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Originally Posted by AmbiguouslyMe View Post
I really love your description of guilt as a garment. I could almost feel what it would feel like for her to take that on.

And the layers to their relationship are just really well done. I particularly liked the 'out-stubborn' you and 'hollow victory' bit.

Really really enjoyed it.
Aww, thanks, Jer! You're a fantabulous writer yourself, so your thoughts make me all warm and fuzzy. I liked the guilt bit too, and its something I know that I do myself. It's almost safer just to burrow down into those feelings.

Originally Posted by emilyblack View Post
Awesome new chappie! It was really well written and I love every bit of it. I probbably sound like a broken record, but you are an amazing writer. Fics are always better when the author is really good, and you are erally good. Amazing as always and I can't wait for more! PLEASE PAMS! (:
(P.S. Yes the name's Emily(: )
Thanks, Emily! I'm glad you enjoyed it... I hope you like this next chapter too. Because, you know... its the end.

Originally Posted by Obi-Wan K'Lari View Post's been a year and a bit since I last posted. Which is not good. Therefore, FF Queen, I've caught up and am loving it.

worthy ending

*applauds your awesomeness* Totally, completely, indescribably, insanely brilliant description.

Aw, man

Brilliant post, and though it has to end soon, I can't wait for more
And I've MISSED you so MUCH. *cling* Welcome back, and I'm glad you're still reading.

Originally Posted by Droo View Post
Great chapter. I really enjoyed it. I love how you captured Remus' love for her, even though he won't give in...
Thanks, lovey. *snuggle!cling* Remus is... he's something.

Originally Posted by Lupinfangirlx View Post
GREAT, as always! i'd had a bad day, but this stroy cheers me up, love it soo much! keep writing forever pams! (greedy but yeah)
CHEER UP . Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope this one brightens your day too.

So here's the thing. First, no one picked up on the foreshadowing in the last one. Which means either it was REALLY subtle or REALLY invisible. Either way, I enjoyed putting it in there.

Second, this is it. Last chapter. I've so enjoyed writing this FF, and I'm like... I'm in shock that its finally done. I didn't realize I was here until I got here. I do not have any intention of writing the seventh book, simply because I don't need any more angst, I'm ready to work with my own characters, and I don't want to write the death of two characters I love so much. Let's leave them happy, shall we?

Hogwarts was at its best in June. The castle proper was cool and dark as if not yet ready to shed the vestiges of winter, but the grounds exploded with new growth. The rainy season had passed quickly, leaving behind not even a memory of puddley trudges to the greenhouses. The students could be heard through open windows all over the castle.

In June, Hogwarts spilled over with joy and life.

How cruelly ironic to lay to rest one who loved Hogwarts on a June day. Dumbledore might have sparkled over it, a perfect day tinged in sorrow seemed the sort of juxtaposition the wizened wizard might have enjoyed.

Tonks found the tireless blue of the sky and the chirping signs of new life to be an insult. She frowned at chipmunks and hissed at bluebirds for the entire climb from Hogsmeade. How could the world be beautiful today of all days? How could time keep ticking when tragedy loomed so large? Summer seemed garish. An atrocity.

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you…”

“I don’t care if my face sticks this way,” Tonks interrupted Remus irritably, although she let him fall into step beside her. He wasn't coming from Hogsmeade and so he didn’t have to climb this hill. His presence meant that he had sought her out.

They climbed silently for a few minutes. Tonks had placed it all in his hands, and she felt unburdened. Nothing she did or said would make any difference at this point, leaving her free to study the sand and gravel that shifted beneath her feet as they walked.

“Everyone I love leaves. Dies.” His voice was a ghost. “I hold myself distant from people to save them.”

“To save yourself too,” Tonks corrected. He nodded.

She wondered if that was it. A rejection without teeth. How very like Remus… He continued.

“I thought you were safe. So full of life. Vibrant. Young. Lovely. How could I help but fall in love, even against my better judgment? But it didn’t matter what I felt, because there was no hope I would be loved back.”

He paused to blink up at the castle appearing around the bend ahead of them, but Tonks didn’t rush in with all the reasons she loved him. You don’t love someone for being gentle and good. You don’t love them for what they are or aren’t. If you could pick and choose what to love in someone then you could choose what not to love. And there was no part of Remus she did not love, not his weakness, not his illness, not his fear. Those, too, were Remus. And so Tonks loved them.

Love was so foolish.

Remus struggled for a moment before taking her hand. The sky seemed a little less obscene.

“Have you decided, then?”

He squeezed her fingers. “I have. I kept thinking about James and Lily. Sirius. About Dumbledore. And instead of remembering that they’d died too soon, I remembered that they’d loved deeply before they died. Without reservation or considering the costs. They’d be… ashamed of how I’m behaving.”

“Everyone is entitled to bouts of lunacy,” Tonks whispered. She could forgive a hundred, a million bouts of lunacy in exchange for Remus. “Can you just be frank?”

Remus gave her an amused look, clearly tickled by her impatience. “I love you. No more running away.”

In romance novels, there would be soggy declarations and lots of swooning at this point, but Tonks was neither inclined to cry nor a swooner. She did pull Remus to a stop, letting the stirred dirt swirl and settle around them.

“That’s an oath, Remus Lupin. An unbreakable one, to me. I will hold you to all promises.” And in a moment of being an absolute girl, she threw her arms around his middle. “You know, I’m not impressed with your courting style at all. You’re going to have to improve before asking me to marry you.”

His hand froze in her short still-brown locks. “M-marry me?”

“If you insist.” Tonks glanced up at him, her eyes mischievous. Yes, she was aware that she’d just tricked him into asking her to marry him, and no, she had no issue with it. If they moved along Remus’s timeline, she’d be heading down the aisle with a walker.

He was speechless, which she preferred at the moment. It was turning out to be a beautiful day, in spite of the funeral scheduled to start shortly. Dumbledore would have approved of declarations of love and marriage proposals, even if they occurred just before his funeral.

Tonks slid her arms up over his shoulders, pinning him in place for the moment. Today was the first day of forever, right? Where else would he go? “But first… do you think you could kiss me? A real kiss that doesn’t end in a fight and someone leaving?”

And so he did.
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