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Originally Posted by Potter101 View Post
Jordan could tell that the man was noticing her age. She had figured out that that would be the thing that set her apart from everyone else here. She was by far the youngest, well excpet for one young editor but she was still about four years older. She knew that people were going to judge her on that, and she was going to show them they were wrong. "Yes" She told him with a smile. This man was probably a good twenty years older than her, give or take a few.

"Well its nice to meet you too Nathan" She noticed that he didn't excactly seem comfortable with the conditions of the room. It honestly wasnt what she had expected. She had expected the Daily Prophet to have better spaces than this, but then you didn't always get what you want.
“Well good on you, love.” Nathan said with a warm smile. It was nice to see ambitious youngens – no doubt she would do as well, if not better, than the older staff. Nathan's experience had been that the younger members of staff were less set in their ways ...and had brains like sponges so they took in new information quickly and kept it there. Nathan was told something important and it went one ear and straight out the other. - Not that he was old, of course - he was only 35 in years.. er.. and about twenty years younger than that in mental age.

“So which section of the rag are you working for?” He asked her conversationally as he sipped at his tea.
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