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Little teeny tiny update, because I want to post SOMETHING just to let you know I'm not dead. I promise to finish this chapter soon, and then I can guarantee the next few chapter(s) will be easier and quicker coming. No more agonizing over fight scenes.

“No!” Tonks screamed, reaching toward Ginny in a useless gesture. There was no way to get there in time, no way to save the young girl.

She didn’t even have time to panic as the spell flashed dangerously close to Ginny, lighting her pale face and red hair a garish green before striking the opposite wall harmlessly. How was it possible Grayback had missed in such close quarters? Tonks would have assumed he missed on purpose, a horrifying game of bluff, except for the puzzled expression that crossed the man’s grizzled features.

He did not bluff. Grayback’s games always ended in physical pain. Began that way too.

In spite of her proximity to death, Ginny remained impassive, with stone features and cool eyes. She was unafraid, apparently, while Tonks was terrified for the girl. Of all the targets, Grayback chose the smallest and apparently weakest. Rumors of Harry Potter’s relationship with the youngest Weasley must have leaked even further than Hogsmeade.

Ginny was a rock; Bill was a fury. He slid in front of his sister, ignoring her murmured protest. His eyes shone with a manic light even Tonks could see, and she was sure he felt as she did. Weak with relief and sick over what had almost happened, yet bolstered by the knowledge that they were responsible for keeping Ginny, Ron, and Neville alive.

“We don’ have time for this,” a man Tonks recognized as Gibbon snapped. It was clear that only Grayback itched to stay and fight. The other shifted uneasily. Nothing in their plan included an encounter with opposition, and they were eager to be off. “We need to draw him out.”

“Be silent,” Alecto hissed. “We must stand and let Draco act. Now is the moment, boy.” The man drew his wand and leveled it at Remus. Something tight and painful clenched in Tonks gut, and she and Remus lifted their wands in unison.

The moment was crystalline, etched in detail and significance. No one moved. The only sound was the harsh sound of lungs filling in short gasps and the rush of blood and adrenaline pumping in Tonks’ ears. Her gaze darted from face to face, and she wondered what event would shatter the moment.

They seemed to be waiting on Draco, but what power could the boy hold at a time like this? The endless moment stretched and snapped as both sides seemed to realize themselves in the same breath. Gibbon swore, shoving Draco roughly to the side as he sprinted for the entrance to the Astronomy Tower.

Tonks’ Auror training took over, and she was the first to cast a barrage of spells at the departing Death Eater. He dodged through the door opening, and her spell merely blasted a chunk of stone from the floor. There was nothing for it. Whoever they were laying a trap for Tonks knew they could best protect by keeping the Death Eaters contained.

“Cover me,” she instructed Remus, giving him no time to argue. Remus was one of those noble types who would insist on the forward position, in spite of the fact that Tonks was trained for this. This moment.

“Hold the line,” Grayback barked before launching himself across the gap at Bill. The oldest Weasley fell with one terrifying scream and thud, but the rest was lost as the world exploded in light and noise.

The teenagers fought fiercely, and if Tonks was honest, they made the difference. The bulk of Death Eater spells flew at them, and, as if supernaturally graceful, the three seemed to always be moving to where the spell was not. Tonks had no time to react with awe as Ginny stumbled under the beam of green light, which struck the Death Eater about to pounce on her from behind. She just had to trust them to fight for themselves, had to force herself not to watch Remus.

She had to fight for her own life.
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