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DaniDiNardo 03-26-2014 06:59 PM

Break Room

Is your stomach starting to grumble as you continue to think about that ham sandwich you've got stored away in the refrigerator? All caught up with your work and in need of some rest and relaxation? Everyone needs a break now and then, especially those witches and wizards who take on the task of helping run the government of our wizarding world! The break room serves as an area for employees to escape to when its lunchtime, when they're in need of a short break, or when they're just looking for an area to catch up with their co-workers and share tales of the workplace or the latest gossip. The break room is nestled in an area in between the front desks and cubicles area. It features a ladies' room, a men's room, a kitchen, and a common area to lounge on a couch or sit down at a table and eat.

kayquilz 10-31-2014 01:19 AM

Okay HERE WE GO, Dani <3
Ember was...BOUNCING. BOUNCING. OKAY? HEHEHE. She had her pastries from Dmitry back in her cubicle...and...THAT HAD JUST BEEN A DELIGHTFUL LUNCH OKAY? GAH. She was just in SUUUUUCH a good mood that she had to visit Level One. She had never been to this level before and she had HEARD the vibe down up here was.....well....

Less than vibrant.

And BOOOOY were they right--she peeeeked her head into the break room, and when she spotted no one, she giggled and brandished her wand. She summoned a vase--some flowers--BIIIIG BRIGHT FLOWERS, TOO--and placed them on the counter--and then she summoned MOOOREEEEE flowers all over the place. It took her a little while--BUT THERE. Everything was just--

"FAAAAAABULOUS!" she cried, and sang, and twirled around, adjusting her flower crown atop her head as she sprinkled some glitter here, too. Of would all disappear by the end of the day--BUT BUT BUUUUUUUUUUUT--THE WORKERS WOULD JUST LOVE THIS, WOULDN'T THEY? Ember was SOOO positive that they'd just--UGH UGH UGH. It would make their days. SHE ABSOLUTELY KNEW IT. It'd totally make hers. Leaning against one of the counters...she admired her..handiwork. Her..colorful...flowery..handiwork.


DaniDiNardo 10-31-2014 01:35 AM

*mellow* Well gosh Ember
There was hardly ever occasion for Gavin to enter the breakroom. It simply was hardly ever done. When you had lunches either outside the Level or locked away in your office you tended not to end up in this room socializing--and that was the next problem, the socializing that was bound to happen if he walked in here. The Senior Undersecretary was well aware that his employees sometimes lounged in here on their breaks and though he had no problem with them, the thought of conversation made his face lose it's colour.

So what brought him here? His Personal Assistant telling him there was a guest on the level, one who never bothered stopping in with reception but simply went to the breakroom? It could have been the guest of an employee but if that was the case he'd need to remind them to keep all visits down in the Atrium. This was not the place for reunions.

The loud voice had him walking faster. This was an office, silence was often expected in those, no?--

Sweet holy mother of MERLIN. Gavin involuntarily staggered back a few steps upon entering the room and seeing it's new...decorations. "What in Circe's name do you think you're doing??" The WHO THE HELL ARE YOU could come after. Right now, he didn't remember ordering a remodel and if he had, this certain wouldn't do.

kayquilz 10-31-2014 03:28 AM

I'm Sorry >_<
Ember blew on her nails--as if her hard work required such sentiments--and she sighed as she picked up her backpack--slung it over her shoulder--and started for the door--but right as she was about to grab the knob a MAN walked through.


The young woman GASPED and hopped back--but then clutched her chest and relaaaaxed. "Well--" she planted a HUUUUUUGE smile on her face. "Oh--no neeeed to thank me, sir!" she wasn't familiar with the guy. "Your level's break room is AAALLLLL pretty--and the positive energy--" she closed her eyes and clapped her hands together above her head. "I can FEEEEL it radiating around me--" Still very grinny, she opened her eyes and WIIIIIDENED them at him. "Oh no--you're very unhappy right now--gosh--" she pulled out a tin from her bag and opened it up--"I have pastries--do you need sugar? Maybe you need --a hug?" and she gestured to know...EMBER LOVED HUGS, RIGHT?

DaniDiNardo 10-31-2014 12:58 PM

Oh merlin >__<
His eyes darted around the room even as he waited on a response. The breakroom--flowers--bright--what even was this???? The more he stared was the worse it seemed to get until the man gave an involuntary swear in french in a little more than a whisper. The shock was evident and perhaps something else. Confusion maybe? Like who was this woman and why had she suddenly decided to target Level 1? A terrorist attack maybe. Wasn't Emily meant to deal with this sort so he wouldn't have to????

His gaze fell on her again as she began talking about energy radiating and the like. She sounded exactly like the Healer's he'd only just gotten rid of and without a doubt it sent his anxiety through the roof. They might have missed one and she was now here asking for HUGS.

Gavin's breathing became strained as he tried to reason this all out. Stranger on his level, redecorating and sounding like Harmony to boot. On second thought this one might have come from Creatures too; bunch of whack jobs. "Non." His answer was tight as he tried to remember that deep breathing thing. "No hugs." Breeeeathe. Put your hands down and step AWAY woman. BREEATHE. "Just fix this place up then come with me." Still somehow getting air into his lungs he looked about the room again. No really, get rid of this stuff before someone saw and decided it had to stay.

kayquilz 10-31-2014 03:29 PM

No hug? Ember just nodded and stepped back. Was he a specimen like Derek? Non-hugsual? What an odd type of human to BE. Ember couldn't IMAGINE the lack of affection. Nope.

Ohh...he wanted her to..come with him? WHAT? Ember normally thought VERY positively---but seeing as he looked VERY unhappy--she gasped. "I already fixed this place up, though--OH! You want me to do your office--or cubicle--" Because Ember was very unaware that this was the Senior Undersecretary. Had she known. Well. She might have been a bit more...formal. Formal was just..not an easy thing for Ember to do, though. Noooope. Special attention to her "My Little Pony" jumper.

Enough said?

"NO hugs--don't worry, dear--" she said..but her tone...was like she was speaking to one of her animals..slow, soft..and very SOOOOOTHING. The poor man looked like he was going to DIE of anxiety--Ember couldn't think why ANYONE would POSSIBLY be anxious near HER--she was just too HAPPY and POSITIVE right? HEHEHEHE. "Where are we going--" Nope.

She hadn't cleaned up anything in the Break Room.

DaniDiNardo 10-31-2014 04:07 PM

She was missing the point completely, as was evident in the fact she actually thought she'd fixed this place up. It just couldn't work. "Non." The simplest French out there. "Non. You've misunderstood. I'm under the impression you think you've done a good job." But he'd give her the benefit of the doubt. No one could be that daft.

Gavin took yet another step back when she began speaking in the voice the Healers had used while here. The one they used right before they jabbed you with their bloody needles. So yeah...just another small step back. "Good." The world would be a better place if everyone could keep their hands to themselves.

"We're going to my office and I'll ask you again to get rid of everything you added to this room." He'd imperio her to do it if he had to. They were the only two in this room leaving limited chance for someone to run off telling the Head of Law Enforcement....that happened to be his girlfriend.

Look at that.

"I don't have all day." Truly, he didn't. There was a lot to be done for the coming election and here he was with a nutjob terrorist.

kayquilz 10-31-2014 09:29 PM

AND NOW the man was becoming quite SHARP with her, but Ember stayed smiley. No need to get in a huff! Apparently--though she couldn't see WHY--he didn't LIKE her decor? Well then. She would fix that in a JIFFY--"Well it was only charmed--it would have gone away by itself eventually--" she said with a grin, but she waved her wand and it all disappeared--BY BEAUTIFUL CREATIONS. Sighing sadly, she just glanced in the man's direction. "How happy your coworkers might have been--" she said...SIGHING AGAIN AND MORE DRAMATICALLY.

His office? They were going to his office? Ember just wiggled her brows his way. "Well--okay--I hardly see why--" she was quite confused. And then--a HINT of it--hit her. WAS she in trouble?! Well that couldn't be! Ember had done nothing WRONG. She really hadn't...

And his next statement made NO sense. He didn't have all day--well what was he complaining about?! She just stared at him a bit--"Well-okay?" and she just kind of stepped towards him--so that she could follow him to his office. Apparently. Hmph. The former Hufflepuff was VERY confused...and thought this bloke was somewhat crazy. What did NON even mean?

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