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I agree with a lot of this. First off, it's Harry's point of view. And one of the first things he hears about Hogwarts is that "there isn't a witch or wizard whose gone bad who wasn't from Slytherin." So, right then, he's thinking that Slytherin is a bad house, and if he gets sorted into that house, he's a bad person.

But that's just because of what's been said to him. So then he meets Draco, and Draco's acting all high and mighty, and rude. So, Harry thinks that because this kid knows he's going to be in Slytherin, then of course everyone else in the house has the same personality as Draco.

But also, the only Slytherins we really get to know are Voldemort, the Death Eaters (which we automatically assumed came from Slytherin, or at least I did, sorry), Snape, and Draco and his group of friends. Which, from the very beginning, don't really have a very good reputation. So we go through all the books reading, because Harry thinks so, that Slytherins are bad people. But what about all the other Slytherins that we didn't get to meet? Whose to say that they weren't some of the nicest people in Hogwarts, but are just really cunning?

So yeah, I think the main thing behind who's views we caught in the story - like Harry's, the Weasley's, Dumbledore, ect. If the story had been completely different, we'd probably be thinkin' the same things about Gryffindors
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