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What. A. Sucker.

Ian thought of himself, even as he averted his eyes from his Boss' twinkling ones, nervously putting the coffee pot in its proper place on the coffee maker and right back out. Mental breakdown was where Hoshino was headed soon enough. "That Woman..." he began and took a deep breath, flaring his nostrils as he took out the filter of the coffee machine, glaring down at the weeks old coffee grinds.

They were so old that even as he tipped the compartment over the trash bin, the stiffened grinds refused to budge. Annoyingly, he banged them against the inside of the bin.

BANG. She's evil. BANG. Sadistic. BANG BANG. Cold and inhuman. BANG BANG BANG. And undeniably a smoking bomb of hotness. BANGBANGBANGBANG!

Irritated to the point that the annoyance he felt was brimming out of his body and oozing on the floor in a show of his obvious lack of self control. "Your welcome."

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