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Originally Posted by harita View Post
"well dont you think snapping at Malfoy and his lot exciting enough?anyways we used to do all sorts of stuff like pull off pranks of my uncle's at others and then running in the corridors and well getting told off by prefects...but for that you need to be thick see sometimes the prefects can be really nasty with their comments" James said
"but then i will be having quite a different experience all together this year"James said pointing his badge.
"but Olivia you arent going and snapping at any of the Slythies do you get that?dont unecessarily get into trouble"James warned.
well it was quite unlike him...maybe the badge was having some effect on him.
Olive stared wide-eyed at these ideas and found them to be quite exciting-sounding. The thing about Olive... she could never these sorts of things on her own! At his last comment she gave a momentary frown, thought it over, then answered with more mischievous look, "Well it wouldn't technically be unnecessary trouble..."

Originally Posted by Molly
"Russian? Wow, I'm more of an American lit person myself...but that's just me." Molly said shrugging. " didn't just say that...and neither did I...oh merlin...i don't want to think about them. So scary." She said covering her eyes as if that would make the tests less scary.
"Well thankfully it was all translated..." he said with a small smile then chuckled. "You're brilliant, you'll do fine. I gaurentee it. If I'm wrong I owe you a butterbeer," he smiled.
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