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Originally Posted by Austin View Post
"OLIVE, James! OLLLLIVE." It really did get under her skin and oh lord he knew it. But most the time she just figured he was forgetting that it was indeed not Olivia. "And excuse me Mr. Potter, but I'm a fifth year now. That's like... in upper classman ville." She nodded proudly.

A fifth year with the twiggy bones of a second year, Dylan thought to himself, watching the two.
James laughed was fun seeing Olive turning red everytime he would call her Olivia.
he never forgot her name as Olive but used to like to call her that just to see her go red and scream at him.
"yeah,upper classman ville" James said nodding stilll smiling and put his hand around her shoulder.Olive was always fun.
James looked at Dylan who was watching both of them and raised his eyebrow.
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