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Old 01-04-2019, 08:14 PM
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Gryffindor Gryffindor Bonfire Night

It's the first full weekend back at school since the start of term, and Professor Wayland and the Gryffindor Student Leaders have organised a Saturday evening bonfire for the Hogwarts students.

The bonfire itself has been set up a safe distance from the barn, and animal lovers need not worry; Professor Wayland has taken every precaution to ensure that the fire remains contained, and that any and all of the Hogwarts creatures are safe in their respective habitats, far from any danger. There are hay bales set up around the fire which serve as seating for anyone who wishes to attend the gathering, and marshmallows and sticks have been provided for toasting purposes. All houses are welcome to come along, gather around the fire, and have a little downtime after the first week of classes.
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Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
[COLOR="DarkRed"]"I mean, I'm not a prefect." She said, jokingly emphasising the last word because thooOOoose guys were the important ones, didn't he know? Lol. "I'm just the Captain, y'know. We're not important." She finished, giving him a cheeky look.

Jackson heard Anna mention Prefects and his head turned back toward her with mock offense. "Yes, may I help you??" he joked. He was going to have to listen out more apparently!

Originally Posted by Hey Ju View Post
HAHA! See, this kid was going places. Super brave? "Are we??" She asked, amusement written all over her face. "I wasn't told that when I signed up." And 'charging into every situation'. Anna laaughed. "You're describing my brother, actually." Truth. Matt was the one to charge into every situation. Anna liked to think she was more sensible than him. Even if just a little bit. "And you're supposed to know all the books ever by heart, right?" She asked back, still very much amused by this young eagle.

Then he prodded her with the stick!! "Ow!!" Anna rubbed her arm jokingly - it hadn't hurt, but being dramatic was funny -, though instead of looking like she was in pain, she chuckled. "What's this, everyone's ganging up on me today, is it??"

Her finger being burned by the stick Jackson was now holding hadn't been anything, really. Anna had had her nose broken just a few weeks prior to the bonfire night by Zoryn anyone surprised? She wasn't either, so that level of pain was nothing. Genuinely. "I've experienced much worse pain than this in my life, you know." She chuckled, saying the pretty dramatic sentence almost as a joke. The only thing was that she wasn't exaggerating at all, lol.

She listened to Jackson's cat name explanation as she once again pierced a marshmallow with her stick. Maybe this time she would get to toast and eat it!!! Snort. Cat-Eye Moody? The Gryffindor gave him an amused, yet slightly puzzled look. See, she didn't know History of Magic that well. Not yet, at least. She had decided she'd change that this year, but the term had barely started so she hadn't had the chance to study anything yet. "Moody? What, she's already a temperamental cat, is she?" She chuckled. "It doesn't matter, as long as you keep your word you'll make her Gryffindor's mascot!" Hah!

Jackson's brow furrowed slightly. "Uh that's an adorable name okay?" He didn't understand that she may not recall who Mad Eye Moody was. "No no... She's been... well, as you can expect from a kitten I'm sure. She mostly sleeps, but she likes to run around like a madman just as much it seems." At her comment about making her the mascot, he couldn't help but laugh. "Well I had to make sure your House was worthy enough this year, huh?" he winked at her. If he ended up on the Quidditch Team he'd be teasing her even more. Mwuahahahaha. Also, his cat was a treasure and only the worthiest could borrow his likeness.
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Originally Posted by GD2204 View Post
After a moment, he looked around at the surprisingly large crown that has amassed, giving a wave to his fellow Ravenclaw (Septimus) because the place was honestly full of Gryffindor’s. Surprise. Surprising, he noticed a lone Ravenclaw first year he hadn’t had a chance to meet yet. After a split second, he walked over and sat down next to her on a bale of hay. “Hi, you’re in Ravenclaw too right? First year? I’m Ewan”.
Charlie's first marshmallow was just getting to be quite brown once an older Claw sat on the bale next to her. She recognized him form the feast and classes and stuff like that, but she hadn't gotten around to to interacting with him or any of the older Claws, really.

"Oh, hello! I am indeed!" She was positively beaming with house pride. She may not really know all of the people in her house yet, but she felt at home and as though she belonged. "I'm Charlie, Ewan! It's a pleasure," she stated with a grin, holding out her non-mallow roasting hand.

[QUOTE=Hey Ju;12379869][COLOR="DarkRed"]Noticing a few students from other houses standing around, some looking awkward and unsure, Anna waved at them and called out. "Hi there! Welcome to our bonfire night! Take a seat!" She told people like Torii. To those who had sat down and made themselves comfortable, such as Daisy, Sterling, Charlie, Vita and Maxie, she flashed a friendly smile and also waved enthusiastically. "Hey, thanks for coming!"
A very older and official-looking Gryffindor said hello to her, of all people! Charlie didn't want to appear pompous, but she felt special and important.

She smiled and waved back at the Gryffindor, almost more enthusiastically (she held back slightly). "Hi! Happy to be here!" She exclaimed. In other news, her mallow wasl ooking quite brow, so she took it out of the fire and off the stick and popped it into her mouth.

Mmmm. Gooey.

SPOILER!!: Tessa
Originally Posted by natekka View Post
By the time Tessa arrived at the bonfire - ahead of her best friend, Soraya, in order to save them seats by the fire - a reasonable amount of people had turned up.

Memories of last term, in all honestly, hadn't lingered in Tessa's mind. Whether that had been a conscious choice on her part, who knows, but it didn't really matter. This year was going to be better. It was the mantra she'd been repeating all summer. This year was going to be BIGGER and it was going to be BETTER and she was going to be positively #FIERCE. She only had two years left at Hogwarts before she entered......the real world. *shudder* And, so far, this term had featured love-potion shenanigans, which, other than brief worries that Alfie would be super mad at her, had been hilarious.

Overall, she had high hopes for this year.

Tessa meandered between people, smiling and waving at a few and stopping to talk to others. She noticed Professor Wayland nearby. "Having a good evening, Professor? Nice fire," she said with grin and watched the flames dance for a second. She assumed that her Head of House was the one to start the fire. "Oh, Stas, hey!" She caught her dormmate's arm as she walked by and greeted her with a hug. "This is all great!" She was especially looking forward to roasting some marshmallows. It was the little things in life, wasn't it? "Talk later?" She asked, knowing that, at events like this, Stas was in Prefect mode and had a lot of people to talk to. They could talk any day or night of the week in their dorm if they wanted.

The blonde needed someone else to talk to while she waited for Soraya to show up. She scanned the faces of nearby people, looking for someone she knew but instead landed on a frowning young girl. Why was she frowning? Ok, so she wasn't frowning anymore, but she was still all alone. If she had to guess, she would probably say that the girl was a first year, so maybe she hadn't met that many people yet. With that in mind, Tessa approached her (Charlie) and sat down on the hay bale next to her. Perfect, really, because Soraya was expecting her to save a seat by the fire. "Hey," she said, grinning at the younger girl, "I'm Tessa. Are you enjoying the bonfire?"
And then a supermodel sat down on the hay-bale next to her that Ewan wasn't in. She was pretty and blonde and... wow. Needless to say, her jaw most certainly would have dropped if it had not been chewing up the marshmallow.

Charlie finished up said chew and then sheepishly said "Hello" back, giving an awkward grin as an accompaniment as she slid another marshmallow onto the stick. She withheld from putting it into the fire, though, as she didn't want to burn as she was talking to a supermodel.

"It's really nice to meet you, supermodel Tessa.... The marshmallows are... marshmallows, and a few people have said hello to me, so that's pretty cool."

Oh, and her name... of course. "I'm Charlie, by the way." Dunce. She was probably blushing.
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Originally Posted by sarahlooo View Post

Completely oblivious of the boy next to Vita, Natalie was in Vita-land, grinning ear to ear at her friend and the hug she received. Nat was a hugger. Obviously. And she was glad to see that she wasn't late after all. She may have accidentally fallen asleep. It happened.

"That sounds amazing. I'm starving." As always. "I want some s'mores." Looking around, Nat spotted the supplies and then hopped up to grab some for the both of them, only realizing that there was somebody beside Vita when she returned (Maxie). Oh, she had THOUGHT she heard Vita say something about trainers.

Nat paused and then offered her stick to the boy. "Wanna roast?" See? She was nice.
S'mores, right. Vita knew what they were. At least, she was pretty sure she did. They actually sounded kind of messy, but she'd be willing to try them just to see. Probably should tie her hair back first though, yes? Melted marshmallow in her Rapunzel-like mane sounded like a possible nightmare and she was going to do everything to avoid that.

She had a neat plait by the time Nat returned and Vita took one of the sticks for herself, watching as the prefect was, well, prefect-y to the younger boy. Did he know anything about s'mores? "I've never actually made them before..." She commented out loud, thoughtful.

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Tristan had just finished making his usual hay bale throne when Abra arrived. He turned with a smile, “Evening, Abra. Excited for the party?” He said with a grin. He was definitely excited to get to know his students a little better.

Soon enough another student arrived. “Evening, Stella! Doing very well, thank you, and yourself?” He said with a smile and a nod. Then seconds later Stasya arrived. “Evening, Stasya.” He said eyeing her bulging coat pocket wondering which of her pets she had taken from the barn.

He was happy to see that a student from another house was joining them. “Hey, Ewan! Doing well, how are you?” He asked as the boy picked a stick and a ‘mallow before heading towards the fire. This was definitely a good idea. Soon, Anna could be heard across the entirety of the campus greeting the group. “Evening, Anna.” He said with a chuckle.

Tristan shook his head at the next arrival. “Over here Vivian.” He said as he pointed to the table full of the little white puffy treats. Soon enough Józef arrived, and Tristan responded to the boys salute with an answering salute and a grin.

Soon someone he hadn’t expected arrived; Professor Adara. Tristan made his way quietly over to the other Professor. “Hello, Amelia. I wasn’t expecting you tonight. You are welcome to toast some marshmallows if you’d like.” He said with a small smile.

He soon noticed a new student approaching (Torii). She was a fourth year transfer, and he was really glad to see her here. He really hoped she made friends tonight. He soon noticed Josephine sitting alone and hoped someone would talk to her soon. She looked a little sad.

“Evening, Septimus,” he said with a grin, “and thank you. I made it myself.” Tristan was very proud of his fire making skills. Then he saw Derfael, and his smile faltered a little. He would have to be sure to stay clear of him tonight. They still had a bit of talking to do.

“Hello, Daisy.” Tristan called out to the young Hufflepuff. This was turning out to be a very good crowd. And then there was Archer. Of course she had to turn up inappropriately dressed. “Hey, Archer. Could you come here, please?” He said with a slightly stern smile.

“Evening, Harri!” Tristan called back to the first year. She seemed to be making friends quickly. Soon after Charlie arrived looking…disappointed? He wondered why but let her be, hoping the marshmallows would pick her mood up.

“Hello, Vita. Glad you joined us!” Tristan said with a small smile. He was so happy that so many students were turning up. Soon enough Maxie showed up and looked either really nervous or just really warm. That jacket was way too big, he wasn’t surprised to see the young man take it off. “Evening, Lucas.” Tristan called to the arriving second year with a smile.

Igor soon showed up. He was actually surprised to see him here, but glad all the same. Tristan watched as Anna played host…and was all of a sudden shouting about music. “Soon, Anna. Let people settle in first and Abra and I will get our guitars.” He said with a patient smile. Soon, Natalie showed up and went straight over to her friends. He was glad to see so many inter-house friendships. Patrick was quick to follow and made his way to Anna.

Abra approached him a few minutes later. “Don’t worry I have a couple of mine in the barn. The door is open if you wouldn’t mind grabbing them for us. Sounds like Anna is ready for music.” He said with a chuckle as Anna yelled out for them to get the guitars.

Skylar soon turned up and…was glaring at him? He had no idea whatever for. “Hey Rylee! Having a great night Tessa! Thank you.” He said with a grin. He was so happy to see so many of the students turn up. It was going to be a fantastic evening for sure.

"Everyone feel free to grab some marshmallows. There are plenty of sticks to go around, and soon...there shall be a bit of music." He said with a grin.

OOC: If we missed you, I'm sorry and it was not intentional there are just so many posts! lol

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Skyler quietly took a marshmallow and stick. She frowned and stuck it to the stick and let it hover over the flames half paying attention as she watched it get warmer/melt.
"Evening professor Wayland." She finally decided to say.
Wouldn't want to get in trouble for not greeting a professor in some type of respectful way, right?. On the outside, Skyler jumped slightly. Well, that voice was new and it wasn't her own...
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"Hello, Professor Wayland!" Rylee called out over the crackling of the bonfire and the voices around her. Oh, marshmallows! Don't mind her at all as she got up to get a stick and a few marshmallows, spearing one through the center with her stick as she returned to her spot. Carefully holding the stick over the flames of the fire to toast it lightly, just enough to give it that light brown touch and make it gooey.

She was only just finishing toasting her marshmallow when she was being nudged. Right away there was a HUGE smile on her face as she turned to the older girl beside her. "Farah! Hi!" The little lioness carefully gave her friend a one armed hug so as not to get any gooey marshmallow on either of them.

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Zoryn Spinnet wasn't actually planning to go to the bonfire, """"""bonding activities"""""" with the rest of the school weren't really her thing. But in a last minute change of heart, here she was.

Her friends were pretty convincing.

As she made her way towards the fire and those sitting near it, the Gryffindor waved to her new ~head of house~ and addressed the crowd as a whole, "Who wants to hear a scary story???"

Because that's what bonfires were for, right?
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Anna snorted when Jackson butted in when she mentioned prefects. "Yes, here is one of the important people." She told Ewan, gesturing towards the older Ravenclaw.

She was a cheeky people magnet, was she not? She wasn't going to complain.

So Cat-Eye Moody was an adorable name, according to Jackson. "If you say so!" Anna said, chuckling. She listened to his explanation of what 'Moody' was like and laughed at the mention of the kitty running around like a madman. "She's trying to inspire you to keep running with me! Remember the good old days from last year?" The girl laughed some more. "I like her already."

He had to make sure her house was worthy enough that year??? "The cheek!!" Anna laughed out loud, raising her eyebrows at him. See! Cheeky people, cheeky people everywhere! "I'll borrow her anyway to see if the presence of a kitty calms down some of my players. Merlin knows I have to deal with some crazy people on my team." She finished, still laughing and shaking her head. Then again, as long as they were good players, she'd keep them. She was becoming a pro at dealing with crazy people.

Awww, wasn't that smaller Ravenclaw cute? Anna smiled at Charlie's reply. "Aw, great! I'm Anna, by the way. Nice to meet you!"

The Captain decided Ravenclaw sure had some adorable kids. Or was that just her? "You're raising them well." She told Jackson with a nod, cracking up again after two seconds.

Let people settle in first!? Professor Wayland was taking his timeeee and Anna would be growing impatient if it wasn't for all the socialising. But then he told Abra to go and get the guitars, finally! 'Sounds like Anna is ready for music.' "I am!!" She raised her voice and fists for emphasis in true Meriwether fashion.
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Originally Posted by TakemetotheBurrow View Post
S'mores, right. Vita knew what they were. At least, she was pretty sure she did. They actually sounded kind of messy, but she'd be willing to try them just to see. Probably should tie her hair back first though, yes? Melted marshmallow in her Rapunzel-like mane sounded like a possible nightmare and she was going to do everything to avoid that.

She had a neat plait by the time Nat returned and Vita took one of the sticks for herself, watching as the prefect was, well, prefect-y to the younger boy. Did he know anything about s'mores? "I've never actually made them before..." She commented out loud, thoughtful.

After handing off the sticks, Natalie grabbed some s'mores stuff for all three of them (in case the boy wanted to join in the s'mores making, too) and then sat back down next to Vita. Right as she told her that she had never made s'mores before?

"What?? Really??" Natalie was learning more and more just how much Vita had missed out on life. And she was making it a personal goal to introduce her to ALL the things. "Okay, here," she said, setting two sets of graham crackers on Vita's leg. "You put the chocolate on here, obviously," she continued, placing a little slab of chocolate on her graham cracker, and then followed suit with her own set of crackers.

Then she handed her a marshmallow. "Stab this onto your stick and stick it in the fire. Well, not IN the fire because then it will catch on fire. But like, find some coals that are real red and hot and heat it over those." Some people LIKED their marshmallows all burnt and crispy, but Natalie thought that was gross. So, she continued her demonstration by stabbing a marshmallow onto her stick and holding off to the side of the fire. Seeeee? She was a pro.

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He laughed. “I’m only cheeky some times. Ooh thanks,” he popped the marshmallow into his mouth and listened to her as she went on talking to another person but he was still listening in. “No hanging up just being extra kind and giving you attention.”

Looking either way he leaned in closer, “did you ever try running the grounds at night?” he still stuck to running the grounds in the early morning but he had gotten to longer distances than he had the year before.
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Excellent, no need to go running all the way back up to Gryffindor common room then. Really, though, Abra knew he should have had the foresight to bring his own guitar along, but he wasn't exactly the best person at remembering to do things, important or otherwise. But Wayland? He sounded like he had everything covered.

"Sure, I'll just be a moment," Abra said with a smile, partly because he, too, had heard Anna's insistence that they get on with the music. Not wasting another moment, he dashed off to the barn and, after a moment of searching, located exactly what he was looking for.

Hurrying back to the congregation of people around the bonfire, Abra offered both guitars to Wayland so that he could pick whichever one he preferred to use - being that they both belonged to him and all. Briefly, he glanced around at everyone else, and tried to quell the sudden roar of anxiety in his chest. Don't be daft, Botros. It's a campfire singalong. Relax.

Yes, yes, of course. Relaxation commencing. Soon. Hopefully. Please.
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