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"You know, I think you're right, Miss Mona," Rico mumbled aloud, twitching his shoulder awkwardly. Was something nibbling on his leg? Or was that the feeling of something scurrying across his back? The springs in this sofa certainly put his desk chair to shame but there was this...this uncomfortable itchy sensation that the couch brought was most likely infested with some horrid cross-breed of a doxy and a bundimun....probably invented by Getti in her time off to torture potential nappers....erggggh.

Rico sat up when he thought he heard a few squeaks from the sofa's seam. Alright, that was that. He was going back to the squeaky, cushion-less desk chair and never sitting on this sofa again. Forget the coffee, he thought, shaking his head as he squeezed out of the little room, following Mona. After all, he had once survived that terribly long meeting with the Transportation department without any beverages. And so he would make do again.
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