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Originally Posted by Tomasina Riddle View Post
I am so glad that I'm not the only one who thinks that. I think Meyer created a very dangerous character in Bella Swan with her obsession with Edward Cullen. Nothing about their relationship is healthy and its nothing that the age group that this book was written for should want to have in their lives. They both disregard that advice from their elders, they put themselves and their loved ones in constant danger. None of the relationships Bella has with a man or a boy is healthy. Not Edward, Jacob, her father, her step father, Emmett, none of them.

I try not to compare books to one another, but when I read books with such thought out and well developed characters I can't help but cringe at Meyer's characters. The most thought out and developed character is Carlisle Cullen. And this isn't his story.

I think she got caught up in the romanticism of this story without thinking through the characters and really the story. I mean when its adults I can't really say anything because its adults, but Bella is a 17 year old girl and a lot of girls are putting themselves in the very dangerous shoes of Bella Swan.

And New Moon puts all of that on the big screen in a dragging slow 2 hour pace that frankly left me wanting my money back.
Took the words right out of my mouth. As a Psychology major this series absolutely disgusts me because it's promoting the idea that a girl doesn't need anything besides a man to make her happy and that all she should do is get married and have children. Meyer's sending the wrong message to kids out there with this series and the movies reflects every single wrong message the books has contained in it.

If you actually want to enjoy this horrible piece of film I suggest buying the Rifftrax to it because they make fun of everything in the movie. Rifftrax make everything amazing, which this movie is not. Great review btw.
you've got me loosening up my grip on the plot.
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