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Alright! Thanks.

Name: Draco Malfoy
Age: 41
DoB: June 5th, 1980


Personality: Draco Malfoy is arrogant, snide, and quite proud of his oureblood lineage. While he believes that those with lesser blood status than him are naturally worse, he has been changed by the outcome of the Second Wizarding War, and is more subtle with his opinions and more accepting. He is terribly proud of his son, Scorpius, and, while he isn't a doting father, will always be there for him. After all, Malfoys always stick together.

Anything Else: He looks so old in that picture... Sob.

Name: Lysander Scamander
Age: 15
Gender: Male
DoB: May 2nd, 2006
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 5th
Bloodline: Halfblood


Personality: Lysander is much like his mother. He is kind and considerate, and quite open-minded, as well as fiercely loyal. However, he has a stronger temper than hers, and is less trusting. Ever the genius, Lysander is the top of his year.

Anything Else: Lysander is the Keeper for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team. Also, both he and his brother, being twins, are born on the anniversary of the end of the Second Wizarding War.
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