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Sergio casually strolled into the conference room. His last appearance hadn't gone according to plan, but this time he was prepared. After a few words with both his agent and his boss here, he knew he would have to pull things together or get fired, and his lifestyle couldn't continue without some steady income.

Though his demeanor was muted, his outfit was as bold as ever. He wore a grey suit with baby blue pinstripes, matched with a shirt of the same colour. Atop his head was a black fedora, his matching hair peeking out from undernearth. He took off his cloak, made of the same fabric as his suit, and set it over a chair. He lifted up his leather briefcase and set it on the table.

"Well hello everyone," he said, approaching the group. "I don't believe I've met a few of you. I'm Sergio," he added humbly, extending his hand. He wanted to show Mona that he could be reasonable and charming and appropriate if he tried. People often thought he was an obnoxious, selfish, and self-absorbed man, and while some of that was true, he did have redeeming qualities. Here he was showing his charm, the same charm that attracted many witches over the years.
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