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Hmm...very interesting, indeed.

I think I'm going to use my parent's as an example. My father was raised very similar to Dudley; spoiled and showered with affection. My mother was raised in the same manner as Harry with the exception of the physical abuse being very extensive. My mother, somehow, turned into an incredibley affectionate person. My father, on the other hand, is very stand-offish and rather cold. I've often wondered how that could be possible, I've asked them both and the gist of what I got was this:

My mother told me that when she was a child, she used to sit and just cry and wonder what she had done wrong, what she could to make it right. She said she would feel worthless and like she didn't deserve to live. She said she felt like she was a pane of glass, that you could stand and stare at her but you would see right through her. She said she refused to make her children feel the way she felt, that my brother, sister and myself would feel important and that we mattered. She's done a wonderful job and it's hard for me to imagine that she was treated so badly. I think that she learned from that situation, that she refused to be a product of that particular enviroment.

My father said that his parents were always bothering him. They wouldn't leave him alone and that he didn't want a new bike everytime a new model came out. He said he just wanted his parents to actually say that they loved him instead of buying his affections. Ultimately, my father is the same as my grand-parents. He's got the same cold, stand-offish attitude with the penchant to buy gifts instead of telling you how he feels.

In the end, I have wonderful parents but I think it's whether you learn from your past or not. Harry didn't take the path that he, technically, should have taken...just like my mum.

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