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Hogwarts RPG Name:
Emma Potter
First Year

The last "cut" was said.That marks THE END of this remarkable piece called Harry Potter which is contained in every true HARRY POTTER fan's heart.It is not just the name that make this world and hero so magical and powerful.
My personality and what helped me to build it is exactly this hero,this world,this film,these one word this PHENOMENOM.The world of Harry Potter will remain hidden and will always live in my heart and mind.It will be a witness of this fantastic era,of this decade.That can't be achieved easily.There it will stay forever.There it will be protected and able to continue to excist.Another place where people will continue remembering all that funny,interesting,exciting stuff from the films and books is THE WIZARDING WORLD OF HARRY POTTER.It will be like a museum full of memories and adventures.
After many years when the next generation-my children or my grandchildren ask me to tell them a story,I will sure tell them the strory made in the Leavesden Studios from many many people.The story that I loved,love and always will love.And that's the story of the boy who lived and his friends.
THANK YOU CAST AND CREW who made this fantastic world come alive and THANK YOU JO ROWLING to be able to put all of these on paper and be the creator of this world.

"We are in this together"
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