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As soon as she sat in his lap, Madison's head laid on Neo's shoulder. She felt as though she was letting go of every emotion, releasing them all on him, and she was. Holding them in for every other person was becoming a trick that she was beginning to lose and that was not happening, not in her line of work.

So wait for the husband to unleash the multiple emotional roller coaster.

Finally she wrapped her arms around his neck and sighed. "I wrote you, hating to tell you that way," she began and sighed once again. "The next day I went back to the Healer and she gave me more good news so I past it to you and yet, I heard nothing.

"I was so worried, I was about to go out of my mind and then here you are, not a scratch, still in one piece...but you didn't write." She hoped he'd just been so busy, but still, even one word?

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