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Originally Posted by Lockhartian View Post
Ooooh. Interesting. Daphne Jones. Perhaps Sienna was missing a memo in her desk, because she'd never heard about her.

"Oh, well, nice to meet you Daphne" she said, extending her own hand towards the already-extended girl's hand and after one single shake she started to think about what Daphne said. One of the Editors. That had to be Enrico, because Sienna wasn't expecting anyone this week.

Wait. What? Sports Section editor? What happened to Sergio?! Er, well, he was not going to be deeply missed, maybe. "I think you were sent to speak with the Editor-In-Chief, Enrico Serio" she started to say, frowning a bit when she suddenly felt like a secretary, "I believe he's in his office right now...busy" secretary again, "But your timing couldn't be better, we'll be having a meeting in...ummm, well, when Enrico finishes whatever he's doing" did she want to know what he was talking about with the new Minister? Yes. Positively yes. "Feel free to walk into the Conference Room..." she said, pointing it out, "...there are already a few employees in there" Sienna nodded, noticing Egypt in the room.

"We'll talk about your desk and responsibilities once the meeting is over....or perhaps during the meeting" was it her or did Sienna fail to introduce herself? "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm Sienna Knoll, Managing Editor" she smiled and looked back to her office, the Conference Room and then back to Daphne, "I'll be getting some things from my office, but you should go ahead and take a seat before the meeting starts" please, try to find a comfortable chair in the process.
Daphne wished Enrico had filled in Sienna about her position, she felt like the wrong person to deliver this sort of news. But the Managing Editor didn't seem to mind all that much, and Daphne just stood her ground, exuding confidence, just like her father instructed her to do. He was talented at all things career and business related, after all.

But it was difficult to keep her composure when Sienna said there was a meeting. Daphne's heart raced; she had nothing to share, nothing to add to the paper at this point. What if they expected her to do a presentation? It felt as if she had a surprise exam at Hogwarts. Her mouth dried up. "See you there," she croaked, starting off to the conference room, her high heels clacking on the wood floor.
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