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Chapter 32
The Confrontation

People claimed they were worrying about me. They claimed they didn’t understand why I seemed to have gone from being semi-social to a total loner; I ignored the general populace of the school at all costs. Even then, when some of them found me, I had barely spoken a word to them in over a month now. Well, they’re right, they don’t understand. Honestly, I don’t entirely understand either. It’s not like Harry’s given up on me or said we’re over. It’s not like he died. It’s not like Draco... like Draco... I don’t know. It’s not he died, leaving me without my punching bag.

All my life I’ve known it’s not normal to have one parent, but it happens. I’ve been told that my father was such a great person, that he led the life of a true Death Eater, right up to his supposed death by being caught in the cross-fire of Aurors that found him. I believed I had a choice in life... that I could become whatever I wanted and do whatever I wanted. I was told we were fortunate to be able to see all the places we’ve lived, to learn the cultures and languages. Mum said that I was unexpected but I was no burden... that I’m the only thing she has left of my father.

My life has been a lie. My father died trying to destroy the Dark Lord and I’m still stuck in an engagement to someone I don’t seem to have a say as to whether or not I liked anymore, let alone want to live with for the rest of my life. Because of mum’s treks around Europe, I believed that there’s no such thing as a true home, no one place to fall back on when you need it most, that friends are just there to pass by time between moving into the area and when you leave it. And, for the life of me, I can’t understand why my mum made me believe I was loved, listened to, and wanted, when she was dragging me throughout Europe in her attempts to escape the reality the one she loved is dead and he wasn’t who she believed he was, all the while arranging a marriage between me and someone I now wonder whether or not I loathe.

Ignorance really is bliss.


May passed roughly, between studying, sulking, and receiving more threats from the Weasley girl that I didn’t have long to decide when Harry best find out the truth. I think I threw her off when she did come back to remind me. I was reading alone in an empty corridor when I heard another set of footsteps pass through, but stop before me.

“What a big surprise; you’re alone.”

My eyes flicked up to the redhead in front of me, and then back down into my book. It was pulled from my hands in that moment.

“Give it back,” I snarled, looking up at her.

“I will, you just have to listen to me before I do.” Ginny held my book in her hands, keeping the page marked with her fingers. She held it just high enough for me to not be able to reach it without standing. I tried to summon it, but that didn’t work.

“It’s almost June, I know,” I said. My voice sounded bland to my ears.

Ginny smiled. “Exactly. You don’t have long to tell the truth until I do it for you.”

“You know what?” I got up. Ginny moved the book so I still couldn’t reach it by putting it up higher. “You may think you know the truth, you only know a few tidbits.”

“So you tell it all. Make it easier on all of us.”

“It’s not any easier on all of us if I tell. It’s not like I knew the entire truth to begin with.”

I summoned my book and it came into my hand, keeping the page open from where I had stopped. I then turned and walked away, managing to make it all the way down the hall and around the corner without being yelled at to ‘come back’ or getting my book stolen from me.

Classes were coming to a close, turning more into study sessions for the exams than learning anything new. Some teachers were running around trying to condense things we hadn’t yet learned into the few classes we did have left. As if life wasn’t hard enough; now we had to not only study what we knew but learn some new things we should’ve had more time to be taught.

I was sitting in the common room, reading through information about how to check drinks and food for poison and taking notes after a long day of classes. Tons of Slytherin students had already passed through, coming back from the Great Hall where dinner had been served an hour and a bit ago; I went in and grabbed a plate, a few things, and brought it back to the common room and ate while I studied.

Aurelia came through the portrait hole just as I’d finished my dinner.


I didn’t reply and merely flipped the page of my notebook and continued writing.

“Good to see you too...” she mumbled, passing me, one of the last few Slytherins to come in, and passed through without a word. Surprisingly, who followed had something to say.


I didn’t look up; I knew Draco’s voice.


He ripped my notebook off of my lap and held it away from me. I looked up at him and glared.

“Give it back,” I snarled.

“So you can speak?” he replied.

I reached up for it, trying to get my notebook back without having to stand up. He held it up over his head; even if I stood up, I wouldn’t be able to reach that high up he was so tall in comparison to me. I tried summoning it, but the book only wiggled in his hand before the spell was blocked.

“Don’t make me repeat myself,” I growled. “Or get up.”

“Or what? You won’t talk?” he jeered.

Well, I had warned him. I jumped up and grabbed my ink bottle, holding it up warningly. Draco did step back, but he didn’t let go of my book.

“Didn’t we go over this?” he asked, his eyes falling upon the ink bottle momentarily before looking at me again.

“I can ask you the same. Give. It. Back.”

He challenged my gaze. The moment his lips twitched into a sneer, I wound my arm back and threw the ink bottle at him, aiming to literally wipe that smirk off his face. I saw right through his attempt to protect himself and counteracted it with a spell to break his shield, one I’d just been studying. When he realized what I’d done, he merely ducked. He was so close to missing the ink bottle smashing in his face it skimmed over top of his head, ruffling a few hairs in the process. It went right into the wall and exploded in a black, blotchy mess, dripping to the floor.

When he stood upright, he sighed. “Honestly, Rosa, you’re ever overdramatic,” he said with a hint of condescension. “Haven’t you learned?”

“Give me. My. Book,” I repeated, clenching my teeth until it hurt.

Draco had been alone when he arrived, but when the portrait hole opened, Crabbe and Goyle stepped through.

“You have a problem. What is it?”

My eyebrows rose. He just wiggled the book in his hand. “You want this back?”

At this point, I had a feeling I could live without it. Either way, he would have to sleep eventually; I could just get it then. But then again, I didn’t touch my dessert...

“Hey, Goyle...” I started to say, turning my attention to him. Out of the two, he was a bit... less moronic behind the wand. “I haven’t touched dessert yet, and you still look a little hungry. If you...”

“Don’t even think about it,” Draco cut in, his tone low as he turned his head to look at Goyle.

“Wha’?” he was just as confused as Crabbe had started to appear the moment I directed my comment about dessert specifically at Goyle.

“Can you two just go?” Draco asked in as calm a tone as he could clearly muster.

They grumbled to each other and walked away, leaving the common room, once again, devoid of people. Everyone was getting in their last few hours of sun or quiet studying. They’d all learned by now to clear the room when Draco and I are in the same room acknowledging each others’ existence, too.

“If you refuse to tell me what’s wrong, in the least riddle me this; what happened to you?” he turned back to me. “You’re still with Potter.” He added that through gritted teeth.

I shrugged. “Yeah, so?”

“I understand you think you’re better than everyone and as a result of such a dreadful life of dragging your bottom across Europe with no one to understand you but your mother...” I was really considering what I could stuff in his mouth to give him the idea to never sarcastically talk about my past ever again. “But even in the last while you’ve come to open up to people on different levels. Now you’re shutting out everyone. Why?”

I didn’t reply. Why couldn’t he get I just wanted to read and study my books in silence? Studying is much easier alone, after all. Then again, it’s not like he cares for studying, why should I expect him to get that?

“You can get your precious book much quicker if you just...”

I tried summoning my book, muttering a simple ‘accio textbook’. Draco did lose the book from his hand for a moment, taken aback by my sudden spell, but he was stronger than me, more powerful; it was back in his hand a moment later.

“You really thought it’d be that easy?” his eyebrow cocked contemptuously. “It’s a simple question, Rose...”

Do. Not. Rose. Me,” I snarled viciously.

“Then don’t. Make. Me,” he retorted, mimicking my tone.

Why does he care so much? What does it matter to him whether or not I’m acknowledging people I know in my life? Shouldn’t he be happy I’m ignoring him? It’s been pretty awkward between us since that night we brought Parkinson to the hospital wing; this should be a good thing for him.

“We’re concerned,” he continued in a normal tone. “This attitude of yours, the way you sulk about, all alone. Your mum’s considering taking you out early...”

“She is not,” I scoffed. What would it be punishment for? Studying more? And to think that I thought Draco knew how to lie.

Draco laughed at that. “You’re not the only one she sends letters to.”

My eyes narrowed suspiciously on him. “What have you been telling her?”

He dropped the arm holding the book up only to cross both arms, keeping the book in hand despite his show of indignation. “The truth; you’ve been acting depressed, shutting out any form of life around you, and we’re concerned about your questionable sanity.”

It was the second time he said that, ‘we’re concerned’.

“You’re making this bigger than it is,” I snapped. “And what do you mean, we?”

“Your friends and acquaintances,” he responded as though it was obvious.

The portrait hole opened. Simultaneously, our eyes snapped to it, our head following suit a moment later. The person that had stepped one foot inside stopped, looked between us, and turned around without another word. Once the portrait hole slammed shut, I turned my attention to him, ignoring the fact he was still turned partially away from me.

“You mean you and Aurelia?” I crossed my arms as well, just as indignant as he was.

“No, I mean everyone you have some sort of relationship with, be it close friends with Aurelia, more distant friends like Daphne or acquaintances like Crabbe and Goyle.”

“What about you? What do you consider yourself?” I pressed, both irritated and curious.

“What I am.” He smirked, his pale grey eyes shimmering with a sentiment I could only place as glee. I’d like to think it was some sort of perverse glee based on what he said next. “Your fiancÚ.”

I scoffed and spun on my heel, storming out. I could get my book later tonight or tomorrow morning, it isn’t that important.

“And,” Draco added, his voice rising. “Believe it or not, I know you better than you think. It’s not me, it’s not Potter, it’s no one in particular in this school having a problem with you; what is it?”

“It’s none of your business!” I kept walking.

“Does it have something to do with Potter, nonetheless?”

I stopped in my tracks. He really had to drop the notion this has to do with Harry before I made him.

“What do you mean by that?” I asked flatly, refusing to turn around just yet.

“Did he do something against you? Show you something, maybe?”

The blood in my face disappeared as I paled. “What makes you say that?”

“A speculation... and I do know people that visit the library.”

I spun around, my fists clenching. “You know the truth don’t you?” My knuckles were becoming stiff, pained from being clenched so tight.

He looked back at me innocently and shrugged. “You were holding something, read it, ran out in tears. You can’t handle crying from anyone, be it a friend or yourself.”

I could feel the tears well in my eyes, but I swallowed hard and fought them back. I wasn’t about to show weakness, let alone to Draco Malfoy.

“Why do you insist on pushing into every part of my life? Can’t you just let me live with some secrecy?” I demanded.

He let his arms fall from their folded position, going so far as tossing my book on the ground. Its fall resulted in a resounding thud. I didn’t summon it just yet; it could be a trick for all I knew.

“You try and create that yourself; with all the secrets you’ve been building up on, I kind of have to ‘push into every part of your life’,” Draco responded, putting air quotes around what I had said. “You might think I’m lying when I say it, but I really do care. You’ve turned your backs on everyone over something that’s probably out of your own control... taking out your confusion and pain on the only people you can; your friends.”

I was breaking at his words... and I couldn’t stop. I bit my trembling lip, but that didn’t stop it, that only made it start to bleed. Bleeding at least made sense; the building tears didn’t.

“Look, I get it; you’ve spent a good chunk of your life alone, you’re used to it. That doesn’t mean there aren’t others here now to help. What is it?” Draco pressed, his voice softening.

“Why can’t you just call me an ignorant, arrogant prick, hit me down, and get on with your life?” I asked, my voice just above a whisper. “Tell me the truth; you’re the only one that ever seemed to be able to do that.”

Draco blinked and cocked his head to the side slightly, confused and taken aback.

“The web of lies blew up, didn’t it?”

I shook my head. “No.” But it will...

I turned around as my thoughts drifted to when it would. A choked sob escaped from my mouth and I began to walk away again. I wasn’t about to show weakness, least of all in front of Draco Malfoy...

But just two steps from the entrance to the girls’ dormitories I felt a hand on my shoulder turn me around. Instinctively, I wanted to fight it, but the feeling of softness that resonated through me at the touch... it was more than enough to break me.

I couldn’t take it; I fell into him, pulling him into a hug as my tears fell. His arms tightened around me, holding me together. And in this moment, I couldn’t care less it was Draco Malfoy seeing my weakness. He wasn’t using it against me. He was... accepting it. In a way I never knew he could.

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