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It seemed like they were getting quite a few down in the courtrooms, but still not as many as Sophia would have hoped. Perhaps she was too optimistic in seeing Courtroom ten being filled with people, but this election thing was sort of a big deal. It wasn't everyday that they had the prospect of electing a new minister, was it? Or reelecting the old one for that matter, since Sophia still had not expressed her opinion on which way she was going yet.

Smoothing out her new black dress, which she had gotten special for the occasion of the debates, she blinked as she realized there wasn't anyone here. Not even the candidates. Perhaps they were waiting to make an entrance? Odd. Biting her lip, she glanced down at the front to make sure the black bow was still on straight as she clicked her way up to the podium and stood there - patiently as she was capable of - waiting for more people to get seated (and the candidates and questioners to arrive to the center).

Hopefully they didn't get lost; it wasn't like the courtrooms were that hard to find. They just involved use of the stairs instead of the lifts. And if she could do the stairs in three inch stilettos, then anyone could. Right? Hopefully.
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