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Originally Posted by hermionesclone View Post
I have to say that the first word of this post got my heart thudding. I love the way you described everything! I felt like i was there as well. I loved the way you ended the post as well. Great post! Loved it! Can't wait for more!
Aw, I'm glad you enjoyed the fic. Welcome! I hope you enjoy this newest update.

Originally Posted by emilyblack View Post
W. O. W. I don't know what else to say. I'm a new reader and this story is incredible! I absolutely love Tonks and Remus! They're two of my favorite characters. I just spent all of last night and this morning reading the whole thing and it was amazing. You portray all of the characters really well and I absolutely LOVE this story! Please PAMS because I'm dying to know what you write next... I also hope you change your mind and decide to write the story to the end of Deathly Hallows...? Anywho... Thanks for giving me something magnificent to read over my Christmas break... PAMS!!! (:
Wow, you read it all at once? Haha... very brave of you . At this time, I'm still planning on finishing at the end of Book 6. I'm discovering that writing in someone else's world, especially when you have to follow so closely, is just not as much fun as writing your own stuff. If I write another fic, I think it'll be all my own characters . But I love Tonks and Remus too. A lot.

For those who are still reading, this is FINALLY the end of the fighting... and it was hard. I dun like writing this sort of thing, especially when the pieces are strewn all over book 6. Reminder: any stuff that sounds familiar is from JK Rowling's mind and she is awesome.


It may have been minutes or hours later when Gibbon emerged from the Astronomy Tower, wand drawn and winded. Tonks had lost track of any sense for the flow of time; it was all she could do to live moment to moment and hope to string them together into a continuum when the battle ended.

Just pleasepleaseplease let them all live. Losing Sirius had been hard enough. Tonks wasn’t built for loss.

At some point prior to Gibbon’s emergence, Flitwick disappeared. Never for a moment did Tonks assume he had fled. Flitwick was small, but he was mighty. They all had little communication aside from those to either side, and occasional shouts to redirect the line, but Tonks was sure McGonnagal knew where Flitwick had gone.

For her part, Tonks cast against Grayback, driving him away from Bill’s still form. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be dead.

Ginny made a quiet sobbing noise beside her, but the girl’s face was dry. Her gaze strayed occasionally to her fallen brother, but she never faltered.

When Gibbon appeared, he grabbed Draco, dragging him back toward the doorway. The boy had been cowering throughout the engagement, occasionally sending half-hearted shields up when it occurred to him. He pulled from Gibbon’s grasp, but their words were mostly lost in the fray.


“…going to put you down, Lupin…”

“Watch your left, Neville!”

Clang. Clatter.


“… only get one chance to serve, boy. You fail him now, when success has been handed to you…”

“Other left. Oh, crud…”


“…die already?”


“Er. No, thanks.”


“…go now, or for all that is dear, you’ll regret it the rest of your short life.”

Draco looked up at the man, his pointed features stark in the dark hallway. If she wasn’t fighting for her life, if she hadn’t seen Sirius and her mother turn their backs on their dark roots, if Draco hadn’t always been a bit of a prat and his parents raging egocentrics, Tonks might have felt bad for him. As it stood, however, she just wanted to stop him as he disappeared up the dark staircase.

Instead, her attention was drawn by a low growl from Grayback, who launched himself at Ron in the same move that had taken down the oldest Weasley sibling. Tonks turned her wand on him, sending a series of stunners that managed to miss the nimble werewolf. Ron turned, stepping out of the path of the man and letting him soar right over his shoulder. With reflexes like that, he was destined to be an Auror.

“Watch out!” Remus shouted as he toppled Tonks to the floor, landing hard on top of her. She grunted, breathless both from his proximity and the force of their landing. Stone floors were not kind on backs and shoulders.

Distantly, Tonks noticed the flash of red light just over their heads, although her attention was mostly on Remus. They were mid-fight, not exactly the time for charming lines and flirtation, but she scrambled for something clever to say.

“Not really the time for snuggles,” she finally gave him a cheeky look, just before he scrambled back to his feet.

“Next time, I’ll just let you get hexed,” Remus grumbled, but he offered her a hand up and lingered a moment too long at her side, checking her thoroughly for injury.

She shook her head. “You won’t. You love me.”

Her words trailed off into silence, and they both glanced up, puzzled that there was a lull large enough to allow for banter. The hallway was still, and the others stood in various stages of readiness and fatigue. Except for Ginny, who looked at Tonks and Remus with a fierce light of understanding.

“Where are they?” Surely the noisy lot of them couldn’t disappear into thin air.

Neville and Ron glanced up from where they crouched over Bill. “They went up the stairs to the Astronomy Tower,” Neville jerked his chin in that direction. On the floor at his feet, Bill looked a mess, and Tonks refused to let her eyes focus on him. Not yet… she couldn’t think about Bill right now.

At the bottom of the stairs, the Death Eaters had erected some sort of magical barrier, which was being guarded by the enormous wizard with a craggy face. He obviously wasn’t the smartest of the lot, as he kept sending spells wild and wide that were ridiculously easy to parry. Before they could stop him, Neville made a run at the barrier, but it threw him high through the air onto Ron.

The security measures only served to confirm Tonks’ suspicions that she very much wanted to be up at the top of that tower. She and Remus cast a series of spells at the barrier, but the spells merely rebounded crazily, one nearly taking McGonagall before crashing into a suit of armor.

“Watch it!” Remus yelped, but Tonks shook him off with a shrug.

“What do you suggest? We can’t get past it; we can’t take it down… and we have that clown barraging us like a first year learning how to cast.”

As they puzzled over the barrier, Snape was suddenly among them. His robes billowed behind him as he ran, and the expression on Snape’s face was odd and inscrutable.

There was a flash and a bang, one of the Death Eater’s spells coming frighteningly close to Ginny, and when Tonks looked to Snape again, he had disappeared. Had he made it through the barrier?

“He has a Dark Mark,” Ron answered her unspoken question in a low voice. “The barrier thought he was one of them.”

Tonks hated the thought of Snape facing that tribe of Death Eaters by himself, but there was really nothing to be done about it. The barrier was advanced magic and no one in the hallway had the know-how to remove it. McGonagall hovered around it, dodging spells from the Death Eater and murmuring to herself and occasionally zapping the barrier with streams of light that were immediately absorbed.

Remus slid closer to Tonks and cupped her elbow with his hand. “We have to get the students out of here. They’re bottlenecked up there, and we might be able to pick them off when they emerge, but this is no place for children.”

It was a conundrum. The logical part of her brain knew that Snape was likely safe with the Dark Lord’s followers. If he truly had a Dark Mark, it was a free pass, not only through the barrier but with the other Death Eaters. But what could he do in the tower without blowing his cover as Dumbledore’s man? Remus was right. They couldn’t simply leave Snape to deal with the intruders.

But that didn’t mean they all had to stay. “Let’s send the students with Bill. They can take him to the infirmary,” Tonks suggested, dropping her voice to a whisper. If Ginny or Ron heard her suggestion, they’d never hear the end of teenage complaints.

“Alone?” Remus mused over that idea. What was the danger? There was no indication that there were more Death Eaters in the school, and they’d proven themselves time and again during the fight in the corridor.

They debated in heated whisper until Ginny threw them both a cranky look. “Will you quit whispering? We’re not leaving. Harry…” Her voice cracked.

It was the first mention of Harry all night, and Tonks realized again how strange it was to see Ron without the rest of his trio. When they’d told her Hermione was watching somewhere else, she assumed Harry was there too… but what if that was wrong?

What if Harry was in the Astronomy Tower?

Fine. Yes. It didn’t make a lick of sense for Harry Potter to be hanging out in the tower by himself, but the idea had planted itself firmly and Tonks was unable to shake it loose. Based on the way Remus stiffened beside her, Tonks felt sure he was suddenly worrying about Harry too.

The big Death Eater paced in front of the barrier, looking like a caged gorilla. His spells were growing more erratic until he finally cast an impatient spell that rebounded off a suit of armor and crashed into the ceiling right over his head. The ceiling crumbled, and with it came the barrier.

“Now!” Tonks lurched forward toward where she knew the doorway to be, although it was hidden by thick stone dust hanging in the air.

Through the dust, Snape burst back among them, dragging Draco by his arm. Tonks didn’t even have a moment to react before they were down the corridor past the small group gathered there.

“What…” she began, but again she was interrupted as the entire group of Death Eaters emerged from behind the barrier, laying chase to Snape and Draco. So Draco was their unwilling companion and Snape had rescued him? Why hadn’t she tried to help her little cousin, even if he was a spoiled whelp? She was just as hard as her Dark family members.

“Stop them!” Tonks bounded to her feet, sending spells throughout the dodging group of Dark wizards. The others cast their own spells, and the Death Eaters returned fire.

At the corner, just before pulling Draco out of sight, Snape paused and shouted something back over his shoulder. The words were indistinguishable to Tonks, but they meant something to the Death Eaters, who attempted to disengage themselves and pursue Snape again.

Really? Was he taunting them?

“No! You’re not…” Tonks launched himself at the big ugly blond one, wand extended and spells flying furiously. Cast. Cast. Cast. She was tireless, and he was a wild man. Even at his size, he managed to parry and dodge her spells, all the while sending his own casts wide.

Around her, the students and Order members were engaging individual Death Eaters in fierce battle in an attempt to let Snape get clear with Malfoy, and then, quite suddenly, Harry was there.

“Harry, where did you come from?” Ginny stepped toward him, but he acted as if he hadn’t heard or seen her. His gaze was fixed on the distant corner where Snape had disappeared, and his face… he was no longer a boy. The look on his face was hard and solemn, as if he had seen the horrors of the world and shouldered them willingly.

It hurt her a bit to see that expression on the same face that showed joy and pride and grief so easily. The hard look flickered, replaced by fear and concern, when Harry tripped and landed on Neville.

From where she stood, Tonks could not hear the exchange between Harry and Neville, and she turned her attention from them. Her Death Eater was going strong and needing all of her attention.

The man stumbled as a spell hit him in the face, and he screamed in pain as he clawed at his face. Blindly, he stumbled down the hall in the wake of the other Death Eaters, picking up speed as his eye sight cleared. They all disappeared around the same corner as Snape, and before Tonks could stop him, Harry took off after the lot of them.

For a moment, they’d all been safe, and now he was thrusting himself back into the thick of danger. Tonks herself wavered on her feet, and Remus caught her easily.

They’d let Harry chase the Death Eaters alone. If he was a man, then he had to decide how far to take a fight that was clearly finished.
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