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Originally Posted by Carmen Zabini View Post

Do anyone else think this is a little ridiculous?
Not really, The british courts are very serious about all crimes, though they tend to not get the sentences right, Rob Knox's killer only got six months I think.

Originally Posted by La La View Post
He's only sorry for getting caught.
You probably speak true words here.

Originally Posted by Toshi Slughorn View Post
He got off!
Great Success!
But I hope he has learned from his mistakes ^^"
It´s a good thing he apologized to the fandom, so I think we can all forgive him, plus he was very cooperative and stuff (by the sounds of it), so I think he usually is a very honest and good guy!
He got off? ... The thing is, he shouldn't have, and he didn't really becausehe still got community service, which still goes into your crimial record, i think.

I agree with the rest of your comment though, he didn't go running round denying it.

Originally Posted by Richard_13 View Post
Well, I think he is a lucky man!!
He is, normal working class people don't get off with communitry service when they get this crime, they get a few months in a nice prison cell.

Originally Posted by kingdomxoblivionx View Post
*snort* wow. this is the first BIG issue that any Harry Potter charecter has had right?

ironic that it's a Slytherin xD
Only if you don't include Robert Knox's death, it is.

I read about it in the paper, and I was quite suprised, but then I just thought, Why am I ? he's a normal person, and this is what (some) normal people do these days.

I'm just glad he got any sentence, because it means the Magistrates didn't give him any special treatment.

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