anything” she smiled remembering what Harry had asked,
“Will you tell me what Harry said to you?”
“I can’t break his trust, to keep yours”
“That’s what I needed to here” Ginny smiled “You’re our best friend and I know how much you care for the both of us, you would never intentionally hurt either of us” they hugged as Ron came over and sat himself in front of them, looking miserable.
“Tell me where he is”
“Why Ron, what do you care?”
“If im going to be his best friend again I have to start acting like it”
Ginny and Hermione looked at each other and then him. Ginny looked doubtful, Hermione looked away from him.
“And what’s brought on this change of heart?”Ginny said looking at him,
“Just be glad something has” he replied staring at Hermione, she looked away uncomfortably and glanced at Lavender sitting down the table.
“He said he was going to Godric’s Hollow” Ginny replied, “But he might not be there”
“Well it’s a start” he turned to them both “I’m sorry, for everything, I’ve said and done”
“Your going to have to do better then that” Hermione got up and walked out of the hall.
“You might want to start with dumping Lavender and then try and apologise” she said abrasively, before walking out and running after her.


Harry sat in silent thought waiting for Kreacher to return. He smiled thinking how close he was to finding another Horcrux especially that which had helped cost his old mentor his life. He got up after an hour and began to wander the house going right to the top rooms that he had never visited before. He found Sirius’s old room, the posters and banners of Gryffindor smothering the green paper covered in the black crest. He looked through the draws still holding his belongings finding old sneakascopes, books and clothes. He looked at the photos on the walls of Sirius smiling and laughing with James, Lupin and Peter. Now only one marauder remained, the last of his friends and he had seen all of them die around him.

He left locking the door behind never wishing to go in there again. He walked down the stairs, and laying on the couch feel into a deep sleep, waiting for morning to come.
And it did, he took out his watch and glanced at the time, eight O’clock. He stretched out and went into the kitchen he knew there would be nothing to eat, and went through his bag taking out food he had saved from the train and Dursley’s. He ate and put his stuff away, took out his wand and began to practice his cleaning spells on the house.

At two o’clock, he sat down, ate some more of his rations and took out the snitch and Deluminator. He looked at them both before picking up the snitch and holding it in his hands. Its wings opened out and it soared around the room before he reached up and grabbed it to examine it. What was so important about this other then it was the first one he had caught, he put it back in the box and examined the deluminator. It was of Dumbledore’s own design, the only one and it had been left to him. He put it back and placed the box in his bag when a loud pop emanated from the drawing room with the sound of scuffling. He picking his wand up and made his way in,
“Hello Mundungus”
“Harry Potter, what you doing sending this bleeding mad house elf after me?”
“Kreacher got the dirty thief who stole from the noble house of Black”
“Thankyou Kreacher, would you mind making us something to eat while I get back what he stole”
“Of course master", He shuffled off into the kitchen faster then usual, a smile on his face proud of his achievements.
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That was amaszing. Wonder if Ron is really coming around. And don't worry Ginny Harry will come back. He can't stay away long. and glad Hermione is now Ginny's friend.
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heart heres some more x

Chapter sixteen

Harry pointed his wand at the mass of red hair and black robes on the floor, “Get up”
“Why what you gonna do if I don’t?”
“You can’t apparate out” he grabbed Mundungus’ wand “and I’m not in a very good mood” he poked at his back with the wands, and he stood up and shuffled slightly pulling his robes up around him.
“Sit on the chair” he pointed it out and sat on one opposite still holding both wands at him.
“What do yah want with me, I was just closing the deal on some goods in the pub and then your nutty elf comes over grabs me and brings me here talking about the Blacks”
“You stole Sirius’s possessions last year and I caught you selling them, you remember?”
“Yeh you ‘ad me by me throat yelling, you cost me some good business then, telling people I was thieving, more like salvaging what you lot threw away”
“The goblets aren’t important, im after a locket, with the crest of Salazar Slytherin on it”
“What you want that for?”
“That’s my business” he said as Kreacher returned hold a plate of food high and putting it on the table,
“Will that be all master Potter?”
“Thankyou Kreacher, you are to stay in the house but I shall call you when I need you again”
“Yes master Potter” he left the room leaving them to it,
“What happened to the locket?”
“I sold it of course Borgin and Burkes gave me a few hundred gallons for it saying they’d had it in before from some witch fifty years back mind who didn’t know its worth, but I got full price im not stupid”
“Well you don’t exactly look bright, when did you sell it?”
“You’re in luck only two days ago”
“And how am I to trust your not lying”
“Your just going to have to trust me ain’t you”
“Or I could practice some hexes on you”
“You wouldn’t, you’re supposed to be the good guy, the chosen one”
“I am but who’s to say I can’t have a little fun”
“Im not lying” he shook his head sinking deeper into the chair as if to hide Harry’s eyes bearing into him,
“You better not be” he stood up and pointed his wand at him, he closed his eyes and winced thinking pain was coming, but ropes emerged from Harry’s wand and tied themselves around him,
“Kreacher” he called out and he appeared
“Could you look after our guest, while I finish your previous masters’ work?”
“Of course sir”
“He’s welcome to the food, but you are not to untie him until I return”
The elf nodded,
Harry moved to the kitchen looking at his watch, the shop would be open; he grabbed his bag and placed his fathers cloak on going to the door and apparating to the leaky cauldron. He moved fast to the back of the pub, but paused hearing his name mentioned.

“But of course Potter would say Snape killed Dumbledore, but who’s to say he didn’t do it? There was know one else there apparently.”
“But Snape fled, he’s guilty of something”
“Yes but I don’t think its murder”

Harry looked at the men and smiled an idea coming over him; he walked over and stood in front of the table speaking in a quiet voice.

“Severus Snape killed Albus Dumbledore in cold blood, on the Dark Lords orders”
The men looked around in shock to see who had spoken but Harry had already walked away and into the alley way. He pulled out his wand and opened the gate way stepping through and into the street. It was almost empty and those that where there moving in groups doing there shopping no one pausing for long, the only place open and alive was the Weasley Wizard Wheezes shop.

He turned and made his way down Knockturn Alley, finally arriving. He was in luck as someone walked through the door and he slide in after them. The tall figure of Lucius Malfoy stepped up to the counter and smiling arranged dealings with the man. Harry walked around carefully avoiding items until he arrived at a large glass display of jewellery, gold, silver and other precious metals as well as pendants and charms. His eyes searched through them all until he found what he was looking for, it sat on a velvet cushion the ‘s’ burning it’s image into his eyes, he smiled and looked around Lucius and the shopkeeper where busy but he would need something more to create a distraction. He moved around looking and thinking for what he could do, when he remembered the only shop open on his way in. he grinned and waited for Lucius to leave before stepping out behind him and heading for Diagon alley.

He walked in and headed to the desk they were standing talking as customers moved around the store. He spoke making them both jump, “Hello you two”
“Who’s there?” said Fred
“What do you want?” asked George
“It’s Harry, and I need your help”
“Then you’d better follow us” Said Fred they headed into the back room and asked the other staff to “Man the tills” they sat on the boxes,
“Well take the cloak off then” George looked around the room trying to figure out where he was,
He did, and sat down.
“So what can we do for you?”
“And why aren’t you at school?”
“I need to steal something, I’ve left school for a little bit and can you only ask me questions one at a time?”
“We don’t steal, we borrow or we take back what was ours”
“And why aren’t Ron and Hermione with you?”
“Im taking back something that should be mine, Ron hasn’t been my friend since I told him I was dating Ginny and then punched him a few weeks ago, Hermione is at school looking after Ginny for me and performing Head girl and boy duties with Ron”
“Ron’s head boy” Smiled George as if it where the best news he’d had in weeks “Why’d you hit him?”Asked Fred
“He insinuated some things about me and Ginny which I don’t want to repeat” Harry looked at them both and stared at each other and smiled, “So Ronald is the latest disappointment to us?”
“Yes” he replied “he never bothered to tell anyone that he was head boy until he was on the train even then Hermione told us when he went to the meeting, I don’t think your parents even know”
“Well he’s good at secret’s our little brother” Fred glanced at Harry, “I hope your taking care of our sister”
“Trying my best, but the sooner I do what I came to do the sooner I can get back to her”
“Where is what you’re planning to steal from?”George asked,
“Borgin and Burkes”
Fred turned to George grinning “now that’s what we like to here, real trouble”
“What are you going to take?” smiled George.
“A locket, Mundungus stole it from Grimmald place but I have to get it back and use it for something”
“Well it’s just in time to test out some new products” Said Fred
“What did you have in mind?” George looked at his twin,
“Decoy detonators, Wet Start fireworks, new improved portable swamp and the new range of disguises”
“I don’t want to cause too much mess or he’ll notice what I’ve done”
“That’s where a coping spell comes in handy, Gemino” he pointed his wand a box and another one appeared next to it, “it creates copies”
Harry grinned, “Thank god your Ron’s brothers”
“Don’t ever say that again” Said Fred grinning
“Its bad enough bad enough were related to him, never mind you spreading it about” laughed George
“So are you two up for it?” Harry looked at them both,
“Of course” they said together
“When would we ever pass up an opportunity to do what mums been telling us not to do for years” said Fred
“What’s that?”Asked Harry
“Step foot in Knockturn alley” Georges grin reached his ears, “you’ve been in there how many times and our mother wont even let us glance down there on pain of death”


They stood outside Harry covered in the cloak with Fred and George either side wearing invisible shield, hats, disguises and carrying a lot of there products in there pockets.
“You ready Harry” Said Fred
“Lets go” he replied as George opened the door and the three of them stepped inside.
George had green eyes, brown hair, and beard and wore old robes he had found, Fred in newer robes, with sleek blonde hair and blue eyes and what appeared to be a new nose.

Fred stepped towards the front desk whilst George and Harry made there way to the glass case. Fred spoke,

“Good afternoon” he spoke pompously basing himself on a Malfoy, “I wish to see what jewellery you have, an old friend is having a birthday, but it seems he is not as good a friend as I thought especially with my wife” the man behind the counter smiled
“Cursed or hexed is over in that case, he pointed to where George was, and I keep my own supply in the back, of other rarer pieces”
“Gold is not a problem” he patted a money bag that jingled, the man’s eyes lit up;
“If you would take a look at the case I will go to the back and fetch my other items”
Fred made his way over to George who had moved to another place, “Now’s your chance Harry” he whispered,
“Not yet, he might come back to soon for me to-”he was cut of as he returned shuffling to the front desk.
“Just Sir, I don’t want this getting back to me” Fred walked back over dropping two galleons on the desk, “if you keep you word not to tell a soul I brought anything from here”
“Of course sir, now these are what I have, this is-”there was a loud crash as George knocked over a large suit of armour, on to the glass case the glass shattering every where.

The owner came over wand drawn “I knew you’d be trouble the moment you came in what’s your business here”
Fred spoke up before George replied, “He’s just my servant, and I will repair the damage and pay you for the clumsy fool with his weeks wages”
Borgin nodded and shuffled around picking up the items. Harry moved to the back of the store and set of a detonator, George grabbed the locket as Borgin went to see what was happening, he copied it and placed the real one in his pocket, Harry came back swiftly, “Did you get it?”
“Yes now let’s get out of here” he said placing the fake one on the floor. Harry moved over to Fred “It’s done”
“As I was saying” Borgin returned smiling, the destroyed detonator in his hand. “These are my rarer items” he waved his wand and the glass case restored its self while the items lay on the outside, he glanced to check they where all there and then turned back to Fred as he spoke to George,
“Would you wait outside, so you don’t cause anymore damage” he said to George and Harry, they opened the door and stood, while Fred stood inside talking and looking at the items.

“What’s he doing?” Harry asked as George stood looking surprised. He spoke trying to hide his mouth so as not to appear to be talking to no one.
“Market research” he grinned “you know what kind off cool stuffs in there”
“Dark stuff, George, stuff Voldemort used to handle”
“What do you mean used to handle?”
“He used to work for Borgin and Burkes, buying rare and dangerous stuff for them”
“Really!?” he asked surprised
“Yes” Harry looked back in the shop and then to George, “Can I see it?” he pulled the locket out a bit to show Harry hiding from view of the window, “what’s the s for?”
“Salazar Slytherin” Harry replied ominously, as George put it away and Fred came out holding a package his money bag a little lighter.

They walked quietly to diagon alley and sat down in the back room of the store.
“I got this for sixty galleons” he lifted out a silver ring with a gloved hand, “Just the hex we need to help perfect those rotten handed gloves” Harry looked confused,
“They’re great for Halloween, change the skin to look rotten and mouldy without spells and then you just take them off to get rid of it, only we had some trouble fingers falling off” Said George grinning happily, “Which gold did you use”
Fred smiled and replied, “Our long lasting fake galleons”
“I don’t want to know” laughed Harry
“Hey, he’ll still think he got the money, but just for a week then it disappears”
“Then it means we’re not helping keeping people like him in business, you know, funding evil”
Harry nodded “Well we got this” Said Harry as George took out the locket, and he took out the sword from his bag.
“Where did you get that?” Fred looked at it in awe,
“Dumbledore, he left it too me to help, could you put the locket on the floor” George did as he was told,
“You might want to stand back I don’t know want will happen”
They did and he raised the sword over the locket before plunging it down into the s. It left no mark and nothing happened.
“Erm… what are you doing Harry?”Fred stared at him confused,
“To cut a long story short, trying to destroy a piece of Voldemort’s soul”
“Oh well if that’s all” George smiled
“Well it hasn’t worked” he picked it up feeling something pulsing with in it. He tried to open it. “It won’t budge”
“Try that snake talking thing you do” Said Fred
“Parsel tongue, you said the locket was Slytherin’s” laughed George,
Harry looked at it and said “open”
“That was English not snake” Fred looked at him, “Will this make a mess, I mean we’ve only just cleaned up” Harry smiled and shook his head. “I don’t think so”
He tried again “Open” this time successful as it opened a light burst out and he dropped it shock.
“Stab it Harry, Stab it” said Fred covering his eyes from the light, Harry grasped the sword and thrust it down into the centre of one side of the locket. There was a loud scream of pain echoing around the room and he lifted the sword again this time striking the other side. It let out another scream before the light faded and the room became silent.
“What the hell was that?” George looked at Fred as Harry picked up and closed the locket,
“Another bit of Voldemort dying” he crossed the locket of his mental list of Horcruxes and smiled.
RIP JD Salinger
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Absolutely great posts! I really like how you're writing this. I can't wait for more.

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Loving that last post. i agree you are writing the very good. post more soon.
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heart It seems we have lost some readers, so this is for my two faithful ones lol x

Chapter Seventeen

Ron sat in his room thinking; he got up and made his way to the common room of the Gryffindor tower.
“Lavender, I need to talk to you alone”
“Ok” she smiled brightly and followed him outside, “What is it Ron?” she placed her hands round his neck but he moved them away,
“I don’t want to go out with you anymore”
“Why not, we only just got back together”
“But honestly Lavender, It’s not working for me, I like someone else”
“You mean you like Hermione - its ok you can admit it”
“I like Hermione”
“Well at least you’re honest, and anyway I think Seamus likes me”
“He does”
Lavender saw in the corner of her eye bushy brown hair moving closer, “Well how about one last kiss before you let me down”, she moved closer placed his arms on her waist and her own round his neck and before he could reply kissed him his eyes closed in surprised while hers watched the brown haired figure stop, stare and turn away back the way she came, tears falling. He pushed her back quickly,
“What did you do that for? I broke up with you”
“I just wanted something to remember you by” she smiled and walked back inside leaving him to walk back to the common room and face the wrath of Hermione, unknowingly incurred.


Harry placed the locket in his bag and sat down on a box,
“Thanks for your help; I couldn’t have done it without you two”
“Glad to be of service” they beamed talking simultaneously
“Would it be ok if we never mentioned you helping me to the rest of your family?”
“I think we can do that if we know why?”
“I told Ginny and Hermione they couldn’t help me so if they find out you did they won’t be happy, and I don’t think your parents would like me having you involved”
“Well were all grown up now” smiled Fred
“So if you need any more help just let us know” finished George.
“Take these they might come in useful” he handed him the bag of Weasley products,
“Thanks now I have to go and release a prisoner” they looked at him
“It’s a long story” he packed his stuff and threw on his cloak raising his wand underneath it,
“Thanks again, see you later” he apparated to the doorstep and walked inside finding Kreacher and Mundungus still in the kitchen.

“Thank Merlin your back, you going to let me go now?”
“Kreacher would you do the honours” the little elf snapped his fingers and the ropes disintegrated.
“Kreacher will take you back, but you can’t tell any one what I wanted, why you where here or that you had anything to do with me, if you do Kreacher will find you and I will kill you, you got it?”
He nodded looking into Harry’s eyes; he saw the fire in them, the glint of crimson hidden in the emerald
“What ever you say, I won’t say nothing to no one”
“Good, Kreacher could you take him to the leaky cauldron” he handed the wand back to him and pointed his own at him until the house elf grasped Mundungus’ arm and apparated with a pop and returned seconds later.
“Thankyou Kreacher, now I have something to give you before I return to school” he pulled out his master’s old locket keeping the Horcrux safely tucked away. “I think master Regulus would like you to have this” the elf sobbed quietly “thank you master Potter”
“Its fine, now I have one last thing for you to do”
“Yes Master Potter”
“Could you take me into Hogwarts grounds?”
“Yes elf magic will allow me too”
“I need you to take me too my dorm room in Gryffindor tower”
He nodded as Harry picked up his stuff the elf grasped his wrist in his skinny green fingers and they apparated to the tower.

“Thanks Kreacher, now you can go back to the kitchens here and you are forbidden to say anything to anyone about what I did at Grimmald place or Borgin and Burkes”
The elf nodded in reply and apparated just as Dean, Neville and Seamus walked in.
“Well you weren’t gone long” Said Neville sitting on his bed,
“Well I have to do school work as well so it’s best only to miss a few days”
“You didn’t miss much, only one day”
“Well what I was doing took less time then I thought”
“You going to let us in on what you where doing?” Grinned Dean
“Nope” Harry laughed and taking his bag with him went down to the common room.


Ron said the password and stepped inside to see Hermione crying on the couch.
“What’s wrong? What’s happened? Is it Harry?”
“Nothing Ronald, we haven’t heard from Harry so how can it be him”
“I don’t know what else you’d be upset about” He sat opposite her as she focused on her knee caps that drawn up to her chest.
“Well there’s nothing wrong with me or Harry so just leave it”
“I can’t I hate seeing you upset, just tell me what’s wrong I want to help you”
“THERE’S NOTHING WRONG” she closed her eyes but the tears still came out. After five minutes of silence and her eyes still firmly shut he got up and sat next to her.
“Is it ok if I hug you?”He asked looking at her; she sat the same but with her eyes still shut shook her head.
“What‘s happened that you won’t let me near you?”
“Why should I let you hug me if I’m not allowed Harry to as well?”
“That was different, but now I know I was wrong”
“Very wrong, so much that you damaged your friendship with me and him forever”
“Don’t be like that I said sorry”
“Saying it’s not enough”
“Tell me what I have to do then, I have no idea! You girls are so complicated I don’t know why I bother!”
“Boys are just ridiculous”
“You don’t think Harry is”
She looked up at him her eyes open her face angry,
“What’s he got that I haven’t, I’m always being measured against him so tell me” Ron got up and sat on the seat opposite her.
“He actually cares for a start, he loves Ginny so much he sneaks to see her and won’t give her up for anything, he’s kind, brave, he can manage an intelligent conversation, he’s the only boy I know that asked his best friend to do something so sad it made him cry and he doesn’t lie about having feelings for someone who might actually like him back”
“I care”
“Only about how things affect you, not anyone else”
“I care about you”
“I need more then for you just to care; I need trust, not jealousy, calm not anger and a lover not a liar”
“I haven’t lied to you”
“Again you only pick one thing; you’re never all of them you can’t be”
“I trust you; I can be calm and I…”
“You know what Ron, just leave me alone and go back to snogging Lavender”
She said standing up and walking up the steps to her room.
“I broke up with Lavender”
She paused “why were you kissing her outside the portrait hole?”
“I broke up with her and she kissed me, it was odd really… Hey you were spying on me!”
“I was going to see Ginny in the common room, I saw you were busy and I couldn’t get in so I left”
“You’re crying because Lavender kissed me”
“Brilliant deduction there Ronald” she turned and opened the door,
“Wait a minute, can’t you trust me enough to believe me when I say I broke up with her and then she kissed me”
“Not if it doesn’t sound like a true story”
“But it is, I told her I liked someone else, she said ok and she thought Seamus liked her, I turned to go and then she grabbed me and kissed me. I asked her why and she just said she wanted something to remind her of me”
“Ok Ron” she sighed and walked inside her room and went to close the door,
“YOU DON’T BELIEVE ME!” he stood holding the door stopping her from closing it,
“I never said that”
“But you spoke in that tone you used on me a hundred times before, like when we tried to say it was Snape after the Philosophers stone”
“This” he moved fast and grabbed her pulling her forward into a kiss. She resisted at first trying to pull away but he was too strong and then she gave in and fell into the embrace, her hands in his hair and kissed back just as passionately. They broke apart and stared at each other, Ron smiled but Hermione seemed still in shock. She stepped back and closed the door on his smiling face, and sat leaning against it taking deep breaths thinking about what had happened.
Ron knocked gently on the door, “Hermione talk to me”
“Could you just leave me alone for a bit? I’ll talk to you later but I just need some time to think”
“What’s there to think about?”
“Please Ron, just give me some time”
He took one last look at the door before sauntering down the stairs and out into the corridor heading to the Gryffindor common room.

Ginny sat in a chair next to the fire, writing up some potions homework. Harry smiled walking down the stairs and seeing her sitting there. He walked up behind her and placed his hands over her eyes,
“What are you doing, who is it?”She tried to pry his hands off but he laughed, “Have you missed me?”
He moved his hands and came round in front of her, she leapt up papers falling everywhere and hugged him,
“But you’ve only been gone a day”
“And I got two of them”
“It was that easy to find them?”
“Apparently, but there’s something bugging me about them”
“Like what?”
“Can we talk somewhere else?”
“Come on then” she grabbed his hand and led him out, “we can go and see Hermione, she’ll be glad to know your back and you can see the Head dorm room”
They walked hand in hand until walking straight into Ron as they turned a corner.
“Harry! Where you been mate?”
“Im not your mate” said Harry coldly as he walked past him and continued on with Ginny as Ron stood staring after them.
RIP JD Salinger
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Oh my gosh. Loved it. Two more down yepy. Love how Hermione just blew him off afte the kiss and harry's last comment. *I'm not your mate* I so can't wati for more.

I am a faithful reader till the end
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