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i say GOF for me it didn't go smoothly like after a scene the screen goes black for a second and then you have a completely different scene, gah hard to explain , also cause alot of things were missing, the Quidditch world cup, i wanted to see the full match , not just the beginning. Winky and dobby in the kitchen , the fireplace at the Dursleys and Molly's envelope XD and i hoped that Crouch would be going all crazy in the forbidden forest. (thinking he's talking to weasley but actually talking to a tree, and then snap back to reality and beg for Dumbledore)

and OoTP too, well i did love the movie! but i thought they could have done a little more, i wanted to see Harry trashing Dumbledore's office , that part was so emotional in the book and in the movie its just
"i know how you feel"
"no you don't"
i wanted to see the Rotation room, Ron getting attacked by a brain , and even tho the Thestral ride was cool, i would have loved to see Ron Hermione and Ginny just floating in the air.
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