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I would say PoA, just for the fact that I really didn't enjoy it too much when I got it home and actually sat down to watch it myself and started to point out all of the flaws.
I agree that the ending was pretty bad. It would have been much, much better to have kept it the same way as how it happened in the book, which I actually enjoyed thoroughly.

Parts of the OoTP should be redone as well. The big 'fight' scene in the Ministry of Magic nearly made me laugh. What kind of villain (*CoughLuciusCough*) Just stands in front of two opponents without doing anything to defend himself as he is being attacked?
Bleh. It didn't have the anxious feeling I got when I was reading the books. And having the DEs and even the Order members 'fly' makes Voldemorts supposedly unsurpassed talent for flying without a broom seem much less impressive now.
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