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Originally Posted by astaroth View Post
Yes I do agree with you, the real Ginny from the books is something so very different than the Bonnie Wright Ginny..

But for me (and probably nobody will agree), Tonks is the least book-version-like character for me. I imagined her ..I donīt know. In OotP I was very dissapointed, in HBP even more...

Nice topic, btw
I actually agree. I didn't mind Tonks in OoTP, but she seemed really different in HPB. Maybe it was the weird middle-age brunette bob she had going

I also think that Ginny is portrayed weirdly, but I think that has more to do with Bonnie Wright than the script. Although the "open up, you" line was pretty out there.

Dumbledore, as portrayed by Michael Gambon, from PoA through OoTP was quite out of character. I actually kind of liked him in HPB.
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