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Originally Posted by Ama View Post
"Getti," he muttered in the blabbering blond's direction. Hoping she'd get the hint not to call her Miss. Even though Mona was still in the room, Ian felt more at ease now--slightly. At least he didn't have to worry about becoming a sure target.

He allowed the woman (who obviously seemed to be part of a couple with that other man), to say her part about and towards an invisible Getti Forde. Picking off his eyeglasses, Ian sighed heavily and dramatically, wiping the lenses with the ends of his robes. "I'm sure Getti would have loved to hear you voice your opinions over her management and people skills," paused the man to lean back on his chair and raise his brows in fake innocent at her. "If she was here that is."

As if to drive the message home Ian allowed his brown eyes to stare pointedly at the door through which his superior had exited about two minutes ago. "If you go for that interview you're going to need to borrow a Photographer," remarked Ian, trying to sound helpful when in reality he was only spouting something to distract Mona from himself and back towards the blond.
She gathered up her things and stood up to head toward her desk and get settled in. She looked at that man as he spoke to her. "Sir I would like to ask that this be the last time that we speak." She told him. He usual smile was gone. He was a horrible person and she didn't want to ever have to bother with him again.

This place was filled with disgusting excuses for human beings and she didn't want to have anything to do with any of them.
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