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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
Dylan looked to Molly realizing something. "Oh Molly, I don't think I ever gave you a proper hello... How very rude of me. How have you been?"

Olive beamed then, looking around, asked, "So what is there to do on this tedious train ride? I would hate for it to get terribly dull!"

"Olive, sweets, your asking a head boy that? Remember, they're said to be the ones to mandate dull." He shot James a slightly teasing glance. "Well.. the ones with sisters and female cousins that is."
James looked at Dylan and then at Olive
"well,you know what you can do loads of stuffs if you are with your friends and your close buddies,like exploding snap! or wizarding chess and well of you dont have anything else to do then you can go and snap at Malfoy and Nott and thier entire gang and then to spice the things up the prefects will reach at the spot of the crime and then hand out detentions as ever even before reaching Hogwarts" James said as if he was explaining a very difficult form of transfiguration to a 5th year for her OWLs.
"well dont you see it as an exciting time in this train"
"well i have had such exciting times all these years while travelling in Hogwarts express"
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