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Yeahhh, Mr White! Yeah science!

Nathan smiled at her in return. “Yeah.. me too.” He replied, resisting the temptation to make a face. “You just finished school, love?” He asked her pleasantly as he took in her appearance. She was all of a wee bairn by the looks of her.

He added his two sugars to his tea and stirred it noisily, subconsciously dropping the teaspoon next to the coffee maker for someone else to clean up. “Lovely to meet you Jordan. I'm Nathan.” He took a seat on the small sofa and sunk into it unexpectedly, shifting his position he found a spring poking into his back. Was he in hell? Really... what had Nathan done to deserve this? All he wanted in life was to be happy and... comfortable. It seemed he was going to find neither of these things working here.

He made a face deciding that it would be better to stand, rather than be eaten by the uncomfortable, spring ridden sofa.
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