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Author Spotlights Come in here to read about our favorite SS Writers.

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Old 04-14-2013, 02:59 AM
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Default Meet An Author: Ivana R

Hello hello! And welcome to another edition of Meet an Author! This month in the spotlight, we have Ivana! So let's give her a HUGE round of applause and let's spend some time interrogating getting know her and admiring her talent.

Ivana's Works Include:

Completed Works:
Flora Riddle 1 - Sa13+
Flora Riddle 2 - Sa13+
Flora Riddle 3 - Sa16+

Current Works:
RAB's brief story - Sa 13+

Interviewer: Hera
Interviewee: Ivana
Alrighty, so here we go! ... 3... 2... 1

.. *lights come on*

Welcome to the Meet an Author interview! Today we'll be meeting and greeting Ivana! Ivana, how're you feeling? And what are your thoughts so far?

Hello, Emily!!! I'm thrilled and excited and honoured and confused... But did you send this interview to the right person? Yes?
So, just wait a minute, please... tick tock tick tock...(10 minutes later)...Thanks for wait. It's done. I had to use my whole stock of Weasleys' Wildfire Whiz-bangs!

Just ignore this fire-breathing dragon flying. We can talk now while they're exploding over my head. I'm kidding. But it took me by surprise!

Aaaaw haha you're a cutie, we'll hold onto you *admires the dragon* Care to tell us a bit about yourself? Where you're from? What do you do?

A bit? Ok, I'll try. … I'm from Brazil, I was born in a little town in the South of my country, and now I live 45 minutes drive from Sao Paulo (a very great city).

I'm married, a mom of three kid - one daughter and two sons (my eldest son, Gabriel, is a Snitchseeker member - Gab!).
I'm an aspiring writer (I wrote three children books, two of them are being evaluated by the Editorial Board of a publisher - wish me luck!) and I'm Psychologist in my spare time.

And I often say I'm a witch who works as an house-elf... And above all, I'm a weird person a very happy person.

My my my... Ivana, you're a busy woman! I would ask how you manage to do keep so buy, but you obviously use a time turner, hehe. But no, on a serious note, how do you balance life and still find time to spend time with us on snitchseeker?

Why can't I tell everyone I use a time turner? Oh, there are Muggles around here! ...

Managing my time is not as hard as it sounds. I wake up early every morning and go to bed after midnight... It's almost midnight when I write, translate my FF into English, play here on SS I love WWW, read emails etc.

I love being up after midnight. Everyone is sleeping and the phone/cell phone/doorbell doesn't ring; the street is extremely quiet, so I can hear my own thoughts and it's wonderful!

Of course, if a good idea pops into my mind I stop whatever I'm doing during the day and turn on my computer to write. Often I also break my routine by checking several times during the day on my smartphone what's happening here on SnitchSeeker!

Well that's a terrific effort, and you do make it sound SO easy. How did you first discover snitchseeker? Is there a funny story behind it?

Unfortunately there's no funny story behind it. I just searched the internet for where I could post my FF. It was a nice surprise finding Snitchseeker!

So you're an aspiring writer, at what age did you start writing?

Um... I wrote my first FF when I was 4 years old. LoL and yet I didn't learn how to do it right hahaha. I always loved telling stories and I've done it my entire life, but I had never thought to publish them. Three years ago I wrote a childrens book and made 50 copies to give as a gift to my kids and friends. A friend of mine is a writer and showed it to a publisher who ask me why I hadn't thought to do it as a profession... So, I'm trying.

And you're looking at getting published! That is super exciting, and I hope you do! .. but on that note, do you have any tips for the rest of us?

What kind of tip do you mean? Do you want to know what to do to have a book published or something about how tell stories?

Oh so now you're asking the questions! I see what you're doing here hehe, but uh, in terms of publishing. Any tips?

If you want to publish a book, first you need to make sure that your story is ready to you and you won't want add a chapter or an explanation or anything else. Then you can send it to a reviser or someone who knows a lot of grammar to read and correct it.

And most of all you should be patience, a positive response takes 6 months on average!!!!

If a publisher doesn't like your story, then don't give up. There's a lot of them in the world! Thank goodness J.K. Rowling didn't give up after she received a lot of negatives responses.

That is very good advice, thank you! makes some notes on clipboard … so, Ivana, what inspires you to write?

Um... What a hard question! I had never thought about it... I think the answer is anything and everything. Anything in particular. I love people, I love arousing curiosity in people. I love to "share" feelings with my characters, when I write about someone happy, I feel happy; when they're sad, I'm sad too. It's like living many lives. This experience makes me write. But in fact, I don't know. It's a necessity, almost as if the stories are asking me to write them. Is that confusing? here I am asking questions again

Haha, not confusing at all, and I can certainly relate. *nods* Aside from J.K. Rowling, do you have any favourite authors?

There are some Brazilian authors, such as Guimar„es Rosa and …rico VerŪssimo. I also like some classics including as Lewis Carroll, and others. Last week I read "The Hobbit" and I loved it, now I'm reading "The Lord of Rings" once again - Tolkien is amazing.

Ooohhh good choices, I love a good classic, and I've been meaning to read The Hobbit for a while now, I just never have the time XD
And! Speaking of time! *checks pocket watch * .. we're running out of it. Would you like to take a break from chatting and play a little game?

Indeed, it seems that time flies by when we have a nice chat... A game? I love games!

Fantastic! ... I like to call this game "What if you went to Hogwarts?!" Are you ready?!


Yay! *bounces* .. alright, so, we'll start with an easy one! If you went to Hogwarts which house would you be sorted into?

Lol hard question. I think there's no limits to knowledge, I love to learn although I don't like to study, so Ravenclaw is out of the question. I value hard work not for me, of course, and I'm not patient in any way, so not a Hufflepuff. I'm between a Gryffindor and a Slytherin... Slytherin, I guess. Green is a colour that really suits me.

What type of student would you be? Would you be the studious type? The quidditch type? Or anything in between?

Anything else. Um, I'd be the type that would climb the tree at the Forbidden Forest, would look for the secret passages; and would spend a lot of time lying in the Astronomy Tower looking at the stars. I'd be the weird type. hehehehe

Oohh fabulous answers so far. Favourite Hogwarts subject?


Ooohhh how Slytherin of you Which type of wizarding candy would you like to try?

Bertie Botts every flavour beans

If you could own any magical beast, what would it be?

My first choice would be a Thestral, but as I wouldn't like to witness death of anybody...
I would choose a hippogriff for sure! Since I read PoA, I've dreamt of flying on a hippogriff!
They are beautiful and have strong personality, I like it.

After graduating from Hogwarts, what would be your dream job?

Well, after took the traditional "Grand Tour" around the world with my friends, I'd try teach Potions at Hogwarts or any other wizarding school. I really like potions!

What form do you think, your patronus would take?

A wolf. The Wolf symbolises intelligence, wisdom and healing, it shares his power with others. It's the archetype of the teacher, forerunner of new ideas. It leaves and learns back to his clan to teach what it has learned. Wolf when it meets and chooses one partner is usually for the rest of its life, it's linked to family. A wolf is a good patronus, I would like to have a patronus wolf to take care of me. I guess I have a kind of patronus wolf in my life, though my husband is made of flesh and blood.

Aaawww that's so sweet, and super cool, I'm learning things... and I'm sure our audience is too! points to them Well... Unfortunately, it's coming to the end of our interview. First of all, I wanted to thank you for taking the time to let us interrogate you and get to know you, it's been delightful

Emily, you’re so adorable I’ll miss our nice chat interview.

Nope! YOU'RE the adorable one we can still chat!. Now I do have one more question... see, I like colours, colours are pretty, and I have all of this paint that I'm dying to cover you with, so, what colour would you like to be? Speak now or forever hold your peace.

Oh, it's easy! I like colours too. Since I was a little girl, I love GREEN. All shades of green, especially dark green and bluish-greenish.

Consider it done *spalshes paint at you* Any last words before we say goodbye?

Yeah... *thinks*
I just want to thank a lot of some people, is it ok?

Go for it!

I would like to thank Roger, Noopur and Alicia for their help, if it wasn’t for them I couldn’t be here. It's thanks to them that I’m learning to write in English. I would also like to thank to my family, they’re always so understandable with my necessity to write and tell stories. I would like to thank everyone who has read my stories and, especially Droo, Connie, and Gabriel who have always posted nice and supportive comments for my stories (which keeps the writing's flame burning ever more intensely in my heart.) And, finally, thank you, Emily and all Snitchseeker staff, for this opportunity.

That's so sweet, and you're so very welcome, because you truly deserve it. I already feel more inspired and motivated to read and write just by talking to you.

Anything else?

I'd like to invite everybody to read and commenting on fanfics. Unlike a book, a fanfiction is mainly a chat between writer and reader. It's when the writer tells you how he/she interprets the original story that we're all fans of. So let's start commenting more on fanfics?

Superb idea! stares at the audience You heard the lady! Go get reading!You can check out a list of Ivana's fanfics to date, at the top of the page, or alternatively head over to the fanfiction section and start browsing, reading AND commenting! Support our writers.
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Ministry RPG Name:
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Alicia Lightwood- Bane ~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~ WhittyBitty's

Vana! Congrats on being chosen for Meet an Author! And it does seem fitting that I should be the first to comment, don't you think?

I love the interview! I never realised you're so Snakey Soooo, about Vana's FFs, I'd advise you guys to read them They're really creative & fun. Okay, that's enough talk from me
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♥Live Well, Love Much, Laugh Often♥

Ivana! Wow! Congrats a ton!

I loved the interview and you too!
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Werecats are people too! Reader of Fan Fictions

Hey Ivana! Wow congratulations! I am so happy for you. This was a great interview from the interviewer and the interviewee; very nicely done! Ivana, I am so very jealous! Where did you get your dragon?!?!?!?!??! I have always wanted one, and I cried when Hagrid had to give up Norbert.

On a different note (before I start crying again) Congratulations on having two books being evaluated by an Editorial Board of a publisher! See; I would have thought you would be a Ravenclaw. Yes; I think that the Sorting Hat would have put you in Ravenclaw, but would consider your desire of being in Slytherin so you'd be happy.

I love how sweet you talk about your husband! He is a blessed man to have you for a wife, and your children are blessed for having you for their mom. I'd also like to say I am blessed to have you for a friend.

I love your stories and am a huge fan! I hope everyone starts reading them and comments on them. It's my pleasure to read and comment on them.

Thank you Emily and Ivana for this wonderful and fun interview you gave your time for. I enjoyed it immensely!!
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Portuguese Hippogriff Harrys SchokofrŲsche

Hi my friends! You're all so kind, so lovely. I love you! Thanks for the compliments.

If someone would like to know the trueand mad and sad story about how I meet this adorable site, I'm posting it below:

A year and half ago, it was an unusual hot and dry winter here, and it was cold during a single day, which began with the announcement of a good friend's death. During her funeral I commented with my husband that there should be Dementors flying over our city and he agreed with me (he's a Harry Potter fan too), by saying that her death seemed to have being caused by a kiss from a Dementor (she had a stroke).

The grief I was feeling was increasing and I felt the need of writing about it. I thought I would like to live in a place where exists a spell to repel Dementors. Of course, I know exactly where I needed to go: Hogwarts. So, from my grief Flora Riddle was born. The first chapter of my fanfiction describes that day. 

I wrote this first story to send my family to Hogwarts and in my soul I saw it wouldn't happen if this story couldn't arrive in UK (Hogwarts, I mean). So I thought it should be translated into English then someone in UK could read it and the things would settle down. 

However, I had a big problem: I didn't know English (I'm Brazilian, I speak Portuguese). I ask to my friend Roger M. to translating it for me, he did it and taught me how to translate into English. 

When it was translated, I looked for sites where I could post the story in English and a friend from a brazilian HP's fan site (unfortunately extinct called "somos das masmorras", what means "we are from dungeons") told me about Snitchseeker. LoL.:x3:
BTW, the sequels of Flora Riddle 1, Flora Riddle 2 and Flora Riddle 3 have no relation with any part of my life or my family.

Last edited by Ivana R; 04-18-2013 at 01:46 AM.
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Hi, Mom! Congrats for the interview! it's great!
ilove you!

I never realised you're so Snakey
she became a snake when she read Deathly Hallows, she loves Snape and has a fascination for green things even her car is green! Although the sorting hat would be s little confused if it tried sorting her. She thinks as a ravenclaw, works and loves as a hufflepuff, is corageous as a gryffindor, and she likes to wear a green robe, pretending to be a bad witch.... but she is a great mom and a great writer and we love her.
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Alicia Lightwood- Bane ~ Mrs Steve Harrington ~ Friendly Neighbourhood Hufflepuff ~ WhittyBitty's

Originally Posted by R. Riddle View Post
Hi, Mom! Congrats for the interview! it's great!
ilove you!

I never realised you're so Snakey
she became a snake when she read Deathly Hallows, she loves Snape and has a fascination for green things even her car is green! Although the sorting hat would be s little confused if it tried sorting her. She thinks as a ravenclaw, works and loves as a hufflepuff, is corageous as a gryffindor, and she likes to wear a green robe, pretending to be a bad witch.... but she is a great mom and a great writer and we love her.

Blame it on Sanpe I'm kidding. Awww I love how you describe her And yes, we love her!

And so, Vana, we can say it's cos of your writing you found SS. I'm glad you did
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