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Default Weasleys Will Be Weasleys

Hi everyone second role play that I just had to do about the next generation.

Rose Weasley has had everything but a normal life. Her parents and uncle are legends and people remind that of her often. At school she has over protective cousins and a brother so getting a boyfriend is hard to come by. Then there's all of her girl cousins who have so many different personalities that it's hard to remember if you should be sweet or loud. There's one person out of the whole school of Hogwarts that seems to want to make her life as miserable as possible and that person is Scorpius Malfoy. She can't remember when they ever had a civil conversation. Ready to get thrown into her life?

So, I've already sorted everyone into the house I want them in and year. By the way, Rose is in her sixth year at Hogwarts and is a prefect along with Scorpius and Albus.

Rose Weasley (6th, Ravenclaw)- Nymphadora Moody (bio)
Scorpius Malfoy (6th, Slytherin)-DracikinsLuver4321 (me)
Albus Potter (6th, Gryffindor)- Herminny (bio)
Hugo Weasley (4th, Gryffindor)- Solar Eclipse (bio)
James Potter (7th, Gryffindor)- harita (bio)
Lily Potter (4th, Hufflepuff)- hermionesclone (bio)
Dominque Weasley (5th, Slytherin)- Riverlynn (bio)
Molly Weasley (7th, Hufflepuff)- Seeker47550 (bio)
Lucy Weasley (1st, Ravenclaw)- Nymphodora Moody (bio)
Fred Weasley (7th, Gryffindor)- lunalovegood21 (bio)
Roxanne Weasley (6th, Slytherin)- Austin (bio)
Lorcan Scamander (5th, Hufflepuff)- Mistress of Chaos (bio)
Lysander Scamander (5th, Ravenclaw)- BluePhyre (bio)
Stormi Sickle (1st, Gryffindor)- Mistress of Chaos (bio)
Xavier Nott (6th, Slytherin)- cullendiggory (bio)
Zac Zabini (6th, Slytherin)- Solar Eclipse (bio)
Dylan Wood (7th, Ravenclaw)- Austin (bio)
Macy Tylers (6th Ravenclaw)- DracikinsLuver4321 (me)
Anna Longbottom (5th, Hufflepuff)- Pottergrl101 (bio)
Olive Wood (5th, Gryffindor)- Austin (bio)
Tristan McKay (7th, Slytherin)- Riverlynn (bio)

Harry Potter- Pottergrl101 (bio)
Hermione Granger- hermionesclone (bio)
Ronald Weasley- harita (bio)
Ginny Potter- Seeker47550 (bio)
Draco Malfoy- BluePhyre (bio)
Astoria Greengrass- cullendiggory (bio)
Victoire Weasley- Austin (bio)

Please remember to role play appropriately. I hope we have a fun time doing this. I also want a bio for each character.

Name- Scorpius Malfoy
Age- 16
Blood Status- Pureblood
House- Slytherin
Personality- Scorpius grew up an only child and was looked down upon when he first arrived at Hogwarts. He eventually earned a title of an arrogant, bloody git by Rose Weasley. She really can't stand him and he likes to drive her nuts. He's second in his class behind Rose. He's a prefect, quidditch captain along with keeper, and hopes to become Head Boy next year. No Potter is going to stand in his way. He's a ladies man.

SPOILER!!: Scorpius Malfoy

Name- Macy Tylers
Age- 16
House- Ravenclaw
Blood Status- Muggle Born
Personality- Macy became best friends with Rose from the start. She's smart and gives Rose advice on how to avoid her cousins while trying to get a boyfriend. This year is going to be exciting for her. Macy has always had a teeny crush on Albus Potter. Since the day she met him in fact. She's also very good friends with Lorcan and Lysander Scamander. If Rose needs help with comebacks during her fights with Scorpius, Macy will be there. She can be loud and obnoxious and has a hard time keeping her mouth shut. To get the least bit of attention from Albus she likes flirting with other boys.
Appearance- 5'4'', long brown hair, blue eyes

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