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Charles Hollingberry Era All historical records pertaining to Ministry of Magic RPG under Minister for Magic, Charles Hollingberry [IC March 2097 - present; OOC November 2018 - present]

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Default Mariana / James / Zita
*randomly tagged*

Was this jerk for real? Adam’s mouth hung open a little as he stared blankly in the direction he thought James was standing. Marinara? Botanistry? Even Adam with his poor grasp of English knew what James had said was so wrong it wasn’t even funny. And why did he feel like the mozzarella sticks comment was off color? Surely Zita wasn’t impressed by this man? He seemed quite the imbecile and in fact, he was a little embarrassed and upset on his co-worker’s behalf, because with Zita’s comment, he wasn’t sure if the inept comments were on purpose or not. Because if they were, Adam was certain nobody in their group was impressed.

And then came the “reunited” comment. Something in the tone sent Adam’s hackles rising. But thankfully Mariana spoke up before Adam said anything he might regret. ”Food….ja,” he was about to turn away and offer Mariana an arm to lead him off, so Zita and James could continue their…what? Flirting? Chatter? Reuniting? He wasn’t sure what was going on between them and it was perhaps a good thing he couldn’t see either the look on James’ wolfish face or the blush on Zita’s, because honestly the German might have lost it. And that would have been a bad thing on two accounts: a) he was at a work function (even if it was open to the public), b) it was a new moon outside and likely any spell Adam cast would be on the weak side (stupid wand core) – that was if they even landed anywhere near the other man. ”I told vou, vou didn't have to come if vou didn't vant.” Adam retorted to Zita’s comment about the Ministry. He knew she didn’t like coming here and that’s why he hadn’t pressed that she accompany him. Normally he wouldn't have acknowledged her comment, especially in public, but he was beginning to loose his temper.

Grab a seat? Toast? Toast to what?! He sure as pie didn’t want to grab a seat with James. He wasn’t even sure he wanted to grab a seat with Zita right now, but he didn’t feel comfortable leaving Zita alone with the man and he didn’t want to be disrespectful to Mariana either or keep Mariana here under some misguided idea that he might need help. He probably did, but that wasn’t her concern. As the Minister’s voice boomed about the silent auctions, Adam took a deep breath trying to calm the frustration and irritation growing inside of him. Zita was trying, or at least that’s what Adam was trying to convince himself to believe. ”Mariana, ve don't vant to keep vou from your party, but if vou care to choin us?” he said offering his coworker an out that he wasn’t sure he wanted Mariana to take or not. ”I zink vou zaid zee tables vere laid for dinner? I expect it vill be zoon.” He was once again going to offer Mariana his arm when he felt Zita’s hands on his elbow. He resisted the urge to shake Zita's touch off. There was only more harm to be done in shaming her in front of others.
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Default Laila said she drew a "skip" card so it's my turn :D
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
And then the Fletcher Family was unfolding before his eyes and despite the formality that the situation, mostly, demanded...Charles found the whole scene heartwarming and brought a rather pleasant twinkle to his eye. "Not at all, Mr. Fletcher," he grinned as he unraveled his arm from around Victoria's to place both of his hands firmly on the younger man's shoulders with a gentle squeeze. "Always have been the family man...and you have a very lovely one I can see." His eyes drifted to the young man and then to his charming wife. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Fletcher," he greeted the woman with a polite hand shake. "Charles Hollingberry, Minister for Magic. Very much looking forward to working alongside your husband in the Minister's Office." And then it was as though the Glitter Puff were baiting the man. Though, to be fair, it was quite easy to get the man to ramble on and on about his own family.

"You absolutely did!" his voice boomed, CLEARLY pleased that he had remembered his beautiful daughter. "She spoke quite highly of you, a first year during the whole Triwizard Tournament at Hogwarts. Though you were not her favorite champion to start, I lament to recall. She was quite close with a Miss Cameron Caddock...were you close with her? My precious ray of perfect sunshine always spoke fondly of the older Gryffindor. One of her first mentors at Hogwarts. She also spoke highly of a Raiden Kururugi...whom you needed to work together with to defeat a rather savage cockatrice. Oooooooh...she wrote PAGES and pages about that final task. A rather bit of brilliant thinking on your part to mimic the call of a rooster to confuse the beast. My daughter, she is a renowned dragonologist the way. Works as a fertility specialist specifically trying to increase the dragon number of endangered species. I have pictures I can show you sometime..and of my five grandchildren her and her husband, Lewis...who was a Hufflepuff as well, blessed me with. Truly terrible what wizardingkind can do to creatures, don't you think? Hunting them nearly to the point of extinction. Getting those great creatures to mate under pressure and incubate their eggs according is quite remarkable...not to mention the conditioning required to get them acclimated back to their natural environment away from the reservation. It's quite delicate work but very important work. But anyway...back to this cockatrice," he chuckled a bit and smoothed his tie down. "Impressive quick thinking on your part under pressure! A valuable skill and quite the remarkable Hogwarts career!"

Forgive him, Victoria, they would be getting to those bubblies in a moment. Though a quick glance at the large pendulum clock on the wall reminded him of an announcement he needed to make as well.

"Oh, pardon me for just a moment..." Clearing his throat, the Minister pressed his wand to his throat and spoke once again. "FINAL CALL FOR ALL BIDDING IN THE SILENT AUCTION! I will be announcing the winning bids in 15 minutes!"
The Minister liked Fletcher's family? He liked them! He really did! That was great, just great, only........

Fletcher glanced at Jessa, momentarily horrified as the Minister called her Mrs. Fletcher... no.... no no no nooooooo! Ha, he was NOT her husband. Ha. "Good one," the junior undersecretary fake chuckled under his breath as the Minister suddenly became as friendly as the father he had never had. He couldn't even say anything; he could only smile and wince as the man moved on to shaking hands with Jessa. But was it getting hot in here, or was it just him? He could really, really use a drink just now.

Fletcher glanced heavenward, almost forgetting his son was attached to his hand as he asked the heavens for help for a moment. Why? Why him? Why THE Minister? And why now? Why? What was his long-time girlfriend and partner going to say about this? Because he knew she would have something to say; it was just a matter of when was she going to say it? Now? When they got home? Tomorrow? Next week? Maybe he could just go hide in his office and pretend to start work early....

He blinked but began to beam as the Minister suddenly remembered one of Fletcher's better decisions in life: entering the Triwizard Tournament! "Of course," the Glitterpuff grinned, just oozing charm as the Minister started a rather long but lovely to listen-to recap of his Tournament victory. He didn't even need to interject anything here; he could just stand here, squeezing his son's hand, and nodding and smiling all night, mhmming and chuckling every now and then. But hang on, Kurumi hadn't liked him best? Ugh, Gryffindors. Naturally, she had favored Raiden and Cameron... didn't everyone at Hogwarts love Raiden back then? They'd all placed their bets on him until FLETCHER had won. Fools. Never bet against a Hufflepuff in a Triwizard Tournament. Didn't they know about Cedric Diggory? "Yes, you'll have to show me pictures," he did mutter in-between bits of the Minister's erm, speech.

Fletcher needed to zone back in as the Minister was coming to a conclusion about how awesome he was. Uh huh! Totally agree! He nodded big time to show he agreed about the dragon something breeding program something and also about his splendid school career. "Thank you, sir!" Fletcher piped up at last. "I am still proud of the cockatrice victory. I never forget where I came from and how much my time at Hogwarts has helped me." And, in addition, he had a tattoo to help him remember this all. Should he show it to the Minister? Eh, maybe another time. It was a highly identifiable remark, after all, and the fewer people who knew about it, just in case something happened, the better.

Speaking of Hogwarts, "I'm going to go place my bid now, sir, to help our alma mater." He patted the Minister on the shoulder as a sort of thank-you for the time and the good talk, and then slowly started for the bidding table, tugging Lil Dunk with him all the while. "C'mon, kid. Let's go help your future school."
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Default Auction Results are heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere!
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Upon fetching himself and Victoria little slender glasses of bubbly, he would most certainly swing back around to embarrass chat with Fletcher and his charming family later, the Minister couldn't help but swirl it the two frozen raspberries that were floating in the liquid around a bit. "Doesn't that just look delightful?" he mused to himself while giving it all another proper swirl. "A raspberry Bellini, I requested it myself of the catering team. The Bellini itself was invented over a century ago by Giuseppe Cipriani in Venice, Italy. I do enjoy the region when I do get some time to travel." Which, outside of work related affairs, had not been since his honeymoon many many moons ago. "All from the admiration of a painting, if you can believe it. Though traditionally and originally it was made with peaches. I find my pallet prefers the tart raspberry flavor, however."

All utterly unnecessary information the man was spewing, but he was suffering from a bit of nostalgia as the evening wore on.

"Oh, do pardon me for just a moment, Victoria. I believe it is time for me to announce the winners of the bidding." And with that, he took his temporary leave to ascent the little makeshift stage between the seating and auction items with the Fountain of Magical Brethren framing him in the background.

His drink in hand, he gave the glass a few taps to alert the crowd that there was an announcement to be had.

"Witches and wizards of our great community, good evening and a belated welcome to our Centennial Celebration. It is my esteemed honor to now announce the winners of our silent auction. A reminder that the proceeds will all go towards the repair effort for Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and not a knut shall go to waste of your thoughtful spending." With a flick of his wand, Charles summoned the boxes to his person and, thanks to some miniature goblin figurines placed within each box who hand sorted the parchments, pulled the winning bid from each. "Please do try to hold your applause until the end," he mused before clearing his throat. Not a single bid was had on the Jollyrocket 2200 Racing Broom, which was a pity, so Charles moved on to the next racing broom which fared much better. "The winner of the Nimbus 4000 Racing Broom with a bid of 55 Galleons is one Katrina Rotheberg!" Out came the next piece of parchment. "With a staggering bid of 200 Galleons, the winner of the Moontrimmer Dlite Racing Broom is Magical Games and Sports' very own Lucas Hawthorne! The winner of the Florean Fortescue's Delectable Delight Basket is James Summers with a bid of 75 Galleons." The Minister gave pause here as one of the tiny enchanted goblins tugged on the sleeve of his robe while chattering something shrilly. "Hmm?" he mused as he leaned down so that it may show him another piece of parchment. Charles smiled warmly seeing the note therein, the offering of Gaston Marchand to have his galleon accepted even if not the winning bid. Rather than announce this, he would seek out the man later for a more intimate discussion of gratitude.

"Pardon me. Now, moving along we have the winner of the three original art pieces, which goes to Jonathan Kim with a bid of 200 Galleons!" OOOOOOOOOOH he would HAVE to tell his precious pea of a daughter about this. Perhaps they could all meet over lunch. It would be lovely. "The winner of our private robes fitting and the highest bid of the night at 500 Galleons goes to Guilia Barsi!" Impressive indeed! "The custom stationary set goes to Sterling Archer Calrissian at 30 Galleons and the rare stamp collection to Mysteries department head, Airey Flamsteed with a bid of 120 Galleons!" Charles could feel his chest swelling, perhaps even his eyes misting up a bit seeing just how many unique winners there were and how generous their contributions to the cause were. It was a beautiful moment, seeing the wizarding world come together. "James Summers will also be taking away the massive fireworks display thanks to his bid of 315 Galleons! Well done my boy!"

Setting all these boxes aside, it was time to dip into the department head 'dates'. "Priceless as the experience of spending a day with one of Ministry's own may be, we do have some definite winners to announce! Let us begin all the way down at the deepest reaches of the Ministry with Department of Mysteries head, Airey Flamsteed...congratulations to Katrina Rotheberg!" Oh this certainly was the fun bit of these announcements and yes, he was leaving the number values off these for a reason. Though there was a slight frown that tugged at the corners of his lips before he announced the next winner. "For a day with Magical Games and Sports' Victoria Culloden...congratulations Lucille Pembrooke! Congratulations to myself for a day with Magical Transportation head, Kendra Jordan-Durand. I think you may enjoy meeting one of my sons. We'll chat later." His sons were absolutely hopeless in meeting women, truly. "Congratulations to Giovanni Montanari for sagging the winning bid for a day with the Creatures head Zhuó Xiá Li!" Oh well, would you look at that! James had come out tonight! That was lovely and Charles found himself a little disappointed that he had not had a run in with him just yet. "Congratulations to James Draper for the winning bid for a day with the lovely Eliora Dodderidge! The lovely and impeccable January Bones, my right hand here at the Ministry, will be spending a day with Duncan Fletcher! I do hope the Mrs isn't jealous of that 101 Galleon bid of yours, my boy," he announced with a chuckle, somewhat oblivious to the fact that he had just announced the Galleon amount despite his intention to not do so when it came to the auctioning of his department head team. "And finally, a day with your Minister goes too...." Oh. Well then. "Victoria Culloden."

Well then.

"That concludes the results of our silent auction. A round of applause for our winners, please!" Which, of course, Charles lead off with strong clapping of his own. "And another round of applause for all our participants! Now, please enjoy the rest of your evening here at the Centennial Celebration!"

And with that, Charles removed himself from the stage and returned to Victoria's side. "Well then, Victoria. 55 Galleons, eh?" He was touched, truly. "Though would you believe that James Draper bid 200 Galleons on Eliora! He must fancy her something fierce, wouldn't you agree? I am, as Minister, capable of performing wedding ceremonies. I should let them know in case they are in need of such services."

OOC: forgive the absurdly late conclusion of the raffle <3 RL was absolutely swamped this past week.

For those who won bids with department heads, please reach out to one another to make arrangements for RPing that out! Looking forward to stalking those

The same goes for the other items - robe fitting, custom stationary, etc. Take advantage of these RP opportunities and have fun!

This thread will remain open for another few days (until Friday, November 8th) before it heads to the archives.

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Originally Posted by Ginevra View Post
Daisy was waiting for the "results" of the auction and as she waited, she spotted a familiar face. It was her beloved former Charms professor, Gaston Marchand. Excusing herself, Daisy made her way over to where he was.

"Gaston Marchand? It is wonderful to see you!" Daisy greeted with a smile, ready to hug him in greeting if permitted.
Gaston stood off to the side as he awaited the results of the auction, lost in thought until a voice calling his name jerked him back into the moment. Wait, he knew that voice! "Daisy?" He looked, and there was his former student! Well this was a surprise - an unbelievably pleasant surprise but a surprise nonetheless! His blue eyes lit up as he beamed at her, and he opened his arms to receive the hug. "It's lovely to see you too! Welcome to the Ministry!"

Ever the overprotective dad!professor at heart, Gaston tried to keep track of which of his former students had jobs in the Ministry and where, and he definitely would've remembered if he'd seen Daisy here before. Since he didn't, it seemed safe to assume that this was her first day. He was about to ask her which department she worked for when the Minister announced the winners of the auction. He listened intently, hoping his name would be announced as the winner of the Florian Fortescue's basket, but it was not to be.

James Summers... now that was a name Gaston recognized! He was happy for him, yet at the same time, he couldn't help but feel slightly disappointed. Not for himself... he could always buy his own ice cream toppings if he wanted them, and it wasn't exactly for the students he left behind either. Hogwarts was getting a donation from him whether he won or not, so he'd done his part (or at least what little he could do). No, he was disappointed on behalf of his daughter. Desiree loved all things sweet, and he could only imagine how much fun she would've had building her own sundae. He wished he could've made it happen for her! Making a mental note not to tell his five-year-old daughter what item he lost, he politely applauded the winners.
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Originally Posted by MadMadamMalfoy View Post
Gaston stood off to the side as he awaited the results of the auction, lost in thought until a voice calling his name jerked him back into the moment. Wait, he knew that voice! "Daisy?" He looked, and there was his former student! Well this was a surprise - an unbelievably pleasant surprise but a surprise nonetheless! His blue eyes lit up as he beamed at her, and he opened his arms to receive the hug. "It's lovely to see you too! Welcome to the Ministry!"

Ever the overprotective dad!professor at heart, Gaston tried to keep track of which of his former students had jobs in the Ministry and where, and he definitely would've remembered if he'd seen Daisy here before. Since he didn't, it seemed safe to assume that this was her first day. He was about to ask her which department she worked for when the Minister announced the winners of the auction. He listened intently, hoping his name would be announced as the winner of the Florian Fortescue's basket, but it was not to be.
Daisy beamed as she hugged Gaston. "Thank you so much. It is my first day here. I'm working in the Department of Magical Games and Sports in the Quidditch division in public relations."

Releasing herself from the hug, Daisy listened to the results of the silent auction but didn't hear her name get called but she wasn't overly disappointed. To her, it was about raising money for Hogwarts. Turning back to Gaston, she asked him how he was doing.


Lucy had her arms folded and was tapping her left foot softly as she heard the results of the silent auction. When it was announced that she had won the "date" with Victoria Culloden, a rare smile appeared on her lips. Was it due to her competitive nature? Maybe but then again she did want to benefit the school that her cousin should be attending at the moment.
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Default ^_^ still open
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Originally Posted by sweetpinkpixie View Post
"The winner of our private robes fitting and the highest bid of the night at 500 Galleons goes to Giulia Barsi!"
Giulia was more than ready to leave. She had a box of chocolate her sister had gotten her from Switzerland with her name on it. There were also fuzzy, warm pajamas that no-one would ever see her in, but that made her feel so warm they were worth the fact they completely covered her skin. Though, admittedly, that was also exactly why she loved them so much. Them, and her slipper-boots that were lined with fur and had little dangly bobbles on them. They were the cutest slippers she had ever seen, and her feet were never cold when she wore them. A fact she adored, considering she still missed the heat of Italy.

However, her constant movements around the room came to a stop when the Minister called their attention and started to announce the silent auction winners.

… Here we go.

Giulia wasn’t one to normally flaunt the fact that she had money, it was nobody’s business but her own, but she hadn’t treated herself to new, custom made and personalised robes since she left Italy — and why was now not the perfect time to treat herself to them? Hmm. Exactly. Now was exactly the perfect time. Especially when the money was going towards a school that so badly needed the money. Having been homeschooled with her siblings and her cousins, Giulia still didn’t understand the fascination with larger schools like Hogwarts… and she wouldn’t change the past either. No way, she loved her education. One of a kind, thank you Tutors and Family.

Tapping a single finger on her leg through her dress, she attempted to be patient as the Minister worked his way through the list. Blahblah. Blah. Blahblahblah. …. private robes fitting — AAHH. Giulia’s eyes and ears perked up, her heart skipped a beat and she held her breath for the few seconds it took the man to announce the winner.


Her lips tugged into a satisified smug, smirk. Those robes would do perfectly. The brunette smoothed the fabric of her dress, already thinking about Miss E’s schedule along with her own to see when she could fit herself in for the original consultation with Madam Malkin’s. Hmm. Admittedly not as grand as one of the boutique’s she had used in Italy or France before, but that didn’t mean that custom robes of any kind were to be sneered at. Oh no. Never. Giulia was very much looking forward to pampering herself.

Perhaps she would organise to get her hair treated and her nails manicured. Hmm. Perhaps a massage would finish off her day just perfectly.
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