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Sergio stood for a moment, then turned back to Sienna. "Sorry for the outburst," he apologised. He needed at least one ally in this job, and the girl seemed prime to accept him. He looked at his watch, though he wasn't sure when the meeting was supposed to begin. He just happened to show up at the right time, perhaps he'd get his assistant to follow up on calendar events.

After a beat, Sienna made a motion to get things started, something Sergio couldn't argue with. It was early for the partier, normally his days didn't start until the evening, let alone actually in the mornings. He had every intention of finishing this meeting and having a brief siesta at his desk.

He strolled, his strides so smooth it was as if he were gliding, over to his chair. He suavely removed his fedora and set it casually beside his bag. From that, he removed a quill, ink, and small notepad. He felt somewhat like a little boy at his first day of school, all ready for the lesson. "I say we get started, eh Mona?" he asked, leaning back in his chair, feeling very comfortable in the room.
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