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Originally Posted by Seeker47550 View Post
Molly rolled her eyes at the two. Seriously, how old were they? She checked her watch again 7 minutes.
Dylan looked to Molly realizing something. "Oh Molly, I don't think I ever gave you a proper hello... How very rude of me. How have you been?"

Originally Posted by harita View Post
James laughed was fun seeing Olive turning red everytime he would call her Olivia.
he never forgot her name as Olive but used to like to call her that just to see her go red and scream at him.
"yeah,upper classman ville" James said nodding stilll smiling and put his hand around her shoulder.Olive was always fun.
James looked at Dylan who was watching both of them and raised his eyebrow.
Olive beamed then, looking around, asked, "So what is there to do on this tedious train ride? I would hate for it to get terribly dull!"

"Olive, sweets, your asking a head boy that? Remember, they're said to be the ones to mandate dull." He shot James a slightly teasing glance. "Well.. the ones with sisters and female cousins that is."
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