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Felixir 01-18-2019 04:11 PM

50 Fragments of Jake Upstead - Sa 13+

Disclaimer: The Harry Potter universe and characters belong to JK Rowling.
Jake Upstead and the other non-canon characters written in these ficlets belong to me unless otherwise stated.
RP characters not belonging to me may be referred to but will only be written with permission from the RPer.


1. Barrels 2. Tickle the pear 3. Overstuffed armchair 4. Duffer 5. Midnight feast 6. Pay it forward 7. Broom polishing kit 8. Buddy system 9. Dedicated 10. Potato

1. Comfort 2. Dawn 3. Growth 4. Bed 5. Supper 6. Teapot 7. Photo 8. Desk 9. Hearth 10. Midnight

1. Cuckoo 2. Eon 3. Era 4. Hourglass 5. Timeturner 6. Pendulum 7. Sundial 8. Past 9. Present 10. Future

1. Licorice Wand 2. Sweet Tooth 3. Chocolate 4. Jelly Legs 5. Mooch 6. Butterbeer 7. Rock Cake 8. Ooze 9. Epicure 10. Groak

1. Sorting Hat 2. Telescope 3. Quill 4. Dress robes 5. Common room 6. Whomping Willow 7. Portraits 8. Headmaster 9. Staircase 10. Dungeon

SPOILER!!: Ficlets in Chronological Order
First Year
Sorting Hat - age 11, September 2067
Liquorice Wand - age 11, October 2067

Fifth Year
Pendulum - age 15, December 2071

Seventh Year
Era - age 17, June 2074

Present - age 43, September 2099

Sorting Hat
age 11, September 2067


‘What?’ Jake thought to the Hat, not entirely sure he could really communicate with it, but trying all the same. He stared into the darkness - the Hat was so big it completely obscured his vision - and maintained his white-knuckle grip on the seat of the stool.

Oh, it’s just interesting… very interesting…

‘What’s interesting?’

The Hat, apparently more interested in talking - thinking? - to itself rather than to Jake, devolved into muttered musings. Jake tried to get its attention again but, when that failed, he ended up just sitting there, fidgeting but listening.

Where is best? Certainly not Slytherin, I think we can rule that one out… Perhaps Gryffindor would be a good fit. Then again, you wouldn’t be out of place in Ravenclaw. But neither feels quite… right…

Jake was quiet, and tried to make his thoughts shut up too. That remark made it sound like he wasn’t going to fit into any of the houses, that he wouldn’t belong anywhere at all.


The Hat had been listening.

Oh no, not at all. Gryffindor would be a good fit, but I sense something else in you. I think, overall… the place for you is...


Felixir 01-21-2019 05:56 PM

Liquorice Wand
age 11, October 2067

“Wingardium Leviosa!” With the utmost determination written on his face, Jake swished and flicked his wand. Nothing happened. His feather didn’t move.

Determination quickly gave way to frustration. This was hopeless. Jake knew he was bad at magic - he just couldn’t seem to make it happen, no matter how hard he tried - but this was ridiculous. All around him, the other first years were making their feathers hover confidently in the air; he felt like the only one who’d not managed it yet.

Jake’s stomach rumbled. It didn’t help that he was starving hungry, and that someone in this room had sweets that he could smell. He wanted to be eating sweets, not trying to cast some spell that just didn’t want to work.

Maybe… maybe one more go. Jake raised his wand, swished, flicked. “Wingardium Leviosa!”


Scowling, he smacked his wand against the edge of his desk in a fit of temper. To his alarm, it immediately snapped in half.

What?! But he hadn’t even hit it that hard! He… he… hold on…

Jake raised it to his nose, sniffed at it, then nibbled a bit off of the broken half he held.

It was a liquorice wand.

Felixir 01-22-2019 11:44 PM

age 17, June 2074

The end of an era, that’s what this was. That was the thought on Jake’s mind as he stepped into the Great Hall for the End of Term Feast of his seventh year at Hogwarts.

What he felt couldn’t exactly be called sadness; it wasn’t that he was upset to be leaving the school, not after having been through so much there. Or maybe having gone through so much at Hogwarts was part of why it was difficult to say goodbye. More likely, he had simply got used to the place; the common room, the castle, the grounds, the Quidditch pitch.

Because it was hard to let go, even after spending so much time insisting he didn’t want to be there. Now that it was finally time… well, it wasn’t quite as easy as he had imagined.

Perhaps it was the not knowing. Not knowing what was going to happen next, what to expect from the adult world. At school it was… maybe not safe, but certainly comfortable. Predictably unpredictable. Out there, he was stepping into the great unknown.

But he was ready.

The end of an era. The beginning of a new one.

Felixir 01-26-2019 11:42 PM

age 15, December 2071

The clocktower was one of Jake’s favourite places to go, especially when he was feeling particularly muddled in his head. Today was one of those days; from the moment he’d woken up it had felt like everything had caught up to him. It choked him, weighed him down, and rushed about him all at once, forcing him to acknowledge it.

Well, not today. Jake had a trick for that kind of thing, and it involved the clocktower.

He’d skipped Potions to come up here, and though it was for the best, he knew he’d pay for it later. But he didn’t care about that right now. Right now, he just needed… a moment.

Wrapped up in his cloak and Hufflepuff scarf, Jake settled himself at the very base of the clocktower before directing his eyes upwards and finding the pendulum. That was his trick. He loved to watch the pendulum.

Back and forth it went, back and forth he watched it go. It was mesmerising, soothing, and if Jake focused on it he could make himself forget everything else that had happened - everything that was still happening - even if just for a little while.

Felixir 09-13-2019 05:48 PM

age 43, September 2099

Jake Upstead was in a daze.

Perhaps that was understandable; the quadruplets, his four youngest children, had been born not twenty-four hours ago. Though he and Becca had been preparing for months, it was still a huge thing to get used to. Four new tiny babies were now relying on them.

Sitting back in his armchair, in the living room of their home in Godric's Hollow, Jake finally allowed himself a moment to breathe. Becca was with the quads at St. Mungo's, the boys were... up to varying degrees of no good, he supposed, and his oldest set of twins were off checking they had everything packed, at his instruction.

Because that was another thing. Nem and Pax were due to leave for Beauxbatons the very next day. Beauxbatons, yes, but as Hogwarts students. His oldest babies were big enough for Hogwarts. They were going to get sorted into houses and learn how to do magic and be a tiny little witch and wiz-person.

It was all... so much.

But Jake wouldn't change any of it, not for the entire world. He was happy with his lot, and today, life was looking good. Better than good.


feeheeheeny = Becca Upstead
Tegz = Pax Upstead

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