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Originally posted by fatima@Aug 19 2004, 11:06 AM
Ok guys..I am not saying that I hate Cho but I don't like her either. Apart from the way she acted...don't you think that you r kind of forgetting that sneak Marietta, the reason Dumbledore wasn't there in the school so that Harry could go to him and tell him wat he saw in his dream...and Sirius might still be alive!!! Not only that, Mcgonagal would never have to be in St. Mungoes because then Dumbledore would have gone out there and all those people with Umbridge would be zapped. And think about it Marietta sold all of them out...including Cho and Cho was still being friendly to her. She fought with Harry because of that girl. So I think that Cho isn't worth liking but you guys can suit yourselves.
^What she said.
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