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Was the meeting over, already?
Tristan had, somehow, drifted off into his own thoughts when he was interrupted by a loud smack.
He looked over at Getti who seemed... Well not a whole lot more happier than she did before.

And suddenly there was a man storming out the door.
What in Merlin's right earlobe did I miss? Tristan sat up straighter as he watched the man dissapear from view. I really must pay more attention to these things. Although he was quite sure that if the word 'Layout Editor' was uttered, he would have heard it.

And now, the meeting was really over. Yeah he knew as soon as Getti walked away aswell. Finally, maybe he could get to work instead of having to listen to this soap opera.
"I need a milkshake..." Tristan mumbled as he stood up and made his way to the door.
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