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i'd actually be interested to see (hopefully in the dvd) the other alternative takes of his performance that will not be used in the movie. Draco's story arc is actually just as interesting as Harry's and Dumbledore's. kudos to Jo for that!

although i still think Jo made a big mistake on selecting Draco's birthdate, June 5th. trust me when i say that Geminis, born on the 4th/ 5th of June specifically, are rarely indecisive or ambivalent or even bullies. we are ridiculously individualistic (to a fault) and would like to be treated the same way as we treat others-- so yeah no bullying . we also weigh things very carefully before making a decision, try to see every possible angle before we settle on a course of action. but once we made a decision, we see to its conclusion. so far this is a truth from all other people i've met that shares my birthdate of June 5th, regardless of the year we were born. so yeah if Draco was a real June 5th baby, and he decided that he will put the honor of his family above all else, he would've killed off Dumbledore without a second thought. and when he realized that he made a mistake and should "switch gears", he would've helped Harry right away, not stay stuck in ambivalence not knowing what to do. we're instinctive like that .

seems to me that Draco is more of a Fire sign-- either Aries/Leo/Sagittarius. he's a natural leader type-- always goes around with a posse, always wants to lead and/or be number one. he's also very emotional and very intense, true fire sign characteristics. its funny because Harry is a Leo too (since he's born July 30), wouldnt it be more interesting that two characters from the same astrological sign end up being quite different people? would highlight the duality and the conflict more from a storytelling standpoint.
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