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Madi melted to the sincere words that Constantine spoke to her. He was right. They were going to have the family they wanted and with that, she knew he would not be disappointed by any means. She loved his romantic side and now at this moment, she was beyond thrilled that he was here with her and this was his way of showing how happy he was for the new addition that would come soon-ish.

She leaned her forehead against his, closing her eyes and breathing in his scent and her favorite cologne that he wore. It was amazing just how sensitive her smelling scents were at this very moment. And with that, she leaned back, covered her mouth and sneezed. Luckily, she still held her tissue.

"How can I ever be upset," she began as she dabbed her nose. "And I have to make a confession." She sniffed from her recent sneeze and looked towards him. "I was..." -sighs- "...afraid I was...disappointed that...I heard nothing from you." That was a strong word for her, something she never thought of before and immediately had to blame it on her way of thinking and the emotional state that she was in.

"I knew at one point you were ready to have a family but when you didn't answer, I just knew that something was wrong and that you weren't happy and..." she sighed once again, leaning her head back to his. "It's so hard to do this by myself sometimes." Okay! So she didn't want him to feel bad at all and now wished she had not said that.

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