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I feel sorry for Cho for what she is going through, and I don't think it is right to hate her for anything, but the one thing that really gets to me about her is that she defended Marietta, despite that the girl would've had them all expelled--including Cho--to save her own treacherous skin. They weren't even in any danger of being found out and Marietta had to go and betray her best friend and about 20 other students like that! And after all that, Cho sticks up for Marietta. Like they say--"you are judged by the company you keep". Don't bash me for being annoyed with Cho about that, again I'm not saying I hate her, or think her worthless, or anything of the sort--I'm just irritated with Cho for that one part. Generally though I think she's a nice girl and it might have worked out if both she and Harry had learned to be more tactful...
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