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Sergio gripped Sienna's hand loosely. He didn't want to crush her small, gentle hands. "It's lovely to meet you, Sienna," he said in his smooth voice. There was something quite charming about this lady, but he could sense that hesitation that he found in almost every woman around these parts. Clearly he'd made a bad impression... somehow.

He lightly pat her on her shoulder. "Ah you'll see, Sienna, I'm not so bad." He looked around the room. That was something they all needed to hear. "I'm not a bad guy," he announced, moving away from the woman briefly. "I used to play Quidditch, and now I do this. Any questions?" He stood there, looking at the small group. If they had any issues, they should tell him right then. He looked at Mona. "Good to see you're not sneezing... You're welcome," he said bitterly, wishing he could use some of his wonderful smelling aftershave. Perhaps he would later in the week he would try a dab of that.
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