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  1. Build a Roadtrip Playlist
  2. Exploding Snap v.2
  3. Fantastic Beast Elimination v.4
  4. Fantastic Beasts Character Elimination v.2
  5. Character Elimination v.45
  6. Fantastic Beasts 20 Questions
  7. Which FB&WTFT Character is Yours?
  8. WWW Announcements!
  9. Harry Potter Hangman v.5
  10. Potter Cast Elimination v.12
  11. Person Above Me v.66
  12. First Thing That Comes to Mind v.28
  13. Roonil Wazlib
  14. Would You Rather? v.3
  15. Scattergories v.4
  16. Person Below Me v.19
  17. Harry Potter ABC's v.17
  18. Welcome to Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes!
  19. Yum or Yuck v.7
  20. Never-Ending Story v.2
  21. SnitchSeeker ABC's v.3
  22. Turn It On or Off v.2
  23. Snape is My Man v.34
  24. Name ZYX v.15
  25. Who Would You Rather Get Stuck in an Elevator With? v.4
  26. Spell Trivia
  27. Caption the Avatar v.4
  28. Ask a Question and Get the Wrong Answer v.6
  29. On a Scale of 1 to 10 v.3
  30. Slap the Keyboard v.2
  31. Luna Likes v.4
  32. Name That Character
  33. Which Character is Most Likely To? v.2
  34. Opposite of What the Person Said