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Fighting the desire to smirk or roll her eyes, Reagan stood with an interested look upon her face as Minister Cooper spoke in vague generalities and tip-toed around the question without actually answering it with specific information. True to form, Minister Cooper hadn't developed a clear answer, just as he hadn't developed a clear plan to deal with the international predicament.

Once Minister Cooper was finished, Reagan Taylor began in response to Cooper's comment about his eagerness to hear her opinion, "Thank you, Minister Cooper; and thank you, Ms. McMillian. While Minister Cooper makes a very fine point about our need to be proud of our country, we need to recognize the very important distinction between being proud of our accomplishments as a nation and being so prideful as to be viewed as arrogant.

"Regardless of who or what was at fault for the very sad occurrences within the confines of our Ministry during the International Wizarding Conference, the reality of the situation is that the international climate has reached new levels of ambivalence at best, and hostility at worst. You asked, Ms. McMillian, of specific steps we'd like to take to improve international cooperation. If elected, I plan to implement an ambassador system, in which each nation will have an assigned ambassador from our country in an effort to increase the quantity and more importantly, the quality of our communications with other nations.

"I'd also like to demonstrate that Britain is a nation dedicated to supporting the global economy by implementing a revision of trade restrictions in order to augment trade with a number of friendly nations. We need to send a clear message to the world that Britain is not unyielding and unfriendly. The world must know that our country is ever-learning and ever-changing in an effort to always improve upon our great foundations. They must know that we'd like to, once more, learn from, as well as share our own knowledge, for the benefit of all our people and the advancement of our societies. Thank you."
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