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Originally Posted by Nabs View Post
Getti had had enough of all this childish behaviour. She rolled up the parchment bearing her notes and smacked it on the surface of the table, "That will be all. If you would all stop being children long enough, we can end this meeting."

She eyed the Greenwood woman for a moment, "Insulting the character of one of your superiors is hardly the way to go about balancing your career, and you," She turned her steely gaze on the obnoxiously loud (in terms of sound and smell), "Nobody is indispensible in this organization, you would do well to get it through your head that your days of glory and chasing around balls are over, Mr. Mancini."

She tucked the rolled up parchment under her arm and looked at the room at large, "Right..." her voice took on that sickeningly sweet tone once again, "The sports section, I'd like to get some interviews with... up-and-coming talents who might also be possible front runners for the National team, also, talk to the Head of Magical Games and Sports and find out if they have any plans of getting rid of the old team manager, that man was a disgrace to our country."
Now the other broad was attacking Sergio. He held his head up high, smirking to herself. He knew perfectly well the terms of his deal, and perhaps sending an owl to the owner of the prophet would do some good. He made another mental note to ask his agent to get on that. He wouldn't be treated like an insolent brat.

He caught the end of the woman's instructions. Of course he didn't pay attention and didn't know where to begin, but he nodded. "Why don't you go and tell that to my writers," he said sincerely. He stood up and stormed out of the room. He had another verbal lashing to endure before the day was out, with the other editor. He really ought to have learned their names, or did they not give it? Sergio couldn't leave without making one final remark. "Later, love", he sneered in the direction of the editor. That ought to make her day, wait until she learns Sergio was untouchable.
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