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Old 02-10-2019, 11:00 PM
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Default Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Neighbouring TerrorTours Wizarding Travel Agency stands a building that, though quaint, is hard to miss due to its vibrant pink exterior. Matchmaker, Matchmaker is Diagon Alley's finest (well, only) matchmaking service that has been family-owned for generations. The words on the large window boasts as much, claiming that the establishment has been helping witches and wizards find love Amortentia-free since 1985.

The interior of the shop is no less frilly than it is outside. Pink continues to dominate every inch of the small space, along with an array of brightly coloured flowers, intricate lace doilies, and a number of Cupids that are fluttering about with bows and heart-shaped arrows at hand. Hundreds of pictures adorn the walls, all of which feature many happy couples that have met through the matchmaking service. Everyone is all smiles as they move about within the golden frames that forever encapsulate the blind date that was carefully orchestrated for them.

Located in the middle of the shop is a fairly large desk at which owner Juliet Raphael is often sitting at, reviewing applications and deliberating on what matches to make. If you or someone you know are in need of a little spark in their love life and just need to get out there in the dating world, feel free to grab an empty application from the stack on the desk and let fate take care of the rest.

Text Cut: Matchmaking Process
Matchmaking Process

Matchmaker, Matchmaker is a fun opportunity for you to play a number of your characters within the Wizarding World in a blind date scenario. Being involved in this experience is simple enough. All you need to do is fill out the application listed below and let Juliet Raphael and her team of helpers match your character with another and set up a dating experience just for them.

Please keep the following in mind before and after applying for this matchmaking service:
  • In order to be matched, you need to fill out the Matchmaker, Matchmaker application. This needs to be completed through the perspective of your character or a different character who is filling it out for the character you intend to play. The application is now closed - stay tuned for the matches!

  • Only characters 18 years of age and older are permitted, as younger characters should be in school. We would also like to ask you to enter characters who are currently single and/or unattached.

  • All sexual orientations (heterosexual, homosexual, etc.) are welcome and will be matched accordingly as indicated in the application submission.

  • At the present time you may submit up to TWO applications for two different characters, preferably one male and one female. This limit may change based on the amount of applications received; an announcement will be made should this occur.

  • When submitting an application, you agree to be paired with another member at random and will post with that member. A lot of thought will be going into these pairings, so all matches are final.

  • Once a match has been made for your character, you will receive a PM from Juliet Raphael telling you who they've been paired with as well as the location of the date (existing threads in the SSRPGs will be used).
  • There may be NPC characters mentioned in your date description, you have permission to create/control/ignore such NPCs as you please, they are simply to facilitate the date itself. However if you are in a shop area that is staffed do NOT RP for that shopkeeper! If you need them to interact with you please let them know.
  • You and the person you were matched with are in total control of what occurs during the date and how well it turns out. The experience is what you make of it, so have fun!
Text Cut: Matchmaker, Matchmaker Pairings
Listed below are the pairings Juliet Raphael and her team have made this Valentine season:
  • Robyn Holmes (Zoe) & Julie Bellaire (nicole black)
    Location: Flourish and Blotts
    A Date With a Book: Head to Flourish and Blotts and you'll find a cozy, private little nook set up just for the pair of you, with as much hot cocoa, coffee and cookies as you like. Spend some time chatting and getting to know each other, and then enjoy the challenge of picking out a book for your date - afterwards, you'll get to keep the books!

  • Zhenya Burton (Jessiqua) & Slade McKellar (SilverTiger)
    Location: Knockturn Alley
    Not lost are you, my dear? No, just on a first date thank you! Well nothing, nothing, says love like a trip down Knockturn Alley - right? Have a brave wander down Twisting Alleyway, perhaps seek The Gypsy Hag to ask if your love is true?

  • Ronan Carter (lazykitty) & Orianne Bonheur (SilverTiger)
    Location: The Shrunken Head Bowling Alley
    Heads Up!: Surprise! Double date! You and your date along with the other couple that’s on your lane will be playing a few rounds of bowling. Who will reign supreme? Ignore the Shrunken heads, they can get a bit rude at times!

  • Jordan Hernandez (RandomRaven) & Edmond Fontaine (Bazinga)
    Location: Quality Quidditch Supplies
    Flyin' to Cloud Nine: Welcome to Quality Quidditch Supplies after dark. The back room has been transformed into the perfect area for your date. Grab a broom and take to the air. The shopkeeper has been kind enough to leave an assortment of brooms for you to choose from for this evenings ride.

  • Alyssa Johnston (PuppySara)& Zebulon Crabtree (SarcasticStrawberry)
    Location: Scribbulus Writing Implements
    Ink your name on my heart: As an upstanding member of the Wizarding community, it is essential that you use a quill and ink on an everyday basis. Ever wondered how much heart goes into your inkwell? Well, keep wondering. Instead of creating ink from scratch, you'll be able to add colourings, essences and feelings to the ink that you create with your date today. Scribbulus Writing Implements, in conjunction with Juliet Raphael, invites you to spend a quaint evening here before penning the start of your long future together.

  • Tala Asadi (ArianaBlack) & Elliot Cox (sweetpinkpixie)
    Location: St. Mungo's Hospital
    Pick the brain of a Healer!: Some might think of this as a school excursion. But not two intellectuals such as yourselves! On this date, not only will you be able to ask the Healer any questions you may like, you'll be able to tour behind the scenes of this most famous Hospital.

  • Darej Patterson (Charely Potter) & Damien Anderson-Belfort (nicole black)
    Location: Sugarplum's Sweet Shop
    A sweet date to get to know your sweet-heart: Welcome to Sugarplum's Sweet Shop! A place you might go to buy the treats to delight your tastebuds. Today, however, it will be home to your date where you can tour the shop, and make your very own signature fudge to take with you!

  • Benzi Rider (Daemon) & Ava Burton (RandomRaven)
    Location: Florean Fortescue's Party Room
    Ice Cream Sundate: When was the last time you went to Florean Fortescue's? Not so long ago? Okay, so when was the last time you went to Florean Fortescues and invented your very own ice cream flavour? That's what we thought! Not only will you get to create your very own custom flavour together, but afterwards you'll get a free giant sundae to share and you can sit and bond over the inevitable brain freeze!

  • Riley Archer (natekka) [21, Men, Fun Date] & Matt Meriwether (Hey Ju)
    Location: Shrunken Head Bowling Alley
    Heads Up!: Surprise! Double date! You and your date along with the other couple that’s on your lane will be playing a few rounds of bowling. Who will reign supreme? Ignore the Shrunken heads, they can get a bit rude at times!

  • Dalton Fletcher (Harron Peasley) & Penelope Wright (griffin)
    Location: Scamander Zoo
    A Wild Time: Have you been to the zoo since their 80th birthday celebrations in 2096? Step on through the golden double doors and welcome yourself into the fold once more. Meet your date outside the gift shop with a red ribbon on your wrist to give yourself away. Grab a map between the pair of you and go for a walk around the exhibits. Is there a better ending to a date than a mooncalf dance?

  • Arabella Morgenstern (Watson) & Azzo Notte (oh its Erik ok)
    Location: Trafalgar Square
    Hunting for love Meet your date down at Trafalgar Square for a few hours of treasure hunting fun. Ignore the other couple nearby, for they will only deter you from your two hour time limit. Are you looking for theatre show flyers, tickets, an autograph, perhaps a cinnamon social slice from a small coffee shop? Or is the true treasure the person that you are with?

  • Gabriel Banner (Govoni) & Sachin Singh (FearlessLeader19)
    Location: Welsh Dragon Reserve
    Don't tickle the dragon!: Dragons make a great first date, right? Make your way to the high mountains of Wales and learn about the wonders of dragons as you look up-close to how they live!

  • Lucille Pembrooke (Ginevra) & Teddy Burton (Jessiqua)
    Location: Playground
    Fluttery playground love: Go back to your childhood, where love at first site, cooties, and boy-germs were a real thing. Well, now that Healers have cured such ailments, and grown up love has matured, it's safe to head back to the playground and re-create those fluttery feelings!

  • Zinnia Shacklebolt (sweetpinkpixie) & Ramiel Skeres (Tegz)
    Location: Azkaban
    Fortress seeking scalers!: Ever wanted to come face to face with a REAL Dementor? No? Well, not to worry, how about an Auror instead? Climb up the side of the Prison to meet your tour guide and have a once in a lifetime look through Azkaban.

  • Victor De La Garza (Bazinga) & Amidala Barlow (Bumblebee)
    Location: Ministry Entrances
    Stargaze at the top of the Ministry!: Welcome to the Ministry of Magic. Here, you'll get the choice to bypass the standard entrance and make your way to the top of the Ministry, or enter and ascent via the lifts. Once up the top, you and your date can enjoy a nice picnic, watch the sun set, and stargaze.

  • Laila Parker(Sangeetha) & Bear Ronstadt(awakemysoul)
    Location: Fountain
    Skate into my heart: Specifically for your date, the fountain of pink water just outside of the Leaky Cauldron is surrounded by an ice rink. Transfigure your shoes into skates and enjoy the playlist of inspiring love songs to get you in the mood for hand holding and skating in circles or love hearts even. Treat yourself to a complimentary hot chocolate afterwards and get to know your date both on and off the ice.

  • Emilia Espinosa (TakemetotheBurrow) & Fiyero Jones (MadMadamMalfoy)
    Location: Godric's Hollow
    A Quaint Salsa experience, and a Potter Exploration!: What else could you want in a fun and active date? The salsa music starts, so you and your date can break the ice and step close together for a dance! Have you worked up a hunger? Good! It's time to look for your picnic!

  • Tia Marie Mancini (PhoenixRising) & Barsanti Darcy (Shanners)
    Location: Trafalgar Square
    Hunting for love Meet your date down at Trafalgar Square for a few hours of treasure hunting fun. Ignore the other couple nearby, for they will only deter you from your two hour time limit. Are you looking for theatre show flyers, tickets, an autograph, perhaps a cinnamon social slice from a small coffee shop? Or is the true treasure the person that you are with?

This shop is STAFFED by Juliet Raphael.

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