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don't hate her at all, and I actually find it a bit annoying that people are bashing her. She just lost her boyfriend, she's trying to move on and she probably though, Hey... I liked Harry a little before Cedric, why not give it a go with him? Things didn't work out and that's that. Relationships don't always work out, especially first ones and Harry will find someone else. It wasn't her intention to use or mess with him.
I agree, for anyone to say they hate her is abit extreme, she is a little annoying in OOTP but teenage girls can be! She is having a hard time dealing with death, it's her first experience (or so I imagined it to be) of losing someone she cared deeply about.

I don't think she used Harry at all, I think she is confused and highly emotional and wants to be close to Harry because she wants to learn the truth about Cedric's death. Granted, she cares for Harry too, but she is more confused than anything else.
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