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Author Spotlights Come in here to read about our favorite SS Writers.

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Old 05-06-2009, 07:30 PM
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Default Author Spotlight: Slytherin Fox

Droo: Me - SeerCassandraTrelawney
Linda: Slytherin Fox

-.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.-

Droo: HAI!! *pokes & waves*

Linda: Hey, Droo!
Linda: Thanks for taking your time to do this!

Droo: My pleasure, I hope I can do it justice

Linda: I'm sure you will!

Droo: What would you like me to call you for the purposes of the interview?

Linda: Linda is fine, thanks!

Droo: So, Linda... what got you into writing?

Linda: Well, let me see. I started reading at a really young age and it was my favorite thing, almost like an obsession. It wasn't long before I decided that it would be fun to write down stories of my own. At one point, I wanted to be a journalist or an author, but that never materialized. I still have hopes of writing a book some day, though!

Droo: Wow... do you write many FanFictions? in other genre's? Or just HP?

Linda: Actually, it's mostly been HP. For a long while I had writer's block. It was funny, I couldn't write a single sentence for the longest time, and I started doing a little bit more once I came to SS and saw so many people were involved in writing stories and creating all these wonderful things. I've written a few other genres. I started writing a novel a few years ago (before I came on SS) but kind of abandoned it. It was about a person who survived a terrible ordeal and the lessons they had learned from it, but I couldn't figure out where else to go with it at that point. Mostly, my writings have been HP related, though.

Droo: Wow... I started a novel... started is the key word there. LOL! I admire anyone who can write novels... So tell us, you're fans, why did you enter the Riddle Chronicles? What drew you to write about the infamous Tom Riddle. *cue scary music* DunDunDuuuuunnn!!!

Linda: Yeah, I can relate to that. Perhaps we will resume our novels some day! Well, I'm pretty competitive by nature. I love getting involved in any type of challenge, as I look it as a way to better myself and expand my abilities and maybe learn a thing or two along the way. Tom Riddle is a pretty fascinating character, anyway, especially the early part of his life, such as what really caused him to become the Dark Lord. There is a lot of room for guesswork there as to what might have happened to bring that about.

Droo: So do you have anyone in particular, that inspires you? or you aspire to write like?

Linda: Well, I think J.K. Rowling is probably the most awesome and amazing writer I've ever read personally (I'm sure many of us would agree with that!) Her imagination and ability to create a world we can all believe in is just beyond compare, but I don't think there is any way I could ever write on that scale. There's only one JKR, after all, though she is definitely an inspiration to us all!

Droo: Very true... which one of her characters do you find yourself more drawn to? Which do you feel lend themselves more to writing about?

Linda: Well, it's funny, but I kind of feel more empathy for some of the lesser characters, especially Narcissa Malfoy, Pansy Parkinson and Daphne Greengrass. We don't know a whole lot about them from what JKR has written, and so it's easier to write about them from the perspective of making up a few details.

Droo: Me Too! (It's funny how you selected Slytherins - Teehee.) So, apart from the HP series, what are your favorite books?

Linda: *heehee* It is, isn't it? Well, there have been so many, but I think Gone With the Wind was one of the books I read during high school that really made an impression on me and stood out in my mind so that's definitely one of my faves. I've liked so many others, including the Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice and the Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyers. I also like Gregory Maguire's books, particularly Wicked.

Droo: Wicked Rocks! Do you read them once and that's it, or do you find yourself re-reading some.

Linda: Totally! Usually I read most books once, except for the ones I really like. Those are the ones I find myself re-reading and going back over again and again. All of those I mentioned fit that category!

Droo: What's the most you've ever re-read a book, and what book was it?

Linda: Hmmmm, good question. It was probably Gone With the Wind, and I think I've read it about 10 times now.

Droo: Wow! So tell us, your fans, what do you think is the 'funnest' (yep funnest) thing about writing?

Linda: The funniest thing? That's a toughie. I suppose the funniest thing would be the crazy little details that you yourself throw into what you write to make it your own unique work, be it some crazy story or whatever. It's always fun to throw something totally crazy and random into your story!

Droo: Hehe that is Funny, but I didn’t mean funniest, Fun-nest
Droo: See you assumed I wouldn't invent words here.
Droo: you were wrong… LOL
Droo: lol

Linda: Oh - haha!
Linda: Funnest thing is just kind of letting the story develop, letting it flow together and putting it all down on paper. It's fun just to tell the story and see how things develop. Actually, sometimes you might start out thinking that things are going to happen a certain way and because of the way the story flow, things change somehow. Kind of like RPing, I suppose.

Droo: Ok, what is the (prepare yourself for my new word) unfunnest thing about writing?

Linda: LOL! I love the new words! Okay, unfunnest would probably have to be the proofreading part. You want to make sure your story is free from typos and such, and it can be a little boring at times to check for these things, even though enilghtening, as this is the part you might figure out something else you want to add in to the story, too.

Linda: There's a typo right there - should be enlightening. Haha!

Droo: Haha!


Droo: so if you were going to give advice to all the FanFiction writer on SS and off, What would you say?

Linda: I would say to use your creative ideas in your work so that your unique personality shows through, but also to learn by the example of others who have written before you. For example, the first chapter of the Riddle Chronicles, which was written by Tegz, was exceptional. I decided the best thing to do was simply to continue in the same vein she had written, but add in a few details of my own. Her formula was proven to be a good one, and I just continued from there. Same thing can be done when you are writing a story on your own. Learn from the example of authors like JKR, so that your story flows and is easy and fun to read. And remember that dialogue is very important!

Droo: It is! I agree... well thank you for taking the time to be interviewed by me. Congratulations on your winning entry, well deserved might I add, and I wish you and everyone else luck on the third and final entry!

Linda: Thanks so much, Droo! It was a real pleasure.
Linda: And good luck to all who enter. Can't wait to read the next chapter!
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Oh my gosh that was awesome! Linda I want to read your novel when you get it done!!
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And a Heaven in a Wild Flower♣♣

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That was so awesome Linda! I either voted for you or someone else, only I can't remember because it feels like so long ago.
Anyway, you're a really good writer. xD
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wonderful interview! I was wondering where came i read the Riddle Chronicles it sounds really good?
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Congratulations Linda
Brooke Lovio

Fourth Year Slytherin
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x10 x10

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Lovely interview! great advice! and congrats on winning the contest Linda!
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